X22报告|第2855集: 国税局被法院关闭,清理门户非常重要 

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爱国者现在正在构建选举舞弊的案例,每天都在投掷地毯式炸弹,无可辩驳的证据正在被公之于众。特朗普在发动进攻的同时,还允许[ DS ]玩家自我毁灭。

X22报告|第2855集: 国税局被法院关闭,清理门户非常重要 

Ep. 2855a – IRS Was Shutdown By The Courts When Trying To Collect Alternative Currency Data


Ep. 2855b – A Clean House Is Very Important, Carpet Bombs Then MOAB

-清洁房屋非常重要,先是地毯炸弹,然后是 MOAB

X22报告 发表于2022年8月21日


The economy is breaking down under the Biden administration, companies are now talking about hiring freezes and layoffs. People can now see the difference between each state. The IRS was shutdown when trying to go after alternative currency.



The patriots are now building the case of election fraud, each day the carpet bombs are being dropped and the irrefutable evidence is being made public. Trump is building the offensive and at the same time he is allowing the [DS] players to destroy themselves. Trump is the bait and he is drawing them in and trapping them in their own agenda. Soon the MOAB is going to drop and the [DS] will react to this, trap set. Warmed and prepped

爱国者现在正在构建选举舞弊的案例,每天都在投掷地毯式炸弹,无可辩驳的证据正在被公之于众。特朗普在发动进攻的同时,还允许[ DS ]玩家自我毁灭。特朗普是诱饵,他正在吸引他们,并将他们困在自己的议程中。很快 MOAB 就要降落了,DS 会对此做出反应,设置陷阱。准备就绪


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