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Deep State Agenda
Destruction of mankind
Top Expert Dr Sucharit Bhakdi explains Why the Injections Are No Good
顶级专家 Sucharit Bhakdi 博士解释为什么注射不好
More sinister and hopeful annotations
Dr Royal Raymond Rife developed method to destroy any virus
罗亚尔 · 雷蒙德 · 里夫博士发明了一种摧毁任何病毒的方法


How, Satanists reduce deliberately world’s Population


People are frightened and desperate and then willing and used to routinely accept and take intravenous drugs that supposedly help and protect them. Voluntarily and even eagerly they queue up to get their free vaccination, which is the  轻松摧毁任何病毒|最后的警钟most perfect delivery system ever invented. But free lunches do not exist, there is always a hidden motive involved. Here is the truth;


Vaccination programmes are probably the most important attack on the health of mankind. But there are other attack mechanisms to be warned against. PCR tests and masks, chemtrails and radiation, like vaccines, are also transmitters of substances that damage health. All three introduce nano particles in your healthy system, to destroy over time your immune defences.

疫苗接种计划可能是对人类健康最重要的攻击。但是还有其他的攻击机制需要警告。PCR 检测和口罩、化学物质和辐射,像疫苗一样,也是损害健康的物质的传递者。三者都会在你的健康系统中引入纳米粒子,随着时间的推移破坏你的免疫防御系统。

Ex Pfizer chief scientist Dr Michael Yeadon, says it is mass murder, backed up with a vaccine passport and extra booster vaccinations! He is a strong voice. He has carefully researched and analysed all this, to better understand the devastating effects of the mRNA “vaccine” on the world’s population. He states;

前辉瑞公司首席科学家迈克尔 · 耶顿博士说,这是一场大屠杀,有疫苗护照和额外的加强疫苗作为后盾!他的声音很有力。他仔细地研究和分析了所有这些,以便更好地理解 mRNA“疫苗”对世界人口的破坏性影响。他说:

“This system is run by lies, and maintained by more lies, and for a specific purpose, I believe their purpose is complete totalitarian control.”


 轻松摧毁任何病毒|最后的警钟They have made themselves the extension of the Roman Empire, better known as the Roman Catholic Church, on Earth. The Satanists have bribed, threatened, murdered and appropriated churches, governments and people to control everyone and everything on planet Earth.


Dr Michael Yeadon, Chief Scientist for Allergy and Respiratory, spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant in “the most senior research position” in this field, says;

过敏与呼吸首席科学家 Michael Yeadon 博士说,他在该行业领导新药研究32年,从这家制药巨头退休时担任该领域“最高级别的研究职位”;

Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.


“why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?”


Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.’


 轻松摧毁任何病毒|最后的警钟The nep-virus of today is a virus with a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a PR circus around it. It has received more press coverage and more followers than any ailment that has ever visited the human race on planet Earth. If this virus were a stock, it would be overexposed, overhyped and overpriced. Different countries are using different strategies to combat the ‘fake’ invasion. Brazil, Nicaragua and Sweden have not introduced quarantine regulations and have either more or fewer people infected or none at all. There are even 34 countries on the planet that have not registered a single Covid-19 case.

今天的 nep 病毒是一种带有 Facebook 页面、 Twitter 账户和围绕它的公关马戏团的病毒。它得到了比地球上任何疾病都更多的新闻报道和追随者。如果这种病毒是一种股票,那么它就会过度曝光、过度炒作和定价过高。不同的国家正在使用不同的战略来打击“假”入侵。巴西、尼加拉瓜和瑞典尚未出台检疫规定,感染人数或多或少,或根本没有感染。地球上甚至有34个国家没有出现一例2019冠状病毒疾病。

Other unaffected countries include Iceland, Belarus, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Most have followed Sweden, where a professor stated early on that ‘re-infection with Covid-19 is a myth’; An Icelandic doctor has reported; ‘The virus had already arrived in us in December last year’. It is noteworthy that the results in these countries are as good as, or even better than, those in the locked-in countries. However, without going through the socio-economic chaos experienced by other countries.


Note; These countries have already won the virus debate scientifically and have condemned the approach taken. The coronavirus is real, but not as serious as planned by the Deep State, because the patriots had secretly changed the toxicity formula in advance to a mild virus.

注意: 这些国家已经在科学上赢得了关于病毒的辩论,并谴责了所采取的方法。冠状病毒是真的,但没有深层国家计划的那么严重,因为爱国者们提前秘密地把毒性配方改成了一种温和的病毒。

The reaction to the coronavirus is undoubtedly over-hyped. In time, this hype will be seen as a political hoax. In fact, the Corona virus hysteria will go down as one of the world’s biggest political, blatantly exaggerated, out-of-proportion and downright misleading health scams in human history.


Deep State Agenda


The Archon bloodline families want people to die of cancer and other designed diseases, not being cured of any of those. They are mentally and emotionally sick, to an unfathomable degree and they see humans as dispensable cattle. They don’t care how much distress, suffering and death their manipulation and suppression causes. The more the better from their insane, psychopathic perspective. And that is what these beings are; insane psychopaths.


The Deep State agenda has three main assaults on people’s immune system designed. Vaccination, PCR-tests and mask wearing. All three introduce nano particles in your healthy system, to destroy over time your immune defences.

深层国家议程有三个主要的攻击人们的免疫系统的设计。接种疫苗、 PCR 检测和戴口罩。三者都会在你的健康系统中引入纳米粒子,随着时间的推移破坏你的免疫防御系统。

Dr Derek Knauss a clinical lab specialist focusing on virology and immunology, affirmed;

德里克 · 克劳斯博士是一位专注于病毒学和免疫学的临床实验室专家,得到肯定;

“We have tested 1,500 supposed covid-19 positive samples and found none. Only influenza A or B.


Four research papers that do describe the genomic extracts of the Covid 19 virus never were successful in isolating and purifying the samples. All four papers written on Covid 19 only describe small bits of RNA which were only 37 to 40 base pairs long, which is not a virus. A viral genome is typically 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs.

四篇描述冠状病毒疾病19病毒基因组提取物的研究论文从未成功地分离和纯化样本。所有写在冠状病毒疾病19上的论文只描述了仅有37-40个碱基对的小片段 RNA,这不是病毒。一个病毒基因组通常是30,000到40,000个碱基对。

Those with a poor immune systems are particularly likely to be killed, in a period when vaccinated individuals are most likely to be exposed to a virus. And what will give people a poor immune system? It is wearing a mask, PCR-test, being isolated from other people and not getting enough sunshine are some obvious causes. Drinking too much alcohol and smoking too much tobacco while under house arrest don’t help.

那些免疫系统较差的人特别有可能在接种疫苗的个人最有可能暴露于病毒的时期被杀死。什么会让人们免疫系统变差?带口罩、 PCR 检测、与他人隔离、阳光不足是其中一些明显的原因。在软禁期间喝太多的酒和抽太多的烟并没有帮助。

All the above is part of their evil 2030-agenda. Actually, what we are dealing with is just another flu strain like every year, COVID 19 does not exist and is fabricated.


The Deep State globalists orchestrated this COVID hoax which is nothing else as an ordinary flu disguised as novel virus, enabling a global tyranny and worldwide policed totalitarian surveillance states. A global plot that included massive election fraud to overthrow Trump. In short again; Corona/Covid does not exist, never has, period!  it is 100% scam!


Destruction of mankind


 轻松摧毁任何病毒|最后的警钟It is good to know; the real sinister medical purpose of the vaccine is to wipe out the less lethal strains and provide viral adaptation pressures that accelerate the creation of more lethal strains. In short it is the last phase for total world control and the destruction of mankind, meaning, the end of our civilisation and the human race.

知道这一点是好的; 疫苗真正危险的医学目的是消灭致命性较低的菌株,并提供病毒适应压力,加速产生更致命的菌株。简而言之,它是全球控制和人类毁灭的最后阶段,意味着我们文明和人类的终结。

The fake Mainstream Media, controlled by the Deep State, is creating a global fear psychosis, but it will soon be rolled up. Because, all 209 countries of this world have signed the GESARA agreement, humanity will be revealed who are those who have kept us in the dark. For hundreds of centuries they have used every possible means to oppress and enslave mankind.

由深层国家控制的假主流媒体正在制造一种全球性的恐惧精神病,但它很快就会被卷起来。因为,世界上所有209个国家都签署了 GESARA 协议,人类将被揭示谁是那些把我们蒙在鼓里的人。几百年来,他们使用一切可能的手段压迫和奴役人类。

Their Covid pandemic has been planned in advance for a long time, and to come into action before their own demise might begin; to let the entire world population “go down with them”. This has become their main reason for mandatory vaccinations worldwide; supported by the “vaccine passport”.

他们的冠状病毒疾病流行已经提前计划了很长一段时间,并在他们自己的死亡可能开始之前采取行动,让全世界的人口“和他们一起下地狱”。这已经成为他们在世界范围内强制接种疫苗的主要原因; 得到了“疫苗护照”的支持。

Ex Pfizer chief scientist Dr Michael Yeadon, says it is mass murder, backed up with a vaccine passport and additional booster vaccinations! He is a strong voice. He has carefully researched and analysed all this, to better understand the devastating effects of the mRNA “vaccine” on the world’s population. He states;

前辉瑞公司首席科学家迈克尔 · 耶顿博士说,这是大屠杀,有疫苗护照和额外的加强疫苗接种支持!他的声音很有力。他仔细地研究和分析了所有这些,以便更好地理解 mRNA“疫苗”对世界人口的破坏性影响。他说:

“This system is being put in place through lies, and maintained through more lies, and for a specific purpose, I believe their purpose is complete totalitarian control.”


Meanwhile, Pfizer confirms its agreement with Washington that it is allowed under “Other Transaction Authority” to violate federal laws and regulations designed to protect the public for clinical trials. In other words, Pfizer has the legal authority to commit fraud to kill people.

与此同时,辉瑞证实了与华盛顿的协议,即根据“其他交易管理局”(Other Transaction Authority)的规定,辉瑞可以违反旨在保护公众进行临床试验的联邦法律法规。换句话说,辉瑞拥有杀人的合法权力。

Top Expert Dr Sucharit Bhakdi explains Why the Injections Are No Good

顶级专家 Sucharit Bhakdi 博士解释为什么注射不好

This vaccination potentially has four major risks, and if we don’t discuss them, here and now, then it will be too late. All, this is a gene-based vaccine. and has four major risks.




The vaccination alone causes very serious side effects. The test subjects were young, healthy people, and half of them had fever, chills, muscle aches, aching limbs, headaches, and they felt sick. If, given to elderly people with pre-existing conditions, a vaccination of this kind, don’t imagine what will happen to them. None of test subjects had pre-existing conditions.




This vaccine has several components. The substance that encapsulates it (mRNA) can cause very serious allergic reactions.




Strangely enough, this vaccine can contribute an adverse overreaction to subsequent
naturally occurring infections. And not just with this virus, also with other viruses, such as a flu virus. It causes an explosive immune overreaction.


Tests done on animals for SARS-COV-1 showed that there was amplification of the immune system reaction to the disease. The animals that were vaccinated nearly died.

在动物身上进行的 SARS-COV-1试验表明,对该疾病的免疫系统反应有放大作用。接种疫苗的动物几乎死亡。

This is an immense danger.


Once a gene-based vaccination is injected in your arm, within minutes the vaccine (mRNA) spreads throughout the body. It also enters cells that normally wouldn’t be infected. There it starts the production of this virus protein.


People’s cells become a factory. Let tell you one thing…




This risk is autoimmune disease, and an offshoot of that is actually embolismic disturbance which can cause death, theoretically, and female infertility. These are scientifical things that are already written in black and white.


To finish;


On the vaccine package insert, from BioNTech, it even says that pregnant woman aren’t allowed to be vaccinated, because vaccine injury cannot be ruled out. And if a young woman decides to get vaccinated, she should avoid becoming pregnant for two months.

在 BioNTech 公司的疫苗包装说明书上,它甚至说不允许孕妇接种疫苗,因为不能排除疫苗损伤的可能性。如果一个年轻女性决定接种疫苗,她应该避免怀孕两个月。

That’s what it says already. It’s never been tested in experiments, and should have been.
This should have been looked into a long time ago.


There is nothing subtle about how ineffective and dangerous the so-called “covid-19 vaccines” are. The lying and criminality involved in their promotion is absolute and severe. The profiteers and perpetrators of these coerced injections should all be imprisoned immediately, and any and all authorization for their emergency use must be revoked immediately.


Below, are  some of the insights that forthcoming virologist and immunologist Dr Sucharit Bhakti shared in this concise frank presentation to the World Council for Health on March 14th 2022.

下面是即将到来的病毒学家和免疫学家 Sucharit Bhakti 博士在2022年3月14日世界卫生理事会简明坦率的报告中分享的一些见解。

Dr Bhakti describes the essential mechanisms of harm from the covid injections. He warns us against them in no uncertain terms, and with no regard for the enemies he’s made among the most wicked people in the world: the perpetrators of the covid-19 crimes against humanity.


Dr Bhakdi describes the dangers to our fertility and the very real danger that these injections may decimate the human population. Breast feeding dangers for infants, and the risk for genetically modifying our offspring before they are even conceived are very real.


He also includes advice for pathologists to reliably detect the covid-injection induced spike protein and autoimmune disease processes, both on live patients’ biopsies and on autopsies.


This is very important; without proper tissue preparation the very direct harms and deaths from these injections are being ignored. Justice requires evidence; and in this case evidence requires proper microscopic staining techniques. As Dr Ryan Cole has said “You cannot find what you are not looking for.”

这是非常重要的,没有适当的组织准备,这些注射的非常直接的伤害和死亡被忽视。正义需要证据; 在这种情况下,证据需要适当的显微染色技术。正如 Ryan Cole 博士所说: “你无法找到你没有在寻找的东西。”

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi has published over three hundred articles in the fields of virology, immunology, bacteriology, and parasitology. He has received 11 scientific awards as well as the Order of Merit of Rhineland-Palatinate. From 1990 to 2012, Prof Bhakdi was Editor-in-Chief of the journal Medical Microbiology and Immunology.

Sucharit Bhakdi 教授在病毒学、免疫学、细菌学和寄生虫学领域发表了300多篇文章。他曾获颁十一项科学奖项及莱茵兰-普法尔茨勋章。从1990年到2012年,巴克迪教授担任《医学微生物学与免疫学》杂志的主编。

Here is a jam packed 30 minute presentation. Dr Bhakdi is such an intelligent and calm person; it takes a severe situation for him to choose such an aggressive stance against big pharma and their cohorts, in defence of all of us.

这是一个30分钟的演讲。巴克迪博士是一个如此聪明和冷静的人; 他选择对大型制药公司及其同伙采取如此咄咄逼人的立场,以保护我们所有人,这对他来说是一个严峻的形势。

Zero benefit. Severe harms. Infertility. Cumulative danger. Concise and clear explanations by top virologist and immunologist Dr Sucharit Bhakdi.


Earlier this month, RAIR Foundation USA reported that the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s equivalent of America’s Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), appeared to be preparing citizens for inevitable deaths that will take place following the administration of the vaccine.

本月早些时候,美国 RAIR 基金会报告称,罗伯特 · 科赫研究所(Robert Koch Institute)——相当于德国的美国疾病控制和预防中心(CDC)——的负责人似乎正在让公民为接种疫苗后不可避免的死亡做好准备。


Prof. Lothar H. Wieler assured citizens that “on average 2,500 – 2,700 people die in Germany each day” and therefore, deaths that people may want to attribute to the coronavirus vaccine could be due to “another pre-existing disease” as they will be administered to the “elderly and extremely elderly.”

Lothar H. Wieler 教授向公民保证,“在德国,平均每天有2500至2700人死亡”,因此,人们可能希望归因于冠状病毒疫苗的死亡可能是由于“另一种预先存在的疾病”,因为这些疫苗将用于“老年人和极端老年人”

The irony, of course, is that while the German government prepares citizens for inevitable deaths from the coronavirus vaccine, the actual mortality rate of the virus is difficult to find.  “You won’t be able to find the answer [actual mortality rate], because you’ll only get an answer if you search the reports from the RKI [Robert Koch Institute] and calculate the number yourself,” Dr Bhakti previously observed.

当然,具有讽刺意味的是,尽管德国政府让公民为冠状病毒疫苗不可避免的死亡做好准备,但很难找到该病毒的实际死亡率。“你不可能找到答案[实际死亡率] ,因为你只有在搜索 RKI [罗伯特 · 科赫研究所]的报告并自己计算数字时才能得到答案,”巴克蒂博士此前观察到。

Watch the exclusively-translated video here:


More sinister and hopeful annotations


The Deep State have made themselves the extension of the Roman Empire, better known as the Roman Catholic Church, on Earth. The Satanists have bribed, threatened, murdered and appropriated churches, governments and people to control everyone and everything on planet Earth.


But these hundreds of thousands of years of oppression are finally coming to an end, for the Light has won from these dark powers.


One thing is certain, these “idiots” will reduce the world’s population by at least 75%; while 90% is planned by Agenda 2030. At present, more than 8.6 billion vaccines have been administered worldwide. Any further comment or evidence seems superfluous!

有一点是肯定的,这些“白痴”将使世界人口减少至少75% ; 而《2030议程》计划减少90% 。目前,全世界已经接种了86亿多种疫苗。任何进一步的评论或证据似乎是多余的!

We will soon find out what really happened over thousands of years. The enemy is a secret Satanic society from planet Saturn.


Dr Royal Raymond Rife developed method to destroy any virus

罗亚尔 · 雷蒙德 · 里夫博士发明了一种摧毁任何病毒的方法

 轻松摧毁任何病毒|最后的警钟Raymond Rife (1888 – 1971) was an American inventor and an early exponent of time-lapse high-resolution cinematography. He became known for his invention of microscopes, which can detect living micro-organisms by means of an “oscillating beam”, to treat various ailments by “reviving diseased organisms” using frequencies.

雷蒙德 · 里夫(1888-1971)是美国的发明家,也是延时高分辨率电影摄影的早期倡导者。他因发明显微镜而闻名,这种显微镜可以通过“振荡光束”来检测活的微生物,通过使用频率来“复活病菌”来治疗各种疾病。

In the 1930s, Royal Raymond Rife made a major breakthrough with his design and knowledge of the microscope and delivered a significant revelation in the prevention and cure of ailments on which mankind depends.

20世纪30年代,罗亚尔 · 雷蒙德 · 里夫在显微镜的设计和知识方面取得了重大突破,在人类赖以生存的疾病的预防和治疗方面带来了重大启示。

His intuitive vision led him to research avenues ‘too small’ for the big Pharma companies with their profit-oriented medical agendas.


He was a passionate researcher with an appetite for tragedy. His discovery gave eyes to the blind. He perfected a means of detecting the enemy of mankind. His microscope could give optical sight to viruses, and observe them in their active state. He developed a means by which any virus could be eradicated at the push of a button. His medical development brought him no reward, as his research did not fit into the desired elite 2030 agenda.


 轻松摧毁任何病毒|最后的警钟The Rife ultramicroscope was about to trigger a war on viruses. Due to the self-fluorescent ”staining” method, Rife observed life specimens exclusively, a distinguishing feature of his technology.


The fluorescent coloration of each pathogen was catalogued, a historic endeavour. For example: Tuberculosis bacilli appeared emerald green, leprosy was ruby red, E-coli was mahogany coloured – each one wickedly deceptive in the pretty colours. The degree of precision demonstrated in Rife’s catalogue  bears the unmistakable mark of genius. His method treats all germs as mechanical systems, dissolving them with vibrations, without negative effects for the health of the patient.

每种病原体的荧光颜色都被分类了,这是一项历史性的努力。例如: 结核杆菌呈现翠绿色,麻风病呈现宝石红,大肠杆菌呈现桃花心木色——每一种都在美丽的色彩中邪恶地欺骗着人们。里夫的目录所表现出来的精确程度无疑是天才的标志。他的方法把所有的细菌当作机械系统,用振动来溶解它们,对病人的健康没有负面影响。

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