2023年4月1日: 小心魔术师和女巫咒语|星际飞船地球

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 April 1, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年4月1日

2023年4月1日: 小心魔术师和女巫咒语|星际飞船地球

As we break into the month of April, the focus is on fools. The demonic creatures running the world crouch on their haunches like a pack of hyenas circling their prey while they seek to immobilize Donald Trump; their prime adversary. They are a little nervous and occasionally look over their shoulders but they are blinded by hatred and throw caution to the wind in what will likely be their last stand. The takedown will be epic and indelibly emblazoned on our memories.

在我们进入四月之际,焦点集中在傻瓜身上。统治这个世界的邪恶生物匍匐在地,就像一群土狼围绕着它们的猎物,同时它们试图使它们的主要对手唐纳德 · 特朗普动弹不得。他们有点紧张,偶尔会回头看看,但他们被仇恨蒙蔽了双眼,在可能是他们最后一战的时候,他们把谨慎抛到了九霄云外。这次行动将会是史诗般的,并且会永远铭刻在我们的记忆中。

And yes, we said, “witchy”. As for the Nashville church… named “Covenant”… if you follow Yellow Rose for Texas you might recall she told us long ago about the covens and the terminology such as a Coven headed by a Being known as An. Coven-An-t. They hide everything in the language that we don’t innerstand.

没错,我们说的是“女巫”。至于纳什维尔的教堂... 名叫“契约”... 如果你跟随黄玫瑰去德克萨斯,你可能还记得她很久以前告诉我们的关于女巫团和术语,比如由一个被称为安的存在领导的女巫团。巫师团。他们用我们听不懂的语言隐藏一切。

They thought they had us right where they want us—profiting off the misery and pain they caused with their “magic potions” known as medicine.


Pfizer's Blood Thinner Becomes a New Cash Cow Amid Worldwide Increase in Blood Clotting* In 2017, Pfizer bought Eliquis, a blood thinner.* The LNPs from their injections cause blood thickening & clotting.* Eliquis is now a top 5 drug. pic.twitter.com/vzeCP3y44M

As Q said, “the more you know”. The dots we connected years after the Q posts came out cannot be a Qincidence.

正如 Q 所说,“你知道的越多”。Q 帖子出现多年后我们联系起来的点不可能是巧合。


Hunter Lab Food Processing Technology


I brought this up 3 years ago & I’m not sure anyone heard me. You see the above drop on Bill Gates adding mRNA tech to our food? THIS IS HOW IT’LL BE DONE, and ISN’T IT ODD A PLACE CALLED HUNTER L*A*B is the place it’s done???

我三年前提起这件事,不知道有没有人听见。你看到上面比尔盖茨在我们的食物中添加 mRNA 技术的下降了吗?事情就是这样的,一个叫 HUNTER L * A * B 的地方,是不是很奇怪?





Sep 13, 2020 2:25:02 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 648bc4 No. 10632166

4687 Sep 13,20202:25:02 PM EDT Q! ! Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 648bc4 No. 10632166

We are not prepared for a pandemic. Trump has rolled back progress President Obama and I made to strengthen global health security. We need leadership that builds public trust, focuses on real threats, and mobilizes the world to stop outbreaks before they reach our shores. https://t.co/1qqpgayUEX

Who benefits the most?谁受益最大?
Virus or election?病毒还是选举?
Lab or nature?实验室还是自然?
Coincidence or foreknowledge?是巧合还是先知?
Difficult truths.艰难的真相。
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8kun qresearch 8 kun qresearch

Maybe a vague connection, probably not significant, but Dan Scavino posted Trump singing about take me out to the ball game and yesterday I saw we had reports of damage at the ball field in Jacksonville due to the tornado. Link to Telegram.


Jesse Czebotar on Twitter this morning said to follow the movement of storms. Anyone mapping them might find an interesting pattern since the military can most certainly steer them; the White Hats for good, the Black Hats for ill.

Jesse Czebotar 今早在推特上说要关注风暴的移动。任何绘制它们的人都可能会发现一个有趣的模式,因为军队肯定可以控制它们: 白帽子是好的,黑帽子是坏的。

storm is moving NE... looking at a old underground tunnel map... I'm just guessing, but are they wanting whomever/whatever to move up above Michigan and NY, go to Canada?? I'm trying to think & see what your thinking & seeing haha, red arrows show storm movement, circle marks DUMB pic.twitter.com/GHSYrWKisp

2023年4月1日: 小心魔术师和女巫咒语|星际飞船地球

The greatest tragedies of our society involve our children, and it’s only now becoming apparent how long-standing this has been. The young woman below brings the truth to light when she says children are an “experimental medical industry”. They have been for friggin’ ever, but this new twist is showing people just how much of a commodity our children are.


The medical industrial complex has knowingly been doing harm to kids for decades, yet denying that “vaccines” could be at the root of the autism epidemic, engaging in endless harvesting of adrenochrome through rape and torture… It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Children are the key; without them, we have no future.

几十年来,医药工业综合体一直在明知故犯地伤害儿童,却否认“疫苗”可能是自闭症流行的根源,通过强奸和折磨无休止地获取肾上腺素... ... 是时候醒来,闻闻咖啡的味道了。孩子是关键,没有他们,我们就没有未来。

OMG. The TRUTH is coming out. Please Retweet. pic.twitter.com/EtK0HZALIX

The crimes have been in our faces for so long, yet we swept them under the carpet and denied it could be possible that so many would allow it to happen. Surely someone would put a stop to it, if it were true. But we were wrong.


2023年4月1日: 小心魔术师和女巫咒语|星际飞船地球


Matt Whitaker is one of my favourites of all the President’s men and he clarifies on Fox News the legal process, the probabilities and potentialities with the Trump New York lawsuit situation. We know he has been involved behind the scenes since Trump appointed him Acting Attorney General and he since left the spotlight. Link to Telegram.

马特 · 惠特克是总统手下我最喜欢的人之一,他在福克斯新闻上澄清了特朗普纽约诉讼案的法律程序、可能性和潜在性。我们知道,自从特朗普任命他为代理司法部长以来,他一直在幕后活动,自那以后,他就离开了公众的视线。链接到电报。

Oh, brother. They could expose clones! LOL

哦,兄弟,他们可能会曝光克隆人! 哈哈

“It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Bragg, who is Deep State, wants to make sure the Trump he has in custody is the Real Donald Trump and not a clone, doppelganger, or body double. I don’t see how DNA could exclude a clone, but it could detect a double,” he said. “Or, of course, they might just try to frame him for something else once he gets in there.”

“深层政府的布拉格希望确保他拘留的特朗普是真正的唐纳德 · 特朗普,而不是一个克隆体、二重身或替身,这并非不可能。我不知道 DNA 如何排除克隆,但它可以检测到一个双重的,”他说。“或者,当然,他们可能只是试图陷害他,别的东西一旦他进去了。”

Manhattan D.A. Bragg Wants Trump’s DNA

曼哈顿地方检察官 Bragg 想要 Trump 的 DNA

While the tricksters try to distract everyone from the legislation that would keep us in the dark forever more with the absurd Trump indictment and potential show trial, let us not lose sight of the sleight of hand they want to slide by us. We hope the legislative branch is going to do their job, read every page or appoint a trusted associate to read it, and block this.


Don't let them distract you with the Trump indictment.The RESTRICT ACT is the Patriot Act for the internet and they will try to push it through while everybody is distracted.

We have noted this before, and the crew has made it clear so everyone should be aware now. The indictment of Trump is a massive blunder—all planned, of course. The crew provides the facts most Americans are unaware of:


Posted by Sarge on Telegram 04/01/23. Trump arrest will cause SCOTUS to reveal DJT is president and therefore cannot be indicted. https://t.me/ICONS2021/113277

Posted by Sarge on Telegram 04/01/23由 Sarge 发布于04/01/23电报。特朗普被捕将导致最高法院揭露 DJT 是总统,因此不能被起诉。Https://t.me/icons2021/113277

And what will the deep state do then? Riots? Retaliatory attacks? What do they have left in their quiver? Not much but a lot of weaponized Humans so we can expect more false flag attacks and the National Guard will probably be keeping the peace where these isolated eruptions occur.


Beyond that, we’re not sure, but at some point, something has to happen to get the military involved, invoke the EBS, declare limited martial law, etc. if insider predictions are correct.

除此之外,我们还不能确定,但是在某个时候,如果内部人士的预测是正确的,那么一定会有什么事情发生,让军方介入,引用 EBS,宣布有限的戒严令,等等。

Dave’s X22 Report is always a great resource for the backstory and strategy in play, particularly now that things are getting more complicated.

Dave 的 X22报告对于背景故事和策略总是一个很好的资源,特别是现在事情变得更加复杂了。

Below are two main people on Twitter to follow for parasite info if you want to hear the new developments, and some additional referenced accounts. Scroll down for more Tweets. The search feature on Twitter actually works quite well so if you have a specific query, you might pull it up.

下面是两个主要的人在 Twitter 上关注寄生虫信息,如果你想听到新的发展,以及一些额外的参考帐户。向下滚动查看更多推文。Twitter 上的搜索功能实际上非常好用,所以如果你有一个特定的查询,你可以把它拉出来。

The fellow in this video brings important perspective to the absurd Covid lockdowns. So many didn’t even blink an eye, simply conformed. It was so easy.



2023年4月1日: 小心魔术师和女巫咒语|星际飞船地球

Up in the once Great White North… all I can think is, “What? You believe the drivel these puppets spew??” When have they ever delivered on promises? Did the last bastion of hope for Canadians cave to lies and propaganda? I hope this is an April Fools ruse, Max.

在曾经的大白北方,我满脑子想的都是,什么?你相信这些木偶说的胡话吗? ?”他们什么时候兑现过承诺?加拿大人最后的希望堡垒是否向谎言和宣传屈服了?我希望这是愚人节的诡计,麦克斯。

After receiving assurances that a @PierrePoilievre government would substantially lower immigration, stop sending weapons and money to Ukraine, reject climate alarmism, make massive cuts to government spending, abolish all discrimination programs based on race, sex, and sexual...

All the things we warned about either have already or soon will come to fruition. Link to Telegram.


J.P. Morgan will use face and palm ID at Formula 1 as a test run.

JP · 摩根将在 F1赛事中使用面部识别和手掌识别作为测试。



Sometimes it’s hard to “enjoy the show”. It’s pure insanity.


This is absolutely DESPICABLE by the Orlando Police Department arresting a pastor for preaching the word of God at a Pro Abortion Rally... Hey @RonDeSantisFL this your state or not??? pic.twitter.com/QSynmm9mvH

One day soon, love like this will flood the planet, transforming life here forever.


Thank you for letting the dog inside the ambulance. How absolutely touching! Such loyalty of a dog. ?Credit: Jukin? For more inspiration and uplifting stories, please follow ? @EpochInspired pic.twitter.com/1wMJ8QDtyL

Here is Patriot Underground’s latest update. Always thoughtful and thorough.



I’m closing here for today, folks. See the comments for more suggestions from the crew.  ~ BP



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