2022年6月15日: 我们已经忍受了表演; 是时候摊牌了|星际飞船地球

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 June 15, 2022 2022年6月15日

2022年6月15日: 我们已经忍受了表演; 是时候摊牌了|星际飞船地球

That was some full moon. It seemed bigger, or closer, or different somehow.


I caught this Telegram from Richard Citizen Journalist and thought it might be a harbinger of things to come. Power lines sagging with vines and disappearing into the branches of trees. That’s not indicative of routine maintenance. Perhaps we won’t need those lines?


The January 6 fiasco is waking people up.


Jan. 6 Was ‘An Inside Job to Entrap People Who Attended Trump’s Speech’: Investigative Journalist

1月6日“内部人员陷害特朗普演讲的听众”: 调查记者

I believe the above is obvious, but if you don’t agree, perhaps it’s time you thought about it. There were feds embedded in the crowds urging Trump supporters to enter the building. Then the plants began breaking windows and inciting violence. They shot Ashli Babbit.

我相信以上是显而易见的,但如果你不同意,也许是时候考虑一下了。人群中有联邦探员,他们敦促特朗普的支持者进入大楼。然后这些植物开始打破窗户并煽动暴力。他们杀了 Ashli Babbit。

It was a horrific scene as far as the few people who were hurt or killed intentionally, but more crimes came when they hunted down a few innocent Americans who attended the capitol via their cell phone data [geotracking] and threw them in jail with no charges and no way to defend themselves.


No one would have believed that kind of thing could happen in America but you know what? It has been happening on a small, targeted scale for decades because the cabal hires their goons to take care of the opposition.


They have Bill Barr laughing at the concept of tracking mules dumping ballots in boxes with Geotracking but I still believe Barr is a good guy and he is taking one for the team; playing the role he is needed to play. I believe this is a case of the White Hats sensationalizing the “news” so that more people take note of the information 2,000 Mules revealed. Any press is good press in an information war.

他们让比尔 · 巴尔(Bill Barr)嘲笑用地理追踪技术追踪骡子在箱子里倾倒选票的概念,但我仍然相信巴尔是个好人,他为团队做出了贡献; 扮演了他需要扮演的角色。我相信这是一个白帽子耸人听闻的“新闻”,使更多的人注意到信息2000骡子披露。在信息战中,任何媒体都是好媒体。

Dinesh D’Souza challenges Bill Barr to debate over ‘2000 Mules’Dinesh D’Souza

挑战 Bill Barr 关于“2000骡子”的辩论

2022年6月15日: 我们已经忍受了表演; 是时候摊牌了|星际飞船地球

We have reports of staggering numbers of dead cattle in the mid-west—particularly SW Kansas. They are blaming it on heat. I suppose if they aren’t used to those temperatures and it stays hot and humid at night they might be stressed but for that many to all succumb simultaneously seems more than a little suspicious. We have dairy cows here in the valley where it gets hotter than that.


This article states they were “fat” and appeared to be ready to go for processing, but were they cows for milk, or beef cattle? Was it all one kind? Is this in line with the promised food shortage and famine the New World Order so desperately wants for us?


Here’s a piece on Telegram from Tore says. Link to Telegram.

这是 Tore 电报上的一篇文章,链接到电报。

Kansas – DEAD cows – All drop dead? “Climate Change”?

堪萨斯-死牛-全都死了? “气候变化”?

What is the missing component? Their “covid shot” OR NABF Wuhattan sorcery? Which one is it?

缺失的部分是什么? 他们的“冠状病毒疾病”还是 NABF 乌哈顿魔法? 是哪一个?

Another coincidence over a year after I said it would be a problem. #ZONE1

又一个巧合发生在我说这会是个问题的一年之后。 # ZONE1

And on Twitter… where they now label anything they don’t want you to see as potentially “sensitive”…

在推特上... 他们现在把任何他们不想让你看到的东西贴上潜在“敏感”的标签..。

The stiff-legged cows in that video above looked a little odd, didn’t they? Like a “fainting goat”.

上面视频中那些腿僵硬的母牛看起来有点奇怪,不是吗? 就像一只“晕倒的山羊”。

Are they even real? Is there a weapon that causes the body to contort and freeze like that? Just asking. I think there’s a coverup.


Heat Stress Kills Estimated 10,000 Head of Kansas Feedlot Cattle


You may have heard that Dr. Zelenko is in hospital due to his late-stage cancer. Please keep him in your thoughts. This update came out yesterday on Telegram. I hope they will award him the Peace Prize and make it snappy.

你可能听说过 Zelenko 医生因为晚期癌症住院了。请记住他。这是昨天电报上的最新消息。我希望他们能给他颁发和平奖,让他快一点。

2022年6月15日: 我们已经忍受了表演; 是时候摊牌了|星际飞船地球

Dr. Zelenko really needs prayer and healing right now. The most recent update on his health today looks very bad but he has always been a fighter and a warrior! Please keep this truly wonderful man in your thoughts and prayers.

Zelenko 博士现在真的需要祈祷和治疗。今天最新的健康状况看起来很糟糕,但他一直是一个战士和勇士!请把这个真正的好男人留在你们的思念和祈祷中。

We love you Zev!


As discussed on Tuesday… there is a post asking…

正如周二所讨论的... 有一个帖子要求..。

“Who controls the Q account?”

“ Q 账户是谁控制的?”


To which Phil replies…


“No comment”.


Something to think about. The Earth Alliance will use whatever means necessary to communicate what needs to be communicated. Nothing is what it seems, and many are not who they seem. As I said long ago, the whole Q thing and this education process or “movie” are basically a psyop. They need to undue the damage done to Humanity by the predators. The controllers told us what is real, what we need to know, how to think, who to trust, what to say, etc. forever.

好好想想。地球联盟将采取一切必要手段来传达需要传达的信息。没有什么事情是看上去的那样,许多事情并不是他们看上去的那样。正如我很久以前说的,整个 Q 的事情和这个教育过程或“电影”基本上是一个心理。他们需要减轻掠食者对人类造成的伤害。控制器告诉我们什么是真实的,什么是我们需要知道的,如何思考,信任谁,说什么等等。

Now Trump, his team and family, the White Hats, the Earth Alliance are reshaping our reality and telling us how to revise our thoughts, beliefs, behaviour, and values to create a new and better world. They are teaching us how to leave 3D behind and advance our civilization to 5D.


Saying nothing can be saying a lot. Why did Phil repost that Telegram on his channel—just so he could say “no comment”?? So many mysteries… so little time.

什么都不说可以说明很多问题。菲尔为什么要在他的频道上转发那份电报ーー只是为了说“无可奉告”?如此多的谜团... 如此短暂的时间。

There are also very intriguing posts on this channel on Truth Social. https://truthsocial.com/@QfficialMcAfee

在这个频道上也有非常有趣的帖子关于真相社交 https://truthsocial.com/@qfficialmcafee

We can see the downward trajectory Biden is on, en route to “out”. So when will the Podesta arrest be?


We’re watching the economy tank, stocks plummet, and interest rates soar.


The good news… Ha! from Santa Surfing on Telegram.

好消息是... 哈! 圣诞老人冲浪电报。

2022年6月15日: 我们已经忍受了表演; 是时候摊牌了|星际飞船地球

I certainly hope Trump will be back very soon because the damage done to the world and particularly children now is horrific. Who allows their children to go to Gay Pride events? These freakazoids need to be locked up. Watch what they did to an audience of children and see the look on the kids’ faces.


Richard Citizen Journalist shared a text that the Maryland school sent to parents this morning. This is terrorism, pure and simple. See, they didn’t have to do anything else because the stage was already set with all the school shootings.

理查德 · 公民记者分享了一条马里兰学校今早发给家长们的短信。这是恐怖主义,简单明了。他们什么都不用做因为校园枪击案的舞台已经布置好了。

2022年6月15日: 我们已经忍受了表演; 是时候摊牌了|星际飞船地球

How panicked would you be if you got that from the school your kids attended?


Ezra Cohen posted one word just now. Link to Telegram. Of whom does he speak, I wonder… or is it referencing an action alluded to in the previous post that said, “My turn”? Gotta love those multiple meanings.

Ezra Cohen 刚刚发了一个词。链接到电报。我想知道,他说的是谁... ... 或者是指上一篇文章中提到的“轮到我了”的行为?真喜欢这些多重含义。



Or does it have something to do with this juicy little tid-bit? You know how to decode this by now, right?


Fauci tests positive for COVID-19


“I’ve tested positive for COVID and isolating in my basement. Feeling pretty sick right now but luckily just received my 134th dose of the booster shot and I mask up even when I’m in the shower, or else who knows how bad it could’ve been. Get vaccinated ladies and gentlemen.”


2022年6月15日: 我们已经忍受了表演; 是时候摊牌了|星际飞船地球

I can’t sign off without including this short but very clever video from Telegram. Sorry. Had to do it. It’s about abortions, but puts gun control into perspective at the same time. Well done satire. I couldn’t find it on Twitter for you.


Is there any topic that hasn’t been covered in this “awakening”? Oh wait—I nearly forgot. There is now a tampon shortage, ladies. I can’t believe they’re going there but…



If you’re down and out and can’t see an escape from this seemingly endless nightmare, watch this, below. Il Donaldo Trumpo posted it today. If this doesn’t work, definitely watch the “fainting goats” video above.

如果你落魄了,看不到逃离这个看似无尽的噩梦的出路,看看下面这个。多纳尔多 · 特朗普今天发布的。如果这不起作用,一定要看看上面的“晕倒的山羊”视频。

Signing off for today. Be sure to peruse the comments for the good stuff the crew posts there beneath every post.  ~ BP

今天的节目结束。一定要仔细阅读评论的好东西,船员张贴在那里下面的每一个帖子。~ BP


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