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February 18, 2022 2022年2月18日

Opening with excerpts from a NZ Herald interview with a protester - yes, MSM! - about the Wellington protest. Thousands of people are expected to join the protest this weekend, coming down from Auckland for a big freedom concert on-site.



A Hawke's Bay couple had again returned to the protest on the weekend, donating their camping equipment...The Herald had witnessed cars pull up and people unload brand new tents and air mattresses to donate.

霍克湾的一对夫妇在周末再次回到抗议现场,捐赠了他们的露营设备... ... 《先驱报》目睹了汽车停下,人们卸下新的帐篷和空气垫子,并捐赠出去。

The couple, who wouldn't be named, said the mandates hadn't affected their jobs but they were concerned about the vaccine itself, saying they had friends who were in hospital as a result.
"Why is the media not reporting that?"


The Hawke's Bay couple said they enjoyed feeling part of a "big family" at the protest.


They had a small group of supportive friends but still felt like outcasts in wider society.


"Most people here feel isolated in their normal lives. Here it is the opposite, here we are a big family, we feel safe. I've never felt anything like it. People don't want to leave and they won't."
The couple wanted the Government to remove all pandemic-related restrictions and for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to resign, and didn't see people leaving the site voluntarily.

“这里的大多数人在正常生活中感到孤立。在这里情况恰恰相反,在这里我们是一个大家庭,我们感到安全。我从来没有过这样的感觉。人们不想离开,也不愿离开。”这对夫妇希望政府取消所有与流感大流行有关的限制,并要求总理雅辛达 · 阿登辞职,但没有看到人们自愿离开这个地方。

"The only way would be to bring in the military, but they don't want to do that.
"The horse has bolted, there are too many people and thousands more are coming.
"People here have lost their jobs, split their marriages, divided their families – they have nothing left to lose. This is the final straw."


That's the thing - when you have lost your job, marriage and/or family as a result of the Plandemic, you have nothing left to lose. You pick your hill to make your last stand against the [D]eep [S]tate that caused you all that misery. For thousands of New Zealanders, that hill is Parliament Grounds in Wellington. They are NOT leaving until Ardern has resigned. And STILL, 12 days into the protest, not ONE politician has come out to address the concerns of the growing crowd. Guilty, much.


The protesters will be joined by several well-known New Zealanders including America's Cup champion yachtsman Sir Russell Coutts. He is jabbed but against the mandates, describing them as 'irrational'.

抗议者将加入一些知名的新西兰人,包括美洲杯冠军帆船运动员罗素 · 库茨爵士。他受到猛烈抨击,但却反对这些命令,称它们是“不理性的”。


Close to home, a dear friend's brother has a high profile as a freedom fighter in his small rural town. The police raided his home and took his phone and laptop - no explanation. Two weeks later, the items have not been returned and there has been no communication from the police. Nazism is rampant in New Zealand.


The Ottawa truck convoy organizers are being rounded up and arrested. We must NOT allow these arrests of brave innocent people to be in vain. As a freedom trucker said, ' They lock us up, more will come in our place...' Indeed. I am sure it will be the same in Australia and New Zealand. A short video of black-clothed police - heavily disguised to prevent identification - arresting harmless people. Make it go viral.

渥太华卡车车队的组织者正在被围捕。我们决不能让这些逮捕勇敢无辜的人的行动白费。正如一个自由卡车司机所说,‘他们把我们关起来,更多的人会来到我们的地方... ...’的确如此。我相信澳大利亚和新西兰也会这样。一段黑衣警察的短视频——为了防止辨认而严重伪装——逮捕无害的人。让它像病毒一样传播。


This image of a trucker being manhandled, treated like an animal, should always be remembered.



Other news, Bill [G]ates (double/clone) is SAD that Omicron/Moronic beat the vaccines and spread immunity throughout the world. Remember, this is a COMPUTER guy who became a self-professed global 'expert' on vaccines. This [G]ates does not resemble the long-dead original - so obvious when you know.



An Australian cardiology nurse with 35 years experience shares the TRUTH about jab injuries and deaths among young people.


Short video, please pass it on. It might save a life.



Mask-wearing adults are having a severe impact on the developing speech of toddlers. The [D]eep [S]tate found a heinous way to hide it.



Finally, a heart-wrenching little video (I watched it twice) that reminds us of the horrific emotional and physical torture that the [D]eep [S]tate has inflicted on children all over the world. It ends NOW.

最后,一个令人心碎的小视频(我看了两遍) ,提醒我们注意这个恐怖的情感和身体折磨,这种折磨来自于世界各地的儿童。现在就结束吧。


I just read back on this post and there is no light relief or humor today. Well, this is a war and sometimes there are days when the harsh truth of what we are enduring has precedence. 


Light Warriors, keep FIGHTING BACK. I am not physically in Wellington but my heart is there right alongside the protesters. A shout out to every blog reader who is currently in Wellington and reading this. WE LOVE YOU. Where We Go One We Go All.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light  




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