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做你自己的研究。不要通过 MSM 上的假新闻骗子来获取食物。所有的媒体都属于深州的左派……所以忘掉你在 MSM 期间听到的任何东西吧。

Source:Rumor Mill News|By Mr.Ed


Mask Rant-by Mr.Ed

抱怨面具 ed 先生

OK...I wasn't going to stir the pot...but I can't help it.


I wrote this in response to an email I got from somebody who was defending why he wears a mask.I get the same thing from millions of others so I didn't want to make it personal.I decided to post it for everybody to read in hope it will help somebody take a stand.


Everybody has a brain and it is time to use it.


Do your own research.Do not be spoon fed via the fake news liars on the MSM.All media is owned by the deepstate left...so forget about anything you hear on MSM period.

做你自己的研究。不要通过 MSM 上的假新闻骗子来获取食物。所有的媒体都属于深州的左派......所以忘掉你在 MSM 期间听到的任何东西吧。

I am retired now but I spent my life working on all kinds of vehicles and I have been painting&spraying toxic chemicals all my life.That includes spraying commercial tree groves in Florida for thousands of trees.As well weed killer.With a tractor and 500 gallons at a time.


If a person did not protect himself while doing this type of work...he would be dead a long time ago.


We wear a respirator with activated charcoal and other filter materials which are replaceable.The unit is over$50.and replacement pre cleaners and filters are extra.


Now...these silly little coffee filter masks everybody is wearing do nothing but stop large particulates like saw dust or drywall dust...and bondo auto body filler.But anybody who is a professional(as I was)will not wear the stupid things...because if you wear glasses...the mask will fog your glasses so you can't see and more dust sticks to the fogged glasses.And when you work hard to sand body filler you sweat and breath heavy.The mask makes it hard to breath and you end up ripping the stupid thing off and throwing it away so you can breath.


Intelligent people instead use a fan to blow away the sanded material and cool the worker so no mask is needed.


Now...if you worked in a biological lab where they make viruses and diseases...you would not be safe from anything unless you are in a full body suit with filtered or compressed air to breath.Short of that and you are dead.If this were not the case these guys would just use the silly cheap little coffee filters everybody is walking around with now.(and a tee shirt or sock is no better)

现在...如果你在生物实验室工作,在那里他们制造病毒和疾病...你不会有任何安全,除非你是在一个全身服装与过滤或压缩空气呼吸。否则你就死定了。如果不是这样的话,这些家伙只会用现在每个人都带着的那种愚蠢的便宜的咖啡过滤器。(t 恤或袜子也好不到哪儿去)

If you wear a mask and go down the street past a restaurant and you smell the food...you are dead.Think about that next time you go out with a mask on.


When I wear a respirator I can not smell anything.


However a respirator is not safe from the virus...and you will be lucky if you can wear it for 2 hours at a time out in the hot sun or working without AC.They are hard to breath with.


Viruses and bacteria stuff is microscopic.You can not see it with the human eye.Nor can you smell it...but if you did...it would be too late.Not to mention being unconstitutional to mandate the public wear a mask...it is NOT ABOUT YOUR SAFETY.(or protecting anybody else)That is just a guilt trip they are trying to use on you with peer pressure.The virus is no longer the problem.The problem is you.


Fact is a virus that is airborne is contracted via the eyes...and they are not protected.Most people touch the tear ducts and that is how they catch something.Never touch your eyes until after you wash your hands to be safe.


IT IS ABOUT COMPLIANCE ONLY!!!There is no other reason to wear a mask.


This is a fake plandemic political virus that will die on Nov.3.


It is all about fear.And keeping everything shut down to make the economy look bad for Trump.


I am not going to rub your nose in the proof of what I say...but the evidence is out there.I have already read it.


Do your own research.


The people driving around in their cars with masks on are retards...and they are showing everybody who they are.These people are dangerous.They have been publicly attacking others in public for not wearing a retarded mask.So now the dumbed down society the left has created are feeding the fire.


Statistics show most of the"Peaceful Protesters"(paid rioters and terrorists by George Soros funding Antifa&BLM)arrested were female and school teachers.One of the shooters caught who killed somebody was a college professor.These are the ones brainwashing your kids in school and college.


The cabal control the education system all over the world and they have been dumbing down the population and brainwashing the youth to hate everything we stand for and support crap like you see in the streets of 26 American cities right now.


They are ruthless destroyers who never had a job...and do not care who or what they destroy because they have nothing and never will.


And they have been taught that they are special privileged punks that want everything we worked for free.


So all the rest of the zombie sheeple walking around wearing masks are not helping anything.They only make it worse.


Grow a set of balls and do what you know is right.Don't do anything just because somebody told you to.Puppet.Joe Biden.Don't be like them.


Go do your homework...and then go tell you friends and neighbors.


I have never put on a mask and I will never do it no matter what.Period.Take a stand.


I go into the store and signs at the door say you must wear a mask to enter this store.


Well...what do you think is going to happen if you ignore the stupid signs?


Are the mask police going to jump out and handcuff you?no


Is the store manager going to tell you to put on a mask or leave?no


Will he call the police on you and they come take you to mask jail?no


I looked right at the manager in his face and smiled.He never blinked or said a word.It is all a bluff just to see how far they can push the sheeple.


I could go on and on...no...nothing is going to happen.


It is not legal for them to tell you any of that stuff...and they know it.They are preying on the weak and ignorant.Don't play the game with them.


It takes time for the courts to act.Finally it is starting to get to the courts as seen in Penn.

法庭需要时间才能采取行动。最后,正如在 penn 所看到的那样,它开始进入法院。

Exactly what I said from day one.All bs.Just another false flag event like all the others.


If you did your homework...you would know that when they said all the hospitals were full of covid patients...in fact they were empty.I have viewed the videos...go look.


There is a lot more going on behind the scenes that is unbelievable and I will not get into that on this rant...but all will find out soon about the millions of kids underground being rescued from these satanic turds.Trump will tell you when the time is right.


There is an agenda here unseen.I will tell you right now in your face what it is.


All this fear porn agenda is to get all you sheeple to go line up and take the vaccine.It is the kill shot for global depopulation.Many will beg for it.And all the retards wearing masks right now will be first in line.


But thank god smarter minds prevail(Trump)and they are 10 steps ahead of the left.The shot that will be offered will be something good that will actually heal instead of kill.You can thank the boys upstairs for that.On the same note...the 5G towers were intended to be used to kill the masses.It was a 2 part system.Part A was in the vaccine.(well that was the plan)and part B activates part A in humans subjected to 5G wifi signals and they fall over dead.This is what happened in China.Millions were killed.

但感谢上帝,更聪明的头脑占上风(特朗普),他们领先左派10步。提供给我们的这一针将是好的,实际上将会愈合而不是杀死。你可以为此感谢楼上的男孩们。同样的,5G 信号塔也是用来杀人的。这是一个分为两部分的系统。A 部分存在于疫苗中。B 部分激活受5G wifi 信号影响的人体的 a 部分,然后他们倒下死亡。这就是在XXx发生的事情。数百万人被杀害。

Intel tells that spec ops placed magnets in all the 5G towers that rendered them useless to harm...and I hear they have put Tesla technology into the towers to actually emit healing energy.(instead of death)and we hear the same Tesla technology was integrated into the wall on the border.(that is not to heal the Mexicans...but the kids underground passing thru tunnels in the traffic trade)

情报说特种部队在所有的5G 信号塔里放置了磁铁,使它们无法造成伤害,我听说他们在信号塔里放置了特斯拉技术,来释放治疗能量。(而不是死亡)我们听说相同的特斯拉技术被集成到边境的墙上。(这不是为了治愈墨西哥人......而是为了让孩子们在地下穿过交通隧道)

They have pulled 1 million kids out from tunnels underground in Australia alone.


I'm getting off topic...but your part is small in the bigger picture that few can see right now.Soon that will change.


Your part is to seek the truth and NEVER do ANYTHING just because somebody tells you to.And stand up for your beliefs and do not succumb to peer pressure.Instead educate yourself and take a stand and set an example.


Common sense tells you that folks wearing a mask over their mouth...with their nose out are doing nothing.(even if the masks did work...but they don't)


In fact again do your homework.Doctors have come out and made videos telling it is not safe to wear a mask for many reasons.Especially the elderly and ones with respiratory or heart problems.


Post elections they will forget about masks.Same as they forgot about Russia...or the impeachment...you name it.


They are using the population to play their game.Don't play along.


The selective virus does not effect the peaceful protestors rioting in the streets.Nor does the enforcement of masks on terrorists burning down the cities.


But go to church or the gym and you go to jail.


They let the criminals right back out of jail.


Trump leads by example.He does not wear a mask for the same reasons I described above.


End Rant Mr.Ed:)



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