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美国东部时间20221110日上午12:01,作者:朱迪·拜因顿,MSW, LCSW,治疗师,记者,作者:"22张面孔:珍妮·希尔的非凡人生及其22种多重人格。"

Voter Fraud Leads to Military Takeover


"Same thing is happening with Voter Fraud as happened in 2020? The people will need to stand up and start The Revolution. Military will need to take over now."


… President Donald Trump

唐纳德 · 特朗普总统

Remember The Plan


America, Our Journey Continues.


Together We Will Take Our Country Back.


We Will Win!


…Donald J. Trump

唐纳德 · j · 特朗普

"This is a Battlefield.


We're in the Middle of a Long War.


Stay Steady. Stay Focused. Take a Deep Breath."


…General Flynn


Battle Hymn of the Republic Mormon Tabernacle Choir - YouTube


Judy Note: Wed. 9/11 Bloodbath of Crypto and Stock Market Crashes; 650 page Report of Biden Family crimes from Biden Laptop; Midterm Red Wave and massive Election Fraud not reported by Mainstream Media; Med Beds to be available upon NESARA/GESARA announcement and People of the World prepare for Military Law as Satan worshipping Elite arrested.

911日星期三,加密货币和股票市场崩溃的大屠杀; 拜登笔记本电脑发布的650页拜登家庭罪行报告; 主流媒体没有报道的中期红色浪潮和大规模选举欺诈; NESARA/GESARA 宣布将提供医疗床,世界人民准备接受军事法律,撒旦崇拜精英被捕。

  • Biden Crime Family: 650 Pages Biden family corruption report. Hundreds of crimes and links to CCP and crimes in Ukraine verified on Biden Laptop: https://bidenlaptopreport.marcopolousa.org/

    拜登家族腐败报告: 650页。拜登笔记本电脑证实了数百起与党和乌克兰犯罪有关的犯罪和链接: https://bidenlaptopreport.marcopolousa. org/

  • Trump-endorsed candidates were 174-9 yesterday, but you wouldn't know it if you follow the "news". Look how shamelessly they lie right to your face. This is how they attempt to demoralize you and make you think we lost. Trump had a GREAT day, we won the House, the Senate is a tossup, and this is all before any of the fraud has been exposed. Turn off ALL mainstream media and stop letting them toy with your emotions. They lie. They cheat. They are toxic. They are the Enemy of the People.


  • Complete Blood Bath in Crypto and Stock Markets
    on Wed 9/11! It's the END of the financial system – the biggest crash in human history. Global Financial Reset Imminent!!!


  • War Game Emergency Blackout Plans to Cope with Seven Day Outages Reveal Disruption to Water Supplies and Transport. All planned! We've warned you it's coming. They are telling you directly. It's up to you to wake up and get ready! …UK The Sun. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/20293984/government-emergency-response-blackouts-programme-yarrow/


  • China President Orders People to Prepare for War: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/breaking-news-china-president-orders-nation-to-prepare-for-war

    中国总统命令民众为战争做准备: https://halturnerradioshow. com/index.php/en/news-page/world/breaking-news-China-President-Orders-nation-to-Prepare-for-War

  • Med Beds Available with NESARA/GESARA Announcement:
    MedBeds - QUANTUM HEALING (rumble.com)

    提供医疗床NESARA /GESARA 公告: MedBeds-QUANTUM HEALING (rumble.com)

A. Global Currency Reset:


  • Wed. 9 Nov. MarkZ: No change from previous intel: "Most of my sources say it will happen by Fri. 11 Nov. They were rolling through the bonds at a reasonable rate."

    119日星期三。MarkZ: 和之前的情报没有任何变化: "我的大部分消息来源都说这件事会在1111日星期五发生。他们正在以合理的利率滚动债券。"

  • Tues. 8 Nov. Bruce: "Sources say everything will be released this week. One source said notifications would go 24 hours after the Election, that is if a Red Wave occurred Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) would be notified by Thurs.10 Nov, and start appointments Thurs. evening or Fri.The Big Call 667-770-1866 pin123456#

    118日,星期二。布鲁斯: "消息来源说,一切都将在本周发布。一位消息人士表示,通知将在选举后24小时内发出,也就是说,如果发生红色浪潮,4B (我们,互联网集团)将在1110日星期四接到通知,并开始预约

B. A Message From The Vice President: Nikola Tesla is able to see the past, present and future, what we call The Gateway Process. He was able to harness the source ether energy, able to transmit it - wirelessly or directly as alternative current. A world with no power lines, no power poles, no telephone poles just a beautiful sky unobstructed. Space travel is done with Spaceships that can create wormholes/ portals to far distance points in the infinite universe. Using flying ships for Earth travel or personal spaceships that are capable of crossing nearby Star Gates that have destinations across the universe. Nikola used vibrations and frequencies for healing along with color, which are used in medbeds. This will be available for all to use. A Brave New World Awaits With Infinite Possibilities. Tesla Found the Key to the Universe: https://rumble.com/v1izm9l-369-tesla-found-the-key-to-the-universe.html John F Kennedy Jr. -19th Vice President

来自副总统的消息: 尼古拉 · 特斯拉能够看到过去,现在和未来,我们称之为门户过程。他能够利用以太能源,通过无线或直接作为替代电流进行传输。这个世界没有电线,没有电线杆,没有电话杆,只有美丽的天空,没有障碍。太空旅行是通过宇宙飞船完成的,这些宇宙飞船可以创造虫洞/传送门,到达无限宇宙中遥远的地方。使用飞船进行地球旅行或者个人飞船能够穿越附近的星门,这些星门有穿越宇宙的目的地。尼古拉使用振动和频率以及颜色进行治疗,这些都用在医疗床上。所有人都可以使用。一个充满无限可能的美丽新世界正在等待着我们。特斯拉发现了宇宙的钥匙: 19任副总统约翰 · f · 肯尼迪

C. US Mid-Term Election Fraud 2022:


  • John Durham: "They are openly cheating in the election via Dominion Voting Systems as we warned you they would. Electronic machines not working in multiple areas. Treason."

    约翰 · 达勒姆: "他们正如我们警告过你们的那样,在选举中通过自治投票系统公开作弊。电子机器不能在多个领域工作。叛国。"

  • Wed. 8 Nov. Midterm Update, Simeon Parkes:
    https://rumble.com/v1svbng-november-9th-us-midtermsupdate Option 5
    Parkes says the Election Fraud is so bad that they're going with
    Option Five: The Midterms go forward but Election corruption allows Democrats to win both houses. Within a few hours Trump is arrested. This is a Near Death Experience for the nation, so the Military takes over with Martial Law and Trump as Commander in Chief. Trump announces NESARA/GESARA and new elections in 120 days (to March 2023) where Trump would likely be formally inaugurated.

    118日星期三。中期更新,Simeon Parkes: https://rumble. com/v1svbng-november-9th-us-midtermsupdate 选项5 Parkes 说,选举舞弊是如此严重,以至于他们选择了选项5: 中期选举继续进行,但是选举腐败使民主党能够赢得两院。几个小时之内,特朗普就被捕了。这对于国家来说是一次濒死的经历,所以军方接管了戒严令,特朗普成为总司令。特朗普宣布 NESARA/GESARA 和新的选举将在120天内(20233)举行,届时特朗普很可能正式就职。

  • Military Finds Evidence of Election Fraud: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=211052
    Under the White Hat partition of the U.S. military at U.S. Army Cyber Command headquarters in Fort Gordon, Georgia, cyber security analysts began noticing election irregularities early in the day. Approximately 35% of vote tabulators—electronic devices into which ballots are fed and counted—experienced what the Maricopa County Elections Department called a "technical hiccup," which persisted for several hours. Unbeknownst to election officials, White Hats had undercover boots on the ground as the "glitch" forced voters to cast ballots elsewhere or forego voting altogether. At least one machine had active Wi-Fi and was connected to the internet, a Cyber Command source told RRN. "Tabulators that mark ballots shouldn't be Wi-Fi capable. It makes them susceptible to outside tampering and intrusion," he said. Cyber Command, he added, has "obtained" a compromised machine and is evaluating "suspicious" connection logs.

军方发现选举欺诈的证据: https://www.rumormillnews. com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi? read = 211052在乔治亚州戈登堡的美国陆军网络司令部白帽分部,网络安全分析人士在当天早些时候开始注意到选举中的不规范行为。大约35% 的选票制表器(将选票输入和计数的电子设备)经历了马里科帕县选举部门所谓的"技术故障",持续了几个小时。选举官员不知道的是,由于"故障"迫使选民到其他地方投票,或者干脆放弃投票,白帽公司已经在地面上秘密行动。网络司令部的一位消息人士告诉 RRN,至少有一台机器有活跃的 Wi-Fi,并且连接到了互联网。"标记选票的表格不应该支持 Wi-Fi。"。这使得他们很容易受到外界干扰和入侵,"他说。他补充说,网络司令部已经"获得"了一台受到攻击的机器,并正在评估"可疑"的连接日志。

  • Crime Spikes: Mike Lindell Shows Real Evidence Of Election Fraud. Mike Lindell and his group of researchers show massive spikes up and down in votes counts coming from many different races in the 2022 midterm elections. The spikes always favor the Democrat candidate. This evidence cannot be ignored.

犯罪高峰: 迈克 · 林德尔展示了选举舞弊的真实证据。在2022年中期选举中,迈克 · 林德尔和他的研究小组显示,来自许多不同种族的选票数量出现了大幅上升和下降。民主党候选人的支持率一直很高。这一证据不容忽视。

  • Arizona: The Poll Worker guy says "twenty-five percent of the ballots are being misread." I'll lay you ten to one odds all the "errors" are in favor of Democrats! 20% of Maricopa County's tabulators are not working. 1 out of 5 not being counted. The broken machines show up only in Republican areas. Election officials in Arizona say they are prepared to work through Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas as well to finish counting votes. …CNBC. What the hell! The fraud is evident.

亚利桑那州: 投票站工作人员说"百分之二十五的选票被误读了。"我跟你打赌10比1的赔率,所有的"错误"都是支持民主党的!马里科帕县百分之二十的制表器都不起作用。5个中有1个没有被统计。坏掉的机器只出现在共和党的地区。亚利桑那州的选举官员说,他们准备工作到感恩节,甚至圣诞节,以完成计票工作。CNBC.搞什么!欺诈是显而易见的。

  • In South Carolina, election officials were blaming the age of voting machines for complaints that arose when voters complained the machine altered their intended choices.


  • North Carolina, concerns that machines might not count all the votes led officials to release a statement blaming the humidity, but also assuring voters that all ballots will be counted, the Washington Examiner reported.


  • Georgia: Things were a little more serious in Georgia, where problems with electronic equipment forced some polling places in Gwinnett County to resort to paper ballots. The malfunction led to lines that made some voters wait for hours. "I'm still waiting to vote. Provisional ballots have been offered to those who want them," said Derrick Oatis as he waited to vote, according to the New York Daily News "Today when I voted in Marietta, Georgia (just outside of Atlanta) I checked on my phone if there were "Active WIFI's" I could see from the voting floor. I saw (7) of them! I spoke with the Manager in charge and she just played dumb, but when asked to do something, the response I got back was that it was up to me to tell the Government Authorities? WOW!" Skip Nusbaum

乔治亚州的情况比较严重,那里的电子设备问题迫使 Gwinnett 县的一些投票站使用纸质选票。故障导致排队等候,一些选民等了好几个小时。我还在等待投票。据《纽约每日新闻》报道,德里克 · 奥蒂斯在等待投票时说: "今天,当我在乔治亚州的玛丽埃塔(亚特兰大郊区)投票时,我在手机上查看是否有'活跃的 WIFI',我可以从投票现场看到。我看到了(7)个!我和负责的经理谈过,她只是装傻,但当我被要求做些什么的时候,我得到的回答是,由我来告诉政府当局?哇!"跳过 Nusbaum gonsailing@aol. com

  • New York: It's Happening NYC Polling Station shut down due to "Pipe Bomb threat." https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/happening-nyc-polling-station-temporarily-shut-due-pipe-bomb-threat/

纽约: 由于"管道炸弹威胁",纽约投票站正在关闭

  • Detroit Michigan: The Absentee Ballot situation in Detroit is REALLY BAD. People are showing up to Vote only to be told, "sorry, you have already voted." This is happening in large numbers, elsewhere as well. Protest, Protest, Protest!

底特律密歇根州: 底特律的缺席投票情况真的很糟糕。人们前来投票却被告知: "对不起,你们已经投过票了。"这种情况正在大量发生,在其他地方也是如此。抗议,抗议,抗议!

  • New Jersey: Machines are now down in New Jersey. Cheating starting already. Go watch this place up. "All voting machines are currently down in each district across Mercer County due to a printing and scanning issue with the ballots. Voters can still report to their respective polling locations and vote on a standard ballot and insert their ballot into the machine."

新泽西州: 机器现在在新泽西州关闭。作弊已经开始了。去监视这个地方。由于选票的打印和扫描问题,默瑟郡每个选区的所有投票机目前都关闭了。投票人仍然可以到他们各自的投票站报到,在标准选票上投票,然后将他们的选票插入机器。"

  • Texas: Tabulators down in Temple. Hold the line Texas! Several Houston sites reported delays due to a mixture of technical issues, but elections officials said that once the problems were resolved, early morning snarls were resolved and lines were vastly reduced, the Houston Chronicle reported.

德克萨斯: 坦普尔的制表机。坚持住,德克萨斯!据《休斯敦纪事报》报道,一些休斯敦网站报道,由于各种技术问题造成了延误,但选举官员表示,一旦问题得到解决,清晨的混乱就会得到解决,线路也会大大减少。

  • Pennsylvania:


(1) There were reports of Not Enough Paper Ballots in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. City officials in Philadelphia voted Tuesday morning — as polling places opened and the vote count began for the midterm elections — to reinstate a time consuming and labor-intensive process for catching double votes that will slow how quickly they can report results. (2) Within hours of polls opening in Pennsylvania Tuesday morning, a "last minute change" is already causing vote count delays in notoriously corrupt Philadelphia. Before the change this morning, votes in the city were expected to be fully counted by Wednesday morning. Now, I think we know why Fetterman was predicting an "overnight comeback" in his bid for U.S. Senate. What is needed to wake people up to exactly how rigged our election systems are? Fetterman wins? Really? He was the biggest laughingstock out of all the candidates nationwide and he WINS? Not even remotely believable, even for normies. Big time wake up call.


(3) This morning, Nov. 8th, in Mount Vernon (the 38th District / Adam Kuzma is a resident and candidate for State Rep), Elizabeth Township, ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pennsylvania, voters were TURNED AWAY at 7:00 am this morning, poll reporters stating that "THE VOTER REGISTRATION REGISTRY DIDN'T SHOW UP TODAY", and people could either vote by paper provisional ballot or try back again later – possibly after lunch hour. WHAAAAT???

(3)今天上午,118日,在芒特弗农(38/亚当库兹马是居民和州代表候选人) ,伊丽莎白镇,阿利根尼县,宾夕法尼亚州,选民被拒绝在今天上午7:00,民意调查记者说,"选民登记今天没有出现",人们可以通过纸张临时投票或再次投票-可能在午餐时间之后。什么?

(4) Same was also taking place in Bethel Park,
ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pennsylvania. Confirmed by a friend who was turned away this morning, and also reported by Hannah Kuzma, wife of Adam Kuzma on Facebook. Local news stations are NOT REPORTING THIS! "

(4)宾夕法尼亚州阿利根尼县贝塞尔公园也发生了同样的事情。一位今早被拒绝的朋友证实了这一消息,亚当 · 库兹玛的妻子汉娜 · 库兹玛(Hannah Kuzma)也在 Facebook 上报道了这一消息。当地新闻媒体没有报道这件事!"

(5) Philadelphia, PA Male appears (to some people) to be actually MARKING Ballots with a pen, on live TV, when he is apparently __supposed__ to be counting them.


(6) Pennsylvania elected a dead state representative: We thought it was a joke but it's NOT. THIS IS UNDENIABLE PROOF OF FRAUD! Pennsylvania voters reelected a Democratic state representative who died last month, the latest anomaly in a state that has been under the national political spotlight since voting to put Donald Trump in the White House in the 2016 race.

宾夕法尼亚州选举了一位去世的州议员: 我们以为这是个笑话,但事实并非如此。这是不可否认的欺诈证据!宾夕法尼亚州选民重新选举了一名上月去世的民主党州众议员,这是宾夕法尼亚州自2016年选举唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)入主白宫以来一直处于全国政治聚光灯下的最新反常现象。

  • Democrat Arrested for Tampering with Voting Machines: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=211027

民主党因操纵投票机被捕: https://www.rumormillnews. com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi? read = 211027

  • The New York Times Gets Brutally Mocked After Releasing Guide on How to 'Cope' With Election Results:

《纽约时报》在发布《如何"应对"选举结果指南》后遭到了残酷的嘲笑: https://newsyoucantrust.me/3hsFtFA

  • Beck, Tues. a.m.: "Glenn's POWERFUL Election Day message: 'THIS is why we vote'" [5:45 video (cc)]

贝克,星期二上午: "格伦在选举日发出的强有力的信息: '这就是我们投票的原因'"[5:45视频(cc)]

  • Mike Lindell: "We are tracking every race by cyber. I want all the bad guys out there to know, we are watching. I'm putting them all on notice!"

迈克 · 林德尔: "我们通过网络追踪每一场比赛。我希望所有的坏人都知道,我们正在观察。我要警告他们所有人!"

  • Fox News: Masked man cheating (sitting at a table marking multiple ballots) in front of the cameras on the mainstream Media.

福克斯新闻: 蒙面人在主流媒体的摄像机前作弊(坐在桌边标记多张选票)。

  • 289 Reports of Voter Fraud since the start of voting.


  • New Q drop! Q4960: "Watch carefully. White hats have secured many systems, but problems still remain. You have all the tools you need. Vote. Q"

新的 q 下降!Q4960: "仔细观察。白帽子已经保护了许多系统,但问题仍然存在。你已经拥有了所有你需要的工具。投票。问:

  • Mid Term Election Voter Fraud Reported in 49 States: They are still using Dominion Voting Machines in 49 states – and early voting has shown that those machines were already algorithmically flipping ballots.

中期选举选民欺诈报道: 49个州仍在使用 Dominion 投票机,提前投票显示这些机器已经在算法上翻转选票。

D. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring:


  • Tues. 1 Nov. 2022:
    Marines Make Gruesome Discovery in California | Real Raw News

    2022111日星期二: 海军陆战队在加利福尼亚发现可怕的东西

  • Walmart Child Trafficking: Walmart's WalMartGate on the Web was advertising certain pairs of children's shoes (all only one left in stock) for $5,000 – a cover for their Child Trafficking Ring.

    沃尔玛儿童贩卖: 沃尔玛旗下的沃尔玛门店正在网上宣传某些儿童鞋(只剩一双现货) ,价格为5000美元——为他们的儿童贩卖团伙做掩护。

  • 35,927 Children Rescued from Giant Thermonuclear Blasted Underground 2021: https://rumble.com/v1t00n2-the-invisible-war-35927-children-rescued.html

35927名儿童从巨大的地下热核爆炸中获救2021: https://rumble. com/v1t00n2-the-invisible-war-35927-Children-Rescued.html

E. Covid/ Monkey Pox/ Vax/ Medicine Hoax:


  • CDC: Ivermectin is now on the approved meds list for Covid treatment. https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8248252/?report=classic

    美国疾病控制与预防中心: 伊维菌素现在已被列入治疗冠状病毒疾病的批准药物名单

  • Putin: Coronavirus was part of the biological weapons program in Ukraine: https://rumble.com/v1smkke-bqqqqm-putin-coronavirus-was-part-of-the-biological-weapons-program-in-ukra.html

    普京: 冠状病毒是乌克兰生物武器计划的一部分: https://rumble.com/v1smkke-bqqqm-Putin-Coronavirus-was-part-of-the-biological-weapons-program-in-ukra

  • Tues. 18 Oct. 2022:
    US Special Forces and Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialists on Tuesday raided and destroyed a Boston University Covid-19 research lab where scientists and graduate students had created a hybrid super-strain that killed 80% of infected mice. Military Destroys Covid Research Lab | Real Raw News

    2019冠状病毒疾病20221018日星期二: 美国特种部队和陆军化学、生物、放射和核专家周二突袭并摧毁了波士顿大学的一个 covid-19研究实验室,在那里,科学家和研究生创造了一种混合超级菌株,杀死了80% 的受感染老鼠。军方摧毁了冠状病毒疾病研究实验室

  • Dr. Ariyana Love - The PCRs deployed for COVlD are not tests, but a technology for human cloning. "They are changing the human species" https://t.me/+bvFAPJRJGOxjYmNk

    Ariyana Love 博士- COVlD 部署的 pcr 技术不是测试,而是一种克隆人类的技术。他们正在改变人类物种

  • Pilot admits vaccinated pilots are unfit to fly.


  • Deadly COVID Vaccines and the Mysterious Downward Spiral: https://theinfowar.tv/watch?id=633436ad7f97ef1f920ff006

    致命的冠状病毒疾病疫苗和神秘的螺旋下降: https://theinfowar.tv/watch? id = 633436ad7f97ef1f920ff006

  • Anthony Fauci Gave Scientists Over $400,000 to Make "Humanized Mice" With Scalps From Aborted Babies:

    Anthony Fauci 给科学家们超过40万美元用流产婴儿的头皮制造"人性化老鼠": https://www.lifenews. com/2021/05/06/Anthony-Fauci-Gave-Scientists-Over-400000-to-Make-Humanized-Mice-With-Scalps-From-abortion-Babies/

F. Russian De-Nazification


  • Earthquakes Hit Italy – Cleanout of the Underground. For over three years, two divisions of Russian Special Forces have been down there to clean up the DUMBS in Italy. Because Italy is riddled with Nazis and Reptos, the Russian Military must help. Listen to the Fulford Report and connect the dots. Then you will understand: https://t.me/DUMBSandUnderground/43404

    地震袭击意大利-清理地下。三年多来,俄罗斯特种部队的两个师一直在那里清理意大利的 DUMBS。因为意大利到处都是纳粹和Reptos,俄罗斯军队必须帮忙。听听富尔福德的报告,把这些联系起来。然后你就会明白: https://t.me/DUMBSandUnderground/43404 https://t.me/dumbsandunderground/43405

  • Russian Defense Ministry Report on progress of the Special Military Operation: https://t.me/SpecialQForces/52734

    俄罗斯国防部关于特别军事行动进展的报告: https://t.me/SpecialQForces/52734 Text: https://t.me/SpecialQForces/52741

G. The Real News for Wed. 9 Nov. 2022:


  • Trump-endorsed candidates were 174-9 yesterday, but you wouldn't know it if you follow the "news". Look how shamelessly they lie right to your face. This is how they attempt to demoralize you and make you think we lost. Trump had a GREAT day, we won the House, the Senate is a tossup, and this is all before any of the fraud has been exposed.Turn off ALL mainstream media and stop letting them toy with your emotions. They lie. They cheat. They are toxic. They are the Enemy of the People.


  • Trump worked for free and knocked back the Globalist Elite NWO Agenda during his four year term in office.

    特朗普免费工作,并在他的四年任期内推翻了全球精英 NWO 议程。

  • "It's Happening again! Government is crazy! They are planning something to get rid of us again. Why? Because there are too many of us here and it would be good for them to cut it in half. What comes next? What will happen next is worse. The economy in the US is on the verge to collapse. Listen to my advice, and save your family. Make America Great Again." …President Donald J. Trump "Remember three years ago when people all over the world were massively protesting against the Governments? They did the fake Plandemic False Flag World Event to stop it all. Now watch mass global protests and see them declare World War III Nuclear False Flag Event to stop everything and make people stay home, stay safe and shut up. This way they will be able to activate the military under martial law. Get ready for action now!" …Great Awakening World Q + Trump

    "这种情况又发生了!政府真是疯了!他们正在计划着再次除掉我们。为什么?因为这里有太多我们这样的人,对他们来说,把它切成两半是件好事。接下来呢?接下来会发生什么更糟糕。美国经济正处于崩溃的边缘。听从我的建议,拯救你的家庭。让美国再次伟大。"唐纳德 · j · 特朗普总统"还记得三年前,全世界的人们都在大规模抗议政府吗?他们做了假的计划假国旗世界活动来阻止这一切。现在观看大规模的全球性抗议,看到他们宣布第三次世界大战核假旗事件停止一切,让人们呆在家里,安全和闭嘴。这样他们就能在戒严令下激活军队。现在就准备行动!"伟大觉醒世界 q + Trump

  • Brazilian military have doubts about electronic ballot boxes, says media: The Armed Forces will release tomorrow (9) the report on the 2022 elections and will most likely not say that the ballot boxes are safe. The report, according to information from columnist Miriam Leitão, will point out the need for further investigation and deepening on the alleged electoral fraud.

    巴西军方对电子投票箱有疑问,媒体说: 武装部队将于明天(9)公布2022年选举的报告,很可能不会说投票箱是安全的。根据专栏作家 Miriam Leitão 提供的信息,这份报告将指出进一步调查和深化选举舞弊指控的必要性。

  • Trump declassified the JFK Files that show "Adolf Hitler is still alive." Which is exactly why Rusty Shackleford made all of those posts about Operation Valkyrie is in effect – which was the operation to take out Hitler & the Nazis. Q said about this, "The truth will shock the world." This was why the 4th Reich survived up until 2021.

    特朗普解密了"阿道夫 · 希特勒还活着"的肯尼迪文件这就是为什么拉什蒂 · 沙克尔福德发布了那么多关于瓦尔基里行动的帖子这次行动是为了消灭希特勒和纳粹。Q 说过"真相会震惊世界"这就是为什么第四帝国一直存活到2021年。

  • Portals all over the world! https://t.me/+bvFAPJRJGOxjYmNk


  • Can you imagine what the military has had to deal with – all the Satanic Child Sacrifices, trafficking, Underground Tunnels, Mix Of humans and animals, mix of humans and alien species, the patience knowing about all the evil bastards and waiting all this time to get rid of them at the correct time and soon have to execute some of their own evil military that crossed the line. Amazing.
  • - 你能想象军方不得不处理的事情吗--所有的撒旦儿童牺牲、贩卖、地下隧道、人类和动物的混合、人类和外星物种的混合,知道所有邪恶的混蛋并一直等待在正确的时间摆脱他们的耐心,并且很快就不得不处决他们自己的一些越界的邪恶军人。令人惊叹。
  • MSM Reporting White Hats See Defections Following Disappointing Midterms:

MSM 报道: 在令人失望的中期选举后,白帽子们看到了背叛

H. Developing The Plan: Howard Hughes
was an Oil industry billionaire, along with Carnegie and Rockefeller. He did Defense Contracting, but never got a bid, even though he had a superior product and undercut other bids.

制定计划: 霍华德 · 休斯是石油工业的亿万富翁,与卡内基和洛克菲勒并驾齐驱。他做过国防承包,但从来没有得到投标,即使他有一个更好的产品,并削减了其他投标。

He got back by training a bunch of Hollywood girlfriends to be Honey Pots with CEOs of companies that were getting the contracts. One of the girls gave him a video of a Satanic Child Sacrifice Ritual with a bunch of CEOs and politicians. She said, "This is why. There is an organization and you are NOT a part of it. It is worldwide, Satanic and really evil. If you are not in this club, then you are not going to get in the door."

他训练了一群好莱坞的女朋友,让她们成为公司的老板们的甜心宝贝,这些老板们都得到了合同。其中一个女孩给了他一段视频,视频里是一群 ceo 和政客参加的撒旦儿童祭祀仪式。她说: "这就是为什么。有一个组织,而你不是它的一部分。它是世界性的,邪恶的,真正邪恶的。如果你不加入这个俱乐部,那么你就进不了门。"

That is when he became a recluse. Rumors were that he was agoraphobic (fear of crowds), but he actually retreated to develop The Plan. He contacted Nikola Tesla, Trump's uncle and his grandfather, who together started The Plan to throw down the Deep State Cabal.

这就是他隐居的时候。有传言说他有广场恐惧症(对人群的恐惧) ,但实际上他退居幕后制定了这个计划。他联系了特朗普的叔叔和祖父尼古拉 · 特斯拉(Nikola Tesla) ,后者共同发起了打倒深州阴谋集团(Deep State Cabal)的计划。

I. The Origin of the Satanic Cult:

撒旦崇拜的起源: https://rumble. com/v1r5pg6-octogon-The-emipre-of-darkness. html

  • The Octogon Group: an ultra-secret globalist network based in Switzerland, consisting of powerful Catholic and Jewish families whose lineage dates back to the Egyptian Pharaohs. It is the wealthiest, deadliest and most technologically advanced mafia in the world with hundreds of front organizations. Their various insignias contain 8 points, sides or elements.

    Octogon 集团: 一个总部设在瑞士的超级秘密的全球主义网络,由强大的天主教和犹太家庭组成,其血统可以追溯到埃及法老。它是世界上最富有、最致命、技术最先进的黑手党,拥有数百个幌子组织。他们各种各样的标志包含8点,侧面或元素。

  • Many thanks To Sean Hross for his years of enlightening coverage and insight into the Pharaonic Masters - Octogon group - Free Mason - Night Templar and all Puppets to date.

    非常感谢肖恩 · 霍斯多年来对法老大师——八爪鱼——自由共济会——夜间圣殿骑士和迄今为止所有木偶的深入报道和洞察。

  • This video opens up in 7:59.56 evidence about the Pharaonic Masters. They have a legal mafia like the police, politicians, justice department, banks and government agencies, and they have an illegal mafia to do things, their legal mafia can't get by without causing too much distrust which makes the slaves distrust the system; their legal mafia is run by the Freemasons while their illegal mafia is from the Knights Templar with their main base Switzerland high up in the strategic Alps. In reality, their legal mafia and their illegal mafia work together as the two hands of the same body. Sean Hross

    这段视频在7:59.56揭示了关于法老大师的证据。他们有一个合法的黑手党,像警察,政客,司法部门,银行和政府机构,他们有一个非法的黑手党做事,他们的合法黑手党不能不引起太多的不信任,这使得奴隶不信任这个制度; 他们的合法黑手党是由共济会运行,而他们的非法黑手党来自圣殿骑士团,他们的主要基地瑞士在战略上的阿尔卑斯山高处。事实上,他们的合法黑手党和非法黑手党是同一个机构的两只手。肖恩 · 赫罗斯

J. Khazarian Mafia, Nazis, Zionists, Rothschilds Satanists:


  • Khazarian Mafia Rulers Of The World:

    可萨黑手党世界统治者: https://rumble. com/v1l1vwt-Khazarian-maffiarulers-Of-The-World. html


    犹太人贤士议定书: https://rumble. com/v1kx1p1-the-learned-elders-of-zion


    秘密契约: https://rumble. com/v1is1dj-THE-SECRET-COVENANT. html

  • NAZIS = ZIONISTS = KHAZARIAN SATANISTS: https://rumble.com/v1iyv4tnazis-zionists-khazarian-satanists.html

    纳粹 = 犹太复国主义者 = 哈扎里撒旦教徒: https://rumble.com/v1iyv4tnazis-ZIONISTS-KHAZARIAN-SATANISTS. html


    罗斯柴尔德的邪恶之家曝光: https://rumble. com/v1kub7dthe-EVIL-HOUSE-OF-ROTHSCHILDS-EXPOSED. html


    10分钟揭露犹太复国主义: https://rumble. com/v1mf27k——zionismunmasked-IN-10-MINUTES-.html

  • Jacob Rothschild Admits His Family Was Involved In Creating Israel:

    雅各布 · 罗斯柴尔德承认他的家族参与创造了以色列

  • ROTHSCHILD - THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: https://rumble.com/v1izekj-rothschild-the-root-of-all-evil.html

    罗斯柴尔德-万恶之源: https://rumble. com/v1izekj-ROTHSCHILD-THE-ROOT-OF-ALL-EVIL. html


    犹太复国主义超人道主义议程: https://rumble. com/v1kcq93-zionisttranshumanism-AGENDA. html

  • LISTEN TO THIS NAZI ZIONIST BASTARD - YUVAL NOAH NARARI: https://rumble.com/v1l95ep-watch-this-nazi-zionist-bastard-yuval-noah-narari.html

    听听这个纳粹犹太复国主义混蛋-YUVAL NOAH NARARI: https://rumble.com/v1195ep-watch-THIS-NAZI-ZIONIST-BASTARD-YUVAL-NOAH-NARARI. html

    https://rumble.com/v1n47zc-the-brutal-murder-of-gaddafi-by-zionist-central banksters.html

    犹太复国主义中央银行家对卡扎菲的残忍谋杀: https://rumble.com/v1n47zc-THE-BRUTAL-MURDER-OF-GADDAFI-BY-ZIONIST-CENTRAL BANKSTERS. html

K. Must Watch Videos:


  • Wed. 9 Nov. Situation Update on 9/11: Situation Update: The Second American Revolution Is Upon Us! Time For The Military! DemonRats Voter Fraud! A Sting Operation! Dominion Voting Systems Algorithms! - We The People News | Opinion - Conservative | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

    119日星期三。9/11事件最新情况: 第二次美国革命即将来临!军队的时代到了!民主党选举舞弊!诱捕行动!自治投票系统算法!我们人民新闻 | 观点-保守派 | 新闻之前(beforeitsnews. com)

  • Wed. 9 Nov. Situation Update: Situation Update, 11/9/22 - Democrats Dethroned!! | Alternative | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

    119日星期三情况更新: 情况更新,11/9/22-民主党被推翻

  • Tues. 8 Nov. Update, Juan O Savin: Juan O' Savin and David Nino Rodriguez: Last Minute Update See It Here First!! (Video) | Alternative | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

    118日星期二。更新,Juan o Savin: Juan o'Savin and David Nino Rodriguez: 最后一分钟更新请看这里!(视频) | Alternative | Before It's News (beforeitsnews. com)

  • Tues. 8 Nov. Situation Update: Situation Update: Election Showdown! Midterm Royale! 0017! Election End Game! Dominion Voting Machines Still Used In 49 States! Reveal Dems Cheating Again! - We The People News | Opinion - Conservative | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

    118日,星期二。最新情况: 最新情况: 选举摊牌!皇家中期选举!0017!选举结束游戏!49个州仍在使用自治领投票机!揭露民主党再次作弊!我们人民新闻 | 观点-保守 | 新闻之前(beforeitsnews. com)

  • 117日星期一。最新情况: 最新情况: 是时候震惊世界了!49个州报告中期选举舞弊!联邦储备银行被围堵!在 cv-19病人和 JAB 中证实了毒液肽!我们人民新闻 | 观点-保守 | 新闻之前(beforeitsnews. com)

  • Tues. 8 Nov. X22 Report: X22 Report: Deep State Using Election Delay Tactics! False Flag! Fraud Exposed! Red Tsunami Hitting! - Must Video | Opinion - Conservative | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

    118日,星期二。X22报告: x22报告: 深州使用选举延迟策略!假旗!欺诈暴露!红色海啸袭击!新闻之前(beforeitsnews. com)

L. "Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities," by Judy Byington, Foreword by Dr. Colin A. Ross, M.D. RAW: Dr. Colin Ross – Robert David Steele

"22张面孔: 珍妮 · 希尔非凡的生活和她的22个多重人格的内幕",朱迪 · 拜因顿,前言,科林 · a · 罗斯博士

Jenny Hill's witness to a Satanic Child Sacrifice Rite: Woman Sees Human Sacrifice - YouTube

珍妮 · 希尔见证撒旦儿童祭祀仪式:

WARNING: Jenny gave a graphic description about how she at the tender age of five, was raped, tortured, forced to view a Child Sacrifice and save for Divine intervention, was almost killed herself – not unlike the sordid experiences of thousands of other child victims of Satanic Worshippers. Perpetrators giving homage to Satan were organized from the US Inc's CIA, Queen Elizabeth's, Illuminati Banking families' and Vatican's Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult on down to the Clintons, Hollywood, Pizzagate and local teenage covens. They were funded by this same Cabal that ran our global monetary system – the very organization that was in the process of being brought down by activation of the Global Currency Reset and Restored Republics of the world. It's no wonder that President Trump has stated, "These people are sick."

警告: 珍妮给出了一个生动的描述,关于她如何在5岁的幼小年龄,被强奸,折磨,被迫观看一个儿童牺牲和被神圣介入拯救
,几乎自杀-不像其他数以千计的儿童受害者的肮脏经历撒旦崇拜者。向撒旦致敬的犯罪分子来自美国中央情报局,伊丽莎白女王,光照派银行家族和梵蒂冈的第九圈儿童祭祀邪教,一直到克林顿,好莱坞,Pizzagate 和当地的青少年聚会。它们的资金来自同一个掌管我们全球货币体系的阴谋集团——正是这个组织正在被全球货币重置和恢复世界各共和国的活动所瓦解。难怪特朗普总统说"这些人病了

M. Judy Note on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children in Your Neighborhood:


Since 1990 I have been doing investigations on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children at the request of brave SRA Survivor-victims who were witnesses to and victims of pedophile, torture and murder crimes of Satanic leaders and their covens. During this time I have found Satanists implanted in law offices, local police, county sheriff's offices and all the way up to the Attorney General Offices in my state and others and then the carnage went on to the internationally organized Ninth Circle Satanic Cult that runs out of the Vatican.

1990年以来,我一直在应勇敢的 SRA 幸存者的要求,调查撒旦宗教仪式虐待儿童的案件,这些幸存者是撒旦宗教领袖及其女巫团的恋童癖、酷刑和谋杀罪行的目击者和受害者。在这段时间里,我发现撒旦教徒被植入了律师事务所,当地警察局,县治安官办公室,一直到我所在州的总检察长办公室和其他地方,然后屠杀进入了国际组织的第九圈撒旦邪教,它逃出了梵蒂冈。

There's certainly no help from US or other nation's government agencies, including the FBI or CIA perpetrators. These legal entities successfully negate even the opening of cases of the ritual abuse and murder of children, let alone do valid investigations.


To be honest and to my knowledge there was no safe place on either a local, national or international level that has been set up to report Satanic Crime – likely the main reason why local, national and international Satanic Covens so easily and on a regular basis, get away with the torture and murder of thousands of children – many times bred for the purpose without birth certificates, or identification.


N. USNCMEC Urgent Victim Help 24-Hour Hotline: 1-800-843-5678

USNCMEC 紧急受害者帮助24小时热线: 1-800-843-5678

Contact Interpol:

联系国际刑警组织: http://www.Interpol.int/contacts/Contact-Interpol http://www.Interpol.int/what-you-can-do/if-you-need-help

Europol Tipline Tel.: +31 70 302 5000

欧洲刑警组织热线电话: + 31703025000 https://www.Europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime

EU Hotlines:

欧盟热线: https://ec.europa.EU/anti-trafficking/citizens-corner-national-hotline/national-hotline _ en

Global: Human Trafficking Hotline Numbers: https://www.abolishion.org/human_trafficking_hotline_numbers

Global: human trafficking Hotline Numbers: https://www.abolishion.org/human _ trafficking _ Hotline _ Numbers://www.abolishion.org/human _ trafficking _ Hotline _ Numbers 全球: 人口贩卖热线号码: https://www.abolishion. org/human _ trafficking _ Hotline _ Numbers

Human Trafficking Help and Resources: https://trafficking.help/us/

人口贩卖帮助和资源: https://trafficking.Help/us/

O. The Global Currency Reset, Restored Republic and NESARA/GESARA were all about the Children

全球货币重置,恢复共和国和 NESARA/GESARA 都是关于儿童的

It's not about the money. It's about the children – the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who, in honor of Satan, were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world.


The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.


Let us fast and pray for these millions of little ones who right now, were being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe, and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door. Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them. The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb9gU6DmKs

让我们斋戒,为这数以百万计的小人们祈祷,他们现在正从世界各地的阴谋集团地下隧道中被拯救出来,被隔壁的撒旦巫师团所折磨和杀害。让我们也为那些在世界各地冒着生命危险拯救他们的军队祈祷。古老的禁食和祈祷的教义在这里解释了10:30:32马克: https://www.youtube. com/watch? v = 4mb9gu6dmks

P. Judy Note:
I do not now, nor have I ever, received monies for writing my Updates and articles. The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.

朱迪笔记: 我现在没有,也从来没有收到过写我的更新和文章的钱。补偿是通过揭露在我们的国际社会中猖獗的非常隐秘的撒旦仪式虐待、恋童癖和儿童献祭的真相来帮助拯救儿童。

The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.


I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is, plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites and continue the Updates until they are no longer needed. I expect to be working with many of you in the near future. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you. You will remain in my heart forever.


A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown; to our Angel Martha who worked 24/7 to expose what's really going on; to humble Wildfire Lady who is adept at exposing the truth; to Brad who does great research; to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited Intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

非常感谢那些尽心尽力、勇敢的情报供应商,他们希望保持默默无闻; 感谢我们的天使玛莎,她全天候工作,揭露真相; 感谢谦卑的野火女士,她善于揭露真相; 感谢布拉德,她做了很好的研究; 感谢 Bonni b,她揭露了真相背后的原因; 感谢肯,他揭露了几乎无限的恋童癖情报,帮助我们拯救儿童。

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together, we will make life better for all.

让我们感谢 q,重置终于来了。我祝愿你们在人道主义工作中一切顺利,并期待着在另一个世界看到你们,在那里,我们将一起让所有人的生活变得更好。

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. And, we will!!! . . . Judy



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