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Phoenix from Patriot Intel Report gives an interesting interpretation of Melania's ringing the NY Stock Exchange bell in his latest video(watch from 5'15")...



Phoenix:'Historically whenever we see a First Lady ring the opening bell there have been major economic changes that happened shortly thereafter...She rang the bell wearing a black this the beginning,we are going to be'in the black'(financially)?...The US marshalls rang the closing bell.....the financial corruption and manipulation is OVER.The marshalls are shutting it down...'


Once again,it goes back to the EyeTheSpy tweets.Was he also hinting with'FALL BLACK'that the US economy will be'in the black'on the first day of Fall?There are plenty of signs to ponder for those with ears to hear and eyes to see...

再一次,它回到了眼睛的twitter上。他是否也在暗示秋季的黑色(FALL BLACK),美国经济将在秋季的第一天"盈利"?对于那些耳朵听到,眼睛看到的人来说,有很多迹象值得思考。

Meanwhile,it seems that Nancy Pelosi was baited by the Alliance regarding the timing of her impeachment move on President Trump.The Democrats have completely abandoned all dignity and credibility-witness Joe Biden's disastrous media appearances.And now,at the Democrat's lowest point,Pelosi is forced to play her last remaining card:impeachment.Checkmate.

与此同时,南希·佩洛西(NancyPelosi)似乎在弹劾特朗普总统的时机问题上受到了联盟的引诱。民主党人已经完全抛弃了所有的尊严和信誉——看看乔拜登(Joe Biden)灾难性的媒体露面吧。现在,在民主党的最低谷,佩洛西被迫打出她最后一张牌:弹劾。将军。

Even the Soros-sponsored climate change poster girl,Greta from Sweden,is backfiring for the Deep State.There are widespread calls of'child abuse'-this young girl with Aspergers Syndrome,depression and anxiety is clearly uncomfortable in the glare of intense global media scrutiny.


Everywhere you look,the Deep State house of cards is tumbling down...


Stay calm,focus on your personal Ascension journey,and continue to trust the Divine Plan.All is well!


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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