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Source: Golden Age of Gaia 


Hospital ships are for trafficked children in underground tunnels


Where are we right now?I write this for people who are more or less new to a"conspiracy theorist's"view of world events.(1)


And I have to say at the outset that I'm as new to many aspects of this scene as you are,as we all are,I suspect.I'm learning on the job.


And keeping up with events is becoming a challenge.The situation changes daily.So many new videos come out these days that I can no longer watch them all.


***Breaking News***


Since my first draft of this article,David Wilcock has been briefed that the Alliance's operations are definitely confirmed to be underway.(2)If so,the conspiracy theory of an undercover operation against the cabal using the pandemic as a screen is correct.David is the first person I've heard willing to be very definite about it.


If accurate,what does David's news mean?Well,it means that corrupt world leaders,politicians,and other public officials are being arrested.Also arrested will be drug-running,gun-running,and child-trafficking rings,mafia and other violent gangs,Hollywood pedophiles,Vatican officials,etc.


Underground tunnels and deep underground military bunkers(DUMBs)are being destroyed as we speak.Many of the earthquakes we feel and hear I understand to be DUMBs being eliminated(after the people have been evacuated).


Tens of thousands of living and dead children are allegedly being removed from these tunnels and bunkers,which are found from Mexico to Canada.The hospital ships off LA and New York are apparently there for their treatment.



On some levels coronavirus is being shown to be part hoax.On other levels,it's completely real.It's completely real in its effects(i.e.,people are dying).


The roles of Dr.Fauci,Dr.Birx,and Bill Gates are progressively being challenged.Dr.Fauci's invention of an AIDS vaccine three years before AIDS showed up on the scene is being looked at.It follows the Illuminati's doctrine of never releasing a virus they don't already have a cure for.

福奇博士,Birx 博士和比尔盖茨的角色正在逐步受到挑战。在艾滋病出现之前的三年,福奇博士发明了艾滋病疫苗。它遵循了光照派的信条,即永远不要释放一种他们尚未找到治愈方法的病毒。

Dr.Fauci's emphasis on a vaccine now is drawing fire.Bill Gates has made no secret of his ID2020 program to microchip people using a CV19 vaccine.(3)The WHO,CDC,Fort Detrick–this is laying bare the bioweapons industry.But it also allegedly takes in most elements of the Illuminati plan.

福奇博士对疫苗的重视现在引起了人们的热议。比尔·盖茨毫不掩饰他为使用 CV19疫苗的微芯片人员开发的 ID2020项目。(3)世界卫生组织,美国疾病控制和预防中心,Fort Detrick-这暴露了生物武器工业。但是据说它也包含了光照派计划的大部分元素

Matthew Ward laid bare the object of their plan:To depopulate the globe:


"What is not publicized because it is known by only a few is that the intention of the coronavirus was to decrease the world's population by billions.That will not happen because[star]family members reduced the laboratory-designed virus's potency to the greatest possible extent."(4)


People researching and transporting the virus to China have been shown to have had Gates Foundation financial ties.The alleged release of different strains of the virus in several places on the planet,the exaggeration of mortality figures,the MSM's misleading the public and failing to report news of possible fraud–the cabal is losing the battle to win back its control of the public.


The Alliance considers this the cabal's last big false-flag scenario.This is their swan song.


Hoax or not,measures like social distancing are probably still best followed,in my layman's opinion.Not saying otherwise.All medical advice except vaccination most likely should be honored until informed to the contrary,wouldn't you say?Common sense prevails.


I expect the air to go out of the coronavirus balloon shortly after arrests have been made,followed by indictments.(5)



I should probably bring in the Alliance or white hats here.They're an alliance among Constitutionalists in the military,intelligence,and other organizations,which Q has been masterfully emceeing.


What do I mean by Constitutionalists?Well,the thing that unites them in my eyes is their allegiance to the Constitution of the United States(and in the case of the military to the military oath).


Their mission is to take down a group of people who've sought to dominate the world by any means.In this present case,it's by launching two bioweapons:The first is a virus(Covid-19)and the second is a toxic vaccine with microchip hitchhikers.


It's becoming increasingly evident that the Alliance or Constitutionalists became aware of the probability of a pandemic and used it as a cover to launch their"takedown"of the cabal,an event which has been rumored for at least a decade(search on"mass arrests"in the site's search box).


This is the final showdown.This is the moment of decision.


In many cases it could escalate into a fight to the death.In his latest video,David Wilcock predicted that deaths among freedom fighters may be more than we care to think about.



Most of it is happening behind the scenes,much of it underground.This silent war has been fought for as long as I've been awake to things,which is since July 2007.(6)The whole Alliance operation took long years of labor,constantly at the risk of one's life.


The Constitutionalists are neither Democrats nor Republicans.The best word to describe them is Q's word:"Patriots."


While we've been waiting for the Reval,so to speak,they've been hard at work behind the scenes.They've been collecting evidence,seeking indictments,getting schooled in a changed judicial system,training to take down underground tunnels and DUMBs,all of it following a master plan and aided by the galactics….


Excuse me?What galactics?


The same ones who've been reported flying above nuclear missile silos and rendering the missiles inoperable.(7)


The same ones who've been filmed circling a nuclear missile in flight and sending a beam at it which caused it to fail.(8)


The same ones who park above my apartment most nights,by far the brightest object in the night sky.How can anyone in these parts miss them?


(Concluded below.)




(1)Yes,I am a proud conspiracy theorist.


(2)"David Wilcock 4/22:Wikileaks Dumps ALL Files!"April 22,2020,at

(2)"大卫·威尔科克4/22:维基解密转储所有文件!"https://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=309602 I watched it live.As of this writing,the video has not been posted.


(3)See ID2020 at(3)请参阅表格 ID2020


(4)Matthew's Message,April 2,2020,at()马太福音二年四月二日https://www.matthewbooks.com.

(5)Others believe that Pres.Trump will wait until after the election because of Fauci's popularity.


(6)Newly retired,I watched the video,In Plane Site.My life was never the same after that.


In Plane Site at


I read of units mutinying because they were trained in terrain that resembled Iran rather than Iraq.They said they would not go to Iran.I read of the nuclear football being taken away from George Bush by the Navy.I cheered when the Navy took over Northern Command,which I associate with 9/11,thereby also taking command of the secret space fleet.


The revelations of false flags continue today.Recently Dr.Buttar related the story of a Gulf War soldier acknowledging to him that his unit set fire to the Kuwaiti oilwells.That means that the first Gulf War was started by a false-flag operation.(See"Dr Rashid Buttar exposes the conspiracy and plot behind covid19 and the fake pandemic numbers,"at

假旗的披露今天仍在继续。最近,布塔尔博士讲述了一个海湾战争士兵向他承认他的部队放火烧了科威特的油井的故事。这意味着第一次海湾战争是由一次假旗行动引发的。(参见"拉希德·巴塔尔博士揭露了 covid19和假大流行数字背后的阴谋和阴谋"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yK3uXjp_hQ.)

(7)"Capt.Robert Salas–UFOs Shut Down Nuclear Missiles,"at


(8)"UFO Destroys Vandenberg Missile–Prof.Robert Jacobs Testifies"at




Source: Golden Age of Gaia 


A huge cabal underground complex is said to exist below Denver Airport.The murals suggest its purposes(soldier kills dove of peace)


(Concluded from above.)


To return:Behind the scenes,marines and soldiers,sailors and airfolks have stepped aside from the chain of command,disobeyed orders,and mutinied against the existing regime,all in the name of our planet's freedom and safety.


This is a second American Revolution.


So often in past conflicts,when the wounded came home from war,it was too bad for them.VA services were inadequate and unhelpful.


In my unequivocal opinion,the men and women risking dying for us deserve the best of care and treatment when they"come home."


The wars of the past have been corrupt.But this one is not.There is no other motive here but the welfare of the human race.


And appreciating that,I ask us to remember,along with the trafficked children who require urgent care,those injured and killed(1)in setting us free.



Those in charge of informing the public are looking closely at how much the public can hear all at once.Liz Crokin called it"slowly redpilling"the public.(2)


I'm not just going to blurt"everything"out.I know a single word I can say that might have you vomit.Too much and your head would spin.And at some point you'd begin disbelieving me.So this is what the Alliance is up against in revealing the truth.


At Xenia Resort Center in 2018,I watched and listened to a video on The Truth Unsealed of a child being horribly tortured.(3)That so impacted me that it took a powerful spiritual experience the next day to allow me to even function.

2018年在 Xenia Resort Center,我观看并聆听了一段《揭开真相》(The Truth Unsealed)的视频,视频中一个孩子正遭受可怕的折磨。(3)这对我的影响如此之大,以至于第二天我经历了一次强大的精神体验,才得以正常工作

Based on that traumatic experience,I can vouch for the fact that some of what lies ahead will require us to be prepared.


They(the Constitutionalists,the Alliance)are taking that into consideration.Theirs is a delicate task:To inform enough but not too much.


I predict that there will be levels of knowledge available,allowing people to choose how much they want to hear.



It's rumored that President Trump will talk on three separate broadcasts over three days after the roundup of the cabal has occurred.


If it were left up to me,I'd release the Reval(4)after the cabal have been arrested and before everyone returns to work so that money would then be available to fund the recovery.Before that time we'd have money and nothing to spend it on;after that time,the need for money would be pressing.

如果让我来决定的话,我会在秘密结社被逮捕之后,在每个人都回去工作之前,释放 Reval(4),这样钱就可以用来资助复苏。在那之前,我们没有钱可花;在那之后,对金钱的需求就变得迫切了

Meanwhile,as seen from this vantage point,the whole virus-and-vaccine fraud seems set to come tumbling down soon.The hard questioning Dr.Fauci is coming under from doctors,led by Drs.Shiva Ayyudurai and Rashid Buttar,together with the studies coming online are popping the pandemic bubble for the conspiracy to depopulate the globe that it seems to be.

与此同时,从这个有利位置看,整个病毒和疫苗欺诈似乎很快就会崩溃。由 Shiva Ayyudurai 博士和 Rashid Buttar 博士领导的医生们对福奇博士提出了尖锐的质疑,再加上网上的研究正在戳破流行病的泡沫,因为这个阴谋似乎正在使全球人口减少

I expect Drs.Fauci and Birx to be fired soon and indicted with Bill Gates.They'll join a flood of corrupted individuals in facing charges.

我预计福奇博士和 Birx 博士很快就会被解雇,和比尔盖茨一起被起诉。他们将加入到一群被指控的腐败分子中

Now to end with what's becoming increasingly obvious:Everything I just wrote here will be"overtaken by events"in the next few days.The pace will continue and it may even speed up.


It'll become a paradox after a while:Flowing will be required of us after a certain point,while at the same time holding on to basic values.


We're about to be spiritually refined by events.What remains,I predict,will bring us closer to Ascension.(5)




(1)"Injured"–Affected in any way in a manner that requires treatment;all expenses paid with good care delivered;life restored as close to normal as possible;accessible housing and education provided;medicare,pharmacare,and dental care provided;future assured and honor given.(1)


"Killed"–To see to the needs of the widow and family and honor given.Same treatment as in"Injured,"as required.


(2)Liz Crokin,"Is Coronavirus Being Used As A Cover for Mass Arrests Part V,"at

(2)Liz Crokin,《冠状病毒是否被用作大规模拘捕第五部分的掩护》,载於https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSMTdT8chQI,at 13:37.13:37

(3)It was on more than just one child being tortured.


But even so,see how I've pulled my punches.I don't even want to name it.


What I saw was so traumatic and searing that,when I watched Out of Shadows,I was retraumatized–even though,watching this latter video a second time,I found it mild compared to what I'd seen earlier.The mere sight of a reminder in my first viewing of Out of Shadows triggered me.I was the one retraumatizing myself,not the movie.(I call this a triggered vasana or core issue.)


If I'm affected this much,I assume others will be as well.And it won't be a process most people will feel they have a lot of control over.This is the process I use to handle a triggered vasana:"How to Handle Unwanted Feelings:The Upset Clearing Process,"December 29,2018,at


(4)The Reval is an opportunity for those who've purchased Zimbabwean Dollars,Iraqi Dinar,and Vietnamese Dong,primarily,to exchange their currencies at higher than usual rates.It's designed in part to get money into the hands of lightworkers,who are then asked to take part in Mother's Earth's recovery and the recovery of all the kingdoms on the planet.(4)

Reval 是以购买津巴布韦元、伊拉克第纳尔和越南盾为主的人以高于正常汇率兑换货币的机会。它的设计部分是为了把钱交到光之工作者的手中,然后这些光之工作者被要求参与地球母亲的恢复和地球上所有王国的恢复

Enter"Reval"in the site search box or read


Financial Wayshowing and Stewardship R18.财务方式、展示和管理 R18 If you wish to participate,purchase a$50 Trillion Zimbabwean banknote on Amazon or eBay or Vietnamese Dong from your bank.

如果你想参加,可以从你的银行在亚马逊或 eBay 或越南盾上购买50万亿津巴布韦纸币

(5)I actually know what remains.The same 2018 Xenia experience referred to earlier showed me that purity and innocence remain.Lots of other divine qualities as well I'm sure.But I was given the experience of purity and innocence.




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