有效利用日食、至日和土星/木星合相重建人类社会|Parisse Deza

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The primary purpose of this article is to direct attention to the eclipse window of the new moon this Monday,December 14th,and how its use relates to the hugely important Solstice/Great Conjunction of the 21st.Wherever you are in the world,go here to get the correct time for your location:https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/In American Mountain time,it will be Monday at 9:16 a.m.,the eclipse spanning approximately two hours on each side of that.Please meditate,and make your most concentrated effort to say"Yes"to the new age.


We are at the end of the solar year now.The impetus of what the year has been for is mostly played out;we have done it all,the winter solstice being the bottom of the yearly cycle,the resting point at which there is the least amount of solar(yang/active)energy available.This calming-down period of about two weeks before and after solstice,during which the Sun recreates itself and a new seed for a new year is conceived,allows us space to release the past,the year's activities,the"old ghosts",as the Chinese refer to them,and make space for new life to emerge.We can cooperate with this powerful act of creating a new year,for ourselves and our society,by using the alchemical window created by the eclipses,which will magnify the even greater potential of the winter solstice.


Why Is An Eclipse So Important?


An eclipse is an exact line-up of the Sun,Moon,and Earth.This alignment activates hidden powers;it is a beam that opens a magical doorway to the infinite and exponentially magnifies creative energy.It can be consciously used.During an eclipse,as well as at solstice and equinox,normal consciousness"blinks out,"making space for the unusual.When the doorway opens again on Monday(the first eclipse having been two weeks ago on the full Moon)we can use it to throw away our baggage and input new designs for our future.The importance of this particular eclipse is that only one week later an even bigger alchemical doorway opens,the winter solstice,happening simultaneously with the great conjunction of the master planets Jupiter and Saturn,an every-twenty-year event known to be a powerful impetus of societal change.This is a phenomenally auspicious synchronicity!The great conjunction,happening only eight hours after the solstice,is thought of by many as a significant marker for the Aquarian age.It is not the start of the Aquarian age,but a telling point in its unfolding.





The Start Of The Aquarian Age


有效利用日食、至日和土星/木星合相重建人类社会|Parisse Deza

Many wonder when the Aquarian age actually started or will start.There is a haze around this because our perspective has been myopic instead of galactic.The data that spotlights this answer has been ignored in favor of allowing our attention to dwell on the seductive Mayan calendar's presumed end date,12/21/2012.(I clarify all this in an article three and a half years ago,The Aquarian Age and A New Great Year Have Begun,which I am now editing and will republish shortly.)The transit,quite long in scope,marking the start of the new age,was reduced to a mere moment in time,the winter solstice of 2012,by over-emotional new-agers and by those who would use that immaturity to control consciousness on the planet.It is my opinion that the entire"2012"event was just a gigantic distraction,designed to keep our eyes off the ball.Most people,when asked what the special transit of December 2012 actually was,don't understand it at all.Suffice it to say right now,the Aquarian age technically started in May of 1998 when the ecliptic and the Milky Way edge formed a cross at the center of our galaxy during winter solstice,a time-frame which,in fact,spanned seventy-two years,and seventy-two winter solstices.The idea that a transit of such importance should take place in one night in 2012 and that the entire planet should undergo an immediate and total shift from old paradigm three-dimensional limitation into new paradigm fifth-dimensional freedom is absurd and impossible,the product of naivete.


How We Best Co-create Our New Age


有效利用日食、至日和土星/木星合相重建人类社会|Parisse Deza

Above photo:The Hubble Space Telescope image of a star that is still being born. 上图:哈勃空间望远镜拍摄的一颗新生恒星的照片。

Yes,the universe is expanding.But the common sense idea that it is expanding into empty space is wrong;the universe is all there is,there is no space beyond it to expand into.If there were extra space,it would be,by definition,part of the universe.Instead,the universe expands by actually creating,out of nothing,new space between groups of galaxies.The universe is,therefore,getting bigger and the galaxies further apart.


-Edwin Hubble,astronomer

Edwin Hubble,天文学家

Some who have seen my previous articles this year(go here for a page of them:https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/search?q=parisse+deza)may have noticed my focus on certain celestial events as being the most powerful for facilitating change.And you may have noticed too that I harp heavy-handedly on the use of our inner being for the power to make outer changes.There is a very good reason for this!It is the inside that creates the outside,not the other way around.Donald Trump is really good at creating things because he focuses on what he wants,not on fighting against what is there.Gandhi freed the entire country of India,not by fighting off the British,but by unifying the Indians in peace to stand for their freedom.They persistently told the Brits to leave until they did.They had to,because the Indians wouldn't play ball with them anymore.They refused to be their serfs and said"Yes"to their freedom.


And this is what it must take for us here in America,for all of humanity,to be free.We cannot fight off the oppressors,nor can we plead with them to free us from our cells.We have to BE free,ACT free,for them to lose their power over us.We must OWN our sovereignty.And this requires an internal shift which generates different external behaviors.People forget,America was born from acts of"civil disobedience".The pit so many people habitually fall into is they attach standing for their freedom to fighting for it,as if the two had to go together.Despite what so many repeat memetically in alternative venues,this is not a war.Treating it as such,creates conflict,not freedom.What makes the change to freedom is letting go of the fighting,for as long as we think of ourselves as fighters for freedom we will be victims of war instead.True creators are never victims.They don't fight,they elevate their minds,raise their vibration,and create something better-out of nothing.


Taking A Good Look At Ourselves


有效利用日食、至日和土星/木星合相重建人类社会|Parisse Deza

So,as it is obvious that we didn't simply ascend into heaven at the end of 2012,we have had to do the difficult work of facing ourselves each day and looking at what we don't want to see.This work is our"Yes"to being free.It is this that raises our vibration and puts us into a higher dimension,because:Being Present with oneself makes one whole.If anyone is still wondering why this shift to a new age has been so difficult,it's been because we've refused to stop fighting enemies,brace up,breathe deep,and take a good long look at ourselves.And any new age guru who tells you it's because the aliens are controlling things instead is misleading you.We are,ultimately,the power in our lives.


Time has shown we have had to chug away,locomotive-like,being patient and persistent as we reveal to ourselves all that has been held darkly in our group subconscious,while simultaneously holding our vision of how we want life to be.Life itself is moving us forward.It has a Plan for us.And our job is to say"Yes"to a new world of unity,peace,prosperity,freedom,and love.This is what the eclipses,the solstice,and the great conjunction are for.This is how we use our power,silently,from inside,by seeing the future we want and saying"Yes".("Ask and receive"-there's no middle step like fight,plead,or deserve.)Trying to use our power to force change or to beg for it has been keeping us prisoner,always engaged in battling against or otherwise trying to manipulate those we believe are controlling us.


有效利用日食、至日和土星/木星合相重建人类社会|Parisse Deza

Our universe is created from the inside out;as we imagine,we create.The Universe itself creates new star systems by unfolding,out of nothing,new space that wasn't there before,a womb-space it then fills with stars and stuff.As humans,we are all too preoccupied with externals,often expending vast amounts of energy trying to control what has already shown up in life,rather than,as Bucky Fuller said,to replace the old with the new.

我们的宇宙是由内而外创造的;正如我们所想象的,我们创造。宇宙本身创造了新的恒星系统通过展开,从无到有,新的空间之前不存在,一个子宫空间,然后充满了恒星和其他东西。作为人类,我们都太专注于外在的东西,经常花费大量的精力试图控制已经出现在生活中的东西,而不是像 Bucky Fuller 说的,用新的东西代替旧的东西。

It is the level of awareness of the people in general that determines what happens in the world.Donald Trump became president because the group consciousness had raised,as a whole,to a sufficient level of self-awareness and vibration to want and to allow positive change in our world.We have had enough of the past.It was this"Yes"that has brought us to where we are now.The best thing we can do is to stop looking at things in such a literal fashion and to worry every day about whether there is some hint of progress for"our side".This is ego drama,and actually retards our expansion.So many internet gurus disseminating information waste so much time and energy emotionally doing this.


Let Go Of Struggling And Use Your Imagination


有效利用日食、至日和土星/木星合相重建人类社会|Parisse Deza

Those of us who have been consciously working on the project of grounding the new energies so the new world can be born here have delved deeply into the causes of the creation of things.We now know that our bodies heal with proper use of our minds,and that artificial things like pharmaceuticals are(usually)not in alignment with health because they are not natural.Nature corrects everything in balance and harmony with the whole,and our minds must operate the same way in order to create a healthy society.If we want unity and peace,we must stop fighting.If we want to see a new age,we must let go of the old one.The Time and the Forces are with us.The benevolent,irrepressible Spirit of each New Age,the Aeon,to use the ancient Greek term,is moving it in whether the lizard people and lazy sleeple want it or not.Those of us working with the new energies have learned to follow the natural cycles,to make use of them,so we are moving in alignment with Life's Plan.Monday's eclipse,followed by the next Monday's Solstice,is a great turning point that the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will amplify.That conjunction will reflect what we are able to handle next in terms of both consciousness leaps and material world changes.We already have huge momentum from several decades of diligence.Sitting silently,doing ceremony,letting go of the past and entering the empty space in peace and trust,and playful creativity allows the Universe to work through us.As we step aside and stop trying to control things,we surrender the time to the Greater Being that wants to enter this plane of existence.Put your energy into your"Yes"and watch it happen.










4.观想宇宙中央太阳发出一道洁白明亮的光柱。观想光柱穿过全宇宙的银河中央太阳,穿过M87 银河系的银河中央太阳然后穿过本银河系的银河中央太阳。观想光柱穿过整个银河系,进入太阳系并且连结太阳系内所有的光之存有。观想光柱穿过月下空间,穿过地球上所有的众生,然后穿过自己的身体,进入地球的中心。


Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man,a visionary with 47 years experience in self-cultivation arts,who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity.He is an educator,counselor,reader,artist,writer,and Daoist internal alchemy,chigung,and feng-shui adept living in Sedona,Arizona since December,2015.His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.



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