X22报道|第2653集: 美联储确认经济受控破坏,第一批逮捕将验证方向

2021年12月16日16:31:06最新动态X22报道|第2653集: 美联储确认经济受控破坏,第一批逮捕将验证方向已关闭评论3421字数 1505阅读5分1秒阅读模式

[ DS ]正在准备反击,他们现在正在推动 j6虚假调查。希夫改变了文本以适应叙事,切尼的文本阅读是一个失败。这会让他们自食其果。达勒姆的调查正在向前推进,路线已经确定。

X22报道|第2653集: 美联储确认经济受控破坏,第一批逮捕将验证方向

Ep. 2653a – The [CB] Confirmed The Controlled Demolition Of The Economy


Ep. 2653b – First Arrest Will Verify Direction, Marker [9],[DS] Will Fight, We Have More Than We Know

Ep. 2653b-第一次逮捕将验证方向,标记[9] ,[ DS ]将战斗,我们有比我们知道的更多

X22 Report
Published December 15, 2021



The Biden administration has lost the narrative, the people do not believe, they can see through the economic lies. Psaki tries to convince everyone that nobody cares about the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling has been raised and the Fed just signaled that they are ready to bring down the economic system.

拜登政府已经失去了叙事,人民不相信,他们可以看穿经济谎言。Psaki 试图说服所有人,没有人关心债务上限。债务上限已经提高,美联储刚刚发出信号,他们准备让经济体系崩溃。


The [DS] is preparing to fight back, they are now pushing the J6 fake investigation. Schiff changed the texts to fit the narrative, Cheney text reading was a flop. This will boomerang on them. The Durham investigation is moving forward, the path is set. The next phase will be arrests, this will verify the direction. The election fraud is being produced and the [DS] is now in the process of blocking all information. Trump and the patriots know the playbook, countermeasures are in place. We have more than we know. 

[ DS ]正在准备反击,他们现在正在推动 j6虚假调查。希夫改变了文本以适应叙事,切尼的文本阅读是一个失败。这会让他们自食其果。达勒姆的调查正在向前推进,路线已经确定。下一阶段将是逮捕,这将验证方向。选举舞弊正在产生,[ DS ]现在正在封锁所有信息。特朗普和爱国者知道剧本,对策已经到位。我们拥有的比我们知道的更多。



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