本杰明|2020/9/14 可萨黑手党围绕着美国大选和他们的满洲候选人

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本杰明|2020/9/14  可萨黑手党围绕着美国大选和他们的满洲候选人


The Khazarian Mafia is pulling out all the stops to destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States as violence and arson cause further descent into chaos,NSA,MI6,and Pentagon sources agree.The scenario unfolding is an election that is an obvious farce even to the most deeply brainwashed of the cool-aid drinking sheeple.


We are now in the looting and burning home stretch so don't expect mass arrests of Democratic politicians like Joe Biden,Nancy Pelosi,and company.Presidential immunity from prosecution is Biden's main motivation for becoming a candidate in the first place.It's also the best chance for the left and right House and Senate cabal minions and intel agency deep state operatives involved in Uranium One and Ukraine funds to the DNC to avoid prosecution.So the swamp rats are all desperate to steal the election by whatever means possible.


The probable outcomes,various sources say,are that the election will be canceled due to Antifa and BLM attacks on the polling stations where Trump supporters will be turning out in numbers for a historic landslide victory.The patriotic support is evident in large rally turnouts and parades around the country,while sleepy Joe is asking for his teleprompter answers to be more visible in front of a handful of MSM presstitutes.

各种消息来源称,可能的结果是,由于 Antifa BLM 对投票站的攻击,选举将被取消,特朗普的支持者将在这个具有历史意义的压倒性胜利一天大批出席投票。爱国主义的支持在全国各地的大型集会和游行中表现得很明显,而瞌睡的乔则要求他的提词机答案在少数 MSM 总统面前更加明显。

The more likely scenario is lawsuits and chaos concerning mail-in ballots that could last for weeks or months.Either scenario will leave Trump"in power."


The provably criminal Biden and Son's involvement in Ukraine and China deals is making his election a long shot as any debate will expose that he is hopelessly senile and unfit to hold office.One source even believes he is being set up to be such a loser that one cannot help but suspect that the same people who support Trump have deliberately placed an unelectable Biden as his opponent.


We realize many people,including many of our subscribers,think U.S.President Donald Trump is going to save the day and"Make America Great Again."However,some sources say the depopulation Satanists have other contingency plans:

我们意识到,许多人,包括我们的许多订阅者,都认为美国总统唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)将拯救世界,"让美国再次伟大起来"然而,一些消息人士表示,撒旦崇拜者有其它应急计划:

"If you think Trump is'saving America,'why has he been repeatedly calling for all Americans to be vaccinated by November?For example,he recently Tweeted,'On November 3rd,Michigan will decide whether we quickly return to record prosperity-or whether we allow Sleepy Joe Biden to…DELAY THE VACCINE.'"


Other sources contend that Trump is between a rock and hard place,which forced him to abandon his"pandemic hoax"early warning and go along with the shutdown recommendations to remain ahead of the scamdemic plan designed to kill his re-election chances by blaming him for the manufactured death toll.So he was forced to keep the medical crooks like Fauci and Brix on the frontline and give them enough rope to hang themselves on the record.


Even the U.S.CDC is now being forced to admit the pandemic is over,as shown by this map they produced.


IMAGE[Kp note:from this CDC page]

本杰明|2020/9/14  可萨黑手党围绕着美国大选和他们的满洲候选人

Nevertheless,how can we reconcile Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner,as a member of the"kill 90%of humanity enslave the rest,"Chabad death cult.Remember,Kushner owned the 666 Fifth avenue building where injectable microchips were developed.

尽管如此,我们怎样才能让特朗普的女婿贾里德·库什纳(Jared Kushner)和解呢?库什纳是"杀死90%的人类,奴役剩下的人类""查巴德死亡邪教"的成员。记住,库什纳拥有第五大道666号大楼,那里开发了可注射微芯片。

The NSA,the French military,British Intelligence,and others confirm the vaccines are intended to contain microchips and some among them say:


"It appears Americans are being presented with a false choice of senile criminal Biden and his merry band of rioting Antifa anarchists and BLM communists,or Israeli loving Trump who has failed to contain the deadly virus pandemic and his gun owner constitutional patriots.Either way by the end of the year the cool-aid drinkers will be lining up for a vaccine,combined with a digital wallet and'prosperity.'

"美国人似乎面临着一个错误的选择,一个是老年犯罪分子拜登和他的反法无政府主义者和 BLM 共产主义者组成的快乐乐队,另一个是喜欢以色列的特朗普,他没能控制住致命的病毒流行病,他的枪支拥有者是宪法上的爱国者。不管怎样,到今年年底,那些喝清凉饮料的人将会排队购买一种结合了数字钱包和"繁荣"的疫苗

Trump the builder commented right after 9.11 that bombs must have been used to bring down the towers so he knows the score,but failed to mention Israel's involvement in 9.11 or,as a matter of fact,any truth about 9.11 whatsoever so we must ask ourselves…Why?"


Some NSA,CIA,and Pentagon sources say Trump is just play-acting and that he really will turn against the Khazarian Mafia in the end.They say one day soon Trump will round up the Zionists and execute Satanists,including Kushner.We hope they are right and the reason why he hasn't already done it in the four years he has been in power is that deep state actors have surrounded him in the Muller investigation and impeachment proceedings.Only time will tell during a second term if AG Barr(aka Robert"cocaine kitchen"Johnson)will get replaced.

一些美国国家安全局、中央情报局和五角大楼的消息人士说,特朗普只是在演戏,他最终真的会背叛可萨黑手党。他们说,很快有一天,特朗普将围捕犹太复国主义者,处决包括库什纳在内的撒旦教徒。我们希望他们是正确的,而他之所以在执政的四年里没有做到这一点,是因为在穆勒的调查和弹劾程序中,深藏不露的国家行为体围绕着他。只有时间会告诉在第二个任期,如果 AG 巴尔(又名罗伯特"可卡因厨房"约翰逊)将被取代。

As things stand,the corporate media has begun propaganda preparations for a hung election.Here is what Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg(Rockefeller)had to say last week:

就目前情况而言,企业媒体已经开始为悬而未决的选举进行宣传准备。以下是 Facebook 的马克扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg,洛克菲勒)上周不得不说的话:

"What we and other media need to start doing is preparing the American people…That there's nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or even weeks to make sure that all the votes are counted."



This is a reminder of what we are really fighting for better management of the planet.In the past 50 years we have wiped out numerous wildlife,and yet Trump and his backers have failed to offer even a basic solution or approach to this problem.



OK,now for some good news.We heard from high-level sources in MI6,the NSA,Asian Secret Societies and,the P3 freemasons that real change is coming,such as Trump,China's Xi Jinping,Russia's Vladimir Putin,and other world leaders will all be removed.These sources say a deal has been reached between Asian and Western secret societies to completely revamp the way we run this planet.This would explain their prediction that Trump will be the last president of the corporate United States and that a totally new and legitimate leader will emerge,possibly by early in 2021.


Russian FSB sources also report a revolt against the fake Vladimir Putin.Here is what the FSB had to say:

俄罗斯联邦安全局的消息来源也报告了反对假普京。以下是 FSB 不得不说的话:

"The real Putin was ritually murdered.They drained blood from him and injected a special liquid.Horrific things were done.


Patriarch Kyril Gundyen,a dishonest homosexual who had been involved in many bad things died in March 2018 from a heart attack.He was in a coma for a long time,never came back from a coma,and died.Now two doubles/fake Patriarchs are leading the Russian Orthodox Church…"

族长Kyril Gundyen是一名不诚实的同性恋者,他参与了很多坏事,20183月死于心脏病发作。他昏迷了很长一段时间,再也没有醒过来,然后就死了。现在有两名双面/假主教正在领导俄罗斯东正教会……"

They closed churches and are working under Chabad and Israeli leadership.The famous Monk Father Sergiy appealed to all Orthodox Christians about the Patriarch's wrongdoing etc.and about the doubles of Putin:


"The Main double of Putin is a Mossad Agent!Now,high-level Nazis such as Queen Beatrice,other high-level pedophiles,and Chabad are running away to Russia to hide…There are no mass-arrests of pedophiles in Russia…This scum decided to hide in Russia,assuming nobody would enter Russia,out of fear of the Russian Army."

"普京的主要替身是摩萨德特工!现在,像比阿特丽斯女王这样的高级纳粹分子,其他高级恋童癖者,以及 Chabad 都跑到俄罗斯去躲藏......俄罗斯没有大规模逮捕恋童癖者......这个人渣出于对俄罗斯军队的恐惧,决定藏在俄罗斯,以为没有人会进入俄罗斯。"

There are also mass demonstrations all over Russia as that regime came out of the closet and tried to start vaccinating everybody in the country with microchips,the FSB sources say.P3 Freemason sources say a new regime will be installed in Russia now that an East/West deal has been reached.



Asian secret society sources were unable to confirm or deny these allegations before this report went live.


While lower down on the Khazarian slave leadership totem pole,Canada's Justin Castro(Trudeau),has been exposed for getting a$125 million foundation payment entirely with taxpayer money,according to Canadian Secret Intelligence Service sources.


Not only that but Justin Castro's foundation has been getting anywhere from$150,000 to$700,000 a year from the Tide Foundation funded by none other than George Soros,the sources say.Mass protests against Castro and his Nazi deputy Chrystia Freeland have begun in Canada.


In Japan,meanwhile,a push in being made to replace slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with his deputy Yoshihide Suga.Suga has been involved in multiple corruption scandals.For example,he has been pushing to compensate Japan's indigenous Ainu people with generous funds.The problem,according to Japanese military intelligence,is that most of the so-called Ainu who would get the money are in fact North Korean agents.Suga is involved in many other scandals including shady Olympic and defense-related land deals that lined his pockets,they say.For this reason,Suga is expected to be just an interim figure who will preside over a complete revamp of the post-war colonial government in Japan.

与此同时,日本正在推动以副首相菅义伟(Yoshihide Suga)取代奴隶制首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)。菅义伟卷入了多起腐败丑闻。例如,他一直在推动用慷慨的资金补偿日本土著阿伊努人。根据日本军事情报部门的说法,问题在于大多数所谓的阿伊努人实际上是朝鲜特工。他们说,菅义伟还卷入了许多其他丑闻,包括收入囊中的不正当的奥运和国防相关土地交易。由于这个原因,菅义伟被认为只是一个临时人物,他将主持日本战后殖民政府的全面改革。

There are many other signs of the collapse of the old regime,especially in the U.S.Here,as widely reported elsewhere,there are mass incidents of arson,paid demonstrations in 48 of the 50 largest U.S.cities,attacks on railroad transportation,etc.



We are also getting reports of attempts to poison large segments of the population.For example one reader reports:


"I was badly poisoned on 2 recent humanitarian flights home from Central America,through Houston airport and on to Canada,as was my travel partner and we almost died.The airlines were United and Air Canada.Upon trying to detoxify and researching what happened to us,I discovered that they are using new'Fogging'nanotechnology chemicals,metals,and aerosols on aircraft under the guise of new anti-COVID 19 measures.

"最近从中美洲经由休斯顿机场飞往加拿大的两架人道主义航班上,我和我的旅伴都被严重毒害,我们差点死掉。航空公司是美国联合航空公司和加拿大航空公司。在试图解毒和研究发生在我们身上的事情时,我发现他们在新的反 covid 19措施的幌子下,在飞机上使用新的雾化纳米技术、化学品、金属和气溶胶。

We were found to be actively poisoned with'Benzalkonium chloride,benzyl chloride,chloro-aceto phenone',ammonia,radioactive aluminum,radioactive mercury,and nanobot technology.The first few chemicals used are on the list of WW1 chemical warfare agents on Wikipedia here(others are degradation products from the human body processing these poisons):



We also got sent information showing the attempts to force everyone to wear masks is unscientific nonsense:


"The medical literature for the past forty-five years has been consistent:masks are useless in preventing the spread of disease and,if anything,are unsanitary objects that themselves spread bacteria and viruses."


(For details and citations on both of the above please see the letters to the editor page and this link.)



The NSA and other sources are also reporting intensified weather warfare in all parts of the planet,with either droughts or floods devastating agricultural production in China,Africa,the U.S.,and elsewhere.


A look around the world will also reveal demonstrations against Khazarian puppet leaders in France,Germany,Israel,Australia,etc.


"The general on the ground atmosphere in this part of the world is one of disbelief the sitting governments are so completely inept at handling a national emergency,be it staged or otherwise,"is how MI6 sees the situation.


"We envision and autumn and winter of civilian discontent and by Christmas,we may very well see a popular revolt to put down this whole medical martial law fiasco,"they predict.


A former Vodaphone boss explains how 5G creates sickness that provides a positive Covid-19 test result and the global agenda that goes with its introduction.



Reports are also coming in of high-level financial intrigue in an ongoing attempt by the Khazarian mafia to cut off funds for a campaign to fix the planet.P3 Freemasons say"Italian Kabalist enemies,"are using a"Mantell lawyer in Zurich,"together with a"Mr.Herzog from BPV Bank(Banca Popolare di Verona),Berlin,"to block funds for the Future Planning Agency.


Despite all the chaos and seeming bad news reported above,it is all part of the death throes of Khazarian mob rule,Western and Asian secret society sources say.Preparations to replace this dying beast with a better system of running the planet are well underway they say.


There are many signs this is true.For example,we were able to confirm with Japanese banks what our Pentagon sources said last week and that is that the SWIFT international payments system is no longer under the control of the Zionists.The banks say they no longer have to go through Citibank or Bank of America to send money overseas.Furthermore,transfers can now be done without using the mark of the beast"My Number"that used to be mandatory in Japan.


There is also record shipping volume from China to the U.S.,on West Coast port.This means some sort of U.S./China trade deal has been reached.



Another sign of an East/West deal is seen in a public deal between the Vatican and China."An interim agreement on the appointment of bishops between China and the Vatican has been implemented successfully since it was signed around two years ago,"Zhao Lijian,spokesman for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs,said at a press conference Sept.10.



Also,a White Dragon family ally has been"contacted by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families with a view to some kind of collaboration in the World Future Planning Agency."according to MI6 sources.

此外,"罗斯柴尔德家族和洛克菲勒家族联系了白龙家族的一个盟友,希望与世界未来规划署(World Future Planning Agency)进行某种合作。"根据军情六处的消息来源。

Of course,the war is not yet over and we can expect a lot of turmoil over the coming months.This may include an EMP attack,a food crisis,new false flag nuclear attacks,and more.


Nonetheless,all of the world's major military forces are now aligned against the Khazarian Mafia so their final defeat is only a matter of time.We are reluctant to give specific dates but world events make it clear Satanic elite rule is ending.




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