X22报告|第2848集: 中央银行的整个经济议程刚刚爆炸,Declas将使整个房子倒塌

2022年8月12日13:58:55最新动态X22报告|第2848集: 中央银行的整个经济议程刚刚爆炸,Declas将使整个房子倒塌已关闭评论2801字数 1334阅读4分26秒阅读模式
X22报告|第2848集: 中央银行的整个经济议程刚刚爆炸,Declas将使整个房子倒塌

Ep. 2848a – The [CB]/[DS] Just Imploded Their Entire Economic Agenda, Another Fail

[ CB ]/[ DS ]刚刚使他们的整个经济议程崩溃,又一次失败

Ep. 2848b – [DS] Pushes Violence Agenda, Panic In DC, Declas Brings Down The House

[ DS ]推动暴力议程,华盛顿恐慌,Declas将使整个房子倒塌



The [DS]/[CB] are now being caught in their agenda. The Inflation Reduction Act is the complete opposite and people are now seeing the truth. The IRS agenda is going to backfire on the [CB]. The push back has already begun.



The [DS] is panicking, the people are not with them, the FBI/DOJ are in trouble, they are the minority and the people are seeing what dictatorship looks like. There was no reason to raid Trump’s home, he was cooperating and they already knew what he had. The warrant needs to be unsealed. But was this part of a bigger plan to push riots across the country. Will Trump play his hand and declas it all so the people can make up their own mind. Declas will bring down the entire house.



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