X22报告|第3197集: 美联储的黄金价格为零,黄金摧毁了美联储,深州刚刚亮出了他们的牌

2023年10月27日16:35:45最新动态X22报告|第3197集: 美联储的黄金价格为零,黄金摧毁了美联储,深州刚刚亮出了他们的牌已关闭评论588字数 1592阅读5分18秒阅读模式

绿色新政正在土崩瓦解。报告显示,电动汽车市场是由政府支持的,它的成本超过一辆汽油动力汽车。[ DS ]打出了他们的牌,但还没开始就失败了。

 X22报告|第3197集: 美联储的黄金价格为零,黄金摧毁了美联储,深州刚刚亮出了他们的牌

Ep 3197a – 1932 Changed Everything, Fed Gold Is At Zero, Gold Destroys The Fed


Ep 3197b – [DS] Just Played Their “CARD”, Big Fail, Game Over, Speaker Was The Target

[ DS ]刚刚打了他们的“牌”,大失败,游戏结束,议长是目标

X22 Report
Streamed on: Oct 26, 8:00 pm EDT

X22报告流媒体: 10月26日,美国东部时间下午8:00



The green new deal is falling apart. Reports have been released that shows the EV market is propped up by the government and it costs more than a gas powered car. The earning report is in and many companies are in trouble. The inflation and GDP numbers were manipulated and the next quarter is going to show it. The Fed gold holdings is zero, gold will destroy the Fed.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Oct 26, 8:30 pm EDT

X22报告流媒体: 10月26日,美国东部时间下午8:30


The [DS] played their Card and it failed before it began. They decided to have a mass shooting to push gun control, [KH] said the quiet part out loud, lets take the weapons. The Speaker was the target, the house controls the purse and can be used to investigate and block what the [DS] wants to do going into 2024. The final battle is coming and the patriots are prepared to win.

[ DS ]打出了他们的牌,但还没开始就失败了。他们决定进行大规模枪击来推动枪支管制,[ KH ]大声说出了安静的部分,让我们采取的武器。议长是目标,众议院控制着钱包,可以用来调查和阻止[DS]在2024年想要做的事情。最后一战即将来临,爱国者们已经做好了胜利的准备。


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