X22报告|第3009集: 国家战略制造计划的时间,悬崖(毁灭时刻)

2023年3月1日14:43:14最新动态X22报告|第3009集: 国家战略制造计划的时间,悬崖(毁灭时刻)已关闭评论2571字数 1268阅读4分13秒阅读模式


X22报告|第3009集: 国家战略制造计划的时间,悬崖(毁灭时刻)

Ep. 3009a – US Prospered Under Trump, Time For The Strategic National Manufacturing Initiative


Ep. 3009b – China Threatens EM, Is WWIII Coming, Precipice [Moment Of Destruction], Peace Maker

中国威胁新兴市场,第三次世界大战即将来临,悬崖[毁灭时刻] ,和平缔造者



The blue states are now trying to implement the GND and fuel prices started to sky rocket, the economy has begun to implode in these states. The house passed a resolution to stop ESG. The UK is now making a move to push CBDC. Trump is now giving solutions on how to fix the economy.

蓝州现在正试图实施 GND,燃料价格开始飙升,这些州的经济已经开始内爆。众议院通过了阻止 ESG 的决议。英国正采取行动推动中央商务部。特朗普现在正就如何修复经济给出解决方案。


The [DS] is panicking, they have no control over him and they have tried to remove him and it all failed. Trump and the patriots are now leading the [DS] down a path to a major scare event, this will bring the people to the precipice, enter the peace maker. They people will see those who want war and the individual who wants peace.



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