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Imagine being able to access a three-day period of purest alchemical energy,an actual zero-point of unconditioned life-force,not subject to,nor part of,yin-yang duality.And that by aligning with this Universally-generated field you could assist the needed radical changes in the world(and yourself)in a way not able to be paralleled by any astrological transit,be it full moon eclipse or Jupiter conjuncting Pluto.


The alchemical fact of the matter,one of the biggest secrets in spiritual practice,is that we have four opportunities for this every year when the Universe opens wide its central channel and bathes the planet in cleansing,renewing loving-light.


Each equinox and solstice is a three-day window of Primordial energy,an empty space through which the Universe resets Earthlife towards harmony.These are our major opportunities to cooperate with Life itself to restore the divine plan.


These still-points of silent,clear-colorless light are capable of neutralizing anything we are willing and able to let go of,and of replacing it with peace and love.Love is the nature of this Universe,and light is its carrier.What has been created which is not harmonious and healthy can be released into the loving-light cauldron of these times to bring humanity forward.



Bringing In The Spring


We are about to have the Vernal Equinox,the moment between the deep wateriness of Pisces and the dynamic fire of Aries,when the seed of the new solar year,gestating since its conception point at last winter's solstice,births itself fully into our world of experience,and the energy of the year switches from predominately yin/shadow to predominately yang/brightness.The window in the USA(1)this year is March 18,19,and 20,and meditation,with related the movement of ceremony,dance,chigung,et al,is exponentially empowered.If we align with this flow of life-force with clear intention to release the old and birth the new,we are aligning with the core channel of the Universe and there is nothing more powerful than that.



What To Do,And What Not To Do:


There is a right way and a wrong way to do this.


The right way does not involve contention of any kind.When Primordial energy meets anything mistakenly created,it simply eats it.When it meets a beautiful creation,it enhances it.Unconditionally loving-light,by penetrating the"dark"without fighting it,consumes and transforms it into something higher(It"kills it with love").



Like an infinitely powerful river of flowing water,unconditioned energy washes into stagnations with gentle,yet furious strength,purifying and neutralizing them.This is the alchemical way,the natural way.This is how the Universe does it.The Universe absorbs the old while birthing the new.All we have to do is emulate it.(I capitalize the word"Universe",because the Universe is a fully aware,unconditionally loving,all-intelligent,intentional Being,and is our Parent,not just a place we are living in.)


So don't get caught in trying to make something like dark forces or viruses go away.If you focus on trying to eliminate a virus,you are in fact focusing on the virus(instead of the result you want,which is to be healthy)and you will extend its lifespan with your attention.Remove unwanted things from your thinking and concentrate on what you want instead.(When you cook food at home,do you concentrate on how you want your meal to be or how you don't want it to be?)


Creative response,not conflictual reaction,is the Way.The rest of the process is up to the life-force.创造性的反应,而不是冲突性的反应,才是道路。剩下的过程取决于生命的力量

Also regarding"the virus"-if you really want to help this world-wide drama-charged scenario bite the dust,you can consider treating it at its root,which is fear,not germs.If you treat humanity for its fear by radiating peace and safety vibes,you will change the course of the physical effects,because all illness is created and fed by fear.That's why oxygen therapy kills germs.Oxygen is healthy life-force in action.The flow of life-force through our bodies is directly regulated by our thoughts(energy follows attention)and our breathing(in-spire=spirit-in).So breathe better,smile at it all,and heal yourself and the world.Be an emanator of health and you will change the Field for the better.


And by approaching our current situation this way,we will ease the clumsiness of our global transition from the old paradigm structures most people are entrained by to the new,human and life-friendly ones.


The Simplest,Best Way To Meditate For Change:



"If you put your body in the correct position,and you concentrate on the One,the Heavenly Harmony will descend upon you."-Chuang Tzu,late 4th century bc"


And its just that simple!My long-term practices have shown me that to sit in emptiness meditation and,just relaxing and breathing,concentrate on"the One"for a while cleanses and fills me up,and sets me up properly to do the creative part after in which I visualize how I want things to be.I align first,then I direct.Yin first,then Yang.This always works best because you give control to the life-force and let it direct you.It gets ego out of the way.Empty first,then fill.We are really just aligning with the Universe as It brings about the change.


A Bonus Technique:


One extra special thing we all can do to speed this process of moving into the Aquarian energies and reconnecting with the Source is another"secret"rarely attended to in western culture:


Call upon your Ancestral lineage to align with us and the loving-light of Creation,and the power is amplified by being connected through long periods of time.The means determines the end.Unify to create Unity.


Imagine your parents standing behind you,and theirs behind them,and theirs behind them,back through distant time,both entire lineages"backing you up",and all of you congruent with Source energy,the Earth,the Sun,and the rest of the cosmos in unity.Holding an image such as this while the Universe is holding its still-point at Equinox is about as powerful as anything gets.

想象一下你的父母站在你身后,他们的父母站在你身后,他们的父母站在他们身后,他们的父母站在他们身后,回到遥远的过去,整个血统都"支持着你",你们所有人都与源头能量、地球、太阳和宇宙的其他部分一致。当宇宙在 Equinox 处保持静止点时,持有这样一幅图像,几乎是任何东西所能达到的最强大的力量


I look forward to seeing the great results we create through this most powerful of shift times-the Spring Equinox.


Many Blessings,


Parisse Deza

帕里斯·德扎(Parisse Deza)

Parisse Deza has 47 years experience in self-cultivation arts,and calls his field Consciousness and Creativity.He is a teacher,counselor,reader,artist,and Daoist internal alchemy,chigung,and feng-shui adept living in Sedona,Arizona.


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