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阿斯塔•谢兰|心理战Me:Ashtar,can you please take me to your ship?I need a moment's sanity!


Ashtar:Reading the news again,Sharon?


Me:LOL Trudeau is saying we can't let China intimidate us into releasing the two people Canada took into custody,while a few weeks ago he sold off all our gold to China.


Ashtar:It depends on which China he's dealing with–the communists or the white hats.


Me:Who's asking for the release of these people then?


Ashtar:The White Hats.


Me:That explains it.Who's in charge of that country anyway?


Ashtar:There's a mix.Often the leader at the top of any country has two sides he has to answer to.Same as Trump.The dark hats are trying to blackmail him,now a book out written by his relative,and then the white hats(alliance)instructing him on how to go further.Then there is his own sense of what he has to do as well.So it gets complicated,shall we say.


For many world leaders,it's a question of who threatens the least and holds out the most money.Each political faction holds sway with the other.Sometimes they compromise for the sake of gaining ground elsewhere,and sometimes they just pay the other faction their price in order to further their agenda.Obviously,the white hats can be more stubborn but other times they'll take a compromise to further their gains in the future.Sometimes,what looks like a good move for the Deep State is in fact their future undoing.You know that policies were created by the Obama and Bush governments that are now leading to their arrests.


Me:Yes.What's going on in Turkey now?They're trying to take over the Middle East?LOL When are the people of the Middle East going to join together and say they've had enough?They need to make themselves one solidified state and tell the rest of the world to bug out,but of course they're all fighting with each other.


Ashtar:Which is by design.Their leaders know what's at stake.The Middle East is a prized area because of otherworldly resources.It's not that much about oil as you've been led to believe although that can be part of it.It's who's living in the Middle East and how they're trying to connect with the galaxy that there is warring over.


Me:So there isn't really any unified government running a country,is there?


Ashtar:No,not really and this is advantageous now because then you'll see more clearly who the bad guys are and who the good guys are.In the States it's divided into 52 pieces.


Washington,New York and Los Angeles are still in dark hat hands.These states are the major leaders in the U.S.economy,and they have been doing negotiating of their own as well as banding together to fight Trump.


We all know California has been trying to split from the rest of the States and has been doing some negotiating at a world level already.The more resources each state holds,the more it can provide to world markets,the more likely it is that they can split off and form their own territory or even country.For California,this is why the focus on exposing the pedophile rings,because this way the rest of the world will be mortified and California will lose its global appeal.


Me:Ah.What about New York?


Ashtar:Antifa has been active in New York and is making the state and the capital look unappealing to tourists,that is to say,those who are even considering traveling now at this time of uncertainty.It would stand to reason that many tourists would skip a large city like NYC for the very fact that the potential of receiving the virus would be greater there.And New York has been one of the worst hit spots in the country.

阿斯塔:Antifa 在纽约一直很活跃,使得这个州和首都看起来对游客没有吸引力,也就是说,那些在这个不确定的时期甚至考虑旅行的人。很多游客会跳过像纽约这样的大城市,因为那里感染病毒的可能性更大,这是理所当然的。纽约是美国受灾最严重的地区之一。

Me:So why try to kill off your own state's economy,how does that….oh yeah,of course.New World Order economy.They're trying to bring in the one world economy by bringing down the individual economies of each state and then each country.


Ashtar:Yes.Larger areas of the states,and that is to say larger economic regions,are hardest hit.These states primarily are Deep State run,so the more states swing to Republican run states,the healthier they will become.


Unfortunately,there is still the rioting.When the world's people realize that everyone matters,not just separate groups,but every person,then the Cabal will have met its match.


This is not to make light of the situation of African Americans,it's been of terrible oppression,but when you all learn to treat each other with humanitarian values,instead of the values you have been taught by the Deep State,Secret Military and the Dark Ones,you'll be far better off.


Suffice it to say,there is more coming down the pipes.Those states who do swing to Republican will experience further attack by the Deep State.This could look like any number of ways.False flags,radiation spills,further lockdowns,even viruses released into the drinking water.




Ashtar:The deep state runs and has always run,by intimidation.They use a mafia-style approach to controlling their subjects.Most have been oblivious to this because it hasn't come down to the deep state losing its power over the people,but this is what is going on now.They're losing.And they don't like it.


Watch the news carefully to understand which states are in the headlines.These are the possible target states before the election.If a state swings over,then trouble may well start there.


This is psychological warfare.


Me:Yeah,there was a state that got a new governor,I think,who is a Republican and Q follower,instead of the Democrat who was in there previously.That might be one they would target as retribution for their loss.


Ashtar:For example.


You also noticed that after a few days of extreme heat that the"Global Warming"headlines started again.People have to realize how manipulated they are.First of all,the Deep State controls the weather and they can make it as hot or as cold as they like;and then they produce the headlines to get people panicking.That's the last thing you need to do.Don't panic.


The other thing that everyone has to realize is what they think is only part of the truth.Even for those who we have informed,the keyboard warriors,the Anons,only know part of the truth.There is more going on in the background and it tends to be revealed when either the deep state forces our hand,or we need to release the information to you so that you will hold that idea in your minds.Then you'll help us create that timeline.That's how it works.


Me:There are still some pretty resistant people,I've noticed.They think Trump is lying,trying to fool the public.That it's all a big play on the part of the Cabal and Trump is in on it.They point out he's a cabalist too.


Ashtar:Don't underestimate the work of trolls.They're all over the internet.There are also people who have this mindset,and they still have to be convinced.


Me:So what's it going to take?How close to the edge do we have to get before these people see the Light?


Ashtar:You're pretty close now but you'll get even closer.


Me:Great.I can hear that song,"The eve of destruction,"playing in my head.


Ashtar:Your people are destructive.And they believe that destroying is the solution to everything.If something's wrong,destroy it with guns.Blow it up.Fight fire with fire.At some point,you'll see new laws put into place and enacted on by honest citizens in positions of power and your faith in the system will begin to be restored.


The problem is the people all have to be on board,and they're not.So those who are of high light are still holding the Light for the ones who are chaotic,creating riots and fighting.


Me:When are we going to see announcements?


Ashtar:Within a year.Everything depends on your progress.For now,watch what Trump says.He's as close to the truth as you're going to get right now.He and Q.


Me:I think people would feel better if something would happen that would restore their faith in the system but nothing's happened yet.


Ashtar:Some are getting wage subsidies.You got some.


Me:I did.


Ashtar:These are the beginnings of the St Germain payouts,the RV.Right now will be uncomfortable,but when the market crashes and money is worthless,then the RV will be paid out.When the market crashes,we'll have arraigned all the dark ones,the deep state,and they won't be able to control economics anymore.

阿斯塔:这些是圣日耳曼奖金的开始,RV。现在会很不舒服,但是当市场崩溃,钱变得一文不值的时候,RV 就会被支付。当市场崩溃的时候,我们将控制所有的黑暗势力,深层政府,他们将不再能够控制经济。

Me:When do you see that?


Ashtar:My best guess is this year.Some say the economy has already crashed,but it hasn't.When everything hits zero,that's what I'm talking about.When it's impossible to trade shares anymore because you can't afford to buy them,their prices are so inflated.And when the price of gas dictates you can't drive anymore.When so many businesses have gone out of business.


Me:I'd say that's still a way off.


Ashtar:Possibly.But just wait.When Trump gains power again for his second term,then watch the fireworks.At this point,the Deep State will have nothing to lose.They'll pull out all the stops and try to blame Trump.This entire operation hinges on people waking up,and they are.


Me:I know people who are sewing covid masks and selling them.


Ashtar:Opportunists.The hinge pin of economics.


When people don't believe their governments anymore,we've won.


Me:So why should they believe Trump?He's still a big rich fat cat.


Ashtar:He is.But he wants to revise the American economy that the Globalists have tried to destroy in the last few years.And it has affected his wealth,so he has a personal investment in making America great again.He's reversing what they've done and will set it back on its feet again.That will install the people's faith in him.He's already made progress despite what's been going on.He fears that his family will lose all the money he has built up over the years as well as the legacy of his forebears,and that his children and grandchildren will live in squalor under a globalist regime,because unless he does this,that is what will happen in America.He understands that short term pain will mean long term freedom for his country.


Me:So that's another reason they want everyone at home:so they are unemployed.


Ashtar:Yes,they know what Trump is trying to create,and they're countering so that he can't create it.Employment is an obvious part of the platform of each candidate and job creation is important to Americans.There are other areas like healthcare,so of course,bring in a virus and destroy healthcare.Government spending,relations with other countries Trump has done well in,especially North Korea.He's withdrawn financial support from the WHO,and walked away from the United Nations.This sends a big message out.He is taking on the globalists and beginning by withdrawing America's financial support.


Me:I think they have to be careful because he's already talking about the Deep State.


Ashtar:Yes,and this is for a reason:to let people know he's not behind the problems in the economy right now.The fact that he's said this much is alarming to the Deep State because once they're completely outed,the people will realize they've been taken advantage of.


Me:I think that's happening.Ricky Gervais'speech at the academy awards was also another one.


Ashtar:And the news circulated by the Anons to reveal the truth to other people.


Me:I've done my part!LOL


Ashtar:Any way you can get the word out and get people to think.


Me:There's still resistance.People don't want to be let out of their jail cells.They're comfortable there.Personally,I still think it's going to get worse,much worse.


Ashtar:Yes,it might have to,and that's their decision.However many can be saved.


The last thing I want to point out to you is the exoneration of people like General Flynn,and the failed impeachment of Donald Trump are showing the public who the bad guys are,and who they can trust.

我最不想向你们指出的是,弗林将军这样的人被免罪,而对唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)未能成功的弹劾正在向公众展示谁是坏人,以及他们可以信任谁。

Me:Is that just people who believe Trump,though?


Ashtar:It gives you more people to believe in.Because so many people still trust the system,when they see General Flynn exonerated,then they believe him to be a good man.


Me:Let's see.


Ashtar:And you are waiting for him to prove himself.


Me:I'm waiting to see if Trump takes Flynn on board and gives him a position of authority.When he does,then I can believe he's a white hat.I'm still wondering why Dr Jekyll is still up there,but of course the truthers are doing a lot to discredit him.


Ashtar:Which counts as well.He'll go down.


Me:And he'll be holding Bill Gates'hand.


Ashtar:This is a game of proving to the American public,and the world,who's worth believing in and who isn't.There are many already who have fallen from the graces of the general public,many actors and other people of influence.You see the decks are being stacked as we speak.


Me:I'm hoping the white hats will just one day all stand up and"come out"to the public.


Thank you Ashtar.








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      “So those who are of high light are still holding the Light for the ones who are chaotic,creating riots and fighting.”被翻译为“所以那些高度光明的人仍然为那些混乱的人持有光,制造暴动和战斗。”我觉得应该翻译为“所以那些拥有光的人仍然为那些(头脑)混乱、制造暴乱和(军事)战斗的人保持着光明。”我个人觉得他这句话似乎是在暗示世界各国多次出现的暴力游行示威和冲突事件,以及有些国家互相进行的军队小规模战斗……

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                  @ 宇宙骑士 补充下昨天的话,我在知乎看到那些梦到核战争的人提到时间都是2026,有没有可能战争会提前爆发。。那些做梦的似乎都是离现在的时间越近,梦到的人越多,另外我也见过不少说梦到丧尸的人。。频率也挺高的,感觉挺奇怪,我周围的人也有梦到丧尸,是不是未来可能有这么一种病毒?

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                      @ 切木诚 吸引力法则也适用于负面情况,所有的东西都是能量,思想的力量最为强大,把你的焦点放在黄金时代的到来上,显化它,感恩一路同行!

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                        @ 切木诚 你所询问的是和灵魂集体意识有关的问题,据我所知,你们虽然是拥有独立灵魂的个体,就像电脑可以联网用信号互相接触,每个灵魂通过大脑用特定能量频率散发属于自己的信号,就像wifi信号那样扩散特定的范围,这特定的能量范围,就是你们的灵魂,或者说你们的思想可以覆盖影响的范围,你们睡觉时和周围的人在梦中进行连接,形成局域网,位置不明的集体意识和局域网对接时提供一些信息,这些信息通过局域网流入每个人的意识,你们就有可能作同样的梦,或许梦到类似的景象,你们看到的可能是未来景象片断,也有可能是集体意识的一种担忧;

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                        @ 宇宙骑士 宇宙骑士 长城对蜥蜴人来说,相当于在地表上留上一个明显的记号,这是他们的一个示威。对于人类来说,

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                            @ 123456789 你们应该思考自己,思考这个世界,思考过去、现在、未来,仔细的思考,不能停止思考,是你们创造了这个生活环境,使自己感受痛苦,是你们自己创造的问题,蜥蜴人的技术原本并不先进,蜥蜴星际旅行时需要寻找一颗陨石,在内部挖出空间改造成陨石飞船,蜥蜴人和人类不同,人类每天至少两顿饭,蜥蜴人可以一个月吃一顿饭,换句话说,只要蜥蜴人吃饱,可以一至两个月不用再进食,人类寿命约一百多年,蜥蜴人寿命约两千多年,这就是蜥蜴人星际旅行的依靠,凭借天生的体能优势,据未经证实的信息声称,蜥蜴人在地下挖掘洞穴时是使用类似电风扇的设备,蜥蜴人能长时间不呼吸,凭借身体优势蜥蜴人在地下挖掘洞穴长期生存,在数千年前接近地表的蜥蜴人时常在冬天饥饿时入侵人类村庄抓人吃,人们制作鞭炮驱赶蜥蜴人,形成冬天放鞭炮的传统,一些宗教壁画居住在地穴里抓人吃的鬼怪就是蜥蜴人形象,你认为蜥蜴人有多么先进?不论你认为蜥蜴人先进与否,现在蜥蜴人科技发达拥有基因克隆技术和飞船,蜥蜴人通过基因优化制造出白色皮肤的新品种蜥蜴人,蜥蜴人的群体形成原本绿色鳞片皮肤的旧蜥蜴人和白色皮肤身材巨大的新蜥蜴人,白蜥蜴人,或者说是白龙人暗中控制西方,绿蜥蜴人暗中控制东方,信奉蜥蜴人,或者说信奉龙人的人类奴仆给它们的主子贡献人类的血肉和家畜作贡品,蜥蜴人上层社会的成员吃人肉喝人血,蜥蜴人下层奴工只配吃家畜肉,在蜥蜴人眼中,人类是上等家畜,宗教将信徒称作羔羊,将主教称作牧羊人,你现在是否能理解这个比喻的真实含义?人类脚踏两条船,因耶和华毁灭过人类而畏惧,表面上信奉耶和华,实际暗中信奉撒旦,西方宗教中撒旦的形象就是蜥蜴人的形象,所谓的龙子龙孙,其实就是魔子魔孙,只要揭开你们信仰事物的遮羞布那景象可能连你们自己都无法直视,2014年底蓝鸟人反击时杀死的几乎都是白蜥蜴人的高层重要人物,绿蜥蜴人的高层人物几乎没有受到影响,或许这也是为什么科里接触蜥蜴人时对方强调蜥蜴人仍然强大的原因,这个世界内部的控制网络重组,除中立派别和已经逃窜的安莎尔人以外各个地下生活的族类重新选择要加入的阵营,地外文明也重新选择要签约的对象,前几年的局势动荡多与此有关,去年底局势已经稳定,幕后控制者制定计划,今年你们受到重创,现实是一系列事件形成,多思考多分析,你会知道事件将来会发展向什么方向,你需要多思考……