萨拉博士|2021/10/07 脸书和社交媒体的停电是由于捕获高大的灰色外星人吗?

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萨拉博士|2021/10/07 脸书和社交媒体的停电是由于捕获高大的灰色外星人吗?



On October 3,I reported on the sensational news that nine Tall Gray(Eban)extraterrestrials had been captured by the Galactic Federation of Worlds only four days earlier,which has sparked quite a bit of online interest and debate.These Grays were allegedly the same leadership group that had reached agreements with the Eisenhower Administration in the 1950s,and were subsequently key players in the New World Order that had been secretly set up by their Deep State partners.Only five days after the reported capture,Facebook,Instagram and Whatapp all experienced blackouts on October 4.A coincidence?Not so according to the latest updates from two Galactic Federation representatives,Val Nek and Thor Han,as relayed through independent sources.

103日,我报道了一个耸人听闻的消息,就在四天前,世界银河联邦捕获了9名高灰人(依班人)外星人,这在网上引起了相当大的兴趣和争论。据称,这些灰人与1950年代与艾森豪威尔政府达成协议的领导集团是同一个集团,后来成为深州合作伙伴秘密建立的世界新秩序的关键角色。在被捕后仅仅五天,FacebookInstagram whatsapp 都在104日经历了停电。是巧合吗?根据银河联邦代表瓦尔•内克 索尔汉 的最新消息,情况并非如此。

In my October 3 article,I discussed how the Tall Grays were being kept in stasis chambers so as to disconnect them from their hive queen,which effectively was keeping them alive.The Galactic Federation was trying to crack the code of their connection since capturing Tall Grays alive for study purposes is apparently quite rare as the hive queen immediately terminates them after capture.


It appears that the Galactic Federation's capture of the Tall Grays had significant repercussions for the global internet.This was especially the case for major social media companies,which had long ago been infiltrated and compromised by the Tall Grays,who had set up a mind control system through the internet that uses specific frequencies to manipulate humanity.


Here is the information from Val Nek,which I received from Megan Rose on Sept 4:

以下是我在94日从梅根·罗斯那里得到的 Val Nek 的信息:

We are changing internet servers from a CIA controlled service to a different,non-hackable server that is run by the[Earth]Alliance.The war on information has been going on for a very long time.There are security threats to citizens as long as these servers remain operable and in control of the dark fleet and its allies.The United States has made agreements,during the Jupiter meetings,to use technology created by the Alliance for this project.This project is very large as it involves the internet systems that are responsible for most of Terra's internet.Many internet providers are run by private companies without the proper security features.This will change.We are in the process of dismantling these systems and replacing the old with new.I salute you.

我们正在将互联网服务器从中央情报局控制的服务转变为一个不同的、非黑客的服务器,由[地球]联盟运行。对信息的战争已经持续了很长时间。只要这些服务器仍然可以使用并控制着黑暗舰队及其盟友,就会对公民造成安全威胁。美国已经在朱庇特会议期间达成协议,使用联盟为这个项目创造的技术。这个项目规模非常大,因为它涉及的互联网系统对 Terra 的大部分互联网负责。许多互联网提供商由私人公司运营,没有适当的安全特性。这种情况将会改变。我们正在拆除这些系统,用新系统取代旧系统。我向你致敬。

The gist of what Val Nek is saying here is that the Tall Grays are experts in being able to hack into electronic systems and insert all kinds of stealth technologies to that promote their long-term agenda.The CIA has been the principal US agency that has worked with the Tall Grays and Draco Orions,on behalf of the Majestic 12 Group,to create a planetary surveillance and communications system that was deeply compromised.

瓦尔·内克在这里说的要点是,高灰人是能够侵入电子系统和插入各种隐形技术的专家,以促进他们的长期议程。中央情报局一直是美国的主要机构,曾代表 Majestic 12集团与高灰鸟和金莺合作,创建了一个被严重破坏的行星监视和通讯系统。

The Galactic Federation had begun working with the"Earth Alliance"—White Hats and the Space Commands of the 14 spacefaring nations that attended the Jupiter meetings in July 2021—to set up a secure planetary defense system that would prevent the Grays,the Reptilians,and other negative groups from infiltrating the Earth using wormholes,portals and interdimensional travel technologies.Apparently,this upgraded security system provided by the Galactic Federation to the Earth Alliance was also being incorporated into the global internet.


Elon Musk Tweet Reveals Solar Warden/Earth Alliance Spacecraft

Elon Musk's tweet with picture of Earth taken from SpaceX mission capsule is available here: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1441201947785121794

Val Nek's next update on October 4 gave more details about the upgrade to the Earth's internet made possible from the incorporation of the same technologies used for the planetary defense system:


VN:These frequencies have been recalibrated to a higher frequency,similar to much of the technology that is being used for planetary defense.These frequencies,the codes to them,are in the hands of the Earth Alliance.The Earth Alliance will be responsible for the codes of the new internet systems.This is important to note because the Nebu can hack into the old internet systems,the way it was designed before.Much like a portal,we were able to unlock their internet system using the frequency key we have recently recovered.It is like"cracking a code"so to speak.A quantum configuration that is also a mathematical equation,it is a frequency.This is good news.

VN:这些频率已经被重新校准到一个更高的频率,类似于许多用于行星防御的技术。这些频率,它们的密码,掌握在地球联盟手中。地球联盟将负责新互联网系统的代码。这一点很重要,因为 Nebu 可以黑进旧的互联网系统,就像之前设计的那样。很像一个门户,我们能够解锁他们的互联网系统使用频率的关键,我们最近恢复。可以说,这就像是"破解密码"。量子构型也是一个数学方程,它是一个频率。这是个好消息。

The Federation will continue to work with the Alliance to secure Terra's internet and forms of communication.For a long time,many years,the Nebu have used lower frequencies to broadcast the internet which are harmful or at least not ideal for Terrans….it is a frequency that is compatible with their mind control agenda.This will change,thanks to the agreements made between the Federation and Alliance.

联合会将继续与联盟合作,确保 Terra 的互联网和通信形式的安全。很长一段时间,很多年以来,Nebu 人一直使用较低的频率来广播互联网,这对人类是有害的,或者至少不是理想的......这个频率与他们的精神控制议程是兼容的。由于联邦和联盟之间达成的协议,这种情况将会改变。

M:When you said Dark Fleet and its allies in your first bit of intel,did you also mean Nebu as well?

M:当你第一次提到黑暗舰队及其盟友时,你是不是也指 Nebu

VN:Yes of course the Nebu are involved….the three-letter agencies,what can I say….there is a small faction of humanoid extraterrestrials that also work alongside the Ciakahrr Empire and the now dismantled Dark Fleet,they are involved also.

VN:是的,当然尼布参与了.....。三个字母的机构,我能说什么呢..。还有一小部分类人外星人也与 Ciakahrr 帝国和现在已经解散的黑暗舰队一起工作,他们也参与其中。

Val Nek's update is exciting news.The codes and frequencies embedded into Earth's global communications and satellite systems—originally set up by the CIA—had long ago been compromised by Tall Grays.These codes had been recalibrated to the higher frequencies used by the Planetary Defense Grid.

瓦尔·内克的更新是一个令人兴奋的消息。植入地球全球通信和卫星系统的密码和频率(最初由中央情报局设置)早已被"高个子灰人"(Tall Grays)破解。这些代码已经被重新校准到行星防御网络使用的更高频率。

As I discussed in a previous article,these higher frequencies are unhackable,thereby making it impossible for the Grays,the Reptilians,and their allies to control the global internet.In short,the social media blackouts were caused by the recaliberation of the global internet using secure frequencies,which was now under the control of the Earth Alliance.


This takes me to information independently shared by Thor Han(TH)as relayed through his contact Elena Danaan:

这让我了解到 Thor Han(TH)通过他的联系人 Elena Danaan 独立分享的信息:

TH:"these servers are now under the control of the Earth Alliance.I told you,that your internet will change.We will now be able to go forward with the new technology we are offering to you.The Earth Alliance will set this in place.Anything that is owned by the CIA is being taken down."


TH said:"they[the servers]are being disconnected from the Nebu hive queen."…

TH :"他们(服务器)正在断开与 Nebu 蜂巢女王的连接。"

TH just said they have changed the frequency of these servers and will put them back,but they are now disconnected from the Nebu frequencies.

TH 只是说他们已经改变了这些服务器的频率,并将把他们放回,但他们现在断开了 Nebu 频率。

I received Elena's information in real time during the blackout of Facebook.Once again,the CIA is identified as the lead agency responsible for compromising the global internet to enable codes and frequencies transmitted by the Tall Grays and their hive queen to mind control the planet.Thor Han's reference to the servers now being under the control of the Earth Alliance means that the backbone of the global internet is no longer controlled by the CIA and their Tall Gray overlords.The consequence of this will be very powerful as the codes and frequencies embedded in the global internet would no longer work for the Tall Grays and their minions.

Facebook 停电期间,我实时收到了 Elena 的信息。再一次,中央情报局被确定为负责破坏全球互联网的领导机构,使得高灰人和他们的蜂巢女王传输的代码和频率能够控制这个星球。索尔·汉提到服务器现在处于地球联盟的控制之下,这意味着全球互联网的主干网不再由中央情报局和他们的高个子格雷霸主控制。这样做的后果将是非常强大的,因为嵌入全球互联网的代码和频率将不再适用于高个子灰人和他们的奴才。

Importantly,employees working in Facebook,WhatsApp,etc.,will no longer be mind-controlled through the codes and frequencies embedded in CIA-controlled servers that their companies were unwittingly using.This means that many employees that are on the political left,who had mindlessly implemented algorithms and policies to stifle free speech without giving it a second thought,will now realize the consequences of their actions.

重要的是,在 FacebookWhatsApp 等公司工作的员工,将不再通过他们公司无意中使用的 cia 控制的服务器中的代码和频率来控制大脑。这意味着许多政治左派雇员,他们不假思索地实施了扼杀言论自由的算法和政策,现在将意识到他们行为的后果。

This will certainly not transform the internet overnight,but it will begin the awakening process,and help restore integrity to the people and social media companies that control it.


What Val Nek and Thor Han have revealed gives us a possible explanation for the real reason behind the global blackout of Facebook-controlled social media companies on October 4.The fact that the blackouts happened less than a week after the reported capture of the Tall Grays does point to a causal connection.If what Val Nek and Thor Han have reported is accurate,we will not need to wait long to see noticeable differences in the way Facebook and other social media companies conduct themselves when it comes to censorship,shadow banning,and other egregious practices that have stifled free speech and the great awakening on our planet.

104日,facebook 控制的社交媒体公司陷入全球封锁,Val Nek Thor Han 向我们解释了其背后的真正原因。事实上,停电发生后不到一个星期,报告捕获的高灰人确实指出了一个因果关系。如果 Val Nek Thor Han 的报道是准确的,我们不需要等很久就能看到 Facebook 和其他社交媒体公司在审查制度、影子禁止和其他扼杀言论自由和我们星球上的伟大觉醒的恶劣做法方面的明显差异。

I wish to thank Megan Rose and Elana Danaan for relaying Val Nek and Thor Han's updates.Their respective YouTube channels are here and here.

我要感谢梅根·罗斯和艾拉娜·达纳安转播瓦尔·内克和索尔·汉的更新。他们各自的 YouTube 频道分别在这里和这里。

Note:On October 9,I will hold my final webinar for 2021 on the topic of "Galactic Federations,Councils&Secret Space Programs." The Webinar will conclude with a special panel featuring Elena Danaan,Megan Rose,and myself.

:109日,我将举行2021年最后一次网络研讨会,主题是"银河联邦、议会和秘密太空计划"网络研讨会将以 Elena DanaanMegan Rose 和我为特色的专题小组结束。

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