2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球

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我们知道,美国人的 “恼羞成怒程度 “已经超过了十分之九,地球/特拉人民的艰难时刻即将到来。对于那些关注此事的人来说,日子会好过一些,但不幸的是,我们必须和普通人一起经历。

 August 26, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年8月26日

2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球

We understand the “pissoffedness level” in America is over 9 out of ten now and some tough times are coming to the People of Earth/Terra. It will be a little easier for those paying attention, but we have to go through it with the normies, unfortunately.

我们知道,美国人的 "恼羞成怒程度 "已经超过了十分之九,地球/特拉人民的艰难时刻即将到来。对于那些关注此事的人来说,日子会好过一些,但不幸的是,我们必须和普通人一起经历。

2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球

Vincent Kennedy

文森特 · 肯尼迪

America Pissed Level – 9.589/10 .

If you listened to the excellent round table last night with Capt. Kyle and LTC Riccardo Bosi and David Guru from Oz, you heard them confirm that “pain” is the expected scenario in the coming days.

如果你听了昨晚与凯尔上尉和来自奥兹的里卡多 · 波西和大卫 · 古鲁举行的圆桌会议,你会听到他们确认“痛苦”是未来几天预期的情况。

Bosi did a flaming monologue to light a fire under the Australian people that had me chuckling, although it’s sad to hear they are so complacent—possibly even worse than the Canadians. At least the Canadian truckers made their stand and set a shining example for the rest of the world.



2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球

I have never seen so many trucks/trailers/pups on the roads as I did on our cross-country excursion this month—both LTL and long haul. I now understand that if the truckers go on strike and simply stop doing what they do—the nation grinds to a halt and food and everything else would quickly be in very short supply or unavailable. All hail the truckers!

我从来没有见过这么多的卡车/拖车/小狗在道路上,因为我在我们的越野旅行这个月-无论是 LTL 和长途。我现在明白了,如果卡车司机继续罢工,干脆停止他们所做的事情ーー整个国家就会陷入停顿,食物和其他一切东西都会很快供不应求或无法获得。向卡车司机致敬!

This is another top drawer discussion and Q&A from people in the know. At press time the video had not yet been uploaded to Rumble but it soon will be available at this link, I’m sure.


2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球

The ‘impending war’ narrative is prevalent in the news now indicating conflict that could erupt into WWIII at any moment. It’s all part of The Plan, but will jolt a few out of their blissful reverie and hypnotic trances.



2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球
Lahaina, Maui following August 8 , 2023  false flag attack

When we examine the military strategic importance of Maui, it is easy to understand the purpose of the appalling attacks there. This audio with a highly qualified researcher and Dave Hodges reveals the laundry list of reasons the island and Hawai’i in general is a highly desired Pacific centre to the cabal. I learned a lot, including that the military have control of most of the island already and would want to eject everyone including tourists to secure this powerful axis of control. You want facts? This guy is spewing them non-stop.


They also get into the anomalies with the fires on Maui that just don’t add up when one is familiar with emergency fire situations and physics in general. The peculiar patterns of the fires has us all on high alert. Coupled with the comprehensive video we shared yesterday from Michael Jaco, I don’t believe there is any room for doubt that the Maui fires were a tactical move on the part of our enemy.

当人们熟悉紧急火灾情况和一般物理学时,他们也会涉及到毛伊岛火灾的异常情况。火灾的特殊模式使我们都处于高度警戒状态。再加上我们昨天分享的迈克尔 · 杰克的综合视频,我相信没有任何理由怀疑毛伊岛大火是我们敌人的战术行动。

This is a must-listen audio in my opinion. It was riveting. To copy and paste the link below, omit the brackets, or listen here. 55 min.



Just look at the bullshit in the fake media.


Bare electrical wire and leaning poles on Maui were possible cause of deadly fires


Yeah, just like sparks from a train caused the “wildfire” in Lytton, B.C. Canada—which looked exactly like the scene of the crime in Maui. Where are the concrete foundations? Where are the bricks? Where are the metal appliances? Where are the ceramic toilets and bathtubs?


2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球
Lytton, British Columbia Canada after “wildfire” on June 30, 2021 levelled the town

‘Still very active’: Wildfires burning in Fraser Canyon triggering evacuation orders, alerts

“仍然非常活跃”: Fraser Canyon 大火引发疏散命令、警报

Do you think they want to remove people from British Columbia? Hmmm? A lot of people left California after the attacks there. New homes and apartments/condos are under construction across the USA. They cabal isn’t really concerned how long it takes to get people out of Maui, California, British Columbia and other areas they want to reserve for themselves. They plan and execute long-term, over decades.


This is the current summary from a search. It hasn’t stopped. Kelowna, and other areas are getting burned out and evacuated.


One year after a wildfire destroyed 90% of the village of Lytton, B.C., it is still under evacuation order.2 The province has about 45 evacuation orders and 90 alerts in place, and some of the major blazes, such as White Rock Lake, Tremont Creek, and Lytton Creek, are still classified as out of control. Emergency Management BC reports that about 3,700 properties are on evacuation order, down from nearly 8,200 a week ago.3 In October 2021, a class-action lawsuit was filed against two railway companies over the June 30 blaze that leveled the town.1 In August 2023, wildfires near the village of Lytton have triggered an evacuation alert, and Denise O’Connor, the mayor of Lytton, provided an update on the situation.

在一场大火烧毁了不列颠哥伦比亚省利顿90% 的村庄一年之后,这个村庄仍然处于疏散命令之下。该省有大约45个疏散命令和90个警报到位,一些主要的大火,如白石湖、 Tremont Creek 和 Lytton Creek,仍然处于失控状态。紧急事务管理公司报告说,目前有大约3700处房产处于疏散状态,比一周前的近8200处有所下降。32021年10月,两家铁路公司因6月30日的大火夷平了这座城市而被提起集体诉讼。12023年8月,利顿附近的野火引发了疏散警报,利顿市长丹尼斯 · 奥康纳提供了最新情况。

Interestingly enough, the media is reporting that they are actively bringing in “containers” to house the displaced in Maui. Have a look at them, folks.



Basically packing crates—but they’re fireproof and can be combined to accommodate families! How wonderful. How grateful these people must be to have lost everything they have including their house and property, and now have a little box to live in. It’s Agenda 2021 unfolding before our eyes. This is how they do it, folks. There’s nothing left to chance. They make it happen. That’s what FEMA is for; executing their plan and causing as much misery as possible.


Family Life Center leased land from King’s Cathedral where the project is underway.


Eighteen containers were transported to Maui to serve as temporary homes and were flown in by military aircraft.


Video of the containers at this media website.


Back in 2017 they used shipping containers to house people in Santa Rosa, California after the fires. It’s all part of the globalist “stack and pack” plan. Link to article.


2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球
Remnants of home after Fountaingrove fire in Northern California, 2017

Hundreds of miles from Burning Man’s Black Rock City, a group of converted shipping containers used each year to house festival attendees has been delivered to a private lot in southwest Santa Rosa with a new purpose: housing people displaced by the fires that raged through Sonoma County this month.

在距离火人节的黑岩城数百英里的地方,每年用来安置节日参加者的一组改装的集装箱已经被运送到圣罗莎西南部的一个私人停车场,这个停车场有一个新的用途: 安置因本月肆虐索诺马县的大火而流离失所的人们。

In all, 75 people can live in the seven converted containers trucked in Wednesday, said Lee Merschon, who designed the structures like tiny homes, replete with beds, shelves, electricity and minifridges in each of the living quarters.

李 · 默森(Lee Merschon)说,总共有75人可以住在7个改装过的集装箱里。这些集装箱是李 · 默森设计的,像小房子一样,每个生活区都有床、架子、电力和迷你冰箱。

They realized the containers might provide housing for refugees of natural disasters, and contacted Burners Without Borders, an international disaster relief group, offering the metal containers as a potential resource. About a week later, the fires broke out in Sonoma County, and Carmen Mauk of Santa Rosa, who helped found Burners Without Borders, was on the phone with Merschon, calling the containers in.

他们意识到这些集装箱可能为自然灾害的难民提供住房,于是联系了无国界燃烧者组织,一个国际救灾组织,提供这些金属集装箱作为一种潜在的资源。大约一周后,索诺马县发生了火灾,圣罗莎的卡门 · 莫克(Carmen Mauk)帮助建立了无国界燃烧者组织(Burners Without Borders) ,她当时正在和莫申通电话,呼吁集装箱运输部门介入。

A week later. Wow. What a coincidence. What foresight. They truly are visionaries. How many of those people now have permanent, standard homes again in Santa Rosa? How many are still in packing crates? Did their insurance companies pay up? Did their government look after them?


At what point do people get it through their heads that our governments are not working in our favour; that we are under attack? How much more blatant does it have to get? There is a war raging under our noses and the dots aren’t getting connected that we are prey. We are pawns in a desperate game for control of this planet and everything on it and in it. Rare earth minerals are increasingly coming to the fore. The Bundy battles were just the beginning and Ammon Bundy as an elected official now is under attack.

人们在什么时候才会明白,我们的政府不是在为我们工作; 我们正在受到攻击?还有什么比这更明显的吗?一场战争就在我们眼皮底下肆虐我们是猎物,但这些事情并没有联系起来。我们只是一场绝望的游戏中的棋子为了控制这个星球和这里的一切。稀土矿物正日益成为人们关注的焦点。邦迪战役只是个开始,作为民选官员的阿蒙 · 邦迪现在正受到攻击。

2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球

They will profit from the attacks, too. How many are brainwashed and throw millions of dollars to the Red Cross to help victims of “disasters”? The Red Cross is a cabal organization and they steal that money. Virtually none of it goes to victims, but is channeled where they choose and laundered to line the pockets of the psychopaths and their cronies. They hide their criminal activities behind that “medical” sign of assistance when it really represents the Swiss flag which is a prime base for the Khazarian mafia.




Rather, consider sending donations to a patriot organization actually feeding the displaced people in Maui. For more information visit Hungry Homeless Heroes Hawaii on Facebook. Read an article about this project.

相反,可以考虑向一个爱国组织捐款,这个组织实际上是在为毛伊岛的流离失所者提供食物。欲了解更多信息,请访问 Facebook 上的饥饿无家可归的英雄夏威夷。阅读一篇关于这个项目的文章。

2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球
Red Cross money laundering operation

Michael Jaco has another excellent video today with additional information about the Maui fires, Tesla’s “death ray” energy weapon used first in 1947, and other “coincidences”. Mike shares his facts/opinions about the pathetic false flag they pulled in Maui now known as the “Lahaina burn box” and he reports that some of those officials responsible are in trouble and the usual disinformation clouding the facts is frustrating people so they don’t know what to believe. Go within and get right with your intuition. Logic is not enough.

今天,迈克尔 · 雅克(Michael Jaco)又发布了一段精彩的视频,其中包括关于毛伊岛大火、特斯拉1947年首次使用的“死亡射线”能量武器以及其他“巧合”的额外信息。迈克分享了他的事实/观点,关于他们在毛伊岛拔出的可悲的假旗,现在被称为“拉海纳烧箱”,他报告说,一些负责的官员陷入了麻烦,通常蒙蔽事实的虚假信息令人沮丧,所以他们不知道该相信什么。进入内心,用你的直觉做正确的事。光有逻辑是不够的。

The mayor and police department are corrupt and the cabal’s minions may have been abducting children who were unattended when they issued the evacuation orders and blocked the roads. Michael cautions us that in their desperation the cabal is getting more and more ruthless and deadly in their attacks and will continue to amp it up and repeat the process. Mike reads from a communication sent to him by an elderly Maui resident reporting on what he saw, heard, and experienced which helps identify the lies put out there by the media, etc. 32 min.


Lahaina DEW attack refining techniques for more attacks.

拉海纳 DEW 攻击提炼技术为更多的攻击。

Here’s an interesting comment from the chat above I happened to see:


I’m in Kamuela, Big Island. Last night every dog in the neighborhood was barking. There was this weird hum in the air. You could barely hear it, but you could feel it.
我在 Kamuela。昨晚邻居家的狗都在叫。空气中有种奇怪的嗡嗡声。你几乎听不到,但你能感觉到。

Yesterday I mentioned the Mountain Dew, “Do the Dew” ad, which they did, multiple times. Michael reminded us that there was a version called, “Maui Burst”. Not a coincidence, my friends. These people are sick. Some are saying Baja Blast is scheduled for 2024. Heads up.2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球


In case you missed it…


Military Arrests FEMA Deputy Administrator Erik Hooks

军事逮捕联邦应急管理局副局长埃里克 · 胡克斯

Let’s be careful out there. Maintain situational awareness at all times—and if you buy any clothes, you might want to make them blue. “Do the Blue.” The Simpsons told us.


🇺🇸JV🇺🇸 on Twitter: "☂️💙⚡️ BLUE UMBRELLAS UNTOUCHED BY MAUI FIRE ⚡️💙☂️The directed energy weapon (DEW) used in the attack on Maui had a blue laser beam, so anything that's the same color (frequency) was unaffected. Great explanation of how DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons) work 👇#DEW #MauiFire... pic.twitter.com/GvmO9CSlVH / Twitter"

☂️💙⚡️ BLUE UMBRELLAS UNTOUCHED BY MAUI FIRE ⚡️💙☂️The directed energy weapon (DEW) used in the attack on Maui had a blue laser beam, so anything that's the same color (frequency) was unaffected. Great explanation of how DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons) work 👇#DEW #MauiFire... pic.twitter.com/GvmO9CSlVH

The world is a volatile place in these end times as we kiss off the cabal. Videos on Telegram at the link.


Massive Activity in South America — Fires in Argentina, Volcano Explosion in Peru, Flooding in Chile, Earthquake in Ecuador.



2023年8月26日: 阴谋集团向人类宣战,但很少有人注意到|星际飞船地球

I’m sorry.对不起。
Please forgive me.请原谅我。
Thank you.谢谢你。
I love you. 我爱你。

Ho’oponopono prayer


Signing off for today folks. ~ BP



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