X22报告|第2782集: 经济议程失败,好人获胜

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[DS] 现在只剩下一个选择,某种恐吓事/件,这是必要的,这样人们才能看到真相。真相正在浮出水面,[ DS ]无法做任何事来阻止它。

X22报告|第2782集: 经济议程失败,好人获胜

Ep. 2782a – Economic Playbook Known, It’s Happening Again, Economic Agenda Is Failing

Ep. 2782a-众所周知的经济剧本,它再次发生,经济议程正在失败

Ep. 2782b – Message Received, Scare Necessary Event, You Are Safe, Good Guys Are Winning

Ep. 2782b-消息收到,恐吓必要事件,你安全,好人胜利

X22 报告发表于2022年5月24日


The UK is facing another energy shock, people are becoming energy poor and soon the country will do what they did back in the 70s. Diesel prices are rising rapidly, will this effect supply chains. The economy is imploding, the people can see the playbook, the [CB] plan has failed. 



The [DS] is now left with one option, some type of scare event, this is necessary so the people can see the truth. The truth is coming out and the [DS] can not do anything to stop it. The midterms are approaching and the people are turning out and voting against the [DS] players. The good guys are winning, defcon 1, prepare countermeasures. 

[DS] 现在只剩下一个选择,某种恐吓事/件,这是必要的,这样人们才能看到真相。真相正在浮出水面,[ DS ]无法做任何事来阻止它。中期选举即将到来,人们纷纷投票反对[ DS ]选手。好人赢了,一级戒备,准备对策。


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