Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

October 4,2021 2021104


UPDATE:10:59 am Pacific October 4,2121:Telegram is experiencing"anomalies"too now folks so…anything could happen.I'm seeing a lot of very interesting comms out there.Facebook domain name for sale…Telegram notifications are popping up but won't allow me to access the post unless I scroll down manually.Some are reporting that the FB&Instagram users are now flocking to Telegram so that could be the problem.

更新:10:59 am 太平洋104日,2121:Telegram 也正在经历"异常",所以...任何事情都可能发生。我在那里看到了很多有趣的通讯。出售的 Facebook 域名......电报通知正在弹出,但不允许我访问这篇文章,除非我手动向下滚动。一些人报告说,facebook Instagram 用户现在正涌向 Telegram,这可能就是问题所在。

We hear the White Hats are in control.


While it appears that delays have prevented anything much happening,the reverse is the reality,and there are signs if you know what to look for.At 9:30 am my time this morning…


JUST IN–Major global outage:Facebook,WhatsApp,Instagram down.Link to Telegram.

全球大停电:FacebookWhatsAppInstagram 下线。链接到 Telegram


Phil Godlewski on Telegram says:

菲尔戈德莱夫斯基(Phil godelwski) Telegram 上表示:

As of right now,according to the server errors on Facebook's code,Facebook currently does not even exist on the World Wide Web.

到目前为止,根据 Facebook 代码中的服务器错误,Facebook 目前在万维网上还不存在。

Nameservers have been completely deleted from the internet.


It's true.I've never seen that before when I look for Facebook online.We can expect more of that.I hear it's widespread and growing,Twitter,etc.and some folks are pretty excited about it and asking,'Is this it,patriots?"

这是真的。当我在网上搜索 Facebook 时,我从未见过这种情况。我们可以期待更多。我听说它的传播和发展,推特等等,一些人对此非常兴奋,他们问,'就这样了吗,爱国者?"'

As for"waiting"…we are not waiting for anything,we are moving full steam ahead toward many events in the background.In the foreground,we can see the People are not waiting;nor are they asking permission.The global movement to restore our sovereignty as a free Human species is exploding in most countries,as evidenced by the surge of protests and demonstrations.


Some,as in the Netherlands,are more like celebrations.The other extreme is Australia where hired thugs literally beat civilians for just being out on the street or on the beach.Some are hauled off to jail and the entire world is watching the American election situation,in particular.


Some say America must get on the streets en masse as we see in other nations.What we are seeing,is opposition to the current satanic,fascist regime in the form of town hall style meetings,parental addresses to school boards,political rallies,and bills and edicts to block the blatant communist agenda we see unfolding in the nation leading the charge.


While the Covid scamdemic has been tragic,it has also been the needed catalyst for awakening the masses and it took mammoth death and destruction to get the attention of the most deeply hypnotized.Many of the most reticent are still able to rationalize and minimize what is unfolding,but they won't be able to do it much longer.


Humanity as a whole will have to get informed,get off their duffs and begin participating in life.Revolution is not a spectator sport and we will not be permitted to watch from the sidelines forever.We must all choose our team and get informed and involved.


Anyone not firmly in the corner of Humanity will be dealt with as the enemy,and we understand the White Hats have been meting out justice on our behalf for some time already.The most vociferous villains have been"removed"from the game—permanently.What's left is a weak web of deceit and treachery only the most blind have yet to see.


The genocidal tactics of the"power elite"(they are anything but)are now blatant and being exposed by law enforcement,medical professionals,legal experts,journalists,parents,politicians,and patriots from all walks of life.



For anyone who still believes that there is a"global pandemic"they,too,will be forced to acknowledge it's been a sham.A colossal lie.While there has been a high death toll,it isn't what it seems.We have reason to believe the Earth Alliance addressing the infestation of satanic pedophiles on our planet has been covertly plucking them from our midst in a drawn-out chess match that obfuscates the true agenda.


Fortunately,their plan has allowed the dark ones to believe they have been successful in their agenda and it is getting extreme now,even in America.For many,it's a frightening time and many who realize there is a significant problem just want reassuring that someone is addressing it.Not everyone has the"big picture"or realizes the extent of the problem.


Red October has been"advertised"by the White Hats via the Q Team for several years,and we did indeed see the White House in Washington,DC illuminated in red again at the onset.

红色十月已经被白帽子通过 q 团队"广告"了好几年,我们确实看到华盛顿特区的白宫在一开始就被再次点亮成红色。


It's difficult for those of us who innerstand the scope of the problem and the carefully crafted"Plan"to address it to watch what often resembles a circus but sometimes it takes outright absurdity to break through the veneer of disassociation in many people and get their attention.


The New World Order's puppets are master performers and skilled at using Hollywood,the media,actors and technology to pull off their deception,however the White Hats use the same tactics so it can be challenging to construct a reasonable facsimile of the true situation.


Fortunately,we have a few patriots entrusted with keeping us informed of the most important developments.For the rest,we need to use the utmost in discernment because the information war is raging.Nothing is what it seems and we've been encouraged to consider what is unfolding as a"movie".It's not what it seems and for national security reasons we civilians will not be told everything.We are given clues,however,and we are free to make our own determinations about what we see and hear and deduce for ourselves.


If you can't read between the lines you will miss a lot.The Q Team told us"learn our comms"and because interpretation is required,there are varied opinions.Each of us will have to discern for ourselves what we feel the situation is.In many ways it does resemble a"movie";an epic movie and there is everything a blockbuster hit would entail.Amid what appears to be extremely tragic circumstances we have comic relief.We see preposterous actions in our face from characters that are larger-than-life.

如果你读不懂字里行间的意思,你就会错过很多东西。Q 小组告诉我们"学习我们的通讯",因为需要口译,所以有不同的意见。我们每个人都必须自己分辨出我们感觉到的情况是什么。在许多方面,它确实类似于一部"电影",一部史诗电影,一部轰动一时的大片需要具备的一切。在一个看起来极其悲惨的环境中,我们有了喜剧性的解脱。我们从那些超越生命的角色身上看到了荒谬的行为。

When your legacy media is outright lying in direct opposition to the facts which are easily verifiable,you're going to have cognitive dissonance.Many people just don't know what to believe so they attempt to apply a logic patch to repair the rapidly disintegrating fabric of their reality.When the enemy also controls the accessibility of information on the Internet it is a formidable task to inject truth into the people closest to us.They don't realize what they're dealing with and applying logic to a fake reality only yields a tenuous fake reality.


Even if someone does try to establish the veracity of something they heard,Big Tech/Google has buried the truth and puts the cabal's disinformation and websites at the top of the search results.Your reality will be a direct reflection of your information source;hence the need for"alternative"news websites,blogs,videos and podcasts.The censorship is ferocious now,however,so we have to relentlessly pursue and publish the truth so it's out there to be found.


Having said that,however,we have to realize that in an information war,"disinformation"is used on both sides.We will have conflicting information and need to use our own discernment.Just because someone says our favourite insider isn't the real deal doesn't mean it's true.They like to confuse the enemy and actions speak louder than words.



The reality is so far from a sane one that many people simply cannot grasp that it's possible that what we are warning about could be true.From everything we've learned over the past five years,I feel it's controlled chaos.I"trust the Plan".


I was off-line on Sunday enjoying a more normal life so I'm a little behind in the news but it's never static so I'll pick up a few threads and move on to the"new news".


I don't take the following as necessarily true.If the White Hats want to close the border to prevent the criminals fleeing so they can round them up in the"hunt"this Red October,then we will see border restrictions,air traffic or airport shutdowns,etc.



Ambassador Bridge closed after possible explosives found


Yes,the NWO psychopaths are running scared.The Plan will expose their corruption and manipulation of everything in our world;the deceptions and the predation.

是的,NWO 的精神病患者都吓坏了。该计划将揭露他们的腐败和操纵一切在我们的世界;欺骗和掠夺。

Queen Romana of Canada reminds us that those who put out fear porn to scare us are themselves terrified and showing it.Why would we be afraid of martial law?THEY should be afraid of martial law because if our law enforcement and troops are deployed publicly it's because the hunt has just taken on a more public role.Mass arrests,probably,of the cabal's puppets.


Romana's short video is here on Telegram.

罗曼娜的短视频在 Telegram 上。

There is no question as to the agenda of the dark ones and their complicity in the global plandemic.



This Canadian doctor doesn't leave much to the imagination.He was relieved of his duties in Alberta for—are you ready for this?—curing patients of Covid pneumonia.How dare he!


His stark review of his experience is becoming more familiar,regardless of what corner of the world it originates.The stories are the same,but this is well worth the few minutes to read it.


Tragedy In Rural Alberta,A Courageous Doctor Speaks Out.


The nurses are stepping forward in the Great White Gulag as well.


(Arsenio Toledo) Two Canadian nurses have turned into whistleblowers and told reporters what they have seen during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This includes people dying after getting vaccinated and hospitals filled with fully vaccinated people suffering from COVID-19.

Mr.MBB333 covers the action with Gaia and some unexplained anomalies.


NEW*Strange Sounds*from the sky!|Quakes SWARM as Mt Kilauea Erupts AGAIN!


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The fake Fauci puppet makes it sound like he has the power to cancel Christmas and/or Thanksgiving.Not happening.Not this year.Not again,but it is a good strategy to get the snoozers'attention.

这个假的 Fauci 木偶听起来好像他有能力取消圣诞节和/或感恩节。不可能。今年不会。这次不会了,但这是一个吸引人们注意力的好策略。


Fauci's going down.He's already been removed and we are not seeing the real Anthony Fauci,from what I understand.


EXCLUSIVE:New Fauci Email Proves He Funded Lab Training for Wuhan's Most Deadly Lab.

Dave has a really good handle on what's going on and the X22 Report has proven quite accurate.

戴夫有一个非常好的处理什么是正在进行的和 X22报告已经证明相当准确。

Watch The X22 Report On Video The [CB] / [DS] are following their agenda, as they continue down the path the people can see very clearly it is not in their best interest and they are destroying the economy. Since the vaccine passport in NYC , business is down 40%-60%.

LT has a new update today,as well.Hopefully Rumble is working.

LT 今天也有一个新的更新,希望隆隆能够工作。

10.4.21:Are we seeing the TIDES turn?NSW resignations,PATEL bombshell&more!PRAY!

10.4.21:我们看到潮汐变化了吗?新南威尔士辞职,PATEL 性感炸弹及更多!祈祷!

I don't know if we're considered social media but I'm going to send this out now because connectivity seems iffy at the moment and I may not get another chance today.


We heard the financial scene is in good shape,China may be about to experience a crash,and we don't know what will happen next.


Steady as she goes,folks.It's getting very interesting.Make popcorn.~BP




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