ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

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ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

June 22th 2023 | #61

2023年6月22日 | # 61

Eceti News June 20th

Eceti 新闻6月20日

UFO Poser Disclosure, White Hats on the Move, Buckle Up


This sounds like a broken record, but the Schumann Resonance is all over the place with strange patterns. Is it a software glitch or is something big happening. At 3pm PST we did our personal and world healing meditation Saturday. The Schumann Resonance went crazy, “coincidence”.


ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

The UFO/UAP press conference was held in Washington DC ending with total avoidance after a question of the possibility of negative ETs. Greer shut it down fast. We cannot expect full disclosure when it comes to politicians, military, or the mainstream news. It is a form of insanity to continue down this path, or is it? How better to continue in the controlled narrative using shills, controlled opposition along with integrity and morally challenged people who will do their bidding? It is like the foxes and coyotes going to the wolves and asking: “tell us the truth about what happened to the chickens.” People’s time would be better spent at the Self Mastery / Ambassador Training that was held on June 16th. Where everyone present got to experience the Spiritual and Technology Advance Off Worlder’s ships and the beings that operate them.

UFO/UAP 新闻发布会在华盛顿特区举行,在回答了是否有外星人存在的问题后,发布会以完全回避结束。Greer 很快就把它关了。我们不能指望在涉及到政治家、军队或主流新闻的时候得到充分的披露。继续走这条路是一种精神错乱的表现,还是真的?如何更好地继续控制叙事使用托儿,控制反对连同正直和道德挑战的人谁会做他们的命令?这就像狐狸和土狼走向狼群,问道: “告诉我们鸡到底发生了什么事。”人们的时间最好花在6月16日举行的自我掌握/大使培训上。在场的每个人都体验了世界外的精神和技术进步的船只和操作它们的生物。

ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰
ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰
ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰
ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

I am going to drop a bomb here. Many will be unable to handle the truth but a seed will be planted.


At the top of the power elite that govern humanity is a Satanic/Luciferian pedophile network which engages in every form of trafficking known to man/woman. They control almost every institution: financial, business, religious, government, media, and now the UFO community. The main families, Rockefeller, Rothchild, and several others openly admit to being Luciferians. They own Black Rock and Vanguard which own or control almost every other major corporation.

统治人类的最高权力精英是一个撒旦/路西法恋童癖网络,它参与了男人/女人所知的各种形式的人口贩卖。他们控制着几乎所有的机构: 金融、商业、宗教、政府、媒体,现在还有 UFO 社区。主要的家族,洛克菲勒,罗斯柴尔德,和其他几个公开承认是路西法。他们拥有 Black Rock 和 Vanguard,这两家公司拥有或控制着几乎所有其他大公司。

The Rockefeller Initiative gathered the top people in Ufology and through them created the controlled narrative. The enemies of these Luciferians are Creator number #1, the Saints, Sages and Ascended Masters #2. The Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off World Civilizations #3. #4 are the enlightened ones, those who are in service to humanity and the Earth and those who are dedicated to the awakening, healing, education, and empowerment of the individual. The planetary liberation of Humanity and Earth.

洛克菲勒计划召集了不明飞行物领域的顶尖人物通过他们创造了可控的故事。这些路西法的敌人是造物主1,圣人,圣贤和升天大师2。精神上和技术上先进的世界外文明  3。 4是那些开明的人,那些为人类和地球服务的人,那些致力于唤醒、治愈、教育和赋予个人权利的人。人类和地球的行星解放。

Those who love God, have a high degree of integrity and good basic moral values which are often referred to as conservative also fit into that category although many are ignorant as to spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors and how they fit into the planetary liberation. Did the light just go on? Are you connecting the dots? Is the integrity and morally challenged present administration as well as the weaponization of the agencies against the people now making sense? The UFO community has fallen to the same fate. The infiltration method comes through funding with agendas. If you do not take the funding or stay within the controlled narrative you will be censored depending on the threat level, with deadly force. There are warnings, brake lines cut, lug nuts removed, the assassinate your character and if that does not work they go after you physically. They shut down your bank accounts, social media, and do everything possible to make you disappear. The ones who attack you the most are the posers, the integrity and morally challenged seeking fame and fortune at the expense of their very own soul. Many dark alliances have been formed. That is why ECETI with the best evidence proving ongoing contact for over 40 years with spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, along with the well documented appearance of many Ascended Masters is the most censored UFO hotspot on the planet.

那些热爱上帝的人,有着高度的正直和良好的基本道德价值观,这些通常被认为是保守的,也属于这一类,尽管许多人对于外星访客的精神和技术进步以及他们如何适应地球解放一无所知。刚才灯亮了吗?你把线索联系起来了吗?现任政府的廉正和道德上的挑战以及各机构对人民的武器化现在是否有意义?不明飞行物群落也遭遇了同样的命运。渗透的方法是有议程的资助。如果你不接受资金,或者保持在可控的叙述范围内,你将根据威胁等级受到审查,并有致命的武力。有警告,刹车线切断,螺母拆除,暗杀你的性格,如果这不工作,他们去后,你的身体。他们关闭了你的银行账户,社交媒体,想尽一切办法让你消失。攻击你最多的是那些装腔作势、正直、道德沦丧的人,他们不惜牺牲自己的灵魂来追求名利。许多黑暗联盟已经形成。这就是为什么 ECETI 拥有最好的证据,证明与灵性和技术上先进的外星人持续接触超过40年,以及许多扬升大师的详细记录外观是地球上审查最严格的 UFO 热点。

ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

Your copy should address 3 key questions: Who am I writing for? (Audience) Why should they care? (Benefit) What do I want them to do here? (Call-to-Action)

你的副本应该解决3个关键问题: 我为谁写?(观众)他们为什么要关心?(福利)我希望他们在这里做什么?(呼唤行动)

Create a great offer by adding words like “free” “personalized” “complimentary” or “customized.” A sense of urgency often helps readers take an action, so think about inserting phrases like “for a limited time only” or “only 7 remaining”!


Almost everyone of their witnesses are aware of it, including the military and other agencies yet why do they avoid ECETI like the plague? We know who the negative ETs are, their agendas which are often avoided in Ufology, as well as the positive ETs and their benevolent agendas yet why is this information being censored. Why are they participating in the censorship of ongoing contact for almost 40 years? Why are they so threatened by the Ascended Masters and the Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off World civilizations?

几乎所有的目击者都知道,包括军方和其他机构,但是为什么他们像躲避瘟疫一样躲避 ECETI?我们知道谁是负面的外星人,他们的议程经常在 Ufology 中避免,以及积极的外星人和他们的仁慈的议程,但为什么这些信息被审查。为什么他们参与了近40年来对持续接触的审查?为什么他们如此受到扬升大师以及精神上和技术上先进的世界外文明的威胁?

If you go back and read who is in charge of the controlled narrative the answer is obvious. Satanic/Luciferians are at war with Creator, those with a high degree of integrity, those with moral values, believe in God/Creator/Great Spirit and those that are in service to Humanity and the Earth are censored targeted, their characters are assassinated by the posers and opportunists who have sold their souls for money and fame. Follow the money, it all goes back to the same Satanic/Luciferians the root cause for almost all the ails of humanity. Many either in ignorance or willingly are doing their bidding. There are multidimensional beings all the way back to Source assisting in the awakening, healing, and planetary liberation of Earth from these very same Satanic/Luciferian dark forces often referred to as demonics, reptilians, tall greys etc. The benevolent ETs know the real history of Earth back to the first colonies. They know of a series of falls and the origin of every religion along with the misinterpretations. They live according to Universal Law which is why they are a threat to the draconian law operating within or present administration which is in the process of being exposed and unraveled. The days of tyranny are coming to a close. The controlled narrative and those who have been participating in it is being exposed. Disclosure will come from the skies and through the hearts and minds of the people not from some religious or government agency most of which have participated in the coverup and disinformation I might add in the past with deadly force. The UFO community has been captured and now has become a profit driven carnival. It is a billion dollar entertainment industry, not service oriented or dedicated to the awakening, healing, and planetary liberation. Everything from the top down that is not frequency specific to the vibrational lifting, planetary liberation, the ascension process, aligned with Universal Law will not prevail in the days to come. The opportunists, posers, those integrity and morally challenged, many keynotes and top people most famous in the UFO community will be exposed and see a reaction to their actions. This is being accelerated and amplified. They will all be exposed yet they will be flinging judgements, false accusations, create as much division as possible to distract from their own misdeeds. Tyranny and its servants are coming to an end. It is out of alignment with Universal Law and Universal Law is coming as the higher dimensions and beings press in on Earth. The Earth as well is ascending.

如果你回过头去读一读,谁是控制叙事的负责人,答案是显而易见的。撒旦教/路西法教徒与造物主、那些高度正直的人、那些有道德价值观的人、相信上帝/造物主/伟大精神的人、以及那些为人类和地球服务的人都被审查为目标,他们的角色被那些为了金钱和名誉出卖灵魂的装腔作势者和机会主义者暗杀。追踪这笔钱,一切都可以追溯到同一个撒旦/路西法教徒几乎所有人类疾病的根源。许多人要么无知,要么心甘情愿地服从他们的命令。有多维度的存在一路回到源头,协助地球从这些非常相同的撒旦/路西法黑暗势力中觉醒、治愈和行星解放,这些黑暗势力通常被称为恶魔、爬行动物、高大的灰人等。仁慈的外星人知道地球回到第一个殖民地的真实历史。他们知道一系列的跌倒和每个宗教的起源,以及误解。他们根据普遍法生活,这就是为什么他们是对在暴露和解体过程中的行政当局内部运作的严厉法律的威胁。暴政的日子就要结束了。被控制的叙事和那些参与其中的人正在被暴露。信息的披露将来自天上,来自人们的心灵和思想,而不是来自某些宗教或政府机构,这些机构大多参与了掩盖和造谣,我可能会在过去以致命的力量补充这些信息。UFO 社区已经被捕获,现在已经成为一个利润驱动的狂欢节。它是一个价值数十亿美元的娱乐产业,而不是以服务为导向或致力于觉醒、治愈和行星解放。一切自上而下的,不是振动提升、行星解放、提升过程所特有的频率的事物,与宇宙法则一致,在未来的日子里将不会占上风。机会主义者,装腔作势者,那些正直和道德挑战者,许多基调和最著名的人在 UFO 社区将被曝光,并看到他们的行动的反应。这种情况正在加速和放大。他们都会被曝光,然而他们会抛出判断,错误的指控,制造尽可能多的分歧,以分散他们自己的罪行。暴政和它的仆人即将结束。它与宇宙法则不一致,宇宙法则正在到来,因为更高的维度和生命正在地球上挤压。地球也在上升。

ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

Vegas ship crashing in June 2023


ECETI新闻): UFO伪装者披露,白帽子在行动,系好安全带|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

There is nowhere to hide. There is only one way out. We have to raise our own frequencies, release the past, deal with our own shadow side and sever all connections to the toppling old draconian empire. This is the big picture. This is real disclosure. There are legions of Masters, Saints and Sages, Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off Worlders multidimensional beings assisting in the planetary liberation. The controlled narrative don’t want you to know about. Why? Because those dedicated to the awakening, healing and liberation are in direct opposition to the enslavement and destruction of humanity and the Earth. If you want to simplify this there are those aligned with Satanic/Luciferian forces that want the pain, suffering, poverty, manufactured lack, enslavement through dependency to continue that are being disposed of power. There are those who are guided by God/Creator/Great Spirit that want to educate, empower, liberate, and restore Earth to its original intent, the jewel of this solar system where all life can evolve and reach its highest potential. There are also a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing posing as liberators and restorers. To sort them out just follow the money and watch who they associate with, discern their frequency and true motive. Also watch what they do with their money. Many have even fooled themselves.


The last topic is buckle up. The higher dimensional beings and the white hats are on the move. Military operations are unfolding in 27 States. It is a roundup. They are also there to protect you against those doing the bidding of the deep state to create chaos and violence during this transition. The uncovering and chaos are part of the healing process. You are going to see a lot of it. No rock will be left unturned and all the iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops. When the dark hearts are exposed, they will have no place to hide, there will be no street they can walk. You cannot hide or run from your karma nor your own soul creating the lessons you need to get back on track. No matter where you go there you are, along with your karma. A great amplifier and accelerator is coming. There will be a folding of time. It is time to prepare on every level. Love is the power let it be your guide. This includes love of self, your family and your neighbors.


There are warrior class Pleiadians that are here now along with a host of other benevolent races. Some our ancient ancestors, you won’t hear about in Ancient Aliens. They are the Ehcaje which is a group of master warriors which have been training for time memorial in their temples. The gloves are off, no more negotiations with degenerate ETs and other dark forces on the planet. You are going to see a lot of ships uncloaking, some being disabled as in Vegas. This is the real disclosure, how are they going to deny the wreckage and beings walking around with nowhere to go? This will escalate. The event many have been waiting for is just around the corner. Just a few days out. Your old system will collapse to be replaced with an entire new system, a fair system that is for the people. There will be chaos during the change so prepare on every level. Do not get in the way of the military they have prepared for this. It is a multidimensional operation years in the making.

现在有战士级昴宿星人在这里,还有其他一些仁慈的种族。有些我们的远古祖先,你在《远古外星人》里听不到的。他们是 Ehcaje,这是一群大师战士,他们一直在他们的寺庙训练时间纪念。我们不能再和堕落的外星人以及地球上的其他黑暗势力谈判了。你会看到很多船都暴露在外,有些像在拉斯维加斯一样残废了。这是真正的揭露,他们怎么能否认残骸和生物走来走去无处可去?这会升级的。许多人期待已久的事件即将发生。就几天而已。你们的旧制度将会崩溃,取而代之的是一个全新的制度,一个公平的制度,为人民服务。在变化期间将会有混乱,所以在每一个层面都要做好准备。不要妨碍他们为此准备的军队。这是一个多维操作多年的制定。

Godspeed and be well,


James Gilliland
Eceti Stargate TV埃塞蒂星际之门电视台
Eceti Stargate Radio Rumble, Viemo, YouTube.Eeceti Stargate Radio Rumble Viemo YouTube.

PS: There are a lot of posers that will take this news letter and incorporate it into their messages from their handlers. Watch for the same information in channeled messages. You all can have your own contact and get your own information from within.

PS: 有很多装腔作势的人会把这封新闻信并把它纳入他们来自上级的信息中。注意通道消息中的相同信息。你们都可以有自己的联系人,并从内部获得自己的信息。


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