2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture 星际飞船地球: 大局

 April 26, 2022 2022年4月26日

2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球

The Earth Alliance offensive is in plain view now as we free up our speech, take election fraud to task, and replace traitorous leaders with representatives of the People. Humanity is much better informed, inspired, and is standing up for themselves. Justice is expected and exacted already or soon will be and the enemy has run out of ways to block and cheat. They can’t pull the wool over our eyes any more.


Twitter was such a fun and light-hearted place last night. I laughed out loud a number of times, like when I read the following Tweet. It’s like a dark cloud has been lifted and we can see the Light again. Folks are gingerly dipping a toe in to see if they really can say what they want to say without being shut down.

昨晚 Twitter 是一个非常有趣和轻松的地方。我大声笑了很多次,就像我读到下面的推特一样。就像一片乌云被驱散,我们又能看到光明了。人们小心翼翼地试探着,看看他们是否真的能够在不被拒绝的情况下说出他们想说的话。

The resulting satire from the takeover is priceless.


2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球

What? Who are you and what have you done with @jack? Must be a substitute clown.

什么? 你是谁? 你对“杰克”做了什么? 一定是个替代的小丑。

We have seen a number of instances where we believe the Earth Alliance have “dealt with” certain cabal entities we know were dirty and replaced them with new, benevolent and strangely cooperative folks. Perhaps this is one.


Fake news has to go the way of the dodo bird. I didn’t hear about this anywhere.


The number of “big names” coming down with Covid is mounting so perhaps it’s time to post the decoder again.


2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球

Finland’s President Niinisto, 73, examined in hospital due to COVID

芬兰总统 Niinisto,73岁,因冠状病毒疾病在医院接受检查

See a lot more at this Telegram post.


2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球

People are getting bent out of shape over the promised food shortages. Why buy into it? Drop the victim mentality and accept that the patriots are in control. Yes, there are a lot of food processing plants experiencing fires, but they’re nearly all meat plants, are they not? That’s because—and we’ve said this so many times now—the food chain is tainted. They have been putting Human meat in our food.

人们正因食物短缺而大发雷霆。为什么要买账呢?抛弃受害者的心态,接受爱国者掌控一切的事实。是的,有很多食品加工厂遭遇火灾,但是他们几乎都是肉类加工厂,不是吗?这是因为---- 我们已经说过很多次了---- 食物链被污染了。他们在我们的食物中加入了人肉。

I would think that informed people would be happy to see reports about these facilities being shut down permanently. I know I am—and it’s not only in America. The Beeb reports…


Crews tackle ‘ferocious’ fire at Harlow sausage factory


Did you see the incident map for USA? I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing, folks. Linda Paris/Deplorable McAllister said that a pig is actually a wild boar crossed with a Human. Perhaps that will change your mind about the destruction of these facilities.

你看到美国的事故地图了吗?我很确定这是件好事,各位。琳达 · 帕里斯/可叹的麦卡利斯特说,猪实际上是一头野猪和一个人交叉。也许这会改变你对于摧毁这些设施的想法。

2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球

Nearly all our food is tainted and toxic and designed to make us sick. Stop buying cabal crony products and go as pure as you can. We can’t purify everything over night, but being aware and doing our best to buy healthy products goes a long way. We make our own lemonade now and I think all our desserts are baked from scratch from healthier ingredients than mass producers use.


Pepsi Co, who owns NAKED, settled a 9 million dollar lawsuit over them claiming their Naked drinks were all-natural.
They actually were found to have a bunch of nasty chemicals in them including Formaldehyde (a neurotoxin, used to embalm dead bodies), Fibersol-2 (a soluble GMO corn fiber that acts as a low-calorie bulking agent), artificial ingredients, like calcium pantothenate which is synthetically produced from …. yep, Formaldehyde.

拥有 NAKED 的百事可乐公司解决了一起900万美元的诉讼,声称他们的裸体饮料是纯天然的。实际上,他们被发现含有一些令人讨厌的化学物质,包括甲醛(一种用于防腐尸体的神经毒素) ,Fibersol-2(一种可溶性的转基因玉米纤维,可作为低热量的填充剂) ,人造成分,比如人工合成的泛酸钙。是的,甲醛。

Get this …. they never recalled the drinks off the shelves!!!

听着... ... 他们从来没有召回过架子上的饮料! ! !

They never reformulated.
Wanna know what they did in compliance with the lawsuit?
They removed the word “NATURAL” from the label.

他们从来没有重新制定。想知道他们在遵守法律的情况下做了什么吗? 他们从标签上去掉了“天然”这个词。

It’s still the same toxic concoction as before.


Now use your brain, apply some common sense and think…. large Corporate Industries and lnjections.

现在动动你的脑子,运用一些常识和思考... ... 大型企业和项目。

REASONS TO MAKE YOUR OWN FRESH SMOOTHIES & JUICES SO AT LEAST YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR CONSUMING BECAUSE A LOT OF BRANDS ALSO HAVE ABORTED HUMAN FETUSES IN THEM TOO CLASSED AS “Natural flavourings” 2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球


Ever wonder what a chemtrail plane looks like inside? Twitter knows.

有没有想过飞机里面的化学痕迹是什么样子的? 推特知道。

Dr. Zelenko is building back better. He’s at over 105K at the time of this writing.

泽兰科博士正在重建,在写这篇文章的时候,他已经超过105k 了。

Kryon put out a new and very relevant video about us, this time, and the future. I can’t find it now so I’ll have to get it for tomorrow.


Eli had a bath on Sunday and I can hardly believe in this photo that he’s the same dog that came home two months ago. He’s not a baby any more and has found he can climb up on the furniture. I found him lying on our patio dining table and had to pull all the chairs away from it so he couldn’t make a habit of it.


2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球

His baby pic:


2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球

I sent photos to the breeder and she replied with the photo below. Hubby says, “no”. She has a single light female to adopt if anyone’s interested. Golden Angels Kennels, Douglas, AZ. What a precious little package. She would have made a great little sister for Eli but…

我把照片发给饲养员,她回复了下面的照片。老公说: “不行。”。如果有人感兴趣的话,她有一个单身的浅色女性可以领养。黄金天使狗舍,道格拉斯,AZ. 。多么珍贵的一个小包裹。她本可以成为伊莱的好妹妹但是..。

2022年4月26日: 世界在我们眼前改变|星际飞船地球

Purebred Golden Retriever with papers and microchip


Busy day, and it’s gone. Phil’s show should be staring at 7 EDT in a few minutes. He said the following about it on Telegram. There were over 4 million watching last night.

忙碌的一天过去了。再过几分钟,菲尔的节目就要开始美国东部时间7点了。他在 Telegram 上对此说了以下的话。昨晚有超过400万人在观看。

Your cognitive dissonance will undoubtedly kick in during tonight’s Live.


Please come with an open mind.


There will be very much biblical talk. Some of you will not like it.


Open your minds.


Lots more updates for tomorrow.  ~ BP


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