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Editor's Note:All Over Search Engines&Social Media,Fact Checkers Are Saying it is False.


This is Terrifying!


History is repeating itself by these attempts to eradicate historical truth.A type of"Book Burning"and utilization of the exact same types of propaganda used at the time.


An attempt is being made to erase history so it can repeat itself,and is a slap in the face of those still alive who lived through those times.


Individuals who were there.The Eye Witnesses.The Victims.The many who were slaughtered.


I have found documented proof from the Holocaust Encyclopedia AND Museum located in Washington DC.It is reprinted below with a direct link HERE for the reader to fact check.


Visit the rest of the Holocaust website to learn much more and be educated.


The only way society can be saved,is to overcome the rampant misinformation campaign by sharing this factual educational piece widely.Digital Soldiers UNITE!


~~~Linda Forsythe


Between the Nazi seizure of power in 1933 and the beginning of World War II in 1939,SS chief Heinrich Himmler built an unassailable position for the SS in the Nazi regime by taking control of the German police forces.


By late 1934,Himmler and his deputy,SD chief Reinhard Heydrich,had centralized the regional German political police departments within a single new agency in Berlin,the Secret State Police(Geheime Staatspolizei;Gestapo).After Hitler appointed him Reichsführer SS and Chief of German Police on June 17,1936,Himmler centralized the various criminal police detective forces(Kriminalpolizei-Kripo)in Germany into the Reich Criminal Police Office(Reichskriminalpolizeiamt)and united the Gestapo and Criminal Police within the Security Police Main Office(Hauptamt Sicherheitspolizei).

1934年底,希姆莱和他的副手,SD 首席赖因哈德·海德里希,已集中在一个新的机构在柏林的地区德国政治警察部门,国家秘密警察(盖世太保;盖世太保)1936617日,希姆莱任命他为党卫军元首和德国警察总长,之后,他将德国境内的各种刑事警察侦查部队集中到刑事警察办公室,并将盖世太保和刑事警察统一到安全警察总部纳粹德国秩序警察。


Heinrich Himmler with Reinhard Heydrich 海因里希·希姆莱赖因哈德·海德里希

Heinrich Himmler(seated,center),chief of the SS,with Reinhard Heydrich(standing,left),chief of the Reich Main Security Office(RSHA).Berlin,Germany,1938.


    Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz


Himmler also centralized the German uniformed police forces,known as the Order Police(Ordnungspolizei),within the Order Police Main Office(Hauptamt Ordnungspolizei)in Berlin under the command of SS General Kurt Daluege.On September 27,1939,four weeks after Nazi Germany invaded Poland to initiate World War II,Himmler fused the Security Police and the SD into the Reich Security Main Office(Reichssicherheitshauptamt-RSHA),the agency that would be tasked with implementing the Holocaust in 1941-1942.


Himmler's intent was a complete fusion of the SS and the German police.He aimed to utilize the executive authority of the police to implement ideological policies deemed by the Nazi leadership to be essential for the survival and expansion of the German race.These included smashing political opposition and expelling or eliminating"undesirable"racial groups at home(such as Jews,Roma[Gypsies],and people with hereditary disabilities),initiating a program of military expansion,and establishing permanent rule of a German"master race"in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.The security of this"thousand-year Reich"would be guaranteed by the elimination of"enemy races,"such as the Jews—wherever they lived—and the enslavement of other"inferior races"such as Poles,Russians,and other Slavic peoples,after physically annihilating their intellectual,cultural,military,and political elites.


To implement these policies,Himmler and his SS leaders,on the other hand,by tying it to the SS,removed the police from the framework of the administration and judicial system of the German state.Police operations ordered by Hitler through the SS-police chain of command would no longer be constrained by judicial or administrative review.Hitler as Führer could authorize all such actions,including individual and mass murder,on the basis of his"will"to ensure the survival of the German race-nation.Such an authorization was not subject to the laws of the state or international law.


Himmler never succeeded in completely amalgamating the SS with the police.Nevertheless,virtually all leadership posts in the uniformed police and the police detective forces were held by SS officers;by 1938,SS control over the police was unchallenged.Few German police officers objected to the change in their status related to the state and the justice system.Many police officials joined the SS willingly;the overwhelming majority of police officers welcomed this broad expansion of their policing powers that association with the SS brought them.


After centralizing the German police by mid-1936,the SS and police leaders streamlined the regional organization of the SS and police in anticipation of the conquest of Europe.In 1936,Heydrich and Daluege appointed regional representatives,called Inspectors of Security Police and SD(Inspekteur der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD-IdS)and Inspectors of the Order Police(Inspekteur der Ordnungspolizei-IdO).From 1939 until 1945,these representatives were called Commanders of Security Police and SD(Befehlshaber der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD;BdS)in occupied territory.The IdS/BdS and the IdO/BdO commanded all of the personnel and units,respectively,of the Security Police and SD and Order Police in the region to which they were assigned.

1936年中期德国警察中央化之后,党卫军和警察领导人精简了党卫军和警察的区域组织,以期征服欧洲。1936年,海德里希和达鲁厄格任命了地区代表,称为安全警察和社会保障部督察(Inspekteur der Security Police and SD)和秩序警察(Order Police)督察(Inspekteur der Ordnungspolizei-IdO)。从1939年到1945年,这些代表被称为安全警察指挥官和 SD(befehlshaker der 纳粹德国秩序警察和 SD;BdS)在被占领土。身份证/旅行证和身份证/旅行证分别指挥所分配到的区域的保安警察和保安和秩序警察的所有人员和单位。

In 1937,Himmler established regional representatives of all SS and police agencies called Higher SS and Police Leaders(Höhere SS-und Polizeiführer-HSSPF).The HSSPF represented all interests of the SS and police,including those that went beyond police functions(such as settlement planning,caring for ethnic Germans,and supervising the maintenance of the Military SS—Waffen-SS).In case of emergency,the HSSPF commanded all SS and police agencies in his region and answered only to Himmler.The deployment of personnel and resources to carry out mass murder operations—whether by shooting as at Babi Yar near Kiev,Ukraine,or in killing centers such as Chelmno or Treblinka—could only take place under the authority of the HSSPF or his subregional representatives,the SS and Police Leaders(SS-und Polizeiführer-SSPF).

1937年,希姆莱成立了所有党卫军和警察机构的地区代表,称为高级党卫军和警察领导人。社会保障部代表了党卫军和警察的所有利益,包括那些超越警察职能的利益(如定居点规划、照顾德裔人和监督军事党卫军ー武装党卫军的维持)。在紧急情况下,HSSPF 指挥他所在地区的所有党卫军和警察机构,只对希姆莱负责。部署人员和资源开展大规模屠杀行动ー无论是在乌克兰基辅附近的 Babi Yar 开枪,还是在 Chelmno 或特雷布林卡等杀人中心ー只能在国家安全部队或其次区域代表、党卫军和警察领导人(党卫军和警察部队领导人)的授权下进行。

Author(s):United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,Washington,DC



MSM will continue to feed on those sheep who still don't recognize the danger lurking in their midst…

MSM 将继续以那些仍然没有意识到危险潜伏在他们中间的绵羊为食..

Why is that?Because recent generations are taught to believe what they are told without question.


Those who use their inherent Critical Thinking skills…are thinking for themselves,researching,fact checking and coming together for discussions with those who simply want to know the truth.


These are those who can now see clearly.


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