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February 27, 2022 2022年2月27日

This New Zealand cardiologist is so evil, it is sickening. And sleepers will TRUST him because he is a 'Professor'. Read this article - and every time you see the word 'Covid', change it to 'The jab'. The [D]eep [S]tate medical profession is setting up the narrative for jab heart attack/stroke deaths by blaming it on 'Covid'. How do these evil people sleep at night, knowing the murderous lies they are spreading to vulnerable people...?

这位新西兰心脏病专家是如此邪恶,令人作呕。睡眠者会相信他,因为他是一个 "教授"。阅读这篇文章--每当你看到'Covid'这个词,就把它改成'The jab'。深层国家的医学界正在为刺针的心脏病发作/中风死亡设置说法,将其归咎于 "Covid"。这些邪恶的人知道他们向脆弱的人散布的谋杀性谎言,晚上怎么睡得着呢?


I have been thinking about the previous post (Brilliant Summary of the Plandemic). As a former mainstream media journalist, it is utterly shocking to me (but not surprising, sadly) that the mainstream media CREATED the Plandemic out of thin air. Not only that, they sustained it every day for over TWO YEARS - all at the behest of the [D]eep [S]tate. Humanity must be informed about the evil actions of the MSM. The MSM would have been directly responsible for a global genocide of inconceivable scale if not for the intervention of the Alliance. Thank God for the Alliance!

我一直在思考之前的文章(计划学术的精彩摘要)。作为一名前主流媒体记者,主流媒体凭空创建了 planemic,这让我感到非常震惊(但并不令人惊讶,很遗憾)。不仅如此,他们每天都要忍受这样的生活,持续了两年多——这一切都是按照深州的要求进行的。必须让人类了解MSM的邪恶行为。如果不是因为联盟的干预,MSM将直接对不可想象规模的全球种族灭绝负责。感谢联盟!

A reminder of the blatant lies of the MSM. These DS talking heads stated categorically: 'There is NO evidence that Joe and Hunter [B]iden did any wrong-doing in Ukraine...'

提醒MSM的公然谎言。这些 DS 谈话节目的负责人明确表示: “没有证据表明乔和亨特拜登在乌克兰做了任何错事... ...”


Look what Russia intends to do with convicted pedophiles. Which USA President was/is determined to end child sex-trafficking...? Clue: Not [B]iden the

atanic pedophile who openly fondles children at any opportunity. Now you can see why President Trump and Putin are on the same page. Both are fighting for the children.



Regarding the message below, I am sure President Trump means ALL children that have been violated in any way by the DS. It is said that members of the Alliance, including President Trump, can't sleep at night after seeing horrific evidence of what happened to women, children and babies in the [D]eep [S]tate DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases). If you have not already done so, research adrenochrome.

关于下面的信息,我确信特朗普总统指的是所有被 DS 以任何方式侵犯的儿童。据说,包括特朗普总统在内的联盟成员在看到地下深处军事基地中发生的妇女、儿童和婴儿遭遇的可怕证据后,晚上都睡不着觉。如果你还没有这样做,研究肾上腺素红。

A strong message from President Trump at CPAC. His message applies to all World Patriots...


“My fellow Americans, this nation does NOT belong to the Radicals, and it does not belong to the corrupt establishment in Washington. This nation belongs to YOU. It was patriots like you who BUILT this country, and it is patriots like you who are going to SAVE this country.”


Please take hope from this little video with clips of President Trump talking about 'plans that will make you very happy...' It seems the timeframe he is alluding to in the clips is not that far off. Bring it on...!!

请从这个小视频中看到希望,视频中特朗普总统谈到“让你非常高兴的计划... ...”看起来他在视频中提到的时间框架并不遥远。放马过来吧... ! !


Blog reader HuuumanD wrote a great comment in response to a query about the Alliance using the Rods of God via President Trump's Space Force. Here is an excerpt from the comment...

博客读者 HuuumanD 写了一篇很棒的评论来回应一个关于联盟通过特朗普总统的空间力量使用上帝之棒的问题。以下是评论的摘录... ..。

...They (Rods of God) are just one of a huge arsenal of tools that the Alliance has/uses in a war that is massively complex - inter dimensional and solar .... It is my opinion that the Alliance has done a fantastic/unbelievable job of limiting damage/trauma on the surface population in what has become a masterfully played game of 3/4D chess which gives us the greatest chance for spiritual advancement/awakening/truth/increased perspective/self awareness.... Just a small part of the mastery - outside of the fact that they have done almost everything in such a way as to avoid public involvement/casualties/physically save the greatest number of people ( from death and enslavement ) is the pushing to the forefront/display of everything on the planet that does not support human progress/freedom. In future plays to come, it is likely we will see all of the things around us that have been a controlling mechanism in our lives simply dissolve/fade away...(HuuumanD)...

他们(上帝之棒)只是一个巨大的军火库的工具,联盟有/使用的战争是极其复杂的-内部维度和太阳能..。我的意见是,联盟在限制地表人口的伤害/创伤方面做了出色的/难以置信的工作,这已经成为了一场精湛的3/4D 国际象棋游戏,它给我们提供了最大的精神进步/觉醒/真理/增强的视角/自我意识的机会... ..。除了他们几乎以避免公众参与/伤亡/实际拯救最大数量的人(免遭死亡和奴役)的方式所做的一切事情之外,他们只掌握了一小部分,这就是把地球上不支持人类进步/自由的一切推到最前线/展示。在未来的戏剧中,我们很可能会看到我们周围的一切,那些曾经在我们生活中起控制作用的东西都会消失

Finally, try this meme on your sleeping friends and family members, if you dare. Just kidding...! No, not kidding, give it a go...!

最后,如果你敢的话,在你熟睡的朋友和家人身上试试这个迷因。开个玩笑... !不,不是开玩笑,试一试... !


Light Warriors, we are going through a particularly tense part of this mission. I admit to feeling wrung out sometimes. When I see the majority of people going about their business as if they would happily wear a mask for the rest of their life, it makes me want to yell, to be honest. But I smile instead. I keep saying to myself, 'Just wait...just wait...' Sometimes there is a glimmer of hope from the sleepers. A masked woman serving me today said, as we were discussing the dire situation with the town's retail sector, 'I blame the media...' GOOD. That is exactly where the blame should be laid.

光战士们,我们正在经历这次任务中特别紧张的部分。我承认有时候会觉得精疲力尽。老实说,当我看到大多数人都在忙于自己的事情,仿佛他们将愉快地戴着面具度过余生时,我真想大喊一声。但我还是微笑了。我一直对自己说,‘等等... ... 等等... ...’有时候睡着的人会有一丝希望。今天为我服务的一位蒙面女士说,当我们与镇上的零售部门讨论可怕的形势时,我谴责媒体... ... 很好。这正是应该受到指责的地方。

We Light Warriors are in this together. We know that the Light has ALREADY won on the continuum. We just have to play out the last part of the movie.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 




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