我们身处预言时代|James Gilliland(ECETI)

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我们身处预言时代|James Gilliland(ECETI)


来自 ECETI 的最新消息


We Are In The Times of Prophesy


There have been so many prophesies about these times it is not as if we were not warned.No rock shall be left unturned,all the inequities will be shouted from the roof tops,the world of opposites where who we thought were the good guys turn out to be the dark hearts.Some call this end time madness.As we move into the Age of Aquarius the consciousness and energy shift will reveal everything.There is a lot of in house fighting within the UFO and Spiritual communities some with merit others venting their own personal problems within the communities.Still others are succumbing to some very dark divisive energies.There are those going off in their own personal crusade to make a name for themselves trying to take down others avoiding their own shadow side projecting it on others.This is not a new problem it is a very old problem.


I personally have so many knives in my back there is no more room for another.Now it has become well earned armor where I don't even take the time to listen to those who be lie ve they are my advisaries.I have been accused of sorcery by sorcerers,those using black magic on myself and others,fakery by the fakers,deception by the deceivers.In the past those who have participated in the character assasinations in most cases were people who were not successful in their own manipulations,coups,stole money from the Sanctuary or were tossed off for breaking the no drug or alcohol rules.In some cases this opened the door to unseen negative entities which created havoc at the ranch.When all is said and done all I have been is a divine mirror to the accusers own iniquities and actions.To be honest this is really getting old.What is surfacing now is a war between the posers and the authentic.Those with self-serving agendas in it for the fame and money verses those in service to others ushering in the greater family of man.Those truly in contact and working with our spiritually and technologically advanced off world brothers and sisters.We all have to keep a constant vigil concerning personal motives and agendas keeping the spiritual ego in check.There is some very ancient wisdom true today as it was in the past.Many use these bits of ancient wisdom in their teachings today.Before spreading any rumors or gossip ask yourself do you have personal firsthand knowledge.What is the source of your information?Is it beneficial or harmful?We cannot depend on the mainstream news or social media to form opinions.They have been proven to be social engineering programs using tactics learned and administered by MK Ultra and other agencies with devious agendas.

我个人有这么多刀在我的背上,没有更多的空间给另一个。现在它已经成为我应得的盔甲,我甚至不花时间去听那些谎言的人,因为他们是我的指导。我被巫师指控为巫术,被那些对我和别人施黑魔法的人指控,被那些骗子欺骗,被那些欺骗者欺骗。在过去,大多数情况下,那些参与角色配对的人都是那些在自己的操作、政变、从庇护所偷钱或因违反禁止吸毒或酗酒的规定而被抛弃的人。在某些情况下,这打开了通往看不见的负面实体的大门,这些负面实体对农场造成了巨大的破坏。当所有的一切都说过和做过的时候,我所做的一切就是指控者自己罪孽和行为的一面神圣的镜子。老实说,这真的很老套。现在浮出水面的是装腔作势者和真实之间的战争。那些为了名利而自私自利的人,与那些为他人服务的人相比,他们将迎来更大的人类家庭。那些真正与我们精神上和技术上先进的外星兄弟姐妹们接触和合作的人。我们都必须时刻关注个人动机和议程,以保持精神上的自我受到约束。有一些非常古老的智慧今天仍然是真实的,就像过去一样。许多人在今天的教导中使用了这些古老的智慧。在散布任何谣言或流言蜚语之前,问问你自己你是否有第一手的资料。你的信息来源是什么?它是有益的还是有害的?我们不能依靠主流新闻或社交媒体来形成观点。他们已经被证明是社会工程项目,使用的策略学习和管理的 MK 超和其他机构的不正当议程

Sad to say the UFO community is replete with shills,planned opposition,ego driven competitive people.Those who are authentic are far and few between.The spiritual community has the same problem.Both communities are filled with posers and unfortunately those who are not authentic with self-serving agendas rise to the top.They have the support of an extremely compromised system set up to control the narrative.This will change in the very near future.There are some who have fallen so far as to participate in Satanic and Luciferian rituals so decadent we will not go there.They claim power over others,seek fame and wealth often through ritual in ignorance of Universal Law.The mind in which you seek is the mind in which you connect and some have connected to some very dark,trespassing abusive entities.In their desire for fame and wealth,the ability to control and manipulate others they themselves have lost control and are manipulated by the very entities they called in.Of course they be lie ve they are on the side of good.Anyone that does not blindly follow,questions their motives or align with their goals becomes the enemy.Spiritual ego gives way to narcissist behavior followed by possession if not checked.

可悲的是,UFO 界充满了骗子,有计划的反对派,自我驱动的好胜心很强的人。那些真实的人是极少数的。精神团体也有同样的问题。这两个社区都充满了装腔作势的人,不幸的是,那些不真实的人,自私自利的议程,上升到了顶端。他们得到了一个极其妥协的系统的支持,这个系统的建立就是为了控制叙事。这种情况在不久的将来就会改变。有些人堕落得如此之深,以至于参与了撒旦和路西法的仪式,如此堕落,我们不会去那里。他们声称拥有凌驾于他人之上的力量,常常在对宇宙法则的无知中通过仪式来寻求名利。你们寻找的心灵是你们连接的心灵,有些人已经连接到一些非常黑暗、非法侵入的虐待实体。在他们对名誉和财富的渴望中,控制和操纵他人的能力使他们自己失去了控制,并被他们召唤的实体所操纵。他们当然是在撒谎,因为他们站在正义的一边。任何不盲目追随、质疑自己动机或与自己目标一致的人都会成为敌人。如果不加以控制,精神上的自我就会让位于自恋者的行为,随后就是占有

What is sad is some have deadly charisma utilize magic,unseen entities to have their way.There are many gullible even innocent people that fall into their web.These dark hearted misguided people are at war with the ones who are authentic,the truth tellers and light bearers.They are threatened by those who are authentic's knowledge of who they are and their true agendas They have their minions in league with some very dark unseen negative influences spreading rumors and gossip,falsehoods to undermine the character of the authentic lightworkers.


This is all going to change and there will be a lot of_hit slinging during the process.This is not aligned with Universal Law nor is it frequency specific to the awakening and healing process well underway as we speak.By pointing this out many will say you are not enlightened this is judgement,fear porn.Enlightenment means being in knowledge of,all of it,both sides of the coin.The ability to observe without attachment knowing as an eternal soul you have been all of it.We all have a shadow side,self-mastery is knowing our shadow,keeping it in check.Look up the Cherokee story about the two wolves fighting.


It is extremely important to not allow your own spiritual evolution to get derailed during this process.We have to drop into the heart,use our own inner sensitivity to discern what is true for us.


There are three kinds of business,your business,other people's business and Gods business.Other people's business is Gods business.Karma works don't let victim patterns pull you into other people's business.The only reason anyone has any power over you is because you want something from them.Be it love,acceptance,approval all of this needs to be found from within.This is also true with security.Security does not come with dependency.Security comes from sovereignty.


On another note one of the problems with today's society is they do not know their history.There are those who want to be taken care of,come from a sense of entitlement and will gladly give their power away to others.The false promises of security,freebies,utopia always come with a price.Someone has to pay that price and eventually when the money they have taken from others who have lost all incentive runs out guess what history has proven will be the outcome?Poverty,loss of freedom,then riots followed by genocide.You will have no way of protecting yourself because socialists took your guns.Sound unspiritual?Is it spiritual to watch a civilization fall,decline into poverty disease,lose all freedoms and say nothing?What if things devolved to something like Road Warrior and you never said nothing.What if George Orwell's 1984 was not fiction but a warning?How about Fahrenheit 451?These should be standard reading.Socialism is Orwellian,always easy going in hard getting out,"alive".


This is another major division playing out and it is playing out in every field.Did you ever wonder why the movie industry,music industry,political,business,educational and religious institutions have become so anti America?Do you think Antifa,BLM other anti-American groups were organized and funded organically?They were funded by the global elite and CCP,Communist C*na.Look at all the ties to C*na now with politicians,the honey traps CCP members which have infiltrated every institution.Have the democrats ever denounced the violence?Which politicians have accepted the most money and have the greatest ties to C*na?Soros and C*na are working hand in hand to take down America.They are responsible for most of the division and unrest in America and now America is waking up.


The question so many have not asked is why are the global elite and C*na so threatened by America.Is it not obvious?America stands in the way of the socialist and communist dictators plans for world domination.They want total domination,total control.Why would they call the voting machines used in the latest election dominion,allegedly used in banana republics to insure socialist dictators remained in control?The global elite were using global warming to control the world,that failed.Now they are using covid with an average 99.98%survival rate,most people asymptomatic to shut down Americas thriving economy.


In order to control the people,you have to keep them sick,stupid and in poverty.There is no science behind the lockdowns,other countries that did not enforce masks or lockdowns faired well,they are back in business.Most of the people who died during the Spanish flu died of secondary bacterial pneumonia from wearing masks,not from the flu.Other countries that had malaria and dengue fever problems used hydro chlori quil and other over the counter inexpensive methods on a regular basis.They had little or no problem at all.Check out Africa.


What is the real agenda behind the disease and the heavy handed measures?All you need to know is the agenda of the global elite and C*na.This will also expose those who have sold their souls and America to the global elite and C*na.This is not a democrat or republican thing it affects all of us.It is an American thing.


I fully support those who have been exposing and fighting against this agenda.Now you know why I root for Trump.He may not be perfect but he is the perfect man for the job.The global elite,CCP,mainstream and social media owned by the global elite and corrupt politicians all hate him.Why?Because a strong America is the exact opposite and in direct opposition to their plans for global dominion.They are not after him,they are after you.Trump,the military and the white hats are only standing in the way.Best to stand with them and don't sweat the small stuff.Especially the character assassinations and demonization of the corporate main stream media.If you knew who you are it is all small stuff.The cry for freedom and the end to tyranny is being heard around the world.The rest of the world will follow America.Some countries are actually out in front as far as taking a stand.我完全支持那些揭露和反对这一议程的人。现在你知道我为什么支持特朗普了吧。他也许不是完美的,但他是这项工作的完美人选。全球精英、**c*p、全球精英拥有的主流和社交媒体以及腐败的政客都憎恨他。为什么?因为一个强大的美国与他们的全球统治计划背道而驰。他们不是在找他,而是在找你。特朗普、军队和白帽子只是挡道。最好和他们站在一起,不要为小事烦恼。尤其是企业主流媒体的人格暗杀和妖魔化。如果你知道自己是谁,这些都是小事。全世界都听到了要求自由和结束暴政的呼声。世界其他国家将效仿美国。一些国家实际上在表明立场方面处于领先地位

The greatest weapon against tyranny is knowledge and unity.


Apply critical thinking,do your own research,stay away from the lame stream,social highly compromised media controlled by the global elite.Unify do not allow the division games to separate you from friends and family.Transend all cultural and religious boundaries into Unity Consciousness.It is where the universe is going.We all have a choice.


Merry Christmas,Happy Soltice etc etc.


Be well,


James Gilliland




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