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服务者和索珊娜|没有什么可以阻止光明前进Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna is here. And we are ready to continue with this program that we’ve started some  time ago with this group, your Ancient Awakenings, as well as many other groups that we work with across the entire planet here. 

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum. Greetings to you! 一个在这里服务的人。索珊娜来了。我们准备继续这个项目,我们已经开始了一些你们的远古觉醒,以及我们在这整个星球上合作的许多其他团体

The times are coming certainly, as Saint Germain has given, and as others have given previous to this, and through many other sources as well, that the truth is coming forward in many ways, from many different sources. And you are on the crux of that. You are ready for the crescendo, to begin to develop more and more. And it is developing. It is coming forward. And there is nothing—no thing, and nothing, that can stop the Light from coming forward, the truth from combing forward.


Even though they may attempt to do so, those forces of darkness may continue to attempt to do so, they cannot hold back the swell of truth. It is not possible to hold it back, as one cannot hold back an avalanche. Think about that. An avalanche coming down the mountain…no, coming forward, down, down, down, becoming greater, more and more momentum coming forward. That is that is happening. There are those that stand in front of this avalanche of truth now and try to hold it back, but they cannot. It is swelling over them. It is engulfing them in truth, and they cannot hold it back. So understand that.

即使他们可能尝试这样做,那些黑暗势力可能继续尝试这样做,他们不能阻止真理的膨胀。它是不可能阻止的,因为一个人无法阻止雪崩。好好想想吧。从山上下来的雪崩... 不,向前,向下,向下,向下,向下,越来越大,越来越多的动力向前。就是这样。现在有些人站在真理的雪崩面前,试图阻止它,但他们做不到。它在他们身上膨胀。真相正在吞噬他们,他们无法阻止。所以你要明白。

We are ready for your questions here, if you have them.


Guest: I have a question.


OWS: Yes?

OWS: 什么事?

Guest: Is there any light you can shed on this recent situation happening with Trump’s house being raided by the FBI and the ultimate arrest and indictment. I know it’s all for the good, but can you shed some light on what possibly we could expect, and how long this might be drawn out, or if it is just a culmination of the Light and needed to happen? Can you shed some light, please?

Guest: 关于最近发生的特朗普家被联邦调查局突击搜查以及最终被逮捕和起诉的情况,你有什么要说的吗。我知道这一切都是为了好的,但是你能否透露一些关于我们可能会期待什么,这可能会持续多久,或者这只是一个光的高潮,需要发生吗?你能透露点信息吗?

OWS: We can tell you that the light is already being shed everywhere that you look. Everywhere that you look upon your alternative news it is being shed. It is being brought forward that the plan is coming forward here and the truth being revealed.

OWS: 我们可以告诉你,光已经被投射到你所看到的任何地方。无论你在哪里看到你的另类新闻,它都在消失。计划正在这里提出,真相正在显现。

You just need to be ready to understand what that truth is and be able to use your discernment. Does this feel right? Not does it sound right, but does it feel right within you? And whenever you have that, whenever it feels right, you know it is right. And it is part of the plan however it works out here. And we are not at liberty to say how it will work out, or when it will finally come to a culmination here.


But as the Saint Germain has said, and others have said previous to this, you are at that crescendo. It is coming here now. You are at the finish line, as Sananda is famous for saying here.

但正如圣日耳曼所说,其他人在此之前也说过,你们正处于高潮。它现在来了。就像 Sananda 著名的说法一样,你已经到达了终点。

So be at peace, my friends. Be at peace. Because you are ready here to witness a great changeover that is in process. We have said this also before. The Changeover is coming. It is greatly moving from the old third-dimensional illusion and the matrix into the higher fourth- and fifth-dimensional expression. And you are in that changeover right now in the midst of it.


So do not be concerned about the happenstance or what is being shown to you as part of the movie. Just know that it is part of the movie. And the movie will have an end. Do not for any moment think that it will not.


Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?


SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna 的更高自我,由 JoAnna McConnell 通灵)

We will share here. May we share, Dear Sister?


Guest: Yes.

Guest: 是的。

Shoshanna: The incident that has occurred has unleashed the will of the people. It has awakened many. It has caused great concern. A great backlash will occur. Those that know the truth will come forward in droves now and unleash their fervor upon those that have caused this to happen. So it is a good thing. It is a great thing, and will unite many. Namaste.

索珊娜: 已经发生的事件释放了人民的意志。它唤醒了很多人。这引起了极大的关注。一个巨大的反弹将会发生。那些知道真相的人现在将成群结队地走出来,向那些导致这一切发生的人释放他们的热情。所以这是件好事。这是一件伟大的事情,将使许多人团结起来。合十礼。

OWS: Very good. Yes. Would there be further questions here?

OWS: 非常好。是的。还有其他问题吗?

Guest: One Who Serves? You know, I had an incident this morning as I was walking on my walk. I approached these two, essentially three trees combined by the roots. There are two twins on one, and then the third one is connected with a big root sticking out. You can see the whole wood across the grass. Anyway, there is a little opening there, and I always go and stand between them and I hold onto them. I greet them by name, and I hold on to them. I put my palm on a smooth area and I feel them. I feel the love just going into me. And we’ve been grounding together now for maybe over two weeks. We ground down to Gaia. We ground up to Mother-Father God and the Great Central Sun. So we reach up and reach down, and I feel them taking me down with them with the roots! I ask them to. And I feel that as they start the process. And then we ground into the fifth-dimensional crystalline grid and the Christ Consciousness and all the grids. And then we say we are connected to heaven and Earth three times. So every time we do that, I feel (laughs) a lot of swirling of the air getting stronger and stronger, and it is gushing through us in between the two trees. I feel so much air gushing through me. And I start to walk away backwards, and I say I love them, and “I’ll watch you, and you watch me” I always say to them, and “I love you, I’ll see you later” because I come twice a day. And as I am walking backward, so much air is gushing through their leaves. Then today I looked around, and none of the other trees were barely moving. Maybe one far away had a little bit of breeze. But wit these, you could hear the leaves gushing! What was that?! (Laughs) I thought to myself, is this a vortex? My God!

Guest:: 服务者?你知道吗,今天早上我在散步的时候出了点事。我走近这两棵树,实际上是三棵树的根结合在一起。一个上面有两个双胞胎,第三个连着一个大根。你可以透过草地看到整片树林。不管怎样,那里有个小缺口,我总是走过去站在他们中间,紧紧抓住他们。我问候他们的名字,我留住他们。我把我的手掌放在一个光滑的地方,我能感觉到它们。我感觉到爱正在进入我的身体。我们已经一起被禁足两个多星期了。我们被困在盖亚。我们被母亲-父神和大中枢太阳磨碎。所以我们向上和向下伸手,我感觉到他们用根把我带下去!是我让他们这么做的。我觉得当他们开始这个过程的时候。然后我们进入第五维度的水晶网格,基督意识和所有的网格。然后我们说我们与天地连接了三次。所以每次我们这样做的时候,我都感到(笑)空气的漩涡变得越来越强,它在两棵树之间穿过我们。我觉得好多空气在我体内涌动。然后我开始倒着走,说我爱他们,我总是对他们说“我会看着你,你也看着我”,“我爱你,回头见”,因为我一天来两次。当我向后走的时候,大量的空气从它们的叶子里涌出来。然后今天我环顾四周,没有一棵树几乎不动。也许远处的一个有点微风。但是有了这些,你可以听到树叶喷涌的声音!那是什么!我心想,这是个漩涡吗?我的天啊!

OWS: We believe that you already know the answer to this, but we will share here that you are certainly a nature spirit. You have that deep within yourself, as you come from the Elemental Kingdom and have certainly been a part of that many times previous to coming into a human evolution here. So you are very connected to the Earth. You are very connected to the trees, and the plants, and the sky, and everything about the Earth you are connected to, because you are certainly a part of it. All are a part of it, but you have that conscious connection to your connection to the Earth here, and to being a nature spirit. So yes, you are correct in that they were acknowledging you directly here. And for those that have eyes to see, and you have the eyes to see, so you are able to see their way of communicating to you. Okay? Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

OWS: 我们相信你已经知道这个问题的答案,但是我们将在这里分享,你肯定是一个自然精灵。你们在你们自己的内心深处有那样的东西,因为你们来自元素王国,并且在进入这里的人类进化之前,肯定已经成为了那许多次进化的一部分。所以你和地球是紧密相连的。你与树木、植物、天空以及与你相连的地球上的一切都紧密相连,因为你确实是它的一部分。所有都是它的一部分,但是你们有意识地连接到你们与地球的连接,并且成为一个自然精神。所以,是的,你是正确的,他们在这里直接承认你。对于那些有眼睛能看到的人,你也有眼睛能看到,所以你能看到他们与你交流的方式。好吗?索珊娜,你有什么要补充的吗?

Shoshanna: We agree with all that you have said, and we would say the same thing, that you just gave us the explanation for this one. But we would like to share a little bit further. May we share, Dear Sister?

索珊娜: 我们同意你所说的一切,我们也会说同样的事情,就是你刚刚给了我们对这个问题的解释。但是我们想再进一步分享一下。我们可以分享吗,亲爱的修女?

Guest: Yes, please.

Guest: 好的,谢谢。

Shoshanna: We will just say, Wow! That is amazingly beautiful, and so much a demonstration of the oneness. And they indeed acknowledge you as one with them. And we just way, Wow! That is amazing, and we profoundly acknowledge you for coming forth and allowing the oneness to be imbued in you and these others that you call trees, but they are beings. They are being just like you. Namaste.

索珊娜: 我们会说,哇!这是惊人的美丽,这么多的一体性的证明。他们确实承认你和他们是一体的。我们就这样,哇!这是令人惊讶的,我们深深地感谢你们前来,允许一体性被灌输到你们和其他你们称之为树的人们中,但他们是存在的。他们跟你一样。合十礼。

OWS: Yes. It is all about consciousness coming together as one. And all of you that are on this call, and all of you that resonate to these words are a part of this. You can all have an experience such as this. It does not have to be quite so profound at this point, it will become so in the times ahead, we can tell you that, but you can, as you focus on nature, focus on the trees and the sky and everything, you can feel yourself becoming a part of this. And then they will speak back to you, and very much in the way that this one that asked this, where they spoke to her. They will speak to you in terms of the leaves blowing, and that kind of thing, where nothing else is doing so around it. They will speak to you if you are ready to listen. Okay?

OWS: 是的。这都是关于意识作为一个整体走到一起。所有参与这次电话会议的人,所有与这些话产生共鸣的人,都是这次会议的一部分。你们都可以有这样的经历。在这一点上,它不必非常深刻,它会在未来变得如此,我们可以告诉你,但你可以,当你关注自然,关注树木,天空和一切,你可以感觉到自己成为其中的一部分。然后他们会回答你,就像这个问这个问题的人,他们在哪里和她说话一样。他们会用树叶的形式和你说话,这样的事情,周围没有其他事情发生。如果你愿意听,他们会跟你说的。好吗?

Guest: I call them our angel trees. I don’t call them trees, I call them our angel trees. They are all angels. And I brought them all in from across the world. I asked that all of them join us. So it was very powerful today. Thank you.


OWS: Very good. Yes. Would there be other questions here?

OWS: 非常好。是的。还有其他问题吗?

Guest: I have a question. I would like to know what is the relationship between these two events: the FBI raided President Trump’s house. At the same time, to be released to the public eye the Hunter Biden files. And one thing has overshadowed the other, because I understand the Hunter Biden computer files are very incriminating. So can you share any relationship between these two?

Guest: 我有个问题。我想知道这两件事之间的关系: 联邦调查局突袭了特朗普总统的房子。与此同时,将向公众公布亨特 · 拜登的文件。有一件事让另一件事黯然失色,因为我知道亨特 · 拜登的电脑文件是非常有罪的。你能分享一下他们之间的关系吗?

OWS: We can tell you that those particular files that you are speaking of, yes, they are very incriminating, as you are saying, and have been held back from the general public to be able to understand what is in them. But that is coming. And whether the two are connected, yes, of course they are connected, because it is all part of the greater plan here. All of this is coming together. We cannot tell you directly how they are connected, but just that they are connected.

OWS: 我们可以告诉你,你所说的那些特别的文件,是的,正如你所说的,它们是非常有罪的,而且一直没有向公众公开,以便让他们了解其中的内容。但这即将到来。这两者之间是否有联系,是的,它们当然有联系,因为这都是更大计划的一部分。所有这些都在一起。我们不能直接告诉你它们是如何联系在一起的,只能告诉你它们是联系在一起的。

And there will be many things that are coming forward that are going to be revealed even more here. Because it is important for more and more people across the entire planet—not only here in this country, but the entire planet, to awaken here. And many things are coming forward to reveal those things that need to be brought forward to awaken the public more and more.


So yes, they are connected, but again, we cannot say directly now. Now maybe Shoshanna can spread more light on this?


Shoshanna: We will share here. May we share?

索珊娜: 我们将在这里分享。我们可以分享吗?

Guest: Yes, please.

Guest: 好的,谢谢。

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, These are Chess moves.

索珊娜: 亲爱的姐姐,这些都是象棋动作。

OWS: yes.


Shoshanna: One moves, the other moves. These are Chess moves. All is connected. And soon you will see Checkmate. Namaste.

索珊娜: 一个动作,另一个动作。这些都是象棋动作。一切都是相连的。很快你就会看到将军。你好。

OWS: Very good.

OWS: 非常好。

Guest: Yes! Great, thank you!

Guest: 是的! 太好了,谢谢!

OWS: Well said. Would there be any other questions here?

OWS: 说得好。还有其他问题吗?

Guest: I have a question. I have been seeing a vision for a long time. Every once in a while I see this. It’s like a backward C, and around the outside of it is a black and white moving, like outside, around the edges. And I saw it again today, and then it turned into what I’ve never seen before, a perfectly round sphere with the same outside. It’s like a bunch of D’s, and it just keeps moving, moving moving. Do you have any idea what this is?

Guest:我有个问题。我看到幻象已经很久了。每隔一段时间我就会看到这个。它就像一个向后的 C,在它的外面是一个黑色和白色的移动,像外面一样,围绕着边缘。今天我又看到了它,然后它变成了我从未见过的东西,一个外表相同的完美的圆球体。就像一堆 D 一直在移动,移动。你知道这是什么吗?

OWS: First of all, we do not understand the first part of that. What was that? Is it beaded?

OWS: 首先,我们不明白的第一部分。那是什么? 是珠子吗?

Guest: It looks like a backward C, and it has like a boundary around it, black and white, and it is all moving around. And then today I saw it was like a perfectly round white sphere with this same jagged edge moving around it. Does this mean anything?

Guest: 它看起来像一个向后的 C,它周围像一个边界,黑色和白色的,它都在移动。然后今天我看到它就像一个完美的圆形白色球体,有着相同的锯齿边缘围绕着它移动。这有什么意义吗?

OWS: Certainly it has meaning. It has meaning to you here, because you are perhaps ready to be able to begin to see these types of things, or have an understanding of these types of things, as geometric figures.

OWS: 当然它有意义。它在这里对你们有意义,因为你们可能已经准备好,开始看到这些类型的东西,或者理解这些类型的东西,作为几何图形。

And these types of things begin to be revealed to you because of your connection to, we will just say, a civilization long past here where there was this connection more and more to geogeometry, geometric figures, all of this, sacred symbols, these types of things. So this appears to be the remembrance of some of this coming back to you here.


Where though, you are not ready to be able to understand what it is you are being shown, because you are attempting to understand it at the third-dimensional mind frame here. And in that way you cannot understand it. Just like you cannot understand light language from a three-dimensional understanding. But if you go deep within yourself and begin to look beyond the third-dimensional mind here, it may be able to begin to reveal what is being shown to you here. But it is more of a feeling, not so much as an analytical knowing here, but a feeling. Perhaps Shoshanna can give us more.


Shoshanna: We wish to share. We wish to ask a question, Dear One. May we ask a question?

索珊娜: 我们想分享。我们想问一个问题,亲爱的。我们可以问一个问题吗?

Guest: Sure.

Guest: 当然。

Shoshanna: Dear One, how to you feel around this?

索珊娜: 亲爱的,你对此有什么感觉?

Guest: Interested, curious. I feel like I don’t know what it means. I feel [it’s] Galactic, but maybe it’s not. I don’t know.

Guest: 感兴趣,好奇。我不知道那是什么意思。我觉得这是银河系,但也许不是。我不知道。

Shoshanna: We would say to simply pursue your feelings around this. As you pursue your feelings around this, more will be revealed to you. As they are attempting to communicate with you through your own feelings, you see. So just continue to have that curiosity, and more will be revealed. Namaste.

索珊娜: 我们会说,只是追求你的感觉围绕这一点。当你围绕着这个追求你的感觉时,更多的东西将会显现在你面前。当他们试图通过你自己的感觉与你交流时,你看到了。所以只要继续保持好奇心,就会有更多的发现。合十礼。

Guest: Okay. Thank you.


OWS: Very good. Would there be any other further questions here before we release channel?

OWS: 非常好。在我们发布频道之前还有其他问题吗?

Guest: Can I ask one more?

Guest: 我能再问一个问题吗?

OWS: Yes.

OWS: 是的。

Guest: Okay. Maybe you can give me a few pointers on my beautiful cherry tree, as long as we were talking about trees earlier. It was split by freezing, I guess, weather, all the way down. I did what they said, which was put on some black tarry kind of stuff and wrap it. But now underneath the wrapping as we rewrapped it, it looks like it might have termites or something. I’m wondering what I can possibly do for this baby to help it. I hope it will be able to survive. Do you have any thoughts on this?


OWS: Shoshanna, do you have anything you can share on this?

OWS: Shoshanna,你有什么可以分享的吗?

Shoshanna: We are attempting to see this situation, and we do not believe that this being survived. That is what we see.

索珊娜: 我们正试图看到这种情况,我们不相信这是生存。这就是我们看到的。

OWS: That is what we also saw here.

OWS: 这也是我们在这里看到的。

Shoshanna: We apologize.

索珊娜: 我们道歉。

Guest: So should I let it live out its life? Some are pushing we should cut it down. What should I do in terms of that?


Shoshanna: Dear One, we will share here. May we share?

索珊娜: 亲爱的,我们将在这里分享。我们可以分享吗?

Guest: Yeah.


Shoshanna: You can continue to allow for nature to take its course. And as in the Buddha philosophy, that which will happen, will happen. If this being fights, if this being learns something beyond what it knows, it may survive. But we would suggest that you simply allow. Allow for nature to do what it needs to do. All things return to dust, and then grow again to something else. All things rejuvenate eventually. This is not the death of anything, this is simply the transition for this, you see.

索珊娜: 你可以继续让大自然顺其自然。就像佛陀的哲学一样,将要发生的事情,一定会发生。如果这个存在战斗,如果这个存在学到超越它所知道的东西,它可能会生存下来。但我们建议你允许。让大自然做它需要做的事。所有的东西都会归于尘土,然后又会长成别的东西。万物最终都会恢复活力。这不是什么死亡,这只是一个过渡,你看。

OWS: Yes.

OWS: 是的。

Shoshanna: But do not be sad. Just simply allow. Namaste.

索珊娜: 但是不要难过。只要允许。合十礼。

Guest: Okay. Thank you.


OWS: And Shoshanna, do you have parting message here?

OWS: 索珊娜,你有临别赠言吗?

Shoshanna: We do not.


OWS: Very good. Then we will just say here to continue to watch this all as a show or a movie playing out. We have said this many times. You have heard this from many different sources. Just continue to watch it, but do not become involved in it. Just as if you were watching a movie on your television, and know that it is not real, it is actors playing their parts, directors moving the play or the movie forward here. That is all that is happening.

OWS: 非常好。然后我们会在这里说,继续观看这一切作为一个节目或电影正在播放。我们已经说过很多次了。你已经从很多不同的渠道听说过这个。只是继续观看,但不要参与其中。就好像你在电视上看一部电影,你知道那不是真的,那是演员在扮演他们的角色,导演在把戏剧或电影往前推。事情就是这样。

So see it that way, and do not become concerned about what is happening in that third-dimensional illusion. Because that third-dimensional illusion is falling apart. It is coming down. So just know that, and that will help you to continue to keep your vibration higher, and your ensuing consciousness higher as well.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Shanti. 愿平安与你同在。

Channel: James McConnell and JoAnna McConnell

频道: 詹姆斯 · 麦康奈尔和乔安娜 · 麦康奈尔

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