X22报告|第2621集: 世界正在拒绝全球主义、军事计划、强迫曝光

2021年11月8日16:40:31最新动态X22报告|第2621集: 世界正在拒绝全球主义、军事计划、强迫曝光已关闭评论527字数 1537阅读5分7秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2621集: 世界正在拒绝全球主义、军事计划、强迫曝光

Ep. 2621a – The World Is Rejecting Globalism, The [CB] Is Next

Ep. 2621a-世界正在拒绝全球主义,[ CB ]是下一个

Ep. 2621b – How Do You Catch A Fish? Military Planning, Forced Exposure, P-A-I-N

Ep. 2621b-如何抓鱼? 军事计划,强制曝光,P-A-I-N

X22 报告发表于2021年11月7日


The economy is falling apart under the [DS]/[CB] rule, people can see it and now people know who to hold accountable. The people are going to feel the economic pain this winter. Xi admits that the world is rejecting globalism. Confirmed, The [CB] was planning on China to be the next super power. The D’s are in the process of destroying the [CB].



The [DS] is panicking like we never see before. Durham is delivering pain and there is more to come. The [DS] is now getting ready to use ammunition to counter this information attack. They raided Project Veritas journalist homes. This is the beginning of the communication blackout. How do you catch a fish, you use bait. Trump and the patriots have baited the [DS]/Fake news/Big Tech and the corrupt politicians, they [knowingly] committed crimes on the American people and now the people are taking back the power. Forced exposure, military planning, tick tock. 



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