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We live in a big deception,the big fake,some call it satan's big delusion.Though no'normal'human will find out about it in detail until it is too late.If you still believe that the system you were born in on Earth is normal and that there is nothing strange going on,you are still doing what they want you to do.As long as you do what normal people do and think of everything not presented in the media as strange stuff,the cabal will surprise you with the truth at the end of your life(in a most cruel way though).The programming chain is your childhood,then education by your parents,then education in school and from some time on pretty much all media you consume(Cobra also mentioned pre-natal programming,which is definitely true but hard to understand for many).The cabal will not wake you up and until you do wake up by yourself,you will be used without knowing for their goals.Once you actually do ascend or even choose your path to'God'or the'Goddess'or at least heavily against the cabal decisive enough,you will see soon that it is and always was a fake setup you lived in.

我们生活在一个巨大的欺骗中,一个巨大的假象,有人称之为撒旦的巨大幻觉。尽管没有一个"正常"的人类会发现它的细节,直到为时已晚。如果你仍然相信你出生在地球上的系统是正常的,没有什么奇怪的事情发生,你仍然在做他们希望你做的事情。只要你做正常人做的事情,并认为所有没有在媒体上呈现的东西都是奇怪的东西,阴谋集团就会在你生命的最后用真相让你吃惊(尽管是以一种最残酷的方式)。编程的链条是你的童年,然后是你父母的教育,然后是学校的教育,从某个时候开始几乎所有你使用的媒体(Cobra 也提到了产前编程,这绝对是正确的,但很多人很难理解)。阴谋集团不会唤醒你,直到你自己醒来,你会被利用而不知道他们的目标。一旦你真的扬升,甚至选择你通往"上帝""女神"的道路,或者至少对阴谋集团有足够的决心,你很快就会发现它是并且一直都是你生活的一个假设。

From the point in your life on when the cabal sees you as lost for them,they will deny you everything you wanted in life.Whatever you wanted to achieve in your life simply won't be achievable suddenly.The cabal will sabotage,boycott and deny every path to your fulfillment instantly.If you had a business or a product that was successful,suddenly it will drop to no income or you will even lose all the money you got to strange lawsuits rolling in.If it is a business too big to fail,you will be replaced,either by someone else or(quite unbelievably for some)they push you out of your body.


As the cabal are right now increasing the people they push out of their bodies(due to energy problems),those people who were not on an ascension path will have a shock wakeup which rarely works out in a good way for them.Most normal people do not even understand that'they'(or rather part of them)can be pushed out of their bodies and what takes their place is rather working for the cabal from then on.And even on the ascension path few are ready for what happens then.If they are really good'souls'the cabal might even do very sinister things after taking over the body like using it for murder or other cruelties.Just to drag you back into negativity and getting some of the problems they cause with your overtaken body through to you to hinder your ascension without body to a safe haven.


And pushing humans out of their body is easy for the cabal in most cases.They configured the human body especially for that.The cabal are cowards and like their prey helpless,unaware and easy to attain.As most humans have not yet reached a height in which the soul takes place in their body,they are usually pretty small.That means the part in their body which can be seen as alive on the soul-level is small,think of a fist sized part in your body which actually is alive in that higher way.The rest of your body is alive as well,but on a much lower level and will therefore be working against you,as soon and only if the cabal decide so.If humans in these cases have no big helpers among the Lightforces established on Earth who are available at that moment,the cabal will flush those humans out of their bodies.What happens then is even more cruel for those who have little or no helpers.They will be surrounded by what they called demons in biblical times,who pretend they are nice people but they will lead them down into what was called the abyss,if those humans are falling for their tricks.And humans usually do not understand that nice looking people with nice child-like innocent voices do not necessarily tell the truth.Though what show they try out with those freshly flushed humans differs from case to case,it is always just to nourish from the little fist-sized life energy.That nourishing for the cabal feels like absolute torture for those who left their bodies though.


However before they push people out,it might get pretty heavy as well already.Right now,as the cabal is losing the Earth,they are getting nervous and push more out of their bodies as ever before,to harvest their energies,to fight against the Lightforces getting closer.What it means on the streets is that those people who are still alive are usually surrounded by'replaced'people,who have already been pushed out.It is therefore the cabal itself(or rather their minions put into humans)surrounding the living.The most cruel concept they establish in this scenario is one-to-many(there is also one-to-all which is when the whole city is overtaken but that is rare).That means that they surround the few living humans only with overtaken people-all their friends or acquaintances that they usually go out with or party with are already taken over.Like predators the cabal then circles its prey.And the one left does not know anything about their friends having being replaced of course.Those predators behave most normal(as they have access to all memories before the replacement took place)towards the one left until they think they got him or her in a trap.If they think they win,the cabal replaced friends will then suddenly act very strange towards the one left.They will suddenly drive the one left mad with a for the predators funny plot they agreed upon before.And how many humans stay stable if there are all their friends suddenly speaking of the same thing and reading/using their thoughts for example?Those overtaken friends will suddenly say something that makes the one left feel very uncomfortable to say the least-it will be heavy psycho-tricks that just intensify if the victim does not leave.They conspire against the one left and they sometimes play with their victims in that way for months just to build up a plot that makes the defeat more cruel.


As we are at the end of the cycle(progressing into the age of aquarius)anyway and more and more people are being pushed out,the cabal will be able to apply the one-to-many situation much more often.This situation might intensify until compression breakthrough or the event.Such a scenario like one-to-many is pretty much a festivity for those'demons'who have replaced the humans around the one who is left.And no,it is no initiation or anything,these predators will definitely not stop torturing the one who is left alone.And from some point on the one left will not be able to leave his/her now predator friends as they simply won't let him/her anymore(if no one else is around they even will get aggressive).It usually ends in the one left being pushed out of their bodies as well and then the other cruelties begin.


And while these predators work on their one left friend,they will attack anyone who could interfere on the etheric levels and more.That means if someone who is already ascended(to some degree)coming along,he will hear them making fun of him and trying to scare him away.The predators are then working on the ascended one with those parts of their bodies(usually etheric/astral/etc.)that are not busy with getting the plot established towards the one friend left who doesn't know anything of what his/her friends have become.This is pretty much a more detailed description of what I've already written about in the posts about quarantine Earth earlier.Also details about those predators are given in my article on Zeta Reticulans,part of those alien species who are belonging to the Cabal/NAA(Negative Alien Agenda)on Earth who established those systems of siphoning life energies.

当这些掠食者对他们唯一的朋友发动攻击时,他们会攻击任何可能干扰以太层甚至更多的人。这意味着,如果一个已经扬升的人(在某种程度上)来到这里,他会听到他们取笑他,并试图把他吓跑。然后,掠食者用他们身体的那些部分(通常是以太/星体/等等)在扬升者身上工作,这些部分并不忙于将情节建立在一个不知道他/她的朋友变成了什么的朋友身上。这是我之前在关于隔离地球的帖子中所写的更详细的描述。在我关于 Zeta Reticulans 的文章中也给出了这些捕食者的细节,这些外星物种属于地球上的阴谋集团/NAA(消极的外星议程),他们建立了这些吸取生命能量的系统。

Humans have to travel or ascend through several layers until they can get free of the deception and those ugly,parasitic predators.Sounds easy but for some it takes years for each layer and these layers are pretty much set up by the cabal,in biblical terms people would say that you got to ascend through complex demonic setups and soul traps(even if you never died/left your body-which is pretty much the plan for the Lightforces).If you ascend,you usually go through that in your body this time as the Lightforces have arrived to liberate Earth.There are people who are specialized in keeping the ascension most stable but they are few on Earth still.So usually such an enormous service of a 100%stable ascension is reserved for the very highest souls as there are just a few people capable of stabilizing such things on Earth.Those humans who do not have the luck of such an extend of stability will sooner or later experience problems which are comparable to hallucinations and nightmares.As the instabilities are always caused by the cabal,these hallucinations are extremely disturbing and frightening.They serve as hooks into the ascendants consciousness,as you won't forget easily what they did.Then,each time you have to think about those hooks,the cabal gets back to you and tries to disturb the ascendant further.Those hooks are like a radar-signal they get and when they find the ascendant,they try to establish even more nightmarish hooks each time.Depending on how far the hallucinations reach it will be like dropping to hell for the ascendant in some cases.Getting rid of such evil memories may take years and is hard to accomplish and therefore the ascension path is usually taking much longer than people think in first place.So,until the ascendant really arrives at a state in which he can experience some fulfillment,years of going back and forth through hell can be the hard daily routine.


If you are already on the ascension path I would advise you to absolutely stay away from drugs,even legal drugs like alcohol and cigarettes can get an enormous problem.Consciousness-altering illegal drugs might shoot you out of your body without anyone able to help you and intensify those hallucinations and ascension problems I mentioned.


If you experience people behaving strange around you already(similar as described above),go on your own and stay alone as much as you can.Cut most social channels except those who could help you in an emergency-and even keep those as distanced as you can.


Train your body daily,it really strengthens you all around and you will need that strength.


Meditate all day long if possible and quieten your mind completely until you can keep quiet for hours.The predators really hear your thoughts and react to them/use them against you(as crazy as it might sound for'normal'people).The longer you can stay quiet,the more the Zetas(and other alien species belonging to the cabal)lose track of you.


Be extremely sparse with all kinds of energy.Do switch of most electronic devices in your house,keep all power used to an absolute minimum.Only use devices if you really need to use them-you do not know how these devices are constructed,therefore they were created by others-just that those others on Earth were pretty much the cabal or at least people partly working for the cabal.Those devices really are very'expensive'to use and to keep positive for your ascension at all.


From some point on the ascension path you will actually help caring for those who are pushed out of their bodies and have a hard time.You will help and lift as many souls as you can out of the cabal fake-setup on Earth.Everyone carries as much as he can for the liberation of Earth.


Though the fulfillment after you ARE through with ascension(at least through the veil set up on Earth)is pretty much unimaginable for humans who are still living in the system on Earth and think everything is normal and fine there.Those humans who get through will have abilities that are certainly god-like,etc.pretty much everything that was described in any spiritual scripture in the history of humanity.


They will live a paradisic life,once they are fully free(which certainly was rare on Earth up to now and rather happening in the inner Earth).


So you might understand the predator mind a bit better,just in case it comes to such a situation.




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