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萨拉博士|2020/11/13 肯尼迪的最后一站和王牌:太空合作对抗深州


作者:MICHAEL SALLA 博士20201113

On November 12,1963,President Kennedy reached a bold agreement with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev:joint lunar missions to end the Cold War.While Kennedy's earlier September 20,1963 speech at the United Nations calling for the Soviets to cooperate on joint space missions and a moon landing is a well-known historical fact,Khrushchev's acceptance less than two months later is virtually unknown to most.



Kennedy's request and subsequent agreement with Khrushchev represented far more than an attempt to end Cold War tensions over the escalating number of nuclear weapons being built by the U.S.and Soviets.Kennedy was boldly attempting an end-run around the Deep State's blockade on releasing classified UFO-related technologies that could spark worldwide advances.

肯尼迪的要求以及随后与赫鲁晓夫达成的协议远不止是试图结束冷战时期因美国和苏联正在制造的核武器数量不断增加而造成的紧张局势。肯尼迪大胆地试图绕过"深层之州"(Deep State)对释放与 ufo 有关的机密技术的封锁,这些技术可能会在全球范围内引发进步。

On June 28,1961,President Kennedy sent a Top Secret National Security Memorandum requesting his CIA Director,Allen Dulles,prepare for him a"review of MJ-12 Intelligence Operations as they relate to Cold War Psychological Warfare Plans."Kennedy referred to an interagency control group called Majestic 12,which had been secretly set up on September 24,1947,to manage the UFO-related issues and technologies.This authority placed MJ-12 at the core of the Deep State in the U.S.at that time.

1961628日,肯尼迪总统发送了一份绝密的国家安全备忘录,要求他的中央情报局局长艾伦·杜勒斯为他准备一份"MJ-12情报行动与冷战心理战计划相关的审查报告"肯尼迪提到了一个名为 Majestic 12的跨部门控制小组,该小组于1947924日秘密成立,负责管理 ufo 相关问题和技术。这个权威机构把 MJ-12放在了当时美国深层国家的核心。

萨拉博士|2020/11/13 肯尼迪的最后一站和王牌:太空合作对抗深州

While Kennedy's June 28 Memorandum has not been officially declassified,expert examinationof the leaked document supports its authenticity.


Dulles'response to Kennedy's memorandum is revealed in another leaked Top Secret document issued on November 5,1961.Dulles'response gives an overview of the MJ-12 activities with regard to psychological activities,which he confirms involves the UFO issue.It describes UFOs as part of"Soviet propaganda"designed"to spread distrust of the government."

1961115日发布的另一份绝密文件泄露了杜勒斯对肯尼迪备忘录的回应。杜勒斯的反应给出了 MJ-12与心理活动有关的概述,他证实涉及不明飞行物问题。它将 ufo 描述为"苏联宣传"的一部分,旨在"传播对政府的不信任"

Dulles'letter acknowledges it is possible that some"UFO cases are of non-terrestrial origin,"but these do not"constitute a physical threat to national defense."Most significantly,Dulles'letter states:"For reasons of security,I cannot divulge pertinent data on some of the more sensitive aspects of MJ-12 activities."

杜勒斯在信中承认,一些"不明飞行物案件来自非地球"是有可能的,但这些并不"对国防构成实际威胁"最重要的是,杜勒斯的信中写道:"出于安全考虑,我不能透露 MJ-12活动中一些敏感方面的相关数据。"

What Kennedy did not know was that in addition to denying his request and blocking his other efforts to assert Presidential authority over MJ-12 operations and UFOs,Dulles organized for MJ-12 to issue eight directives in October 1961.The Directives authorized the removal from office of members of Kennedy's administration if they threatened MJ-12 operations.

肯尼迪不知道的是,除了拒绝他的请求和阻止他行使总统对 MJ-12行动和不明飞行物的权力的其他努力之外,杜勒斯组织 MJ-12196110月发布了8项指令。这些指令授权,如果肯尼迪政府的成员威胁 MJ-12行动,他们将被免职。

萨拉博士|2020/11/13 肯尼迪的最后一站和王牌:太空合作对抗深州

I n Kennedy's Last Stand(2013),I document Kennedy's multiple efforts to assert Presidential authority over the MJ-12 Group and classified UFO files.In brief,after Kennedy reached his groundbreaking agreement with Khrushchev for joint space and lunar missions,the head of the CIA's counterintelligence division,James Jesus Angleton,implemented one of the MJ-12 directives authorizing the removal from office of political figures.

在《肯尼迪的最后一战》(2013)中,我记录了肯尼迪为维护总统对 MJ-12集团和机密 UFO 文件的权威所做的多次努力。简而言之,在肯尼迪与赫鲁晓夫就联合太空和月球任务达成突破性协议后,中央情报局反间谍部门的负责人詹姆斯·安格尔顿执行了 MJ-12指令中的一项,授权撤销政治人物的职务。

The most extreme of the eight MJ-12 directives was a cryptic assassination authorization:


Draft–Directive Regarding Project Environment–When conditions become non-conducive for growth in our environment and Washington cannot be influenced any further,the weather is lacking any precipitation…it should be wet.


Dr.Robert Wood,the foremost expert in analyzing MJ-12 documents using forensic methods,has concluded that the burned document is an assassination directive.He points out that the cryptic phrase,"it should be wet"originates from Russia,where the phrase"wet works"or"wet affairs"denotes someone who had been killed and is drenched with blood.

罗伯特·伍德博士是使用法医学方法分析 MJ-12文件的首席专家,他得出结论,烧毁的文件是一份暗杀指令。他指出,"it should be wet"这个隐晦的短语源自俄罗斯,在俄罗斯,"wet works""wet affairs"这个短语指的是某人被杀害,浑身是血。

The implementation of Project Environment led to Kennedy's very public assassination and served as a clear warning to other political leaders not to challenge the Deep State.


The MJ-12 Group did not want U.S.and Russian cooperation in space since this threatened to expose their covert space operations using reverse engineered technologies acquired from Nazi Germany and crashed alien spacecraft.Even more sensitive were the agreements reached with the German breakaway colony in Antarctica and different extraterrestrial groups.


In the subsequent decades,the MJ-12 Group,working through the CIA,was in control of covert operations and intelligence activities in space.This was made possible by an enormous black budget of over one trillion dollars annually that the CIA funneled into various classified programs and defense agencies such as the National Reconnaissance Office.


The Department of Defense and the President's executive office were largely left in the dark over exactly what was happening in Earth's orbit and beyond.


Before becoming Secretary of Defense on January 20,2001,Donald Rumsfeld headed a Congressionally appointed National Security Commission that delivered a report recommending the creation of a Space Corps to defend the U.S.from a Space Pearl Harbor:


An attack on elements of U.S.space systems during a crisis or conflict should not be considered an improbable act.If the U.S.is to avoid a"Space Pearl Harbor"it needs to take seriously the possibility of an attack on U.S.space systems.The nation's leaders must assure that the vulnerability of the United States is reduced and that the consequences of a surprise attack on U.S.space assets are limited in their effects….


The use of space in defense of U.S.interests may require the creation of a military department for space at some future date…


A Space Corps within the Department of the Air Force may be an appropriate model in its own right or a useful way station in the evolution toward a Space Department.


Only eight months later,on September 10,2001,as Congressional legislation for a Space Corps was about to be unveiled,Rumsfeld revealed 2.3 trillion dollars could not be accounted for and declared the Pentagon Bureaucracy to be America's greatest threat:


The topic today is an adversary that poses a threat,a serious threat,to the security of the United States of America.This adversary is one of the world's last bastions of central planning,governs by dictating 5 year plans…You might think I'm describing one of the last decrepit dictators in the world,but their day too is almost past and they cannot match the strength and size of this adversary.The adversary is closer to home,it's the Pentagon bureaucracy…In this building,despite the era of scarce resources,taxed by mounting threats,money disappears into duplicative duties,bloated bureaucracy,not because of greed but gridlock.Innovation is stifled not by ill intent but institutional inertia.


In his speech,Rumsfeld was not only identifying the reasons for the missing money,but also signaling that it could be used to fund necessary,though expensive,Pentagon initiatives such as Space Corps.


One day after his provocative speech,the September 11(false flag)terrorist attacks embroiled America in unending Middle East wars against a contrived global terrorist threat.Consequently,the proposal for a Space Corps was shelved for nearly 20 years until the second year of Donald Trump's Presidency.


On March 13,2018,President Trump first introduced and,in succeeding months,formally proposed the creation of Space Force as a 6th branch of the U.S.military.



Like President Kennedy before him,Trump had a bold vision of cooperating with Russia to implement his Presidential agenda and end the new Cold War.During his first presidential election campaign,Trump made many overtures to President Putin of Russia to cooperate on a range of global issues.


Again,like Kennedy,Trump envisaged the release of new technologies to take humanity into a new era of prosperity and cooperation.This is evidenced in Trump's 2017 inaugural address where he said:


We stand at the birth of a new millennium,ready to unlock the mysteries of space,to free the earth from the miseries of disease,and to harness the energies,industries and technologies of tomorrow.


Like Kennedy,Trump called for joint moon missions with other space-faring nations,including Russia.On December 11,2017,President Donald Trump issued Space Policy Directive-1,which called for the return of humans to the Moon,the commercial exploitation of space,and human missions to Mars and beyond.


The Directive called for"an innovative and sustainable program of exploration with commercial and international partners to enable human expansion across the solar system and to bring back to Earth new knowledge and opportunities."


Just as Kennedy had attempted an end-run around the Deep State's opposition to him gaining access to classified UFO files,Trump's Space Force proposal is likewise an end-run around the Deep State's blockade on releasing classified reverse engineered technologies that could spark a global technological revolution

正如肯尼迪曾试图绕过深州反对他获取机密 UFO 文件的阻力一样,特朗普的太空部队提议也是绕过深州反对发布可能引发全球技术革命的机密逆向工程技术的封锁

In addition,Trump's creation of Space Force threatens the Deep State's attempt to make America vulnerable to a Space Pearl Harbor by embroiling it in a never-ending war on terror.At the same time,the Deep State has been covertly helping Communist China for decades to develop antigravity spacecraft,and to build a powerful space navy,as I warn in Rise of the Red Dragon(2020).

此外,特朗普创建的"太空部队"(Space Force)威胁到了"深州"(Deep State)让美国卷入一场永无休止的反恐战争,从而使美国易受"太空珍珠港"攻击的企图。与此同时,正如我在《红龙的崛起》(2020)中所警告的那样,数十年来,深层国家一直在暗中帮助GCZY天/朝发展反重力航天器,并建设强大的太空海军。

Trump is facing massive retaliation from the Deep State over his plans for outer space cooperation,joint moon missions,ending the Cold War with Russia,and establishing a Space Force,just like Kennedy had before him.


The eight Majestic-12 directives,or some updated iteration of them,establish drastic methods that can be used to remove or take out any political leader who threaten their operations.Today,a stolen election,rather than physical assassination,is the Deep State's solution to removing President Donald Trump,yet another troublesome leader,from political office.

八个 Majestic-12指令,或者其中的一些更新版本,建立了一些激烈的方法,可以用来除去或干掉任何威胁到他们运作的政治领导人。今天,一场偷来的选举,而不是身体上的暗杀,是深州罢免唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统的解决方案。唐纳德·特朗普是又一个麻烦的领导人。

The key to understanding what is happening today in America is to identify the mysterious group behind the Kennedy Assassination,and how its modern-day manifestation is covertly attempting to remove Trump from the presidency for his efforts to similarly build international cooperation around a number of space-related initiatives.


November 22 will mark the 57th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination.The real perpetrators skillfully remained in the shadows and were never prosecuted for their crime.Thus,their successors continue to plot and implement Deep State agendas tracing back to the original eight MJ-12 directives.

1122日将纪念肯尼迪遇刺57周年。真正的犯罪者巧妙地躲在暗处,从未因其罪行受到起诉。因此,他们的继任者继续策划和执行深度国家议程,追溯到最初的8 MJ-12指令。

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