X22报告|第3090集: 经济真相刚刚揭晓,深层政府采取行动

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美国的农民开始反击绿色新政,这将传播到世界各地。[DS] 掉进了爱国者的陷阱,他们又一次起诉了特朗普。Trump 会利用这个来对付他们,他们只是开了另一个先例。

X22报告|第3090集: 经济真相刚刚揭晓,深层政府采取行动

Ep. 3090a – The Economic Truth Was Just Revealed, People Understand Now


Ep. 3090b – [DS] Made Their Move, Trump Has Them, Don’t Fire Till You See The Whites Of Their Eyes


X22 Report
Streamed on: Jun 9, 8:17 pm EDT

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The farmers in the US are beginning to fight back against the green new deal, this will spread world wide. Inflation is now hurting small businesses and they want the Biden admin to do something. The people realize that increasing the debt ceiling to not going to help inflation. The petro dollar is dead.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Jun 9, 8:38 pm EDT

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The [DS] fell right in the patriot trap, they indicted Trump again. Trump will use this against them, they just set another precedent. Now Trump can go after political opponents, they are fair game. Trump is waiting to strike, just like the colonist during the revolutionary war, don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes. Trump is taking all the punches and hits, soon he will begin to punch the [DS] back. 

[DS] 掉进了爱国者的陷阱,他们又一次起诉了特朗普。Trump 会利用这个来对付他们,他们只是开了另一个先例。现在特朗普可以攻击政治对手,他们是公平的游戏。特朗普正在等待发动攻击,就像独立战争期间的殖民者一样,在你看到他们的眼白之前不要开枪。特朗普正在承受所有的打击,不久他将开始反击[ DS ]。 


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