2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

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我们又做了一次。我们化解了 NWO 恐惧色情。猴痘,蜘蛛痘,狗痘,什么都行。我们不在乎。我们已经受够了他们那些愚蠢的、想象中的健康威胁、毒药注射和紧急医疗事件。

 May 24, 2022 2022年5月24日

2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

Oooops! We did it again. We defused the NWO fear porn. Monkeypox, spiderpox, puppypox, whatever. We don’t care. We’re done with their idiotic imaginary health threats, toxic injections, and medical emergencies. All I hear is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Their narrative has been reduced to mere static. Surely the masses get it by now?

哎呀!我们又做了一次。我们化解了 NWO 恐惧色情。猴痘,蜘蛛痘,狗痘,什么都行。我们不在乎。我们已经受够了他们那些愚蠢的、想象中的健康威胁、毒药注射和紧急医疗事件。我听到的都是废话。他们的叙述已经沦落为一成不变。现在大众肯定已经明白了吧?

Jesse Watters spills it on Fox. Video below.

杰西 · 沃特斯在福克斯电视台播出。

Watters: Monkey Pox Is an STD Primarily Passed Through Homosexual Sex


Watters: “Let me see if I have this right. Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease primarily passed through homosexual sex and that it is not going to end up being a pandemic like Covid. Do I have that right?”

沃特斯: “让我看看是否正确。猴痘是一种主要通过同性性行为传播的性传播疾病,它不会像冠状病毒疾病那样最终成为一种流行病。我说的对吗?”

Makary: “Based on the information we have now. That appears to be the case.”

马卡里: “根据我们现在掌握的信息,情况似乎是这样。”


Ignore the fear porn. WE are the 99% and what we say, goes.

忽略恐惧色情。我们是99% ,我们说什么,就是什么。

The CDC says it’s using PCR Tests to Diagnose Monkeypox!

疾病防治中心说他们正在使用 PCR 检测来诊断猴痘!

We are literally staring at the next plandemic. 2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球




Here we go again. Hey, it worked once so they’ll probably try it again. Link to Telegram.

又来了。嘿,它曾经起作用过,所以他们可能会再试一次。链接到 Telegram。

Ughhh anyone else getting déjà vu….?

有没有人觉得似曾相识... ... ?

PCR tests are now being used by the CDC to diagnose monkeypox…

PCR 检测现在被 CDC 用来诊断猴痘..。

The inventor of the PCR test says “if you can do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.”

PCR 检测的发明者说: “如果你能做得很好,你几乎可以在任何人身上找到任何东西。”

Here’s an inside joke most of you will get.


And if you’re on Telegram, watch this brief video. LOL. Link to Telegram.

如果你在 Telegram,请观看这个简短的视频。

Unfortunately, when things get scary for the New World Order crime syndicate, the psychopaths take it out on innocents. Another school shooting?


Remember what Phil said about conflicting reports in the “Confusion” phase… look at these two. I saw a report that the shooter was in custody. If this is the White Hats’ plan to decimate the media and destroy and trust the People have in them, it just might work.

还记得菲尔在“困惑”阶段提到的相互矛盾的报告吗... ... 看看这两个。我看到报告说枪手已经被拘留了。如果这是白帽子的计划,大批媒体和摧毁和信任人民在他们的计划,它只是可能工作。

2 Dead, Multiple Injured After ‘Active Shooter’ Reported At Texas School


14 elementary school kids and a teacher are killed after Texas gunman barricaded himself inside school during shoot-out with border patrol: Shooter, 18, is killed by cops


2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

Mr. Cohen always has interesting things to report. Link to Telegram.


Unconfirmed: They might have poisoned or made Putin severely ill.

未经证实: 他们可能毒害了普京,或者让他病得很严重。

Putin is a formidable opponent and I can’t imagine it being easy to get to him so if this is true, it would have to come from the highest levels. Infiltration? Evil spells, or…


2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

The following came from Telegram, for your consideration and discernment. It can always be partial disinfo.

以下来自 Telegram,供你参考和辨别。它总是可以是部分的错误信息。

All signs seem to be pointing towards the storm landing very soon.
We may not have much time left on these platforms so I just want to say that it’s been an honor to help everyone get through the precipice. Make sure you have supplies prepared and enough popcorn in your inventory. You’re going to need it as what we are witnessing is Biblical in scale.
Even if we can’t communicate on the internet just know that when the power goes out and justice occurs there will be some frog out there in the woods streaking and celebrating with every anon in spirit.


Practice your razberries, folks.


2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

A very early Q drop from the archive might be relevant, and means it refers to the last days of the takedown.

档案中的一个非常早期的 q 下降可能是相关的,这意味着它指的是最后几天的拿下。

64  Nov 02, 2017 7:31:24 PM EDT


Fellow Patriots, I’m being advised actions have created accelerated counter-actions.
We have not yet ascertained the scope of the attack.
Watch the news outlets.


POTUS’ Twitter take down was not by accident (as referenced several hours ago). POTUS 在 Twitter 上的攻击并非偶然(就像几小时前提到的那样)
Should the LIGHTS GO OUT please know we are in control. 如果灯灭了,请知道我们在控制中。
Do not panic. 不要惊慌
We are prepared and assets are in place. 我们做好了准备,资产也到位了。
God bless – I must go for good at this point. 上帝保佑-我必须永远走在这一点上

2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

Rebel News reports from Davos.


The streets of Davos are lined with billboards, signs and corporate displays adorned with messaging styled in the manner of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 during the World Economic Forum’s gathering in Switzerland.

在瑞士举行的世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)期间,达沃斯的街道两旁竖立着广告牌、招牌和企业展示,上面装饰着与联合国2030年议程(un’Agenda 2030)风格相似的信息。


I totally agree. It must work for all of us—and that is why the Illuminati/New World Order/Cabal/Deep State psychopaths have to go.


2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

photo credit: Rebel News

图片来源: Rebel News

Oh, brother. That freak.


JUST IN – WHO chief Tedros re-elected for a second 5-year term.



It’s us or them, folks, and we’ve decided: It’s time for them to go. Buh-bye.

是我们还是他们,伙计们,我们决定了: 是时候让他们走了。再见。

We the People News had an exceptionally interesting update on Friday. The collection of intel is worth checking out, particularly after the 30 min. mark. The Reppy shape-shifting is at the end. A serious mal going on there with the holographic layer. 51 min.

我们人民新闻在周五有一个特别有趣的更新。收集到的情报值得一查,尤其是30分钟之后。马克。Reppy 的变形术已经走到了尽头。全息图层的问题很严重。51分钟。



David Wilcock did an update with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger about the sit-rep; history of The Plan and current intel. Listen at the link below at Before It’s News.


David Wilcock Latest Must See! McDonalds Falls! Fake Biden Bots Exposed! (Video)

大卫 · 威尔科克最新必看! 麦当劳倒闭! 假拜登机器人曝光! (视频)

2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

For the millions interested… Phil G. will be hosting a live show tonight at 8 EDT/5 Pacific about chemtrails along with a little measured intel. He’s been dropping comms this afternoon, too.

对于数百万感兴趣的... 菲尔 g 将主持一个现场演出今晚8东部夏令时/5太平洋化学路径连同一个小测量的情报。他今天下午也一直在联络。


2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

This is an interesting video from the Watchman, more from a prophetic view, matching it up with what we see happening. Watch at the link below on Before It’s News. 41 min.


Wow! Situation Critical A Prophetic Superstorm is Here! The Watchman

哇! 情况危急一个预言性的超级风暴来了! 守望者

Stuff is definitely happening, although not always for the reasons given. We have to read between the lines. Link to Telegram.

事情肯定在发生,尽管并不总是由于给出的原因。我们必须读懂字里行间的意思。链接到 Telegram。

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared a legal “state of danger” in response to Russia’s war in neighboring Ukraine.


A “war state of danger” would take effect beginning Wednesday, allowing the government “to respond immediately and protect Hungary and Hungarian families by any means possible.”


The move came after Orban’s ruling party passed a constitutional amendment Tuesday allowing for legal states of danger to be declared when armed conflicts, wars or humanitarian disasters were taking place in neighboring countries.



@ brittrepublican https://bit.ly/3lch0i6

I haven’t even listened to this one yet but Gene Decode/Co Sensei always delivers fascinating updates and this one he shares with Julie B. 2 hr. 51 min.

我甚至还没有听过这一个,但基因解码/合作老师总是提供迷人的更新和这一个他分享与朱莉 b. 2小时。51分钟。

Let’s Talk with Julie B., May 19th 2022 with Special Guest Gene Decode2022年5月19日,

Gene Decode特邀嘉宾

2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球

The Canadian Media has never told the truth but it’s okay if the media in another country tells it like it is. Maybe some Canucks will listen. At what point do they open their eyes just a slit? Or maybe they’re too busy watching the Oilers trounce the Flames in the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs? It’s been interesting, I’ll grant you that. Come on, Flames!!!

加拿大媒体从来没有说过真话,但是如果其他国家的媒体这样说也没关系。也许一些加拿大人会听。他们在什么时候才会睁开眼睛呢?或者也许他们太忙于观看油人队在斯坦利杯曲棍球季后赛中痛击火焰队?这很有趣,我承认。加油,火焰! ! !

Once a liberal democracy, Canada is now an authoritarian state


For the strongest of the strong only… this is a little out there. It requires reading. Take it for what you will. We have known that the factions are at war. How far does it go? How committed to your beliefs are you? I told you the Q project was a psyop—in a good way. Nothing is what it seems so we need to remain open-minded. Bottom line—it’s clear who the good guys are.

对于强者中的强者来说... 这有点过了。它需要阅读。随便你怎么拿。我们知道各派正在交战。它能走多远?你对自己的信仰有多坚定?我告诉过你 q 项目是一个很好的心理活动。没有什么是看起来的那样,所以我们需要保持开放的心态。底线ーー谁是好人是清楚的。

Updated: List of Indictments and Arrests! Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles! – What Is Really Going on Behind the Scenes Is Slightly Different Than Q Might Have You Believing

更新: 起诉和逮捕名单!解散深层政府操作员和替身!- 幕后到底发生了什么与 q 可能让你相信的有些不同

A parting note from Ezra Cohen Telegram channel:

埃兹拉 · 科恩电讯频道的临别赠言:

Warning: Avoid using Duckduckgo search engine which is now fully compromised by Microsoft.

警告: 避免使用 Duckduckgo 搜索引擎,它现在已经完全被微软攻破了。

Sounds like it’s going to be quite the show, my friends, and we’re in such marvelous company. How awesome to have gallery seats and a programme guide so we don’t miss a thing. Stay calm, keep the faith, and know that we are in good hands.  ~ BP

听起来这将会是一场精彩的演出,我的朋友们,我们在这样一个不可思议的公司。拥有旁听席和节目指南,我们不会错过任何东西,这是多么棒的事情啊。保持冷静,保持信心,并且知道我们在好的人手里。~ BP

2022年5月24日: 粉碎世界新秩序议程[视频]|星际飞船地球


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