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Because of its tremendous impact on dissolving the Veil at that time, the Archons have devised a plan to hijack the evolving Christianity, turn it into a mind programming cult, suppress all Goddess worship and enforce the Nicene creed:



The Council of Nicea-The Council that created Jesus Christ OWoN Team Thursday,March


19,2015 OWON:Time for our world to wake up,throw aside these ridiculous little men in dresses,and start dealing with the real issues head on.Being led by these nearly men poncing around in coloured costumes is why we have progressed zero in 2,000 years.


Your Soul is real,the rest is mythology.Grow up,man up and face up-it's down to you.We must sort our world,use the intelligence we were given,and create a world fit for purpose.How can a bunch of misfits,confused psycho babblers,lead anything?Half the Church Leaders role play'Arthur or Martha',both senior and/or junior,against their own oath because they know it is all a lie.


Thinking is the start.Reasoning our way forward as nations.Determining what is humanity?Drop the fables and start building an intelligent society with ethics,standards and a purpose.


Think reality and build a real foundation.


Read more at:https://www.oneworldofnations.com/2015/03/the-council-of-nicea-council-that.html

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The origin of the"Savior"–Later becoming the person worshiped today as Jesus Christ



Ptolemy 1 Meryamun Setepenre(c.a.367-283 B.C.E-Before Common Era)(aka Soter)("Soter"means savior)became the first European pharaoh of Egypt through military force led by Alexander the Greek(a.k.a Alexander the Great).When Ptolemy became pharaoh of Egypt,he wanted the Egyptians to consecrate him as a god.He wanted to be called a god because that was the title all of the pharaohs of Egypt were called prior to him.However,the people of Egypt refused to call him a god because they knew the only reason he became a pharaoh was through force,so in"305 BC-Ptolemy took the title of Pharaoh,taking the Egyptian name Meryamun Setepenre,which means"Beloved of Amun(Amun means God)Chosen of Ra(Ra means God)",and because of the Egyptians refusal to acknowledge him as a God,he began killing the people of Egypt,which caused the Egyptian priests at Memphis to give into his request by agreeing to consecrate him to priesthood,in order to save their own lives.

托勒密1世。公元前367-公元前283E-Before Common Era(又名Soter)("Soter"的意思是救世主)是由希腊人亚历山大领导的军事力量成为埃及第一位欧洲法老。亚历山大大帝)。当托勒密成为埃及法老时,他希望埃及人把他奉为神。他想被称为神,因为在他之前埃及所有的法老都被称为神。然而,埃及人民拒绝称他为神,因为他们知道他成为了法老的唯一原因是通过武力,所以在"公元前305-托勒密采用了法老的头衔,采用了埃及的名字Meryamun Setepenre,意思是"阿蒙的宠儿(Amun意思是上帝)选择的拉(Ra意思是上帝)",由于埃及人拒绝承认他为一个神,他开始杀害埃及人民,这导致埃及的祭司在孟菲斯同意给予他神圣的职位,以拯救他们自己的生命。

The key words in the above passage to keep in mind during your reading:Meryamun,Setepenre,Soter,which are words that were used to create the fictitious character of JESUS CHRIST in A.D.by Roman Emperor Constantine(Meryamun,Setepenre,Soter were used in B.C.).The images of Ptolemy below,which are similar to the images that are depicted as"Jesus"today,were forced upon the Africans and were ordered to be worshiped by the people of Rome.Let us continue to A.D.



Serapis Christus Greco Roman c.a 135 B.C.E.The marble image in the London museum is the image they use of Christ(Jesus)today.Christus was also the nickname for Serapis.


What is Serapis?(Origin of JESUS CHRIST)


Ptolemy's rule was to create a deity that would be worshiped by both the Egyptians and the Greeks.He created"Serapis",the made up Graeco-Egyptian god that was invented in the 3rd century B.C.,portrayed as Greek in appearance,but with Egyptian accessories,representing both wealth and resurrection."Egypt,which you commended to me my dearest Servianus,I have found to be wholly fickle and inconsistent and continually wafted about by every breath of fame.The worshipers of Serapis here are called Christians and those who are devoted to the god Serapis(I find)call themselves Bishops of Christ."


-Hadrian to Servianus 134 A.D.


Constantine and Arius


Constantine the Greek(a.k.a Constantine the Great)Roman Emperor from 306 to 337,is known for being the first Roman emperor to be converted to Christianity which strangely enough,Arius of Libya(256-356 A.D.)born of African descent centuries after Ptolemy 1,had a problem with the Roman empire teaching the Africans and the people of Rome to worship a statue and celebrating death.He was considered a heretic,a professed believer(of God),who maintains religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his or her church(what the religious authorities usually controlled by government deem as the truth).Because he started attracting so many followers due to his teachings that were contrary to the Romans,Constantine called the council by summoning all the bishops to discredit Arius,The Council of Nicaea.During the time when this meeting was called upon,there was no mention of Jesus Christ at all;no man had ever existed by the name JESUS Christ,and an important fact is that this all took place Anno Domino(A.D.)(which Christians claim means after the death of Christ)in Latin means'in the year of the lord'.The name Jesus Christ didn't exist before the meeting was called(read the statements made during that time frame).It was only after this that they presented to the people the name JESUS CHRIST.


What Lord are they referring to?Kings have always been referred to as Lords or Gods.


If Jesus Christ didn't exist during the time this meeting took place nor ever heard of,whom are people worshiping today?Serapis Christus?


Nicean Creed–Jesus Christ is born


Nicean creed which became the statement of the Christian faith was written decreed and sanctified by 318 Roman Catholic bishops at the council in 325 A.D.(some believe this transformation took place"Council of Chalcedon"451 A.D.)."We believe in one God the Father all-powerful of all things both seen and unseen one Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God the only begotten from the father,that is from the substance of the father,god from god,light from light,true god from true god,begotten not made,consubstantial with the father,through whom all things came to be both those in heaven and those in earth for us humans and for out salvation he came down and became incarnate became human suffered and rose up on the third day went up into the heavens is coming to judge the living and the dead and in the holy spirit"


-The origin of the Trinity


The authorities shut Arius down and threatened him with death to keep his mouth shut.They positioned the creed during the time when people started becoming aware of the lies and deception,and ordered all books to be burned;destroying all ancient writings,"no evidence no argument",and the outcome was the transformation from Serapis Christus,which means Christ the Savior,to Jesus Christ by edict of Emperor Constantine in 325 A.D.

当局把艾利乌关了起来,并以死相威胁,要他闭嘴。他们在人们开始意识到谎言和欺骗的时候定位了信条,并下令烧毁所有的书籍,销毁所有古代著作,"没有证据没有争论",结果是在公元325年君士坦丁大帝的敕令下,从Serapis Christus(意思是基督的救世主)转变为耶稣基督。

Authors comment


Christians,do your research.There may have been a man that walked the earth in the land known as Nazareth that attempted to guide the people back to righteousness,but,this man was not JESUS CHRIST.You see no mention of any man in Nazareth named JESUS mentioned during the meetings in Rome,or of a woman named Mary(the virgin)giving birth to a child named Jesus.


This would explain why there is so much emphasis put on JESUS CHRIST in the bible,which further explains why God all of a sudden had to have a"son"(sun of God was turned to the son of God by Europeans,which is why every picture of Jesus has the sun behind his head.(Sun Ra,Sun of Ra(God)).The man you acknowledge as Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born in 4 BC;all of the above took place before that date.




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