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As I announced last month I have worked on updating the Links page to include more of the websites that I found that deal with the same kind of topics I am writing about(see under the header Congenial websites).Some of the newly added websites have existed for years,others have sprung up in the corona malaise epoch.The fact that I link to a website doesn't necessarily mean I agree with everything written or spoken on it,it just means that overall I feel the website aligns with my own intentions of bringing truth and clarity and standing up for freedom,human dignity and the unrestricted right to self-realization and the pursuit of happiness.I have removed the websites that deal with nature conservation;it is an important subject that I am very sympathetic to and planetary liberation also involves the liberation of the animal world and mother nature from the dark forces but it is a bit off topic for the scope of my website.I found that Daniel Estulin's website is not online anymore;he is one key person that has done great work in spreading awareness about the true nature of our reality,so I thank him for that.Obviously the index is not exhaustive,there are still plenty more good sites to get independent and critical information,but I cannot list them all.I know of a few sites in East European or Asian languages which makes it hard for me to check their content,so I chose not to include these for now.


From Cobra's update it has become clear that it was China(or better said the C×e Communist Party)that has been aiding the Taliban in taking back control over Afghanistan.So much for the speculation on various alternative media sites that the White Hats and Trump's team are behind it.China has a keen interest in the oil,gas,rare earth metals,gemstones,marble and other natural resources Afghanistan is rich in as well as in the opium trade and human trafficking opportunities.Cobra confirms that there are still toplet bombs to be cleared,specifically in people's implants.A toplet bomb explosion would not only cause severe physical damage to the planet and many deaths,it would also greatly affect the higherdimensional planes in ways that cannot be easily undone,so that must be avoided at all cost.In the meantime we must manage with the means we have and deal with the challenges that the Cabal and dark forces throw up until they are phased out.




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