(ECETI 新闻) : 2022年5月27日 混沌时代的自我掌控|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

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(ECETI 新闻) : 2022年5月27日 混沌时代的自我掌控|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

Self Mastery in Times of Chaos


May 27, 2022 | Issues #34

2022年5月27日 | 第34期

After the eclipse and full Moon I observed a lot of people did not fare well with the new energies. It was a golden opportunity for a reset if one could put their ego aside. It was a time where if one was brutally honest with themselves, they could take a quantum leap in evolution yet it seems few took that step. Rather than going within, processing old wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences and using discernment on the accuracy of or where their information is coming from most chose to project and blame rather than admit deep down inside they know something is off. Something within them or the beings they are receiving guidance. There were lots of pissing matches during the full Moon eclipse. What was sad is some don’t even have the reference points to know what is healthy, what is truly aligned with Universal Law, higher consciousness, or what it means to be an evolved human.


Always being the observer, staying out of reactionary mind along with a lot of loving detachment are the tools to master these situations. Years of experience often helps. Bounce things off a Grandmother. Most have seen it all.


I was recently in telegram trying to help someone who believed they were a biblical character from the past. When I explained how there are houses of consciousness like the House of Mary, a divine feminine house with both Marys and Grandmothers. When one connects, they merge with the energy and believe they are Mary. Just like other Ascended Masters houses. The same goes with spiritually advanced ETs. You can merge with their energies, become one yet this does not necessarily mean you are, or were, them. I could however mean you knew them in another incarnation. Many saints, sages and prophets of the past were doing the best they could with the reference points they had. There was a lot of misinterpretation of events. Look at your history. It is his story as told by the victors written by those in power at the time. Many have returned to undo what was written or clarify it. The pillar clouds that were afire by night, the communication between the lights on the river Chebar, Elisha ascending in a fiery chariot, the shiny disks with calves feet, fire and brimstone coming out of them that sounded like a thousand rushing rivers with today’s reference points were ships. The point I am making is we now have a greater understanding of the multiverse available. Living in the past using well known figures’ names as a badges might be a step backwards and negates all the wisdom gained through experience since that event.


In the big picture we are all one with the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions. The unified field. When you settle for an identity you limit and separate yourself. Often those are big shoes to walk in creating high expectations in those around you.


There are also faker spirits posing as advanced souls, this includes the off world folks. This is where discernment and inner sensitivity come in, mainly the ability to sense the frequency and motive of individuals. If they are limiting you, not inspiring you to make your own personal Creator/God/Great Spirit connection tying you to their world they are not as advanced as they profess. We always have the option to make our own personal connection, be the God/Goddess you are or settle for lesser realms. Why be subservient to an unseen influence, in some cases someone’s pet on the next level when you can go to the top. Many are engaging entities that are self-serving and not in their highest and best good in error not realizing these beings may not be who they say they are or as evolved as they profess to be. Tell them to show you their galactic drivers license. Just kidding. Connections can be limiting if they are psychic bonds in the higher realms there are no bonds, there are memories.


It is imperative during these times to use discernment. The veils are getting thinner yet this is allowing access to the lower 4th dimension which is a predatory zone. Everything from fallen Annunaki, Serpent Beings, Jinn, Royal Reptiles, Reptilians, Tall Greys and a host of discarnate spirits reside in the lower 4th. There are tricksters, faker spirits and a host of entities that will derail your spiritual evolution. If you knew who was under their spell some willingly, some in ignorance most could not handle it. Their idols would fall which seems to be epidemic with the new energies. Many lose their form at times and we get a glimpse of their true form. They are not frequency specific to the ascension or evolution of Earth, the masks are coming down. Their actions and associations are a giveaway.


The new disclosure is a perfect example, look who is heading it? They have put several bright shiny dresses on this turd, attached some famous names but it is still a turd. A limited and controlled narrative. It is an external trap to derail you from internal contact. How long are we going to play this game. Where is the discussion on Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off worlders, some of which are our ancient ancestors? Why are they ignoring the women, the children, contactees who know who they are, their cultures, why they are here, some even have their technology. Most of these experts do not have a clue or have an agenda which is far from disclosure. Roswell was 70 years ago. We have been going back and forth from the Moon and Mars since the sixties. Not with rockets. There have been agreements and alliances with both positive and negative ETs. Much of which was at the expense of humanity. Do you think these officials, most morally and integrity challenged, are going to tell you the truth, anything other than a controlled narrative? Could you handle the truth?


What if the history of your planet was a series of colonies from off world visitors, the bearded Gods were ETs. What if the bearded Gods of your religions were ancient Lyrians? What if Atlantis and Lemuria did exist and were Pleiadian colonies? What if they are still here? What if some of the ships were ours, some off world, others inner Earth? What if some of the ships were time travelers? Could the masses handle it?

如果你们星球的历史是一系列来自外星访客的殖民地呢,胡子神就是外星人。如果你们信仰的留胡子的神是古代的利里安人呢?如果亚特兰蒂斯和 Lemuria 确实存在并且是昴宿星的殖民地呢?如果他们还在这里呢?如果有些飞船是我们的,有些是外太空的,有些是地球内部的呢?如果有些飞船是时间旅行者呢?群众能应付得来吗?

This is why we have the controlled narrative and these ridiculous side shows with planned opposition shaking their fists at the government with the other hand behind the back taking the check. If you are waiting for some external leadership to tell you UFOs exist or whatever new name they give them you will always be in the dark. Why? Because they lack the prerequisites for contact, an open mind, loving heart, pure intent in service to the Creator in all Creation. Rise up. Release the past. Set your intention on having contact and qualify it. Focus on love, joy and bliss with the intention of contacting Spiritually and Technologically advanced beings. Send them love, joy and bliss with that intention. That is how you make contact. Contact has been made in the past with governments many of your leaders are not what you think. That contact was self-serving and was not in humanity’s highest and best good. Those contacts are coming to an end mainly due to benevolent beings, many of which are off world. They have aligned with those of integrity and moral character on the ground. A planetary liberation is in full swing. Reason this?. The reason there has been so much inhumanity on the earth is because of non-human interference and their human morally and integrity challenged puppets. This will and is all being revealed. The demoralization of countries, collapsing economies, pandemics are all planned to usher in socialism or communism where the power and wealth are centralized in the hands of some very dark ruling elite. Many are participating willingly or in ignorance in their own demise, socially engineered by the media owned by the ruling elite. This very well may be the wheat separating from the chaff. The awake versus the woke which has fallen for the division game. Forget about what they say, look at the outcome. Be well and be safe.

这就是为什么我们有受控的叙述和这些荒谬的侧面节目与计划的反对派挥舞他们的拳头在政府背后的另一只手拿支票。如果你在等待一些外部领导告诉你 UFO 的存在或者他们给他们起的任何新名字,你将永远被蒙在鼓里。为什么?因为他们缺乏接触的先决条件,一个开放的头脑,爱的心,纯粹的意图在所有造物中服务于造物主。起来吧。释放过去。设置你的意图有接触,并限定它。专注于爱、喜悦和极乐,意图与灵性和技术先进的存有接触。带着这样的目的,送给他们爱、欢乐和幸福。这就是联系的方式。过去曾与政府接触过,你们的许多领导人并不是你们所想的那样。这种接触是自私的,不符合人类的最高利益。这些联系正在走向终结,主要是由于仁慈的生命,其中许多是外星人。他们与当地的正直和道德人格保持一致。行星解放正在全面展开。为什么?.地球上之所以存在如此多的不人道行为,是因为非人类的干涉,以及他们的人类道德和完整性受到挑战的傀儡。这份遗嘱正在被揭露。国家的士气低落,经济的崩溃,流行病都被计划引入社会主义或共产主义,在那里权力和财富集中在一些非常黑暗的统治精英手中。许多人自愿或无知地参与了自己的灭亡,这是由统治精英所拥有的媒体在社会上策划的。这很有可能是小麦从谷壳中分离出来的结果。清醒者对阵已经陷入除法游戏的清醒者。别管他们怎么说,看看结果。保重,注意安全。

James Gilliland
Eceti Stargate YouTube, Rumble,
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