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Wow,what an incredible impulse was given last weekend to the liberation.As far as I know it was the first time ever that a serious mass meditation reached over 1 million participants and this will speed up the process a lot and continue to energetically affect the global clearing for at least a week.I realize very well these are extremely challenging times for many people due to financial uncertainty,businesses crumbling that entrepreneurs have spent so much time to build up,women and children increasingly exposed to domestic violence,people losing loved ones and more,but I see light at the end of the tunnel and I can smell the Event.That's why I felt like listening to a lovely old song by Cat Stevens:Morning has broken.

哇,上周末解放运动给了我多么不可思议的动力啊。据我所知,这是有史以来第一次有超过100万人参加严肃的集体冥想,这将大大加快这一进程,并将继续对全球结算产生至少一周的积极影响。我清楚地意识到,对于许多人来说,这是一个极具挑战性的时代,因为金融不确定性、企业崩溃,企业家花了这么多时间来建立企业、妇女和儿童越来越多地遭受家庭暴力、人们失去亲人等等,但我在隧道的尽头看到了光明,我闻到了这一事 件。这就是为什么我喜欢听猫史蒂文斯的一首可爱的老歌:早上好了。

I paid attention to all the important aspects during the first 144k meditation for the occasion:the toplet bombs in the implant network,the coronavirus,the troops rescuing children from remaining underground Cabal bases,the main players within the Cabal,the occultists and black magicians and the dark constructs and entities on the mental,astral and etheric planes.No need to go into detail at this point,that would make it easier for the opposing party to formulate countermeasures.When I focused on the children in the Cabal bases that have been mistreated and tortured since day 1 of their lives I was quite dismayed from what I perceived,they were being treated worse than beasts.In old folk tales it was often told that hell is below the surface and one shouldn't venture there;well,turns out these tales were actually pretty spot on.The deliberate maltreatment of so many children is one thing that has delayed the liberation of the planet quite a lot,because too few people were regularly doing energywork and lightwork to sufficiently neutralize this immense suffering that was going on underneath our feet and that made it a very slow process to raise the vibration of the planet.I must say I don't understand what took the Resistance Movement and the positive militaries so long,considering that the underground war with the reptilians and Cabal has been raging since the late 1990s.After the Event the entire planetary liberation should be evaluated to learn what could have been done better.In any case,I could feel the strong energies in the general mass meditation,I am sure it is a gamechanger.


One thing of concern is the polarization in the United States;Benjamin Fulford even mentioned in his latest newsletter that a civil war is probably unavoidable.He doesn't specify between which parties such a war would be fought,but it's an easy guess that would be between Trump supporters and QAnon followers on one side and CNN brainwashed citizens and their Cabal puppet masters on the other side.I sincerely hope such foolishness can be prevented,as that wouldn't help anyone.Another point of concern is that the Khazarians have apparently decided and communicated they would rather destroy the planet than to surrender.So we all need to be on high alert and strive to avert any detrimental action the Cabal could be cooking up.And the last thing I want to mention:QAnon has posted a picture of the United States flag on the QAnon Publications blog as a rally cry for patriots and the restoration of the original republic of the USA,but Americans need to be aware of the humongous amount of hatred that the symbols of the star spangled banner and the name of their country have generated in countries like Vietnam,Afghanistan,Iran,Iraq,Syria,Libya,Palestine and in South America with the CIA regime change and subversion policies and noxious effects of the war on drugs.No other country has fought so many wars in the last 122 years,not even close.And then I haven't even started on the American Indian Wars.The United States have been founded on the morals and mentality of 17th,18th and 19th century Europe and Europe has moved on since then,but the US haven't;just look at the arms sales lately,it's insane.So after the Event a new flag and name for your country will need to be found.



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