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By Judy Byington as reported in Before It's News:

作者:Judy Byington Before It's News 中报道:


An international military force has repatriated to the US Treasury,650 plane loads of gold and cash from the Vatican according to Charlie Ward,Ph.D,whose team secured the gold and valuables."The military also arrested 13-demon-bloodline families,Mafia heads,the Pope and 350 personnel in the Vatican.Then they cleared out the Vatican of cash,gold and valuables in 650 plane loads and flew it to Fort Knox and other US Treasury locations"Ward continued.


"When President Trump said,'First,they cut off the head of the snake,'he meant the 13-demon-bloodline families who had been running the global Deep State world"Ward said.


As a result over 6,000 Vatican bank accounts used to blackmail world leaders have been closed as the Vatican Bank lost their status as a money-laundering center for the Satanic Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult's global human trafficking,pedophile,gun and drug running networks.


Ward claimed that in March 2020 the first country to go into lockdown for the CV-19 virus was Italy.At the same time it was also the first country the Global Military went into to secure gold for the about-to-happen Global Currency Reset where 209 countries valued their currency according to gold and physical assets.

沃德声称,20203月,意大利是第一个对 CV-19病毒实行封锁的国家。与此同时,它也是全球军事力量第一个为即将发生的全球货币重置而进入的国家,209个国家根据黄金和实物资产对其货币进行估值

Since 1913 the Cabal-owned Federal Reserve's global financial system has funneled US taxpayer dollars to the Queens Bank of London,Vatican Bank and on to Central Banks across the globe.That system was now defunct with a September 2020 start up of a transparent Quantum Computer global financial system of the BRICS Alliance(Brazil,Russia,India,China and South America).See Child Sacrifice,Pedophilia and the Global Banking System:

1913年以来,阴谋集团所有的美联储(Federal Reserve)的全球金融体系,将纳税人的钱输送给了皇后银行(Queens Bank of London)、梵蒂冈银行(Vatican Bank)以及全球各地的央行。20209月,金砖国家联盟(巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南美洲)启动了一个透明的量子计算机全球金融体系,该体系随之失效。参见《儿童牺牲、恋童癖和全球银行体系》:/v3/crime-all-stars/2019/2469804.html

Ward reported,"Who are the three BIG PLAYERS?Saudi Arabia…Israel…and then the Vatican.Trump shows up at the Vatican and presents to Pope Francis a massive folder saying,'Yeah,take your time,have a look see.You might want to put your red shoes on.I'm not leaving here until you sign some documents for me.'

沃德报道说:"这三个大玩家是谁?沙特阿拉伯...以色列...然后是梵蒂冈。特朗普出现在梵蒂冈,向教皇方济各(Pope Francis)赠送了一个大文件夹,上面写着:'是的,不着急,看看吧。'。你最好穿上你的红鞋子。你不给我签几份文件,我就不走。"

"The next day the Vatican capitulated to Donald Trump.Now what did the Vatican have to do to sign off?The Fed is controlled by a certain group within the Catholic Church…The Jesuits are the real MAFIA,my friends"Ward claimed."


"Everything is happening now,but the information won't come out until March 2021.Beware the Ides of March–that's when we'll see the fall of the Cabal in the Mainstream Media,"said Ward."


See Vatican No Longer Blackmails World Leaders,Though Do Child Sacrifice:



"When a person became a prime minister,president,central bank governor,etc.,they were visited by authorities of the Vatican Bank,"according to P2 Freemasons who passed the Intel to Benjamin Fulford."The new world leader was given from US$100 million to over US$1 billion as a welcome into an exclusive club under a warning that if they refused to cooperate they would be killed."

"当一个人成为总理、总统、中央银行行长等,他们会受到梵蒂冈银行当局的拜访,"根据 P2共济会谁通过情报给本杰明富尔福德。"这位新的世界领导人从1亿美元到10亿美元不等,受到欢迎加入一个高级俱乐部,并警告说,如果他们拒绝合作,就会被杀死。"

More revelations were emerging about the depth of other Vatican crimes,especially in Canada–a hot spot for Vatican atrocities for centuries.The Vatican has refused requests for excavation of child mass grave sites believed filled with the mutilated bodies of over 50,000 children who went missing from the Anglican,United Church of Canada,though mainly 80 Catholic native residential schools across Canada.See:




An about-to-be implemented Global Currency Reset has already ended the Vatican Bank and it's Ninth Circle's money laundering operations as it cut the criminals off from services of various mafias in their international Child Sex Trafficking,gun and drug running rings."By shutting down the 6,000(world leader)accounts we crippled the entire Vatican and forced the Catholic Church into a phased program of only accepting electronic donations(church collections)to conform with international money laundering legislation.This decouples the Vatican from the Italian Mafia,"Fulford claimed.




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