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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

October 21,2021 20211021


It has been a very long road for many of us;well over a decade for me,double that for some,and longer.We have been anticipating what seems like an eternity for this journey to end so we can rest our weary bones and enjoy some semblance of a life.Those who toil endlessly in the background have sacrificed much.Many paid the ultimate price and their loved ones suffered.We are ready for this odyssey to at least bring us to a rest stop along the way so we can catch our breath and prepare for the next leg.Have the innocent not suffered enough?


I hope a lot of Patriots are engaging in co-creating the next step.Queen Romana tells us how.


How will it look?Sound?Feel?Taste?


Let's see…#CoCreating the EBS,continues…
1)EBS announced 2021年10月21日:接近一个关键的哩程标|星际飞船地球
2)Military Special Forces in town 2021年10月21日:接近一个关键的哩程标|星际飞船地球

让我们看看......#共同创建 EBS,继续......1)EBS 宣布军事特种部队在城里

3)Queen Romana announced on TV broadcasted around the world 2021年10月21日:接近一个关键的哩程标|星际飞船地球 that all corrupted,criminal and evil Politicians,Bureaucrats,Healthcrats and Business Executives have been arrested and taken to the City Centre for We The People who wish to see in person can see.


They will be there for 9 hours then they will be given their last meals#Milkshakes.


Describe what you,your family,friends and Neighbours did.Did you go to the City Centre or watch it on Military TV?


Someone on Telegram advised that this is next and to stay strong.The storm is upon us.Let's hope,because it's about time.It's about time we see accountability and justice.



Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt–"Mad About You"sit-com.


A lot of very interesting news came out yesterday afternoon,and when I saw this,I sat up and took notice.


il Donaldo Trumpo on Twitter: "🚨🚨🚨https://t.co/2tMAkALjdS🚨🚨🚨 pic.twitter.com/0MrJp1eOZu / Twitter"

🚨🚨🚨https://t.co/2tMAkALjdS🚨🚨🚨 pic.twitter.com/0MrJp1eOZu

There was also this Durham update.



Durham unloads thousands of documents to Sussmann defense

达勒姆向 Sussmann 国防部卸载了成千上万的文件

This is big news,too.In-N-Out does good,basic burgers and a lot of patriots will now support them whereas they may not have frequented their chain in the past in their desire to stick together and support each other.

这也是个大新闻。In-N-Out 做得很好,基本的汉堡包和许多爱国者现在将支持他们,而他们过去可能不常光顾他们的连锁店,因为他们希望团结在一起,互相支持。

Dr. Kelli Ward 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "I'm with #InNOut - freedom not tyranny! pic.twitter.com/du8WuWiQFQ / Twitter"

I'm with #InNOut - freedom not tyranny! pic.twitter.com/du8WuWiQFQ

From the crew…"plandemic".They leave nothing to chance,and always tell us what they're going to do.Link to Telegram.

来自船员的..."飞行物"。他们不放过任何机会,总是告诉我们他们要做什么。链接到 Telegram


Gov.Ron DeSantis is like an extension of Trump.He never stops standing up for the People of Florida—which,in turn,also supports the People in other states with the precedents he sets.Clawing back the People's power begins at the state level and when People feel empowered they will also get to work at the local level as we are seeing the parents doing in front of school boards.So far,the ex-military are working hard to lead the People back to freedom and to inspire them to unite and stand strong.

州长罗恩·德桑蒂斯(Ron DeSantis)就像是特朗普的延伸。他从未停止支持佛罗里达人民,反过来,佛罗里达人民也以他开创的先例支持其他州的人民。收回人民的权力从国家层面开始,当人民感到自己被赋予权力时,他们也将在地方层面工作,就像我们看到的家长在学校董事会面前所做的那样。到目前为止,退伍军人正在努力领导人民重新获得自由,并激励他们团结起来,坚强地站起来。

Florida Governor Calls for Special Session to Counter Vaccine and Mask Mandates


Just now…the headline below.


White House Collaborated With School Board Association On Letter Comparing Parents To'Domestic Terrorists'


This is comical,to a point,but hold on;maybe the jabs are very efficacious as far as what the cabal is trying to accomplish.



We know the truth.


Harvard University study finds most vaccinated countries have highest number of Covid-19 cases per million people suggesting the jabs do not work


The challenge remains to clear all the good people who got the jab in good faith,of the potentially lethal components deposited in their bodies—in short order.


In case there are still people who are unaware…we present the history and efficacy of Ivermectin.Did we mention how inexpensive it is?


Because of Ivermectin,Hydroxychloroquine,zinc,Budesonide,Vitamin C&D,Azithromycin and other products which address inflammation,etc.,we can see that there really isn't a pandemic in the true sense of the word—and there never was.It's all been the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on Humanity.People who get the above remedies as soon as they feel ill are healed in a very short time with no hospital visit required.

由于伊维菌素、羟氯喹、锌、布地奈德、维生素 c&d、阿奇霉素和其他治疗炎症的产品,我们可以看到,真正意义上的流行病并不存在ーー从来就没有。这是人类有史以来最大的骗局。患者一旦感到生病就立即采取上述治疗措施,在很短的时间内就可以痊愈,不需要去医院就诊。

Ditch the masks,refuse the fake tests,boost your immune system and stay healthy.It's that simple.If you don't have symptoms,you're not sick.Live your life and refuse to be bullied into relinquishing your rights.


ZNeveri on Twitter: "The Truth about Ivermectin in 2021 - Coorporate Murder For Profit pic.twitter.com/4RZdPkabNI / Twitter"

The Truth about Ivermectin in 2021 - Coorporate Murder For Profit pic.twitter.com/4RZdPkabNI

EPSTEIN's SHEET 🧻 on Twitter: "Breaking Ohio:( Not on MSM )750 General Electric Contract Workers walk off their job in Protest against Vaccine Mandates. 👇 pic.twitter.com/2pXVAT3Io6 / Twitter"

Breaking Ohio:( Not on MSM )750 General Electric Contract Workers walk off their job in Protest against Vaccine Mandates. 👇 pic.twitter.com/2pXVAT3Io6

Our world is disintegrating and falling apart because it needs to.Our civilization is so tainted and broken it is beyond repair so we have to start fresh in most cases.Little is salvageable and we will find better ways of doing things.We have only just begun to learn the depth of the corruption.Trump's new social media platform is one way to circumvent the old,controlled systems.Here's another example of judicial impropriety and illegality.


8 Florida federal judges had illegal stock ownership conflicts


It's not easy to drain the swamp because the control freaks are ruthless and only too happy to simply eliminate those who threaten their agenda or stand in their way.Many have been"suicided"or"disappeared",and many were tortured first.These monsters are unhuman and it's näive to think they would not resort to these tactics.It's well documented.



Matt Gaetz Assassination Attempt Thwarted…


Jason Shurka gets into a brief example of just how desperate the control freaks are to try to control the narrative.If they believe they have to hit people over the head to get them to comply—they are not in control.They know things are spinning wildly out of control.2 min.




The event discussed below is a clear indicator of the degradation of our society.Being momentarily frozen in place out of shock and disbelief is one thing,but for no one to come to the aid of a woman being attacked by a man for this long—whether sexually or otherwise—is shocking in itself.


To stand by recording it on a cell phone is beastly and disgusting.Unfortunately,it is well understood that many Humans are in a trance-like state in a situation like this—so reliably that there is a name for it:the bystander effect.Regardless of the psychological attributes of this or similar events,we continue to ask,WHERE ARE THE MEN?


What happened to real men who used to jump to protect the weaker sex with less provocation?Once upon a time you might have had to hold them back from pummeling the attacker senseless.Surely women's lib doesn't diffuse the innate drive to protect someone under attack…so what did?


Has the violence on television and in movies and computer games numbed the qualities of empathy and compassion that make us Human?It's mind-boggling.The fact that the"system"protects perpetrators of heinous crimes like this and does not deliver appropriate consequences only allows it to continue and proliferate.Not everything that happens on this planet is fodder for Tik Tok.6 min.

电视、电影和电脑游戏中的暴力行为是否麻木了我们的同情心和同情心?令人难以置信。"制度"保护这种令人发指的罪行的肇事者,而不产生适当的后果,这一事实只会使其继续和扩散。并不是这个星球上发生的一切都是 Tik Tok 的素材。6分钟。

Judge Jeanine:We should all be speechless over this story


For those who may need healing,this is where we're headed.The controllers have never allowed us to know as a society how to truly heal because what they desire is customers to fund their medical industrial complex.See how easy life will be in the near future?We will relearn this reality and discard the old.THIS is science.7 min.


How Does Sound Heal your body?Solfeggio Frequency:Sound of the Stars


Mr.MBB covers curious events and situations and mentions a meteorite that crashed into a British Columbia woman's bed next to her on October 4.I didn't hear about that until now.It's an odd shape for a meteorite,isn't it?Why does it have some flat sides?That's not what I would expect.She's a lucky lady to have avoided that projectile ripping through her roof.

MBB 先生报道了一些稀奇古怪的事件和情况,并提到了104日一颗陨石坠落到了一位不列颠哥伦比亚省妇女的床上。直到现在我才知道。对于一颗陨石来说,这是一个奇怪的形状,不是吗?为什么它有一些扁平的边?这不是我所期待的。她是一个幸运的女人,避免了子弹穿过她的屋顶。


Here's more on the[con]current meteor showers and a sky anomaly from Tuesday night.How does this figure into your worldview of our station;space or no space?


Earth Plummeting into THREE Meteor Showers at the SAME Time!–*Major Event*seen from 9 States!


We've heard that our friends upstairs are going to be putting on some shows for us to hasten Disclosure.It's hard to believe that some people still think it's science fiction to suggest that other life forms and civilizations exist outside our own.It's long past time for the"break it to them gently"strategy to end.Let's get real.Clearly we are seeing intelligently guided craft in the video below that are in no way simply"falling".


Well,they certainly weren't expecting to see THESE up there!!


Over the past couple of years we have come a long way toward understanding the situation on this planet.What comes to mind is a good old tune from 1970.I guess it never went out of style.


Joe South–Walk A Mile In My Shoes(1970)


We still need to temper our judgement because we're all struggling in a multitude of ways in a most unnatural life that was never intended for us by our Creator.This slavish existence is about to come to an end,and hopefully we will rise to the occasion and be better people to fill that void between who we are and who we could be.


We can see from what has been unfolding the trajectory the controllers planned for Humanity and we also know we don't want to continue it.Every day we see the threads unravel like a cheap sweater and new bonds forming.It's happening…and every little bit of effort counts.


Gratitude to all who put out a little bit of effort.It will be a beautiful fall.~BP





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