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(ECETI 新闻) : 梦想|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

March 31, 2023 | #57

2023年3月31日 | # 57


The Dream


Last night two events happened. One I was on a boat landing on an island. I was greeted by a Grandmother with a beautiful hug. She said we have been waiting for you. As we walked from the pier and through the town the people acknowledged her, smiling and bowing and she would bow back to them. The Grandmother said I want you to take some time to assess the village. I was not sure what she meant by assessment. We met many of the people, many beautiful men and women yet there was a sense of spiritual ego. They said all the right things, wore all the right clothes, yet there was a strong sense of self and a need for acceptance and approval outside of themselves. They thrived on attention. As we went through the village we ascended through beautiful gardens, with creeks and waterfalls to the top of the island. At the top there was a very spiritual group, mostly women with three sitting in a lotus position holding an incredible frequency of love, joy and bliss. We knew not to disturb them.


The Grandmother said I want you to address the people. I did not know what she wanted me to say but I knew what needed to be said would come in the moment. We had a beautiful meal, slept and woke up the next morning being told in an hour we would be addressing the people. I knew the grandmother had a plan and trusted me to say the right thing. There was a natural amphitheater made of stone, the people were cheering as the Grandmother entered the top of the theater, we were right behind. As the cheers diminished the Grandmother introduced me and said I want you to listen to him. I stepped up to the stone podium and said thank you for your hospitality. I do not know why I was asked to speak to such beautiful loving people. I looked across the island and there was another island, dark and foreboding. I saw some of its energy was infecting people in the crowd. It was a sense of division, jealousy, competition and spiritual ego coming from the island. I then knew why the Grandmother wanted me to speak. The message had to come from an outsider to keep the peace on the island. As I began to speak a powerful spirit descended upon me. I told the people I was not one to tell people what they wanted to hear, I was one who tells people what they need to hear not as judgment but as a warning so as no future harm comes to them. What I see here is many levels of people at different levels of ascension. There is an infection spreading that if not checked will destroy the peace of the island. It is coming from across the water and it is taking hold on the island. There are people striving to be recognized. There is a spiritual competition which is not spiritual, it is divisive. Outward personas of spiritual advancement projected without being grounded within. The need for love, acceptance and approval from external stimuli is opening the door for division which leads to competition. I see people bragging about connections to sources and people, some in service to others, some in self-service. There is a division within themselves and the only way out is impeccable integrity and brutal honesty with self. You cannot serve two masters. Many are striving to become on the exterior what they already are on the interior. They just have to release any wounds, traumas, and wrong conclusions from past experiences. It is an interior journey yet some are being misled by others who claim to be their saviors. The ego is striving to be what it already is unknowingly. It is looking for acknowledgement, acceptance, approval through peers and others. This is a recipe for disaster. It is also a door for unseen negative influences to enter. Some think what is across the water on the other island represents power. The fame and fortune it promises equates to power. It is not. The real power is when each individual makes their own God/Creator/Great Spirit connection and allows the heart to lead them in service to the Creator within all Creation. It is the absence of self that allows this power to come through. Humility opens the door to this power. I then invited them to take a few minutes in silence to feel the power knowing the Grandmother and her three apprentices were broadcasting that power. After a few minutes of silence I said any praise for this message needs to be directed inward to the God within you then turned and left the amphitheater. I did not want any praise, applause just hoped they got the message that came through me.


We returned to the sanctuary at the top of the island and had a beautiful meal and the Grandmother said it was time to go. I understood. She said you really dropped the spiritual bomb, it was necessary for an outsider to do it. Many will take offense, those guilty of what was addressed will project their own issues blaming you for what is within them. Rather than experience the mirror effect it is best to go, you are welcome to return when things settle. I understood having experienced a lifetime of the slings and arrows projections of those in denial of what is within them. Rather than take personal responsibility, those lessor evolved perceive what was said to help them as a threat. We left the island under the dead of night never to return. Some will hold grudges for a lifetime.


The second dream was very disturbing. I awoke to see a being in front of me. It was a woman, she was very large and seemed very ill. She had legions of shadow beings behind her. She kept saying me, mine, me mine over and over. I called on the beautiful many, Masters from all cultures to clear these energies. It left a sickening feeling in my gut. After clearing the energy I asked what just happened. The Masters said you experienced what many refer to as the demon of greed. Some call them hungry ghosts. Its appetite is insatiable, it is never happy with what it has and always wants more. Usually at the expense of others, humanity and nature. The shadow beings behind it are those that fell under its spell. Many in positions of power on Earth are under its spell, some totally possessed by it. There are many excuses and validations to serve themselves at the expense of others. The only way to combat it is with impeccable integrity.


We are getting ready for a solar blast again. Major flares, CMEs and sunspots are aiming towards Earth. As anyone who has been following our newsletters these events create major processing on every level. Social, political, and physical earth changes follow these events. As we have seen in the political upheavals, massive storms, tornadoes and processes with friends and family we are going through unprecedented changes. Hang in, stay in the heart, set the necessary boundaries and we will all get through this.


James Gilliland
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