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Recently Cobra celebrated the 10th anniversary of his blog The Portal, which is quite a thing. On the one hand it is very admirable how Cobra has persevered in doing his mission and providing the awake and aware with hardcore information of what is going on behind the scenes of world power and how the war for liberation of planet Earth is proceeding. On the other hand it shows how longwinded and slow the process is and how large the attention span to keep the focus on the same basic subject for all these years. I noticed for instance that one prominent and longtime member of the lightworker community, Untwine / antoan, took his excellent website Recreating Balance offline. I don't know the exact reasons for this and I don't want to speculate on it, but it shows that it's not a given that a website is maintained for so long.

最近,Cobra庆祝了他的博客“门户”10周年,这是一件大事。一方面,非常令人钦佩的是柯博拉是如何坚持完成他的使命,并向觉醒的人们提供核心信息,告诉他们在世界权力的幕后发生了什么,以及解放地球的战争是如何进行的。另一方面,它显示了这个过程是多么冗长和缓慢,以及这么多年来保持对同一基本主题的关注需要多大的注意力跨度。例如,我注意到一个杰出的光之工作者社区的长期成员,Untwine / antoan,将他的优秀网站“重建平衡”下线了。我不知道这其中的确切原因,也不想对此进行推测,但这表明一个网站维持这么久并不是既定的。

In the first quarter of this year George W. Bush, Gavin Newsom, Dick Cheney, Anita Dunn, Francis Collins and Sonia Sotomayor were executed by the US military for their involvement in 9/11 (Bush and Cheney), the unconstitutional plandemic bankrupt-them-and-bring-them-to-beg-for-our-help lockdowns (Newsom, Dunn, Collins and Sotomayor) and other crimes against humanity. It was also announced by Real Raw News that Loretta Lynch has been sentenced to death for similar crimes and that Deborah Birx (former White House coronavirus response coordinator) has been executed in July 2021 at a US military base on Guam. That was less than 4 months after she joined the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas, as a senior fellow, working on initiatives to reduce health disparities and "prepare for future pandemics" (read: help create future pandemics). Hillary Clinton's clone has been paraded in the mass media on various occasions to make it look it's business as usual, but they don't have clones of the lesser Cabal agents that have been executed or plainly shot on sight.

今年第一季度,乔治·w·布什、加文·纽瑟姆、迪克·切尼、安妮塔·邓恩、弗朗西斯·柯林斯和索尼娅·索托马约尔因参与9/11(布什和切尼)、违宪的“让他们破产并带他们来乞求我们的帮助”锁定计划(纽瑟姆、邓恩、柯林斯和索托马约尔)和其他反人类罪而被美国军方处决。Real Raw News还宣布,洛蕾塔·林奇(Loretta Lynch)已因类似罪行被判处死刑,黛博拉·比尔克斯(Deborah Birx,前白宫冠状病毒应对协调员)已于2021年7月在关岛的一个美军基地被处决。不到4个月前,她作为高级研究员加入了德克萨斯州达拉斯的乔治·w·布什研究所,致力于减少健康差距和“为未来的大流行病做准备”(阅读:帮助创造未来的大流行病)。希拉里·克林顿的克隆体已经在各种场合在大众媒体上展示,以使它看起来像往常一样,但他们没有被处决或当场枪毙的较小阴谋集团特工的克隆体。

Other operations that have been going on are described by Megan Rose and explain the hive consciousness of the Cabal and why it's pretty pointless arguing with them.


Then there is this new group that has popped up out of nowhere called Guardians of the Looking Glass which has apparently caused a stir and unnerved people with their fearmongering about the battle for the timelines. Folks, this is Cabal propaganda created most likely by their fronts the CIA, NSA and/or Cabal think tanks. The Unknown Lightwarrior made a detailed analysis and dissects and brands the material of this group as a psy-op. The real Looking Glass technology when it was used by the Cabal to their own dismay showed all timelines converging into only one possible outcome: victory of the Light and a complete transformation of global society. As a matter of fact I have been witnessing some so called mandela effects myself, as some things I clearly remember from the past are now somehow slightly different. For instance, I can very clearly remember the planet housing a rebel base in Star Wars was called Tatooine (censorship), and now it is Dantooine (the real historical name). Also I very clearly remember the Queen song We are the Champions ending with "We are the champions of the world (duality)", but now only the live version ends that way and the studio version ends "We are the champions" (affirmation). Here is a list of mandela effects that will make people scratch their heads. This is apparently caused by timelines collapsing onto each other and merging / correcting.



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