X22报道|第2852集: 中央银行开始对加密货币感到恐慌,爱国者的进攻摧毁了深层国家

2022年8月18日12:06:03最新动态X22报道|第2852集: 中央银行开始对加密货币感到恐慌,爱国者的进攻摧毁了深层国家已关闭评论2551字数 1180阅读3分56秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2852集: 中央银行开始对加密货币感到恐慌,爱国者的进攻摧毁了深层国家

Ep. 2852a – [CB] Begins To Panic About Crypto Currency, Sends Letter To Banks

[ CB ]开始对加密货币感到恐慌,致函银行

Ep. 2852b – Patriot Offensive Destroyed The [DS], Define Subversion, Optics Confirmed, Right On Schedule

爱国者进攻摧毁[ DS ] ,定义颠覆,确认光学,正确的时间表

X22报告 发表于2022年8月17日


The Green New Deal has hit a road block, the people cannot move forward with it, the entire agenda is exposed and people can see the plan of the [WEF]. Former IRS says the [CB] is going after small businesses. The Fed is panicking over crypto currencies.



The [DS] has lost the narrative the patriots have destroyed it. The offensive is reeking havoc on their cheating system. the [DS] overthrow our government, the truth is coming out and the people are awake. Optics are very important and they are now confirmed by KP. The plan is right on schedule.



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