X22报道|第2937集: 美联储的行动没有任何掩护,深层州选举操纵暴露无遗

2022年12月1日15:20:13最新动态X22报道|第2937集: 美联储的行动没有任何掩护,深层州选举操纵暴露无遗已关闭评论4291阅读模式
X22报道|第2937集: 美联储的行动没有任何掩护,深层州选举操纵暴露无遗

Ep. 2937a – Biden Just Exposed Himself, With No Cover Story The [CB] Makes Their Move

拜登刚刚暴露了自己,没有封面故事,[ CB ]采取了行动

Ep. 2937b – FBI & Now Twitter Involved In Manipulating The Elections, [DS] Election Rigging Exposed




The green new deal is falling apart. The people are not going along with it. The people in Europe are hitting a point of no return. The US economy is imploding, US pending home sales are plunging and it almost down to the level of covid. Companies are laying off, Biden just went against the Union. The [CB] is now pushing the [CBDC] and they are trying to remove alternative currency at the same time.

绿色新政正在土崩瓦解。人们不会同意的。欧洲人民已经到了无法回头的地步。美国经济正在内爆,美国待售房屋销售额大幅下降,几乎降至冠状病毒疾病水平。公司正在裁员,拜登刚刚反对了联邦政府。[ CB ]现在正在推动[ CBDC ] ,同时他们正试图取消替代货币。


The [DS] is panicking, they have lost their weapon of narrative control. The [DS] will continue to hit EM and Trump. They don’t have a choice. The election fraud is being produced. Each time more evidence is produced the case is getting stronger and stronger. Bait and traps are being used by EM and Trump and the [DS] is doing exactly what they want.



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