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Q 提醒我们不要放弃公民调查。公众意识非常重要,我们知道媒体不会报道真相。我们是前线的数字化战士。如果我们想要获胜,那就要靠我们每个人来分享我们所发现的真理。不要低估真理的力量。相信你的能力。相信人性,为了上帝和国家!

Watch What Happens In August And September;Its Like We Are Watching A Movie


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)
X22报告(C-VINE 审核)



Congress in session 国会正在开会

Note:Due to space constraints in this article,this writing is only a fraction of the news shared by the X22 Report.For the rest of the report,please listen/watch the video.It is quite informative!

注意:由于本文的篇幅限制,本文只是 X22 Report 共享的新闻的一小部分。关于报告的其余部分,请收听/观看录像。它提供了很多信息!

Every August,Congress goes on break.Q has dropped many'crumbs'stating the Patriots have some surprises in store for them.The movie is about to begin.Sequel 2 coming this fall and sequel 3,tba.Stay tuned!

每年八月,国会都会休假。Q 丢下了许多"碎屑",说明爱国者队有一些惊喜等着他们。电影就要开始了。续集2将于今年秋季上市,续集3 tba。敬请期待!

The DS is not used to being in the dark but we are told the investigations of Barr and Durham have been completely sealed.

DS 不习惯被蒙在鼓里,但是我们被告知对巴尔和达勒姆的调查已经被完全封锁了。

The day after elections,we also are told the DS will attempt some kind of catastrophe.This tells us they know they will lose.Unelected officials are governing those who we elected into office.Think about this:there are hidden governing forces,some foreign,behind those we elected.No wonder we get the feeling they are not listening to us.Most of them are not!

选举后的第二天,我们也被告知 DS 将会尝试某种灾难。这告诉我们,他们知道自己会输。非选举产生的官员正在管理那些我们选举产生的官员。想想看:在我们选举出来的人背后,隐藏着一些外国的执政力量。难怪我们觉得他们没有在听我们说话。他们中的大多数都不是!

Along the 250 mile-long U.S./Mexican wall,the CJNG Cartel has been protecting the wall against other cartels,not because they are heroes,but because they don't want their competition for drug running to return.The U.S./Mexico wall has proven trafficking is in decline.

沿着250英里长的美国/墨西哥围墙,CJNG 卡特尔一直在保护围墙不受其他卡特尔的攻击,不是因为他们是英雄,而是因为他们不希望毒品走私的竞争卷土重来。美国/墨西哥墙已经证明贩卖人口正在减少。

Did you know Biden was caught on film saying he was in favor of defunding the military,of'cutting police funding'and calling them the enemy?This is their way of continuing Agenda 21;the 16-year plan to destroy America.Do we really want a president who supports such atrocities?


President Trump supports the protection of Americans and he supports funding our police and military forces.This is why the National Association of Police Officers have endorsed Trump.We have elected officials who don't follow American law.It's up to each one of us to know who they are and to vote them out.


A woman,a Patriot in New York,was fed up with the BLM signage painted on the street.She painted over the big yellow letters with black paint,stating she wanted the police back.Eventually,she was arrested.The next day,she was out and proceeded to pour 14 more gallons of black paint over the letters.People in New York City want law and order.Will they get it in November?

纽约的一位爱国者妇女,厌倦了街道上的 BLM 标志。她用黑漆把那些大大的黄色字母涂掉,说她想要警察回来。最终,她被逮捕了。第二天,她出来了,又往这些字上泼了14加仑的黑漆。纽约市的人们想要法律和秩序。他们会在11月份拿到吗?

Comparing real data:Seasonal flu deaths in Texas in 2017-2018,&2018–2019,to C19 deaths in 2020.X22视频解读|不要低估真理的力量,要广泛传播

比较真实数据:2017-2018年和2018-2019年德克萨斯州季节性流感死亡人数与2020 C19死亡人数。

Why is this a pandemic?It should NOT be!This is not about a virus,but an election.(D's win by any means necessary!)


Florida labs reported a 100%COVID positivity rate,but we learned they did not report any of the negative numbers.So,Trump signed an EO stating the hospitals were to directly report to the White House.If the hospitals want to report their findings to the CDC as well,they certainly can,but this way we will know where the error lies…or who is lying.Americans have sacrificed too much to be rewarded with lies.


80 infants tested positive for COVID.Many news stations reported on it,but when the documentation was researched,it turned out to be fake news!The DS/Dems narrative is to push fear,that COVID is a lot worse than it really is.More lies!


Safety standards and core rules for Washington State are said to end the day after the election.Is this about a virus or the election?


X22视频解读|不要低估真理的力量,要广泛传播We have seen subliminal messages in many Disney cartoons.Pinocchio is no different.If you remember in the story,Honest John kidnapped little boys and took them to Pleasure Island,where'they would not come back as little boys.'Think of Epstein Island.It's hard to fathom the minds behind the beloved fantasy land,where dreams really do come true,could be so evil and sinister,finding pleasure in harming our children.Epstein=Pinocchio and Gepetto is said to be Ghislaine Maxwell,the master-mind.


Mark Meadows exclaimed that it's time for people to go to jail!


When was the last time you witnessed a[D]party leader being Patriotic exhibiting National Pride,love of Country?When was the last time you witnessed a[D]party leader speak out against riots and violence in the streets?When was the last time you witnessed a[D]party leader support those who took an oath to protect and defend?When was the last time you witnessed a[D]party leader support and call for UNITY across our Nation?


Why do they want people divided…to keep our attention off of the their crimes.Why do they want people categorized…to keep division cycling.Who controls the Democrat Party Leaders?Foreigners…The Great Deceivers!


We are reminded by Q not to give up citizen investigations.Public awareness is very important and we know the media will not report truth.We are Digital Soldiers on the front lines.If we want to win,it is up to each one of us to share what truths we have uncovered.Do not underestimate the power of the truth.Believe in your ability.Believe in humanity,for God and Country!

Q 提醒我们不要放弃公民调查。公众意识非常重要,我们知道媒体不会报道真相。我们是前线的数字化战士。如果我们想要获胜,那就要靠我们每个人来分享我们所发现的真理。不要低估真理的力量。相信你的能力。相信人性,为了上帝和国家!

Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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