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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

September 4,2021 202194


A week from today is September 11th,and a watershed day in history;twenty eventful years ago.We have watched the entropy of American society and worldwide,wondering why someone doesn't do something about it.Now we know about The Plan.


We know the dark is scheming to pay us back for taking them down and we are vigilant.The Anons are watching the comms from President Trump and other players on the chess board which might lead to a choice bread crumb from the Q team and their"map".

我们知道黑暗势力正计划着为我们扳倒他们而回报我们,我们保持警惕。无名氏们正在观看特朗普总统和棋盘上其他棋手的通讯,这可能会给 q 队和他们的"地图"带来一些精选面包屑。

The Real Kim Shady has been busy…Link to Telegram:

真正的 Kim Shady 一直很忙...链接到 Telegram:

Biggest thread of my life!Make sure you read it to the very end!

 2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球 2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球


1/ Big thread incoming. In the past , I was trying to line up deltas with 10/5/17 and 10/28/17 , those dates were the start for us. However, the Q clock started on 12/7/17. So I decided to try the deltas here and I have to say it makes a ton of sense.



1/Big thread incoming.In the past,I was trying to line up deltas with 10/5/17 and 10/28/17,those dates were the start for us.However,the Q clock started on 12/7/17.So I decided to try the deltas

Twitter(https://Twitter.com/danon1776/status/1434220513287712774?s=28)d 1/大线程传入。过去,我试图用10/5/1710/28/17来排列三角洲,这些日子是我们的开始。然而,q 时钟开始于12/7/17。所以我决定试试三角洲

We don't know the detailed steps of The Plan,but we know we are progressing through them as best we can with a largely hypnotized and zombified population on the planet.The Great Awakening is going swimmingly,however,and giant leaps have occurred fairly recently.


Queen Romana assures us:Link to Telegram.


The only ones going to covid19 Camps are the Pissositos.It is called Camp#GITMO

唯一一个去过19个集中营的是 Pissositos 集中营,它叫做#gitmo 集中营

There is reason to believe we are close to reaching a significant goal and major action on behalf of the Earth Alliance.The point when we get the attention of the sleeping masses may be nigh.Will it involve a terrorist attack?Possibly—but I don't believe they will be permitted to pull off anything on the scale of the World Trade Center again.


More dog comms?Someone on Telegram suggested we're all like this in America in anticipation:

更多的狗狗通讯?Telegram 网站上有人建议我们在美国都应该这样:


September 11th could turn out to be a very good day.


Mr.Pool shared these hints on Twitter.

先生在 Twitter 上分享了这些提示。

SOL. ☀️


The current threatening rhetoric is more about the insistent nudging of those still under the spell than real threats against us.I believe the narrative is to scare people out of their apathy.IF the dark were allowed to bring their agenda to fruition,refugees would would have been a very real threat.The US military knows how to neutralize threats and we"trust the plan".


Trump Predicts 9/11-Style Attack and Mass Migration of Refugees 


We know nothing is what it seems and consider alternative views on pretty much everything.One example…the"quackcines".We've heard all the doom and gloom around the jab but if we truly trust the man(Trump)and/or trust The Plan,we have to consider that they may not be what they seem,either.I suggested one train of thought yesterday about graphene oxide.


We might benefit from the article below from Dr.Joseph Farrell in forming a more rounded approach to the prick in the arm and the purpose of graphene oxide in this massive psyop.

我们可能会从下面 Joseph Farrell 博士的文章中受益,他提出了一个更全面的方法来处理手臂上的刺伤,以及氧化石墨烯在这个巨大的心理过程中的作用。

The Plan is very old,and there are"possibilities"outside the parameters of our understanding that I believe come into play.We've been told a lot,but far from everything and the reality may be far different from what we believe.I believe"the patriots are in control".


BTW,have you ever tossed that into the Gematrix salad?Whoa!Rh negative blood,anyone?[the positive bloodline]

顺便说一句,你有没有把这个东西放进过双子座沙拉里?!Rh 阴性血,有人吗?(阳性血统)


You may be pleasantly surprised by the following,and it may give us an inkling of the reason President Trump told people if they want to get the jab,they should.Won't that bring an effusive sigh of relief?We have not understood from our limited perspective why he would crow to the world that he was responsible for getting the vaccines expedited and into the arms of the masses.It has to be a good thing in the long run,does it not?


I will also add here that many years ago,Cobra told us that at the time of The Event,something would be used to"calm the masses".For those of us who are awake and refused the jab,we're on our own to remain calm and maintain a positive outlook."Interesting"news will be coming down the pike before long.


Graphene Oxide,Trauma,Mice,Cats,And Booster Shots 


The White Hats are pushing very hard toward the"1984 scenario"to shake people out of their stupor and realize the forces who have been ruling the world are not acting in our best interests.What will it take?How much privacy and freedom will the People relinquish over a scamdemic?When does the fear of tyranny surpass the fear of a pesky flu bug?When does utter and total subjugation of Humanity come into the realm of probability?



If the headline below were reworded,it could be a good thing,ie:"Medical Drones Deployed Over Italian Beaches Feverishly Searching for People".Surveillance—or anything—can be used for good or ill.The problem is,nearly everything has been weaponized and turned against us.


"Medical Drones"Deployed Over Italian Beaches Search For Feverish People


What will emerge from all the information,disinformation,and scare tactics,is that we have been asleep at the wheel for a very long time.We have been prey to evil beyond the imagination.Once we're awake,however,we realize we have an unholy mess and can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.It's out there,and we have to deal with it—properly,this time—not sticking our heads back in the sand because it's unpleasant.


Big Pharma,Big Ag,Big Tech,big box stores,big everything…are done.The reformation of our society will entail medical technology we only saw on"futuristic"shows like Star Trek.Only it wasn't the future,it is now.We will see the end of suffering and dis-ease and the healing community will be forever transformed.It's coming—very soon.





The Weaponization of Medicine


As elusive as the truth has been over the past eighteen months or so,we can see that the landscape of treating people with the Wu Flu has changed somewhat.Brave doctors have compared notes and come forward to share their research and victories.Even the medical community in the Great White Gulag has evolved.


First Ambulatory Treatment Recommended for COVID-19 in Canada


Our friend who spent the past six days at the Mayo Clinic with pneumonia in a dire situation has suddenly rallied and after a few infusions of the products his wife smuggled in that really work but have been banned from hospital use in Arizona,he has turned the corner,physically and emotionally,and will return home this weekend.


The protocol now dictates that the patient will be remotely monitored by hospital staff from the home setting.Until such time as we secure a valley doctor who knows what to do for pneumonia,an"awake"Texas physician will advise in a"distance consulting"scenario.It sounds crazy,but when you can't trust the medical industrial complex you have to take control of your own destiny and make your own informed decisions.


Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are remedies some doctors are not willing to talk about and it's not easy to find out who includes them in their pneumonia protocol but we will adapt.


I believe a home setting will be conducive to a rapid healing because in part,being isolated in a hospital ward with no visitors whatsover—even your spouse—is just cruel.A phone is great,but not the same as a loved one's presence and energy.You have to treat the whole person and that sequestering strategy is counter-productive,in my opinion.


Unfortunately,isolating a patient unnecessarily has been typical in this nightmare scenario called a plandemic.They want us all cut off from one another because the evil ones know the Human spirit is gregarious and synergistic in its life force.Human touch,Human expression have been eliminated to a large degree through masks,lockdowns,and"recommended"healthcare practices like those from the CDC,WHO,and NIH who masquerade as government and benevolent organizations.The statistics show us it has had a greater effect than we might have expected over the short term when fear took over.


Happening in Greece 🇬🇷: Greek Medics Protest Against Mandatory Vaccination after government fired them 👇 pic.twitter.com/qaPrGo5oZu

Hospitals,in general,are no longer places of healing.They are too often the preamble to death.Iatrogenesis is far more likely to be the real COD while the charts suggest otherwise and some coroners are well aware of this.Fear of entering a hospital should be paramount to the fear of a simple disease and until such time as the medical community is reeducated about healing,it's a dangerous place to be.


Meanwhile,the psyop continues.They're going to try to relieve the C*e Communist Party from responsibility but it's too late for damage control.Trump and his men have stated numerous times and provided the evidence that Fauci funded the research for a bioweapon and Canadians and a Canadian lab were implicated.


National Institutes of Health officials and researchers funded by Anthony Fauci are contributing to documentaries produced by Chinese Communist Party-run media outlets seeking to absolve the regime of blame for COVID-19. China Global Television Network (CGTN) relies on participation from American experts - even from the taxpayer-funded National Institutes of Health (NIH) - to grant a facade of credibility to its propaganda operation.

I think we're going the other way now,folks.The abject fear over the Kung Flu is waning.People are over it.Link to Telegram.

伙计们,我想我们要走另一条路了。对于功夫流感的恐惧正在减弱。人们对此已经习以为常。链接到 Telegram

I went to Toronto,ON 2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球 grocery stores metro,freshco and shoppers drug mart this afternoon(exciting outing I know 2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球)DID NOT WEAR A MASK!!!No one said a word,no hairy eyeballs,no encounters,Nothing.

It was amazing 2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球 2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球 2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球2021年9月4日:积极期待与创造是人类的特长|星际飞船地球

今天下午我去了多伦多,在杂货店地铁站,freshco 和启康药房(我知道这是一次令人兴奋的郊游),没有戴面具!!!没有人说一个字,没有毛茸茸的眼球,没有遭遇,什么都没有。太神奇了


The clever deep state thought they would pull a fast one by pretending Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was capable of doing her job and it's come back to bite them in the butt—as usual.


'Thanks You Old Dead White Bitch':Critics Blame Ginsburg When Texas Abortion Law Survives Supreme Court Challenge 


Where did the day go?It's getting late and I will wind down with something to consider from Queen Romana:The Ten Days of Darkness are now"The 10 Day Movie Marathon",lol.The answer is YES!YOUR MAJESTY.Oui!Oui!Link to Telegram.

这一天过得怎么样?时间不早了,我将以罗曼娜女王的话作为结束语:《十天黑暗》现在是"十天电影马拉松",哈哈。答案是肯定的!陛下。是的!是的!链接到 Telegram

When those videos get beamed to the world we want everyone to see that justice was done and the BS paraded on the news and the Hollywood tabloids is simply a matter of"we see dead people".Movie magic.They're toast,and anyone who commits treason or crimes against Humanity will get the same.


Would you like Military Tribunals of the very Top Pissositos incorporated into the 10 day Movie Marathon?


Souhaitez-vous que les tribunaux militaires des très grands pissositos soient intégrés au marathon cinématographique de 10 jours?


Interesting feedback from the Tweetosphere:

来自 Tweetosphere 的有趣反馈:

Empaths are human bullshit detectors, we feel fake vibes, shady energy and bullshit, so you may as well save yourself the embarrassment and just be real with us.

Have a safe and happy Labour Day weekend in Canada and the US.The remainder of September could demand a lot of our attention.


For example,the following headline opens the door for BIG names to be dropped in conjunction with the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.I get a visual of the faces of those in the upper and royal echelons on billiard balls getting slammed into the pockets and dropped into hell."Down she goes."[Put that in the Gematrix.]



Feds Must Disclose'Identities of Any Unnamed Co-Conspirators'to Ghislaine Maxwell,Trial Judge Rules 


Did you feel the Earth move?The topic of conversation just changed.




But let's go out with a bang.Time for the fireworks.Enjoy the show.


Romana Didulo@romanadidulo~Head of State&Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government,Queen of Canada@romanadidulo,[04.09.21 13:54]

Look who are walking out now from their work?They're the very people I addressed in my video–to receive not 1 but 2 bullets in the forehead for every child injected with coronavirus experimental poison injection.


Romana Didulo@romanadidulo~Head of State&Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government,Queen of Canada@romanadidulo,[04.09.21 14:06]

Many of these people who have walked out of their work and now protesting out in the Streets against mandatory vaccination have found out–their bosses have been executed for crimes against humanity.


I told you all–I would sign your death penalties!


Link to Telegram.

链接到 Telegram

When Trump says of a politician or anyone,"He's shot",he means it.


Over and out.~BP




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