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(ECETI 新闻) : 欢迎收看疯狂三月|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

March 25, 2023 | #56

2023年3月25日 | # 56


Welcome to March Madness.


There was a massive ejection from the Sun which for some reason, I would like to believe divine intervention missed the Earth. It was a Carrington effect event and the grid would not have survived it if it was Earth directed. We have shown NASA photos of massive ships blocking what psychics called kill shots by expanding their shields. We can only pray this continues. Our guidance is telling us the solar flash is three years off hopefully the benevolent ETS are still with us. To be honest the way we are behaving, including those professing to be acting on their behalf, I would not blame them for pulling up stakes. The Schumann Resonance is also whited out off the scale creating a lot of physical and emotional discomfort. I might add as a collective we are not handling the personal responsibility aspect of that either.


As far as Earth changes this does not mean we are out of the woods. Have you seen the snowpack in Tahoe? All that water is going to go somewhere, lakes are full and dams are spilling over. We have also seen a major quake hitting California adding to the problems coming with the floods. Might be a great idea to shore up those dams and overpasses. Looks like a major cleanup is underway. Off the coast of Seattle is another fault line getting ready to move. If you are in these areas, sit on the land, meditate, ask what nature is going to do or what is in store for that area. The Earth has to release this energy coming in from the Sun and other galactic forces as well as the psychometricized energy from unconscious thought and actions creating a loss of freedom, pain and suffering. When the magnetic fields start collapsing due to a fall in consciousness and deed the Earth will begin a cleanup process and restore the fields. Massive storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes all release an enormous amount of energy. There are also manmade disasters to be aware of. Weather control, DEW weapons, quake generating harmonics all are coming into play in a last ditch effort to maintain control by the powers that were. Both the Sun’s and the Earth’s magnetic fields are extremely low going through their cycles. This leaves the Earth wide open to incoming waves and pulses of energy coming from the galaxy. These are exponentially rising in number and intensity. The E ticket is getting exciting.

就地球的变化而言,这并不意味着我们已经脱离险境。你见过太浩湖的积雪吗?所有的水都会流向某个地方,湖泊满溢,大坝溢出。我们还看到加利福尼亚州发生了大地震,加剧了洪水带来的问题。加固水坝和立交桥也许是个好主意。看来大清理正在进行中。在西雅图海岸外,另一条断层线正准备移动。如果你在这些地区,坐在土地上,冥想,询问大自然将要做什么,或者那个地区将要发生什么。地球必须释放来自太阳和其他银河系力量的能量,以及来自无意识思想和行动的心理测量能量,这些能量造成了自由、痛苦和苦难的丧失。当磁场由于意识和行为的下降而开始崩溃时,地球将开始一个清理过程并恢复磁场。巨大的风暴,飓风,地震,火山都会释放出巨大的能量。还有一些人为灾难需要警惕。天气控制,露天爆炸武器,地震产生的谐波,所有这些都在最后的努力中发挥作用,以维持对权力的控制。太阳和地球的磁场在它们的周期中都是极低的。这使得地球对来自银河系的能量波和脉冲敞开大门。它们的数量和强度都呈指数级增长。E 票越来越刺激了。

Our multidimensional family is helping to balance out these energies and help us get through these times. They utilize natural cycles to assist in the awakening and healing or planetary liberation. They mainly work with consciousness and energy, inspiring us to evolve on the upward spiral. They cannot interfere in free will yet can intervene when asked to assist us to get through these challenging times. If there are unseen negative influences they are already trespassing so we can intervene, the clearing techniques are on the www.eceti.org site.

我们多维度的家庭正在帮助我们平衡这些能量,帮助我们度过这些时期。他们利用自然周期来帮助觉醒、疗愈或行星解放。他们主要与意识和能量一起工作,激励我们在向上的螺旋上进化。他们不能干涉自由意志,但当被要求帮助我们度过这些具有挑战性的时期时,他们却能够进行干预。如果有看不见的负面影响,他们已经侵入,所以我们可以干预,清除技术是在 www.ecet.org 网站。

“We can project, blame, go on external crusades yet these are avoidance patterns to what is internal. We can expect external saviors and Gods to save us yet in most cases that robs us of personal power, personal responsibility and the opportunity to empower ourselves into self-mastery. We can judge only according to our own reference points, how we see the world is framed by our own experiences, childhood, relationships in this life and past lives.” There is always a lie in be lie ve and our beliefs are not always based on clear perception. Who can see past their own filters? Imagine a world where people are telepathic and feel the judgements, condemnations done behind closed doors. Many on Earth have risen to that level of sensitivity and are having a real hard time with the psychic turbulence and negative projections. We want the Masters, Spiritually and Technologically advanced beings to join us yet we cannot maintain a suitable environment for them which is painful to a sensitive and telepathic being. Ever wonder why Bigfoot keeps to themselves?


How many can stop, take a deep breath, release their need to be right, back up and reframe their experiences taking personal responsibility? How many can see beyond the influences of their own childhood and relationships in this life without interjecting them or projecting them on others. Saviors are saving themselves, their own wounded child or unresolved issues in this lifetime. Persecutors are trying to get back their power by overpowering or diminishing the power of others. Victims usually come with agendas, when those agendas are not met they become the victim then the persecutor and invite the saviors to join them. There are those who rather than take personal responsibility for their own failures become ravenous predators attacking those who reflect back to them their own misgivings. Including those who will not continue to enable them. This is all being played out on a grand scale, everything is being mirrored and amplified in these times.


That is why I have taken a year and a half off with as little interaction as possible with humanity other than a few who have mastered themselves. Those that will not engage in these dramas taking full responsibility for their emotions, feelings and judgements working from the premise, what see I am I. If there is a charge, there is a wound and like an onion there may be many layers. When you go to a vortex, power spot or engage with high energy beings physical and nonphysical everything comes up. The wounds and traumas are amplified and mirrored. Some wounds and traumas come up immediately, others boil and fester usually resulting in illness or emotional outbursts. This is a regular occurrence at ECETI, in most cases we have learned to depersonalize it. Without utilizing the tools to self-mastery, clearing ourselves, unseen negative influences on a regular basis we cannot maintain the necessary environment for contact with higher dimensional beings. Those who do not utilize these tools engaging in blame and projection externalizing their unhealed issues become open doors to disruptive divisionary influences. The Yogis have a saying: if you speak you will be judged, if you stay silent you will be judged. The moral of the story is no matter what you do you will be judged for not measuring up to others expectations especially concerning how you must behave to fit their images of a master. This leads us into spiritual ego, self-righteous judgment and external attempts to heal what is within self, a recipe for failure.


At the risk of repeating myself no one knows what another soul needs for completion and there are three kinds of business, your business, other people’s business and God’s business. Other people’s business is God’s business. At the risk of pissing off the victims who want to blame, project, and persecute all extremely disempowering and fruitless processes that block the healing process, forgiveness is the only way out. Gain the wisdom from the experience, let it settle in the soul, release the charge and move on with your ascension. Leave the rest to karma. If only learning to set boundaries and self love is the lesson, the experience was worth it. The only way you realize what you want is to experience a lot of what you don’t want. Very few understand the power of forgiveness, releasing the charge which goes back to the one you are forgiving allowing the universe to show them what they need to heal.


We are shifting our energies to utilizing process oriented therapies, workshops and classes dedicated to empowering the individual, releasing the old images of external saviors and gods focusing primarily on empowering people to make their own personal God connection and the beautiful many helpers along the way. This has always been a priority yet we have allowed other events in the past, speakers at ECETI with different agendas only to pay a price later when their true nature and intentions became known. No more looky-loos and partiers, time to rise to the occasion into Self-Mastery. We don’t have the luxury of anything else if we are going to make this shift.

我们正在将我们的精力转移到利用过程导向疗法、研讨会和课程,致力于赋予个人权力,释放外部救世主和神的旧形象,主要关注赋予人们权力,建立他们自己的个人上帝连接和沿途美丽的许多帮助者。这一直是一个优先事项,但我们在过去允许其他活动,在 ECETI 的发言者与不同的议程,只是付出了代价后,当他们的真实性质和意图成为众所周知的。不再有旁观者和聚会者,是时候自我掌控了。如果我们要做出这个转变,我们就没有其他奢侈品了。

I have done my best to stay out of the poser wars versus the authentic, the gossip, rumors, competition, and back-stabbing one upmanship going on within the UFO community. It has become compromised beyond redemption. This is all coming to the surface. Contact with Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off Worlders has given way to a controlled narrative. Ufology has been infiltrated from the top down, it is no different than the political and religious institutions. Self-service, fame and fortune has become the priority over truth and what was once a community has now become a multibillion dollar industry. If you want proof of this use ECETI as an example. Over 40 years of contact, tens of thousands of eye witnesses, incredible photos and videos along with the wisdom of the ancients is censored beyond belief. Why? Why have so many who have been to ECETI, seen the ships and the pre-knowledge of when and where they would appear continuing in this farce of are UFOs real, were they here in the past, is there some back engineering of UFOs going on with our government? These Mocumentaries are an insult to our intelligence? We know who is visiting, their appearances, their motives, their cultures, many personally by name. You will not hear about this by Disney owned Ancient Aliens, the History Channel or any other corporate owned media.

我已经尽我最大的努力远离那些在 UFO 社区中正在进行的装腔作势与真实、流言、谣言、竞争和背后捅刀子的斗争。它已经妥协到无可救药的地步了。一切都浮出水面了。与精神上和技术上先进的外星人的接触已经让位于受控的叙述。不明飞行物学是自上而下渗透进来的,它与政治和宗教机构没有什么不同。自我服务、名誉和财富已经成为比真理更重要的事情,曾经的社区现在已经成为一个价值数十亿美元的产业。如果你想证明这一点使用 ECETI 作为一个例子。经过40多年的接触,成千上万的目击者,令人难以置信的照片和视频以及古人的智慧被审查得难以置信。为什么?为什么那么多去过 ECETI 的人,看到了飞船,预先知道它们将在何时何地出现在这场闹剧中是真的 UFO,如果它们曾经在这里,我们的政府是否正在进行 UFO 的后期工程?这些纪念片是对我们智力的侮辱吗?我们知道谁来访,他们的外表,他们的动机,他们的文化,许多个人的名字。你不会听到迪斯尼拥有的古代外星人,历史频道或任何其他企业拥有的媒体。

The controlled narrative will eventually collapse, the tyrants will fall, karma will have its way and there will be an explosion of truth. Those of impeccable integrity will remain and flourish in the days to come yet there might be a little hunkering down until the old guard implodes on itself and people get through their own process. You have to have an open mind, loving heart and pure intent to experience and maintain contact with Spiritually and Technologically advanced beings. Very few organizations or people have met that prerequisite. The field of ufology has gone in the opposite direction.


Could Spiritually and Technologically advanced beings know more about God, the bearded gods and goddesses in our ancient history? Have they transcended all cultural and religious boundaries, war, poverty and disease? Do they have fuelless energy, anti/counter gravity and the ability to restore our oceans and land. Would this be a threat to major corporations that have enslaved humanity for ages, financed both sides of every war since Napoleon and rule through deception and dependency. Are these corporations signing the paychecks of the posers, shills, and financing the major conferences and events? What happens to those that wont play along? One last thing to contemplate is the nature of who controls the major corporations. Would they be threatened by Spiritual Beings operating under universal law that would most likely put them out of the business. Put an end to perpetuating the division of race, culture and gender, enslaving the masses, capitalizing on fear, pain and suffering. We are one race, the human race. We have one origin: the Creator within all Creation. As souls we are one family, the knowledge of this is what frightens them the most.

在精神上和技术上先进的生物能够更多地了解上帝,我们古代历史上的胡须女神吗?它们是否超越了所有文化和宗教界限、战争、贫穷和疾病?它们是否有无燃料的能量,反重力,以及恢复我们的海洋和陆地的能力。这会对那些奴役人类多年的大公司构成威胁吗? 自拿破仑以来,他们为每一场战争的双方提供资金,并通过欺骗和依赖来统治。这些公司是否签署了装模作样的人的工资支票,托儿,并资助了主要的会议和活动?那些不合作的人会怎么样?最后需要考虑的一件事是谁控制着大公司的本质。他们是否会受到在宇宙法则下运作的灵性存有的威胁,而这很可能会让他们退出这个行业。结束种族、文化和性别的永久分裂,奴役大众,利用恐惧、痛苦和苦难。我们是一个种族,人类。我们有一个起源: 所有造物中的造物主。作为灵魂,我们是一个大家庭,知道这一点是他们最害怕的。

James Gilliland
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