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昂宿星的索伦|我们在中国Me:Hi,Soren,sorry to keep you waiting so long.


Soren:LOL It wasn't long.


Me:Yeah,you're 5D.It was hours for me.I put out for a channeling on the Storm and you responded,saying,"We're in China,"so,do tell,what are you doing there?Who is there?What are you doing?


Soren:We are in China.We're in the bases underneath,we've got the Resistance,some Alliance military and militia from other friendly countries.


Me:Are you still rescuing people from the bases?


Soren:That's pretty much over with,thankfully.That took a while.


Me:Yes,didn't we say that the population in the bases could actually have surpassed the population on the surface?


Soren:It was pretty close.We're shutting the bases down,of course,but we're accessing Chinese military bases from beneath.


Me:LOL Yeah,they're fighting with the U.S.Military because they came through Canada.I'm so embarrassed to be a Canadian right now,but it wasn't my doing.It was Justin's.


Soren:Not to worry,Sharon.We have this in hand.The deep state will not win.They can fight all they want.As for China,we're attacking them from underneath.They are putting up a fight but when we come out,they don't really expect us.So we have at least a moment's advantage.We take captive as many as possible,but some are killed.We try to smokescreen them and let off gas bombs,things like that,your militaries have them,but we Pleiadians like to put them in suspended animation and just take them and put them on a ship.We have ships that are like your paddy wagons.


Me:LOL How do you get up top without the people in the base warning them you're there?


Soren:We have them in suspended animation.They can't fight us.


How do we put them in suspended animation?We can change their time,or we can use sound to paralyze them.We do both.Your troops have ear guards so they're not bothered by this.We try to do this with as little harm to human life as possible.


We've been able to capture some of their military commanders,but they're getting wise to us and are moving around the country.


Me:They're not over here?


Soren:Some are.Not all,though.The Chinese have a huge military,a lot of people in it.Many commanders.


Me:It is the most populated country in the world.


Soren:So we're taking the bases and then overtaking their military installations as well,and then they do us the honour of coming to fight our occupation.We don't even have to go and find them–they come right to us!


Me:I remember someone saying that before.They were happy because this made their winning even sweeter.You didn't have to go and find them.What about Switzerland?I hear a lot of this has to do with Klaus Scwab and Davos,Switzerland.He seems to be king pin of sorts.

:我记得以前有人这么说过。他们很高兴,因为这让他们的胜利更加甜蜜。你没必要去找他们。瑞士怎么样?我听说这很大程度上与克劳斯斯卡瓦布(Klaus Scwab)和瑞士达沃斯有关。他看起来像个大头针。

Soren:We're still after him.They hide in the Alps and we can't always get at them because their barracades are so extensive.But we're still there as well.The other thing is they use clones a lot and the real ones,whoever is still alive,go into hiding.There are mountains in Russia as well where they hide.They're fortified there as well.


Me:What about their going off planet?


Soren:Not as likely because we have the planet surrounded.All ships coming and going are checked,even boarded.Anyone carrying wanted members of the Illuminati or the Draco commander group are arrested.


Me:Could you do the same thing in Switzerland?Go through the bases?


Soren:There aren't so many in Switzerland,but yes.We've been doing that.


Me:So how does your being in China affect the U.S.and the impending war there between the dark and the Light?


Soren:We're weakening the Chinese army.You know from your warfare that eventually recruits are not as well trained when you have overtaken the bulk of the army.They get less training and are frankly,less likely to want to fight you because they are usually conscripts.


Me:So that still applies.I thought that went out with the Vietnam War.Conscription and such.


Soren:They still fight with guns.Some military operations have more advanced weaponry,but many just use guns.


Me:We've got to stop this nonsense.Nobody on this planet deserves war!


Soren:No,it's unfortunate that that's the nature of the beings who run this world.They'll have to be overtaken by force;it's the only way.


Me:Why do you say that?


Soren:Obviously because they don't care about the law.They don't care about the American Constitution and they're not playing by the rules anymore.They created the rules that you lived by in order to ultimately break them.They know what's going on on earth now,they know they're done for unless they do something desperate and they're doing it now.They're fighting to keep people brainwashed and under their black magic.


They're fighting to have you kill each other off.They know this will lower your frequency.The collective will incur a lot of negativity again.Just like world war 1 and 2 created so much for the 20th century.They knew what was coming;they knew we were here.They knew we were getting allies together to work to overthrow them.It was a matter of when.As it turns out,it took this long because they were onto our other efforts and managed to stop us.




Soren:A war will work wonders for their frequency.It will create enough loosh for them to live on,eve with earth going into the fifth dimension.They have artificial timelines that don't respond to universal law.When earth goes 5D,the artificial timelines will still remain because they're managing to fortify them now with this war.There's a lot of negative energy to clear up.

索伦:一场战争会为他们的频率创造奇迹。随着地球进入第五维度,它将为他们创造足够的长时间生活。他们有人造的时间线,不遵循宇宙法则。当地球进入5 D时代,人造时间线仍然存在,因为他们正在设法用这场战争来加强它们。有很多负面能量需要清理。

Me:Yes.People need to keep transmuting.I know I do this at night time and wake up feeling rough.We're eliminating a lot of the negative energy that will keep the 3D timelines alive.

:是的。人们需要不断地变形。我知道我每天晚上都这么做,醒来时感觉很糟糕。我们正在消除大量的负面能量,这些负面能量将使3D 时间线保持活力。

Soren:You've noticed that people are dying.The one man you know has been a portal for dark energies,and now he'll go and no longer will he contribute to dark energy on earth.These people will start to go in numbers.It has to be.


Me:So how does the average person deal with this?


Soren:Yes,hold your light.Stay positive.You're switching timelines all the time and you want to be on the highest one possible anytime something happens,otherwise you suffer consequences you wouldn't otherwise have.Stay positive.


Me:So there's a lot of connection between China,the U.S.and Switzerland right now?


Soren:Yes,Switzerland tends to be where the Deep State is headquartered,it's the site of all the globalist meetings and so forth.Good place for us to set out our spies,as a matter of fact.


Me:Yes,maybe you can disguise a seven foot tall Pleaidian in Switzerland.LOL

:是的,也许你可以在瑞士伪装一个七英尺高的 Pleaidian。哈哈

Soren:They're not all that tall.But yeah,we are Nordics,a lot of us.Some are darker.You know because you've spoken to Pleiadians of all different appearance.


Me:Yeah.How about that German doctor,Heiko Schoening?


Soren:No comment.LOL


Me:I can tell he's not from earth.


Soren:There are a lot of ETs in your political systems,doctors,you name it.They'll become more and more prominent now.It's time for them to come out and lead the way for the rest of you.


Me:Thanks Soren.Keep safe.


Soren:I will,Sharon.You too.


**Source**Channel:Sharon Stewart



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