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Money must be a commodity


When the money goes bad,everything goes.The Rothschild Central Bank sent the US-dollar and affiliated paper currencies on their way down in 1971.It was then that they took the dollar off the golden handcuffs.Enabling the dollar to picking everyone's pockets,added with coercion of cruel sanctions on every country the Deep State didn't like.Compared to the pre-1971 dollar,it has lost 98%of its value.

当钱变质了,一切都变质了。1971年,罗斯柴尔德央行(Rothschild Central Bank)将美元及其附属纸币贬值。就在那时,他们解除了美元的金手铐。使得美元可以从每个人的口袋里掏钱,再加上对每个深海之州不喜欢的国家进行残酷的制裁。与1971年以前的美元相比,它已经贬值了98%

最后的警钟|真实货币对加密货币和货币The Fed showered over the last few weeks the financial trading houses–primary dealers–on Wall Street with a total of $2.93 Trillion in short-term loans.The money is for a Wall Street liquidity crisis that has yet to be explained in credible terms to the public,but as of yet the New York Times does not appear to have an investigative reporter assigned to investigate what's really going on.Just 11-years after those same trading houses blew themselves up in the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression that took the U.S.and the world economy along for the ride.

过去几周,美联储向华尔街的金融交易商——一级交易商——提供了总计2.93万亿美元的短期贷款。这笔钱是用来应对华尔街的流动性危机的,这场危机还没有向公众做出可信的解释,但是到目前为止,《纽约时报》似乎还没有派出调查记者去调查究竟发生了什么。就在11年前,这些贸易公司在大萧条(Great Depression)以来最严重的金融危机中引爆了自己,美国和世界经济也搭了一程。

This repo–repurchase agreement- loan program began on September 17,2019 when repo loan rates spiked from approximately 2 percent to 10 percent–meaning either liquid funds were not available to loan,or the mega banks on Wall Street were backing away from lending to certain counterparties.Repo loans are typically between banks,hedge funds and money market funds on an overnight basis and are made against good-quality collateral.Since that time,the New York central bank has been making these loans to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars a night.


最后的警钟|真实货币对加密货币和货币One has to wonder how much money it would take for the Fed to throw at Wall Street before the MSM reports to its readers on the biggest Wall Street bailout by the Fed since the financial crisis?Would the Federal Reserve,the central bank of the United States,actually lie to the American people?If withholding material facts from the people constitutes a lie,then,the Federal Reserve has a troubled history.So everything the Fed said about the Repo problem being an event specific issue for the end of last year was a lie,as now turned out.As,the Fed announced that over the next month it would shower a total of$2.93 Trillion in short-term loans.Confirming;The Repo market is failing because banks don't trust their counterparties for the collateral they are lending in the overnight markets!

MSM 向读者报告自金融危机以来美联储最大的华尔街救助行动之前,人们不禁要问,美联储要向华尔街投入多少资金?美联储,美国的中央银行,真的会对美国人民撒谎吗?如果对人民隐瞒重要事实构成谎言,那么,美联储的历史就麻烦了。因此,美联储关于回购问题是去年年底一个特定事件的所有说法都是谎言,现在事实证明了这一点。同时,美联储宣布,在下个月,短期贷款总额将达到2.93万亿美元。确认;回购市场之所以失败,是因为银行不信任他们的交易对手,不信任他们在隔夜市场上放贷的抵押品!

When the money goes bad,how come everything else goes bad,too?In extreme cases,it's obvious.Take Hyperinflation,for example,it destroys the economy;people become desperate.In Venezuela,for instance,there were only 50 kidnappings per year before Chávez took office.But now,with inflation at a million percent annually,robberies and kidnappings happen"all the time."The government no longer even keeps track.


Real money is based on gold.While silver is also seen as real money,though not as apt as gold.Money is,has always been,and always will be a commodity.Cryptos,like Bitcoins,as well as Dollars and all other paper currencies today,are not and cannot be real money in this sense,because these are not linked with commodities.Bitcoins and Dollars–and all Cryptos and currencies for that matter–are not"commodities";they are nothing but numbers without substance.


Money marks the relationships between people


最后的警钟|真实货币对加密货币和货币Money is what marks the relationships between people.One is master;the other is servant.One is producer;others are consumers.One owes and another,the one that is owed.


Let us imagine that you spend a day making a tool,for which you are paid$50.That money is energy money as it rewards your effort,and measures the new wealth you have created.You can save that wealth,transfer it,or pass it along to future generations,as long that money is not inflated.You earned it.And it puts you$50 ahead of people who didn't earn anything that day.And now,assuming the going rate is$50 per day,with that money you can"buy"a day's worth of someone else's labour.


The rate at which the human race is getting richer,the rate of technological innovation,the Central Banks'interest rate policies—all are irrelevant.What counts is the$50 and its faithful rendering of who owes what to whom.


If nothing changes,you should be able to buy a tool for$50 years later.If,on the other hand,technological progress cuts the time needed to make a tool in half,you should be able to buy two tools.And if productivity has doubled,a toolmaker should be able to turn out twice as many—two—in one day.But the basic relationship between you and others is unchanged.


Think further;Cryptos like Bitcoins have no stated value.You do not know the total value of your Bitcoins,until the moment you have exchanged them for a quantity of fiat money.So,Bitcoin has no independent existence such as fiat money has.Because,Bitcoin's worth depends on the existence of fiat money in which to transact exchanges.As long as there are more buyers of Bitcoin,than sellers,the value of the Bitcoin will continue to rise,and that will bring in still more buyers and its value may rise to the skies.


But when the moment comes–as it always does–when there are more sellers than buyers,then the value最后的警钟|真实货币对加密货币和货币of the Bitcoin will fall.When the holders of Bitcoins begin to see a trend of declining value,there will be nothing and no one to stop the trend:Owners of Bitcoins will rush in panic to sell their holdings–to other holders of Bitcoins–before its value falls even further.With more and more owners trying to sell,there will soon be no buyers:no one will want to catch the falling knife!The value of Bitcoin will fall to practically zero.When the famous Tulip Mania of the 1600’s was over,the losers at least had their tulips to look at.The Bitcoin rise in"value"that took months–or even years–will be over in a matter of hours.Bitcoin will become a phenomenon in history of mass speculation that amounted to ultimate mass grief.


So,it is correct to conclude;Bitcoin and for the same reason all other cryptos are nothing more than a distraction,created to direct widespread public worry away from concern about the eventual collapse of the Dollar's value.


What is the danger that threatens the Dollar?


What entity would wish to distract investors'attention away from concerns with the Dollar?Obviously,the US Government.Although clearly,there is no proof of that conclusion.To substantiate the conclusion is to最后的警钟|真实货币对加密货币和货币ask,"For whose benefit?"The answer has to be:"The US Government".


The greatest fear that besets the US Government is the collapse of the Dollar's value,and Bitcoin is the distractor from the danger which threatens the Dollar.What is the danger that threatens the Dollar?The rising price of gold,which devalues the Dollar.


Conclusion:Bitcoin–and its imitators–serve to distract the attention of investors away from investing in gold.Bitcoin functions very well,as a distractor of attention from investing in gold,because to"invest"in Bitcoin is to use the Dollar to invest in what is essentially,nothing tangible,as is physical gold.And even more important;Bitcoin presents no danger to the Dollar's value.


The majority of investors has little or no interest in gold.Their main interest lies in making Dollar profits.The rising price of Bitcoin attracts the attention of investors–and that is it purpose:"Think Bitcoins,and pay no attention to investing in gold."


The prices of the precious metals–gold and silver–are under strict control by the syndicated Rothschild Bankers.Meanwhile President Trump and his Team may have


been finding out from Jay Powell of the Federal Reserve,that the real power in this world is in the hands of the Rothschild owned International Bankers mob.

美联储(fed)主席杰伊鲍威尔(Jay Powell)最近发现,世界上真正的权力掌握在罗斯柴尔德(Rothschild)旗下的国际银行家团伙手中。

The time when it was necessary to prove the existence of this control,ended long ago.Today it is an unquestioned fact.However,most analysts of the precious metals market continue to bury their heads in the sand of falsity,for various personal reasons.That is,why they only comment on"market behaviour".


Why and How Bankers control precious metal prices


Why do the Bankers mob wish to control the prices of the precious metals?Because their Power is based on the false money that they issue,and true market prices of the precious metals would very clearly reveal the steady loss of purchasing power of the false money they issue and thus erodes their Power significantly,or even destroy it.


最后的警钟|真实货币对加密货币和货币This is the"Why"for control;Now,let's have investigated the"How"of the control:Analysing the interest of the Bankers mob,from the operation of the world market in precious metals shows that the world market for precious metals includes some of the Central Banks of the world,as well as private investors handling either their own funds,or the funds of corporations under their care.


The Central Banks all know that the prices of the precious metals are under strict control to prevent their rise to a true market value.Until recently,these Central Banks had no interest in acquiring gold for their Reserves,as they were satisfied with their operations based on fiat money.


Now that the Central Banks are aware of the great problem of the existence of an absolutely enormous amount of debt in the world,and of its impending default,they have a renewed interest to obtaining gold for their Reserves,at the cheapest possible price.Thus,they favour the continued suppression of the prices of the precious metals and remain silent regarding that suppression.Their overriding concern is their own solvency,and not the well-being of private investors or corporations.


Regarding the market for gold and silver on the part of corporations and private individuals;taken into account that the vast majority of both groups–corporations and private individuals–are heavily burdened with debt.Their over-riding day-to-day interest is to maintain solvency to being able to service their debts with fiat money.


Thus,both corporations and the great mass of private investors cannot afford to distract funds from on-going operations,and invest them in gold or silver,as they primarily need to service their present huge debt loads to preventing bankruptcy,while the stagnant price of the precious metals makes it impossible for them to contemplate placing funds in gold or silver investments.


Consequently,the gold and silver markets for corporations and private individuals have been reduced to a small minority who owe so little fiat money that they can afford to purchase gold or silver,and wait for its eventual rise to much higher prices,when the proverbial shit hits the fan.So that explains the How the Bankers mob has been able to keep the price of gold low.


Panic will take the gold price to unsuspected heights


At present,the rising price of gold is very worrisome for them,as Gold already has seen around 3.5%gains in 2020 and they are now doing everything they can,to stem its rise.Aiding them will be those corporations and private individuals who will liquidate their holdings of precious metals to realise a quick profit.However,an investment firm thinks the yellow metal will out-gain the S&P 500 over the course of this year.


最后的警钟|真实货币对加密货币和货币If,in spite of this situation,the price of gold continues to rise because of a gravely increasing amount of world debt issued by Rothschild bankers,the small minority who have been accumulating gold and silver in a listless market is going to turn into a mass of buyers who want to make a profit,and panic may take place which will take the price gold to unsuspected heights."Wait and see"before buying,may turn into"Do it now!"


About a hundred years ago Von Mises already explained how this will end:


"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion.The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion,or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system is involved."


If there were any trick left that would save a nation from the effects of overspending,corruption and"printing"money to cover its debts,the Deep State would have discovered and applied it already long ago.


最后的警钟|真实货币对加密货币和货币The Deep State's time is up;President Trump and the Patriots are dropping the proverbial hammer on them.Many,most of them Democratic individuals who went after Trump,have themselves publicly exhibited as DS agents and will soon no longer be able to walk freely through the streets.Because the false accusation procedures have shown who the real DS agents are.They have no other plan to expel President Trump from the White House.Now,the planned arrests can start soon.This will send a shock wave all over the world.The DS denouement is about to begin,now that many more people in America and hopefully elsewhere in the world have woken up.And once awake,they cannot any longer be soothed to sleep!

深州的时代已经结束;特朗普总统和爱国者们正在给他们重锤。许多人,其中大多数是追随特朗普的民主党人,已经公开展示了自己作为 DS 代理人的身份,很快就不能在街道上自由行走了。因为虚假指控程序已经显示出谁是真正的 DS 代理人。他们没有其他计划将特朗普总统逐出白宫。现在,计划中的逮捕行动可以很快开始。这将给全世界带来冲击波。Ds 的结局即将开始,现在更多的美国人和希望在世界其他地方的人已经醒来。一旦醒来,他们就再也不能安心入睡了!

Bringing back the gold standard would be very hard to do,but,it would be wonderful.To have a standard on which to base our money.–President Trump and the Patriots are acting on their pro-gold instincts in a big way.Let me explain;President Trump has been able to wield more influence over the Federal Reserve than any other president since the Fed was created in 1913.


Gold is the primary competitor for the U.S.dollar's top role.And as the American socialists inflate the value of the dollar away,it will make gold all the more attractive.To the contrary;the Rothschilds are doing最后的警钟|真实货币对加密货币和货币everything in their power to keep their entire rickety in tact by means of the IMF,World Bank,BIS,almost all Central banks and the TBTF banks conglomerate structure by opposing any change implementing the Gold Standard.

黄金是美元头号地位的主要竞争者。随着美国社会主义者夸大美元的价值,它将使黄金更具吸引力。相反,罗斯柴尔德家族正通过国际货币基金组织、世界银行、国际清算银行、几乎所有的中央银行和 TBTF 银行的联合结构,竭尽全力保持他们的整体稳定,反对任何实施金本位的改变。

"The Rothschild-owned private central banking monopoly's'quantitative easing'is another word for'buyback,'artificially sustaining a collapsed market.Significant proof of this is the visibly unsustainable financial system structure that is near collapse.Another fact is that the banks are charging individuals ever-higher interest rates even as the Central Banks give the banks ever-cheaper money.


Moreover,despite Zionist propaganda media cheerleading,the real central bank economy is getting worse by the day,as more of those expensive loans to real people and corporations are going bad.Maybe that's why the Rothschild's World Bank subsidiary warned on December 19th of"the worst debt crisis in 50 years"?Anyhow,the central bank economy is in the process of being destroyed and will be replaced by the people economy,thanks to the relentless efforts by President Trump's Team and his Patriots.



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