X22报告|第3196集: 最古老的中央银行需要救助,红线,改变即将到来

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X22报告|第3196集: 最古老的中央银行需要救助,红线,改变即将到来

Ep 3196a – The Oldest [CB] Needs A Bailout, The [CB] Is Feeling The Pain

最老的[ CB ]需要援助,[ CB ]感受到了痛苦

Ep 3196b – Biden Warns Iran, Red Line, The People Control The House, Change Is Coming


X22 Report
Streamed on: Oct 25, 2023

X22报告流向: 2023年10月25日


The earnings for retail is failing. The people do not have the disposable income and the retail stores are feeling the pressure, this will get worse during the holiday season. Food prices are increasing and the people soon will not be able to purchase nutritious food. The [CB] in Sweden needs a bailout, they are feeling the pain.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Oct 25, 8:15 pm EDT

X22报告流媒体: 10月25日,美国东部时间下午8:15


Biden is now warning Iran if they cross the red line the US will respond. But Obama’s statement lays the ground work for an attack here in the US. Hamas is using the people as shields and when attacked they will push terror around the world. The people will see the consequences of open borders. The patriots have taken control of the house, change is coming and the small percentage of reps were able to beat the uniparty. In the end the people will want paper ballots and one day voting again.



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