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September 2,2021


It is said we are not fighting a war of flesh and bones but a war against principalities and spirit.This is the big picture unless factored in nothing else makes sense.To be enlightened is to be in knowledge of,all of it,both sides of the coin the agendas goals and modus operandi of the light and dark.The light side is all about empowerment,service to others,operating under universal law which in its simplest form is Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.There are multidimensional legions of beings operating under universal law in service to Humanity and the Earth as well as the Creator in all Creation.Many of these beings are spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders as well as those who ascended from Earth known as Ascended Masters,Angelic Guides Male and Female.


Just as there is a light side there is a dark side.There are those off worlders who are technologically advanced yet spiritually backwards,in service to self often referred to but not limited to greys and reptilians,the Grey Alliance.There are masters of the dark,demons,disfigured malevolent people trapped in the astral levels or 4thdimension some call the lower 4th density.Most are there due to extreme attachment,confusion or a history of breaking Universal Law.


Satanic/Luciferian groups work with these dark energies to influence and gain power over others and wealth regardless of any negative impact or how it affects humanity and the Earth.Unfortunately,these people assume authority beyond what is given and gravitate to positions of power and influence.From these positions they prey on the ignorant and less fortunate.They are replete within the political,religious,and business institutions including the movie and music industry.They own and control the mainstream and social media designed to socially engineer the people to meet their agendas.This will all be made known.It is said a man's/woman's character is established by their actions.Watch their actions off stage out of the public eye.The facades and masks are coming down.The truth will no longer be suppressed.


The war on ascension is a war on evolving consciousness.It is a war on your body,your mind and your spirit.The war on the body has several fronts.They have polluted the air with manufacturing and energy generating waste,"chemtrails and geoengineering".They pollute the water with a myriad of toxic,carcinogenic chemicals,"fluoride".They have polluted your food with toxic additives and preservatives.The pollution and destruction of the land as well to keep you enslaved through dependency,"oil,coal and nuclear"fit into these categories.We have had free energy,anti/counter gravity and interplanetary travel since the early 60's.Where is it?Would that free the people,clean up the environment?


It is as if these tyrants are at war with Creation in their unbridled greed and they are at that because the darkness they serve demands it.Now they are going after your DNA.Why would they go after your DNA?Did you know the name YHWH is written or coded into your DNA?Man/Woman are created in the same image and likeness of God/Creator/Great Spirit.You have the DNA of the Gods.You also have the spark that can be ignited into the full flame,the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the universe.Knowing and owning this is their greatest fear.Those trying to alter your DNA are working against God's plan,doing the work of the dark forces,pure and simple.Your DNA is being activated in the process known as ascension.The whole planet is ascending.What happens when one ascends or becomes enlightened?They cannot be controlled.What happens to the tyrants when the people and the Earth ascend?Game over.They are hell bent literally on stopping ascension.

这就好像这些暴君在他们肆无忌惮的贪婪中与造物主交战,他们之所以这样做,是因为他们所服务的黑暗需要这样做。现在他们在追查你的 DNA。他们为什么要追查你的 DNA?你知道 YHWH 这个名字是写在你的 DNA 里的吗?男人/女人是按照上帝/创造者/伟大的灵魂相同的形象和样式被创造出来的。你有上帝的 DNA。你们也有可以被点燃成全部火焰的火花,这个意识包含了宇宙中所有层面和维度上的所有意识。知道并拥有这些是他们最大的恐惧。那些试图改变你的 DNA 的人正在违背上帝的计划,做着黑暗势力的工作,纯粹而简单。你们的 DNA 在被称为提升的过程中被激活。整个地球都在上升。当一个人提升或开悟时会发生什么?他们是无法控制的。当人民和地球提升时,暴君会发生什么?游戏结束。他们执意要停止提升。

There are those who feed off the suppression,pain and suffering without which their world would no longer exist.These are the forces and motives behind the enslavement,pain and suffering throughout history and not just Earth history.It is a war between God and Evil and it is multidimensional.Before the condescending spiritual egos pop up and say you are polarizing,creating fear and division going biblical on us these my friends are one of many psyops created within the spiritual community to allow the dark side to function unchallenged.A half-truth created and perpetuated by the dark side.Those aligned with the dark side are agenda and profit driven.Those who work for the light are heart and service driven.It matters not what culture,religion,gender or belief.The dark hearts have moved into positions of power,they control the money,the mainstream and social media,the medical industry and those agencies charged with oversight.The W.H.O,the C.D.C.and the F.D.A.are funded by the vaccine makers,mainly the Gates Foundation,the C×P,C×e Communist Party and other global elites.These agencies are revolving doors between big pharma and the agencies.It recently came to light there were massive bribes by the major vaccine companies to officials in these agencies as well as politicians etc.to promote,even mandate the vaccines.The main funders of these integrity challenged agencies funded the gain of function bio weapons,known as Covid-19 and the mysterious non verifiable variants all waiting in line to be released to perpetuate their profit and agendas.This corruption includes many of the enforcement agencies,alphabet agencies and even some high-level officials in the military who have all abandoned their oath.The Hippocratic oath and the oath to serve God and country,protect the people and the Constitution.


The White hats are those within the political,religious,medical,business institutions and agencies who remember and abide by their oaths.The lines are being drawn,choices are being made and those choices will have consequences determining one's future.


Little hint,God wins.Another little hint when you pass this plane you will have a light review where you will experience and feel all the pain,suffering and loss inflicted on others.This is unavoidable.


Action/Reaction or Kama is being accelerated,no rock will be left unturned,all the iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops,the wheat is being separated from the chaff.Sound familiar?Some call it the Great Awakening.Others call it ascension.This is not spiritual mumbo jumbo or woo woo.It is prophecy and science coming together.The Schumann Frequency is off the scale with one massive influx of energy after the other.C.M.E.s coronal mass ejections or solar flares are also on the increase.This is exponentially getting stronger.Our solar system is going through a highly energized position in space and the electromagnetic light spectrum is increasing with more bands being added.There is also a massive influx of consciousness and energy due to the higher dimensional beings adding their consciousness and energy to the collective consciousness and energy of Earth.Creator has given its best for these times.


Imagine the impact that will have on this civilization socially,energetically,physically right down to the atomic structure,your very DNA.Did you know cosmic energies create changes in your DNA and cosmic energies according to NASA have increased exponentially?This is the Creator at work.All the Suns are connected to a Great Central Sun,the source of what is happening is beyond this solar system,beyond this dimension.Most cannot even comprehend what is unfolding.

想象一下这个文明将在社会上,能量上,物理上,直到原子结构,你的 DNA 上产生的影响。你知道宇宙能量在你的 DNA 和宇宙能量中产生变化吗?根据美国宇航局的数据,宇宙能量已经呈指数级增长?这是造物主在工作。所有的太阳都与一个大中央太阳相连,正在发生的事情的源头超越了这个太阳系,超越了这个维度。大多数人甚至无法理解正在发生的事情。

When you understand what is in the experimental gene therapy,the operating system injected into you they call a vaccine,what it does to your DNA,how it disconnects you spiritually,can be manipulated externally with 5G putting your life on a timer to meet their population reduction guidelines you will understand the real agenda and who is behind it.It is anti-Christ consciousness,anti-life.It is a war on ascension by those who want total domination over every aspect of your life.Billionaire eugenicists,Satanic/Luciferians void of compassion and empathy that sold their souls a long time ago for power and wealth.They are agenda and profit driven regardless of consequence to you,your families and the Earth.This includes the crippling and death of millions,some of which has already happened.They have financed both sides of every war since Napoleon.For those who cannot comprehend this because it is so evil that is what they are counting on.They are counting on the ignorance and denial of the masses as well the lack of impeccable integrity,infinite excuses for not doing what is right.

当你明白了什么是实验性基因疗法,注入你体内的操作系统,他们称之为疫苗,它对你的 DNA 有什么作用,它如何断开你的精神联系,可以通过外部操纵的5

The one thing the dark hearts did not factor in.The soul activation and awakening of the masses,divine intervention and another plan the origin of which is on high beyond their perception.Ascension,The Great Awakening,The Spiritual Revolution no matter what you call it,it is here.It is time to find the impeccable integrity within,honor your oaths,follow your heart and be of service to the Creator within all Creation,humanity and the Earth.The winning side.

有一件事黑暗的心没有考虑在内。大众的灵魂激活和觉醒,Divine Intervention和另一个计划,其起源高于他们的感知。提升,大觉醒,精神革命,不管你怎么称呼它,它就在这里。现在是时候去发现内在无可挑剔的完整性,尊重你们的誓言,跟随你们的心,在所有造物、人类和地球中为造物主服务。胜利的一方。

We are eternal souls and it is better to die free in integrity,in service to Creator and all Creation than to be a slave to the darkness.What you do now will not only determine your future in this life,it will determine where you go in the hereafter and the future of generations to come.


The law is on your side,Universal or God's Law.They are breaking Constitutional Law,The Nuremberg Codes,and the MA international code of ethics.They have broken their Hippocratic oaths and oaths to serve God and Country protecting the Constitution and the People.


Government has but one function to preserve your rights and freedom,not violate them.Doing otherwise is sedition or treason.They have declared war on the very people they profess to serve.We have complied with systematic stolen authority that has become a cancer on the back of the Republic.It is time for peaceful non-compliance with the illegal,unscientific and harmful mandates that have destroyed our health and our economy which was always the end goal of the tyrants.It is time for critical thinking,time to do your own research,step away from social engineering,mainstream and social media.It is time to stand in truth,stand in our divinity,protect the next generation and hold those who are transgressing on those rights accountable.Another word for unlawful authority is tyranny.America was founded on freedom from tyranny.It is inherently against tyranny.Coming together and supporting each other in peaceful non-compliance is the answer.It cuts the legs off of tyranny.


The beginning.


James Gilliland


Please share far and wide permission granted.


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