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Our work will not be over when The Event takes place!In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point.Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update#40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.


"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase.Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network(film)which forms the backbone of the new society,whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable,but processing,integrating and stabilizing.Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."


In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness.The phase that is referred to above,will be a period of about two years'time,when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms.It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.




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Getting Involved 2


As Lightworkers We Need a Greater Awareness of and Knowledge about Demonic Possession



by Therese Zumi Sumner

This subject may very well surprise many of my readers.Finally,I have been made aware all too clearly,about the absolute necessity of awareness and knowledge coming to the forefront regarding this subject now.


I am not aware of any Lightworker blogs having taken up this subject?It feels a bit like"if we just pretend that these entities do not exist then they will disappear."


Breaking Contracts


We have learned as Lightworkers that to keep ourselves free from darkness we must clearly state that we desire to break all contracts with dark beings.I am informed by my Guides that approximately 14%of Lightworkers have broken these contracts.


We have all had contracts with dark beings whether we like it or not,because otherwise we would not have been able to gain access to this matrix world that has been controlled by archons-the fallen angels.For example if we chose to come here to this planet from other places in this galaxy,or in the sister Andromeda galaxy,to help to support the removal of darkness and liberate humanity,we had no choice but to make agreements with the archons to be allowed to incarnate on Earth.The archons have had their Draconian Reptilians and other parasitical beings under their control to control humanity.



Demons do not follow any laws.Demons do not make deals or contracts.Demons for their survival are dependent upon the existence of negative emotional energy.They seek environments where they can consume negativity in some form.


People who are basically good human beings and who have an interest in doing good things for humanity can still be usurped by demons due to a lack of awareness.


Knowledge is Power


I haven't necessarily decided to avoid delving into this subject earlier.However,for whatever reasons I was not ready to do so until now.Now that I have begun investigating this subject,I realize that knowledge in this area is key to our ability to be able to see the whole truth of the matter in dealing with darkness.


I see clearly now,that in not having a basic understanding of this subject,we are left open to being continually deceived in various circumstances.When the awareness of the darkness is not there it can continue to exist and manipulate and take away power from the many.


This loss of power comes about,simply because,when difficulties arise in our lives,that we do not how to deal with,that we do not understand,we do not even consider this subject as an eventual source of the problem.




When there are seeming inconsistencies in a person's behaviour that puzzle us,when someone very surprisingly acts out of conduct,having a knowledge and awareness of this subject matter might very well be of importance in solving the situation.


Why Do Demons Choose Certain Individuals?


Demons do not seek permission to enter a host body.Demons do what they like to do.They choose a victim and move in.


Are they attracted to certain individuals for greater gratification?i.e.for greater success in taking over some aspects of a person's life.


There are no humans who seek being a host to a demonic being.However,some belief systems held by humans would certainly be a more attractive host for a demon.Darkness is always an attraction.Darkness can be lack of awareness.


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Let's take some examples.


If someone has a tendency to go through life telling lies.


If someone has very strong anti-religious belief systems i.e.does not believe in God or the supernatural world.


If someone has an alcohol addiction.


Someone who has antisocial behaviour and has a tendency to avoid interacting with others.


Someone whose life is controlled and restrained in some way.


If someone is attracted to a knowledge of the'dark arts.'


Someone who goes through life unconsciously and does not take responsibility for their actions.


How Prevalent is Demonic Possession?


With 100%certainty you have either known/know of someone in your life that was/is possessed by a demon.This I am sure will amaze my readers and many will not believe this statement.That's fine.I am not in any way suggesting that people start searching out or singling out people who might be possessed in their environment.


My aim with this series of articles{there will be a part 3 and 4}is to bring forth an awareness of this subject matter because with knowledge we can do so much more to correct this sad situation than when we are in the dark about this matter.


Different Types of Demons


I came across a very interesting and enlightening article by someone in central Europe where I found a list of demonic entities.This person has from childhood been able to clearly see different dimensions and has a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the subject of demons.I will provide the names of some of the entities that my Guides have confirmed.


She discusses 1)Demons 2)Diabolic Beings{Ghosts of very evil deceased humans}3 Hungry Ghosts{stuck lost human souls}.


This blogger has the following opinion and I feel that it is a point of view worthy of discussing.She says;


"I do not believe in'fighting'darkness because we need both worlds...when people have unresolved issues and pain and are avoiding dealing with these problems...darkness(demons)hooking onto this can bring it into the limelight to be resolved"


She believes that"this is the functionality of darkness...the cause of the entrance of darkness in the first place".


I have to say very decidedly that I cannot agree with either of these statements.Sadly to say this type of opinion regarding darkness is very prevalent in our world.


I will now attempt to explain why I do not agree with these ideas.


We now know quite a lot of information about the origins of darkness on this beautiful planet.If you are interested and are not yet familiar with the information from the Resistance Movement via Cobra,then you can go to the webpage on my website that is entirely devoted to this subject matter.Here is the link to that page.



Also,I would like to say something here as a reminder that all of this darkness will end!When I say end,I mean END.Forget anything that you might believe to know about a 1000 years of peace and then the'devil'being allowed to return for another while etc.NOT TRUTH.


We are the very last planet in darkness to be liberated!


When The Event is a fact that will be the time of the real beginning of the end of the reign of darkness{I have to say at this point that we have made HUGE STRIDES forward already and that SO MUCH darkness is already in the past.}Darkness will not be making a return visit here.I recall an interview about 6 years ago with Drunvalo Melchizidek.He was asked this very question and he replied something in the fashion of"this fall into darkness will never be allowed to take place again.WE(he said)will not allow it!"I realised that the'we'included me!I will never ever allow this to take place again!My inner voice~the little devil voice that's comes from lives of programming~says"who do you think you are~making such a statement~the queen of Sheba".Well we are all ONE:I do not believe for one fraction of a second that Divine Mother~Goddess wishes for more suffering on the part of humanity.When I say 1 and We I mean the entire Co.of Heaven~the entire Council of Love~and the entire Galactic Confederation~and all of us together will never allow these'mistakes'to take place again.We will create a sort of'reset button'to be used so that no-one can ever get lost again!

当这个事件成为一个事实,那将是黑暗统治结束的真正开始的时候{我不得不说,在这一点上,我们已经取得了巨大的阔步前进,这么多的黑暗已经在过去。}黑暗不会在这里回来。我记得6年前 Drunvalo Melchizidek 的一次采访。有人问他这个问题,他回答说:"这种坠入黑暗的事情再也不会发生了。"。我们(他说)不会允许的!"我意识到'我们'包括了我!我再也不会允许这种事情发生了!我内心的声音~来自编程生活的小魔鬼的声音~:"你以为你是谁~做出这样的声明~示巴女王"。我们都是一体的:我不相信神圣的母亲女神希望人类遭受更多的痛苦,哪怕只有一秒钟。当我说我和我们的时候,我指的是整个天堂公司,整个爱的委员会,整个银河联邦,以及我们所有人都不会允许这些错误再次发生。我们将创造一种"重置按钮"来使用,这样没有人可以再次迷路!

To be continued;



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